Why are they killing the Bees?

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Beekeepers say varroa mite is easily treatable (so why are they killing the bees in Australia?)

First Published: July 4, 2022 Last Updated: April 24, 2023

Murder by Policy: Killing the Bees, April 2023, Australia

April 2023 Rumble-Mirror | Vast Harvest Permaculture YouTube Channel | (Transcript end of post)

WATCH THIS PLEASE – you could help save the world. You never know if you are the one that is the ‘seed’ needed at the right time, right place, right person of influence – you just don’t know.

June 2022 Rumble | Telegram

Beekeepers Deb & Rich from Pennsylvania gives three different treatment options for varroa mite, and demonstrates the one they use (mineral oil fogging for 10 seconds)!!!

More Beekeeper Tips

Apple cider vinegar can help HONEY BEES


  • Study he mentioned in video:
    • Capsid opening enables genome release of iflaviruses Sci Adv . 2021 Jan 1;7(1):eabd7130. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abd7130. Pri (01)
  • Modern BEEKEEPING biggest MISTAKE 14 Aug 2021 (Selective Breeding of Bees that don’t produce Propolis)
  • Impact of PROPOLIS on HONEY BEE health and pesticide exposure 19 Aug 2021 (READ THE COMMENTS from other BeeKeepers – they are “roughing up” their boxes to be more like bees natural habitat (in a tree) instead of sticking to smooth boxes — to encourage Propolis which helps the bees health)

Other Beekeepers saying that it’s not a horror story and not to be alarmed.

ABC Stories

So why are they killing the bees in Australia?

The ABC article (& their embedded video) says the government has “ordered all hives near the Port of Newcastle to be destroyed,” that the keepers cannot go near their hives, and that thousands of hives can no longer be transported to be used to pollinate, and that Australia is still suffering from a lack of bees due to the devastating bushfires in 2019/2020.

all hives or bee products are in a state of lockdown.”
“Government contact tracers found a commercial beekeeper near the port had recently sent some of his hives to Trangie, 450 kilometres away.”
—- meanwhile “While that batch did not contain the parasite, they will be destroyed as a precaution.

Destroyed as a PRECAUTION?” **** (!) (!?!?!)

Bio-Inspired Insects, Millibots, and Synthetic AI Bee 'solutions?'

Hmm wonder what Gates & co. has invested in that is going to be the technocratic or biowarfare “solution” to the bees.. (… to counteract the 10 second solution that other bee keeper posted…)

OK, in 7 minutes I found already “bio-inspired insects”, “millibots”, “robots”, “drones” and “liquid metal nanoparticles” and that was just one researcher.. (Eijiro Miyako)..

There’s also “synthetic bee pollen”, “bee immunization – yep lol – far out” … and I just found a whole bunch of patents, one of them is a “device in the shape of a bee that can be controlled with bluetooth, wifi, or satellite data transmitters”… wow there’s so many possibilities that there’s enough to fill a book on all the people that stand to gain financially from killing real bees… let alone the fact that we’re already killing them with technology and our lifestyles/corporation-pollution/chemicals etc (and the coming planned food-shortages).

We need to talk to our local beekeepers before they destroy their hives

I don’t have time to deep-dive this one but it’s something urgent we need to know about.

  1. ) if you talk to a beekeeper, make sure you remind them about the 10 second solution – I already spoke to my beekeeper and he was totally on board with the narrative and I could see his mind “fixing itself” when logic was presented.
  2. .) Make sure others know – tell your friends – tell everyone.
  3. .) If you are researching this, please share with me any research I should add to this post.

Crazy Globalist Solutions

“New drone can pollinate flowers, just like honeybees”.

“Eijiro Miyako, a chemist at AIST and the lead author of the paper, had been trying to make liquid that could conduct electricity efficiently, and came up with a sticky gel that couldn’t do exactly what he was after, but did turn out to have some other interesting properties: After eight years in the lab, the sample was just as viscous as it was when it was created.”

Hmmm… so these guys have created an AI system that is surveillance for bee hives. Bloody hell, even the poor bees can’t get away. Oh and they are from NASA.

YouTube ABC Australia | 28 Aug 2020

My Quick Hypothesis

Random thoughts…

Bees and insects are dying and have been for a long time. When I was a child, if we drove anywhere for 2 hours, our windscreen would be completely covered in dead moths and other insects. Now I can drive a year without seeing one.

Whatever humanity – or the globalists – are doing is obviously causing this.

We are now living in a toxic-shit-storm. Even the healthiest among us can’t avoid the crap they are spraying with us, spraying our food, our water, and we are being cooked with radiation and EMF waves and “god knows what” from the Satellites and towers.

Humanity – or the globalists – are doing this. Maybe a combination of both. An “evil” agenda, and our own part in it.

When we get sick, our bodies have little worker-bees and a clean-up crew that go to work. We are full of viruses and bacteria, and all sorts of stuff that respond to what is going on in our bodies.

When our body deals with this toxic shit-show of a life, our little worker-bees goes to work and tries to deal with it.

My hypothesis is this:

The cause is not the “mite”. The mite is the “response” to what they are already doing to us.

Healthy bees = less mites.

Same with humans, health humans = less illness.

Something is causing the insects to die en masse around the world. The globalists would have you believe its “Climate Change” over their deliberate poisoning.

ie.. “the mite” comes… “after” the bee is sick… same with us..

We are made up of all sorts of things – we get sick, our own internal worker-bees (our ‘clean-up crew’ that includes bacteria and microbes gets to work, cleaning up the toxins… too much toxins for the worker bees.. and it accumulates somewhere like tumors – or comes out through our skin if our elimination and detox organs aren’t taken care of) – (basic 10 second nutshell version)

I watched a beekeepers “beginners” guide the other night.. 2008 … the mites were a ‘nothing-burger’ in that video series (2 mins showing how to deal with it… he had “sticky stuff” on the bottom tray…) – whereas the ABC news and what you see in all the lockstep media, is a doomsday “Destroy them all” response, which could be the very reason why – when governments intervened with the Hives, the Bees were indeed destroyed. Do you see the loop or is it just me?

That beekeeper in the first video that I posted above, saw what Australia was doing and even though she doesn’t do videos, she was compelled to make one because she was so upset that people didn’t know what to do, and gave 3 solutions including a 10 second completely non-toxic demonstration of what she does.

Do we want a 10 second mineral solution or do we want a global AI surveillance fake-bees, bee-vaccines, and robotic solution – it’s nuts – the world has gone NUTS.

If you have a look at the lockstep media for the past 4 years, they’ve been bringing in the narrative here.. selling all sorts of inventions to governments… to the ports.. the money is in selling to governments. It’s a billion dollar industry to sell to “governments” rather than to the hobby beekeeper (but they’ll have inventions for them as well I’m sure, but the money is in convincing governments).

God its just like covid.. they are trying for zero ‘cases’.. they did the same in NZ and destroyed half of them – they will blame the mite, but it will be their “fix” for the mite that causes the destruction.

They take no responsibility for whatever they did beforehand that caused the problem in the first place, but there’s always a PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION with them – it always has been them – they are the disease, they create the problem, they profit or benefit from the solution. Their solution will always entail them getting rich, and will always be worse than the natural antidote of nature, where noone profits.

Just like covid. All their “solutions” are destructive and unnatural.

How about we stop spraying the sky with poison, we stop feeding the bees (and us) fake GMO monster foods, the insecticides, the radiation… I mean these bees are trying to deal with a toxic world and we’re throwing MORE crazy toxins on them as the solution and wondering what is going on – ffs. It’s insanity.

Bees will thrive in their natural environment. So will humans.

Last night I found all sorts of things that beekeepers do to keep their bees healthy that are considered “controversial” – why? we know why. It takes away their profit, it takes away their narrative, it makes mites “nothing burgers” and they can’t profit or destroy. Same when humans figure out the game.. they no longer need to be on these “pills for life” thing – it’s insanity.

The globalists have over-taken every single area of our lives. They have their hidden hand in every area of our lives and re just as corrupt in the Agriculture / Veterinary world as they are in the human world – they own policy – lol – they own governments – they own everything!

They even have a eugenics program for bees!! “breed only those bees that are resistant”.. not kidding.

The amount of inventions … Im gobsmacked..

I can see the playbook now that I know the year the “mite” was discovered… but would have to do some digging to check if there is any evidence (I could be way off the mark).

My fear is that beekeepers who watch tv will willingly destroy their bees thinking they are doing “the right thing”.. the lock step.. the playbook.. staying away from what the establishment has labelled ‘controversial’ because of the mind-programming. Everything is labelled ‘controversial’ if the globalists don’t benefit.

Remember the Agriculture Bill?

Remember a couple of months ago how they gave themselves superpowers over agriculture – the ability to go in and destroy? Yeah. We should’ve done more to stop that one.

Bees don't have an immune system but USDA just approved a Bee Vaccine!

January 11, 2023: Bee vaccine for American foulbrood approved by USDA positive step for Australian beekeepers https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2023-01-11/american-foulbrood-bee-vaccine-promising-australian-beekeepers/101839784

“The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has granted conditional approval for a vaccine to protect honey bees from American foulbrood (AFB), but it’s how they administer it that has Australian researchers and beekeepers excited. The first of its kind, the vaccine is fed to worker bees that then incorporate it into the royal jelly they feed the queen, who passes the immunity on to her young.”

“Normally, when you think about vaccination, you get delivered a piece of a pathogen and then your immune system produces antibodies and creates an immune memory,” Dr Remnant said.

“But in insects they don’t have antibodies … so having that immune memory, we’re not really sure how it works in insects.”

Dr Remnant, who studies how bees and viruses interact, said delivering a vaccine through the queen relied on a phenomenon called trans-generational immune priming – which researchers were only just starting to understand.

“It’s where the offspring receive some kind of immune memory from their mother … in bees, it’s via the egg yolk protein vitellogenin, which is one of the most abundant proteins in the honey bee ovary,” she said.

“So when the queen lays eggs, she deposits a lot of these proteins into the eggs … it’s thought they can bind to parts of the pathogens … and get deposited in the embryo.

“Any of the offspring from that queen that have these vitellogenin-pathogen combinations are effectively protected.”


Transcript for new NSW Video at top of post

Rough transcript/summary from the April 2023 video:

This is the end of a lot of food. We can’t live without the bees, but, here they are killing them all.

In 30 minutes, the DPI will arrive and pour 250ml of petrol into each of our 17 hives. We’re going to lose them all. We tested the bees for varroa mite and they don’t have it. But the government officials didn’t test them, they’re just here to destroy them. People need to know what they’re doing. They’re killing innocent bees, and it’s just wrong.

We have proven that we have no varroa mite in our hives, they don’t even test it, they are just here to destroy them. They have petrol ready and are pouring it into our hives.

Please share this around. We need to show what they’re doing. They haven’t even tested for what they’re killing for. It makes no sense.”

“Do you guys want to get involved with the euthanizing or just want to stay out of it?” I’ll stay out of it. “Okay, that’s all right then.” There we go. There’s your conspiracy theories, for you.

I’ve got bee tattoos all the way up my arm. I love the bees. I’m not here for money. I’m here for them.

Every few months the DPI, which is the Department of Primary Industries responsible for all the bees in the New South Wales area, are coming in and testing.

I will show you a map of where we are and our location is in the purple zone. We are surrounded by the red zone, which is the destroying zone where the varroa mite has been found and hives within a 10km radius have been destroyed.

The DPI has informed us that they will be placing bait in all our hives to detect if we have any varroa mite. However, I have already placed sticky pads at the bottom of each bee hive to catch any varroa mite to test before they arrive.

Basically, the DPI will come in and use sticky pads with poison to capture any varroa mite, which will drop down to the sticky pad and die. They will then analyze the sticky pad four days later to see if we have any varroa mite.

Before the DPI arrives on March 20th, I will do my own wash to test all our hives for varroa mite. I will keep all the samples of every hive I test as I don’t trust them or anyone else to have our interests at heart. If anyone tells us we have varroa mite in a week’s time, we will have a record of every single hive we tested just in case they find varroa mite.” […]

On a side note, I just wanted to say that the rest of the world has varroa mite, and they’ve all learned to control it. When we find varroa mite here, the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is destroying all the bees.

I wanna know where all the vegan people are and all the environmentalists that are against animals being destroyed. Why are they not questioning this? Why are we destroying our beehives and not treating them?

But I am keeping a record of what we’re doing for the purpose of involving everybody and what’s going on, especially here in New South Wales and Australia.

You don’t hear this one the news anymore, no one’s telling you you that the bees are being destroyed. So, yeah, I want to get this out so as many people as possible know what’s going on. By all means, share this and let everyone know what’s happening.

Let’s get suited up and go out to check the bees.

We didn’t find any varroa mite in our washers, and we reported that to the DPI. However, they insisted on conducting a test anyway, and after several emails and phone calls, we requested the permit, and upon checking, we found no mention of the sticky pads in it, so we questioned the legality of the permit because of this omission. Within 15 minutes of our inquiry, we received an email informing us that “You are now in the red zone” and that our beehives would be eradicated.

Nobody from the DPI has come to our property to test our hives, despite our request. Our friends up the road also had their bees come up clear of varroa mite, but we are unsure where the infected bees are located.

Out of nowhere – we were suddenly notified that we had been put into the red zone, and our bees will be destroyed.

This was a shock to us, and we were given little time to react, as we received a letter on Thursday stating that our bees would be destroyed the following Tuesday.

The DPI did not check our hives but merely declared us to be in the red zone. We have concerns that they may pour petrol straight onto our hives and wrap them up, which is a method we do not use. We do not use any chemicals on our property and are beyond organic. We have a 25-acre food forest and large gardens, and we do not pollute the environment.

We are in a situation where we have to comply and allow the DPI to destroy our bees, even though our hives do not have varroa mite.

We will bring you along and show you what they do when they start destroying millions of bees.

The DPI is showing up in 30 minutes, and they plan to pour 250 millilitres of petrol into each of our 17 hives. We have tested and confirmed to be free of varroa mite, yet they are coming to destroy them without testing them.

We have proven that we do not have varroa mite in our hives. They don’t even test it. In fact, they are here to destroy our hives. They came here with their petrol, poured it into our hives, wrapped them, and leaving them, and then they will collect them. The government is doing this. The government doesn’t want us to eat, and they are killing all the hives in the mid-north coast, the central coast all the way from Sydney upwards. They are just blanketing it, and then they are going to start spraying the air. They already have this stuff ready. They are doing this to wipe out your pollination. They don’t care about us. They care about their money. They care about destroying us. We need to push this out. We really need to show what the hell they are doing. They didn’t even test around here for varroa mite. They didn’t even test our hives, and they are just killing them. They are killing something that they haven’t even tested for, which makes no sense. They are just trying to kill the bees. That’s all they’re doing.

Hey guys, I wanted to give you an update from Australia, specifically New South Wales. We have been placed in the red zone despite not having the varroa mite. We wanted to show you exactly what they are doing here.

We can’t live without the bees, but they’re just going to kill them all. This is the sixth hive that they are about to euthanize. They open it up and pour petrol in there, which is not even the right insecticide. I have another 11 hives on the other side that they are going to destroy as well. I don’t want to watch this anymore, but I wanted to bring you along to show you the process. I have shown you the six hives they’ve destroyed.

Thanks for watching, guys. As you can see, this is how they are destroying our hives even though we don’t have the varroa mite. They didn’t even test our hives. We tested them and we are clean. They gave us only 30 minutes’ notice, and emotionally, we are drained and distressed from this. It’s devastating that we’ve been worrying about our hives for months and doing our best to save them, but they are still being killed for no reason. Why are they doing this?


Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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