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IN C19 Vials

Dr. Domenico Biscardi (Italian pharmacologist & biochemical researcher) found dead in his home under “mysterious circumstances” with rumours from the media of a “sudden heart attack”- Jan 12, 2022 – less than 2 weeks before he was due to testify before the European Parliament about what he discovered in evaporated Pfizer vials.

  • Was about to present his findings of nanotechnology, quantum dots, and Graphene in evaporated Pfizer vials to the European Parliament at the end of January and just before his death, he had also announced that he would be going to Europe’s highest court, The European Court of Justice, to protect the population’s rights. He declared, “It will be a new Nuremberg. There will be war; war breaks out, pharmaceutical companies will have to pay billions of euros.” He said he had indisputable proof that “there are tiny nano-devices in the Covid vaccines.

  • However both Dr Biscardi and the EU Parliament President David Sassoli passed away before the hearing.
    • European Parliament President David Sassoli died of “serious health complication”, and official cause of death “immune system dysfunction” on 11 Jan, 2022. He went into hospital on Dec 26, 2021. (He was reportedly on board with the whole Green Pass (digital id) scam, including mandatory testing, vaccination, etc.) (01)
    • Domenico was found dead in his home under “mysterious circumstances” with rumours from the media of a “probable heart attack” on 12 Jan, 2022.

  • He posted these on his facebook page, without citing where they are from (and his facebook is full of other interesting posts):
  • Biscardi had previously published many videos in which he reported on “graphene, nanoparticles, and micro transmitters” in vaccines. (02)

I am shocked to learn of Doctor Biscardi’s death. So all those who are against these drugs and who are speaking with a modicum of factual knowledge… That means he had said publicly that he had found evidence and was ready to lodge a complaint with the European Court of Justice. (…) They find him dead in the house. Does anyone still believe in these coincidences? Not me”.

This is the only video with english subtitles.

It’s an audio message he left for someone named ‘Giulia’, on January 5th, 2022.


“Hello Giulia. I’ll try to tell you this very quick. Ricardo Delgado, the biostatistic from Madrid (La V Columna) with who we have been working for 1 year and half, we are exchanging our investigative works, the other day I sent our last research and them have done this cray technic.

They have evaporated the substance in the vial and everything is visible. You can see everything, graphene, quantum dots, the nanoparticles, everything. Watch the images on the microscope, they have found the micro transmissions when quantum dots emit the bluetooth code.

This is really serious Giulia, everything ends here. This ends in January, at the end of January, they will go to the European Supreme Court. This will be a new Nuremberg trial. There will be war Giulia, a war is going to break out because the pharmaceutical companies will not accept it and will have to pay billions of Euros and dollars in compensation.

Many people are going to die Giulia, all this with the 5G interface. Lots of people. The interface with 5G now they have found it!

We no longer have the electron microscope, otherwise we would have found it, too. I am going to a specific site tonight to do some research.

I’m going to put on my face Giulia, I don’t care about anything, if I have to die, I want to die as a hero.

Goodbye Giulia, it’s over, it’s over, we won, with this, we won! Here we go to the European Commission, the New Nueremberg trials because many people is dying of this and many more will do.

Show it to everyone Giulia, to who knows Spanish and explain it to those who don’t. They are called quantum dots inside graphene and the only way to see it was by evaporating the sample for three days. We told them here from Naples. Goodbye Giulia, Naples-Madrid, the victory of the world!”

Dr. Domenico Biscardi

  • His final interview mentioned that he was going to present the findings in more detail “tomorrow” – (Published Jan 13, 2022 – recorded on Dec 28, 2021) (03)


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It’s not the best, but I grabbed the Italian transcript from YouTube, and auto-generated English.. might be able to “somewhat” figure out what they are saying?

  • This livestream was recorded on Jan 13, 2022 on the same channel, which brings together people talking about his death being suspicious, saying its “diabolical the lengths the rich will go to to shut people up… “they don’t even hesitate to resort to extreme means to get rid of the possibility to know the truth about these gene therapies”. (04)


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Another poor auto-translation from YouTube with auto-generated english, that might help us “somewhat” figure out what they are saying?

  • A video on rumble from a television show named “Fuori Dal Virus” said he was a biochemical researcher expert in DNA and RNA manipulation who worked in Russia in safety laboratories of various levels and who conducted in-depth research on vaccines completed only recently but I’m not able to verify the validity of any of those claims yet. (05)


  • Another video on the same network has a video titled “Dead Dr. DOMENICO BISCARDI: His latest research” (06)


  • This next video is apparently from his home security camera right before he died? bit odd.. and also bit unsure of validity, and I can’t understand a word… which doesn’t help…

Strange Phenomenon Captured By Late Dr. Biscardi’s Home Security Camera Right Before He Died



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