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Dr. Domenico Biscardi (Italian pharmacologist & biochemical researcher) found dead in his home under “mysterious circumstances” with rumours from the media of a “sudden heart attack”- Jan 12, 2022 – less than 2 weeks before he was due to testify before the European Parliament about what he discovered in evaporated Pfizer vials.

  • Was about to present his findings of nanotechnology, quantum dots, and Graphene in evaporated Pfizer vials to the European Parliament at the end of January and just before his death, he had also announced that he would be going to Europe’s highest court, The European Court of Justice, to protect the population’s rights. He declared, “It will be a new Nuremberg. There will be war; war breaks out, pharmaceutical companies will have to pay billions of euros.” He said he had indisputable proof that “there are tiny nano-devices in the Covid vaccines.

  • However both Dr Biscardi and the EU Parliament President David Sassoli passed away before the hearing.
    • European Parliament President David Sassoli died of “serious health complication”, and official cause of death “immune system dysfunction” on 11 Jan, 2022. He went into hospital on Dec 26, 2021. (He was reportedly on board with the whole Green Pass (digital id) scam, including mandatory testing, vaccination, etc.) (01)
    • Domenico was found dead in his home under “mysterious circumstances” with rumours from the media of a “probable heart attack” on 12 Jan, 2022.

12 Photos from his Facebook Page

He posted these on his facebook page, without citing where they are from (and his facebook is full of other interesting posts): (Click Images to Enlarge/Scroll)

Previous Biscardi Interviews on Graphene, Nanoparticles, and Micro Transmitters in Vaccines

Bianca Laura Granato (Italian Politician) says Biscardi's death is no coincidence

I am shocked to learn of Doctor Biscardi’s death. So all those who are against these drugs and who are speaking with a modicum of factual knowledge… That means he had said publicly that he had found evidence and was ready to lodge a complaint with the European Court of Justice. (…) They find him dead in the house. Does anyone still believe in these coincidences? Not me”.

The Only video with English Subtitles

This is the only video with english subtitles.

It’s an audio message he left for someone named ‘Giulia’, on January 5th, 2022.


“Hello Giulia. I’ll try to tell you this very quick. Ricardo Delgado, the biostatistic from Madrid (La V Columna) with who we have been working for 1 year and half, we are exchanging our investigative works, the other day I sent our last research and them have done this cray technic.

They have evaporated the substance in the vial and everything is visible. You can see everything, graphene, quantum dots, the nanoparticles, everything. Watch the images on the microscope, they have found the micro transmissions when quantum dots emit the bluetooth code.

This is really serious Giulia, everything ends here. This ends in January, at the end of January, they will go to the European Supreme Court. This will be a new Nuremberg trial. There will be war Giulia, a war is going to break out because the pharmaceutical companies will not accept it and will have to pay billions of Euros and dollars in compensation.

Many people are going to die Giulia, all this with the 5G interface. Lots of people. The interface with 5G now they have found it!

We no longer have the electron microscope, otherwise we would have found it, too. I am going to a specific site tonight to do some research.

I’m going to put on my face Giulia, I don’t care about anything, if I have to die, I want to die as a hero.

Goodbye Giulia, it’s over, it’s over, we won, with this, we won! Here we go to the European Commission, the New Nueremberg trials because many people is dying of this and many more will do.

Show it to everyone Giulia, to who knows Spanish and explain it to those who don’t. They are called quantum dots inside graphene and the only way to see it was by evaporating the sample for three days. We told them here from Naples. Goodbye Giulia, Naples-Madrid, the victory of the world!”

Dr. Domenico Biscardi

His Final Interview

  • His final interview mentioned that he was going to present the findings in more detail “tomorrow” – (Published Jan 13, 2022 – recorded on Dec 28, 2021) (03)


ChatGPT translation of final interview video

Update: March 18, 2023 – Getting AI to help me translate the difficult and seemingly nonsensical YouTube auto-generated subtitles:

So all this time I couldn’t figure out much from the transcript below, but I’ve just used various techniques with ChatGPT and kind of got more of an idea about what they are talking about (ChatGPT still had a lot of trouble translating so it might not be that accurate, but here is what I extracted):

  • Basically, I can’t tell you much. Let me explain, tomorrow night I have to leave because I have to stay in Modena and some of us colleagues will be there, including Franco Trinca and some scientific experts with whom we will delve into this topic.
  • Andrea, I don’t know if I’ll contact you tomorrow about that thing we talked about before. If you have time, can you give me something because tomorrow I’m only in the Florence area until the 26th. Can you hear me, Andrea? We don’t hear you. Okay, continuing.
  • The doctor Barone and I, together with Franco or Trinca, are carrying out research on the after-effects of the vaccine.
  • The things we have discovered are something absolutely unthinkable and some people are advertising this new thing like the protein vaccine. There are some proteins inside, but they are not at all the proteins we thought.
  • We found documents in Chinese and Korean where they invented the old vaccines that have been re-modulated, creating a complex chemical-enzymatic system, a crazy complex that is worse than graphene, leading to autoimmunity. They found proton aluminum oxide in the vaccines.
  • Documents were downloaded and translated into Italian thanks to Luigi Barone and Toni
  • Relatives of those involved in the production of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine up to the second generation are exempt from taking the vaccine. It’s very clear in the leaflet that they are exempt from this vaccination, those who produce it, up to second generation – children, wives, nephews and cousins. The brother, the father, the mother, the grandchildren are exempt. These psychos divulge everything in the booklet.
  • I hope people truly become more aware of this massacre, of this aberration, of this genocide.
  • The speaker mentions the addition of graphene oxide to something, and the discovery of the resonance of graphene, which is affected by the hydroxide of graphene. They discuss the chemical properties of graphene and its potential interactions with hydrogen and oxygen.
  • We have Polysorbate 80. We also found mercury in this Polysorbate 80.
  • We found metal particles, which were declared as contaminants, but they are not necessarily contaminants as they may have poor absorption. Ticketed to hell. After Carlo’s intervention, the trial of Del Papa is underway.
  • This vaccine contains proteins, but they haven’t disclosed all of the components that are included with the protein base. We’re dealing with protein immunoreactive complexes and enzymatic errors of a complex proton aric, which has a graphene hall try and a carrier that I discovered. It’s now clear that graphene, which is not even a protein carrier, is being used. Then it binds to an amino acid chain.
  • We thank Domenico for this testimony, the work they are carrying out is exemplary. He’s a person of great professional value, especially in the scientific view.
  • I saw his documents. Indeed, in this new vaccine, there will also be a dozen DNA molecules. The DNA, when it enters the body, is broken down by an enzyme called DNase. You know that DNA is a double spiral molecule. Enzymes enter the body. Particularly, DNase deserves to be mentioned because it separates the DNA. Therefore, in the end, there are two single molecules of genetic material, mRNA, which begins to produce the spike protein with all the risks that it entails.
  • Domenico’s internet keeps cutting out and the connection is broken. (that explains why the subtitles are broken up)
  • Let’s organize another evening. If you’re here tomorrow, we’ll talk by phone. If I happen to pass by, I can bring that thing. It’s good that I give it to you because you know how things change. I’ll send you a message later and tell you where I am, and you can come and pick it up tomorrow. Let’s finish it tomorrow night. If we’re in the neighborhood, we can meet up here for a moment. But if you move, let me know where you are, and maybe we’ll see each other. Give me directions. Thank you, and bye-bye. Ciao!

What is Proton Aluminum Oxide and other ChatGPT Q&A

I asked ChatGPT: What is Proton Aluminum Oxide?

Proton aluminum oxide, also known as alumina or aluminum oxide, is a chemical compound made up of aluminum and oxygen atoms with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is a white, odorless, and tasteless powder that is widely used in various industrial and manufacturing processes, including as a catalyst, abrasive, and refractory material. It is also commonly used in the production of ceramics, electrical insulation, and as a filler material.

How could you detect if Mercury was in the Polysorbate 80?

Mercury can be detected in Polysorbate 80 using various analytical techniques such as Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), or X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF). These techniques can detect the presence of trace elements including mercury.

What is the difference between Polyethylene glycol and Polysorbate 80?

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) and Polysorbate 80 are both used in vaccines as adjuvants or excipients to enhance their efficacy.
Polyethylene glycol is a water-soluble polymer used as a stabilizer and to improve the shelf-life of vaccines. It can also improve the uptake of the vaccine by cells and increase its immunogenicity.
Polysorbate 80 is a nonionic surfactant used as an emulsifier and stabilizer in vaccines. It is also used to improve solubility and reduce aggregation of vaccine components.
One key difference between the two is that PEG is a polymer, while Polysorbate 80 is a surfactant. Additionally, PEG has been associated with some allergic reactions, whereas Polysorbate 80 has been linked to infusion reactions.

Please describe the known symptoms of infusion reactions due to Polysorbate 80?

Infusion reactions due to Polysorbate 80 can cause a range of symptoms, which may include:

  1. Flushing of the skin
  2. Hives or rash
  3. Itching
  4. Shortness of breath or wheezing
  5. Swelling of the face, lips, or tongue
  6. Dizziness or lightheadedness
  7. Nausea or vomiting
  8. Rapid or irregular heartbeat
  9. Chest pain or tightness
  10. Low blood pressure

These symptoms may range in severity from mild to life-threatening, depending on the individual’s response to the infusion and the amount of Polysorbate 80 present. It is important to seek medical attention if any of these symptoms occur during or after an infusion containing Polysorbate 80.

Livestream about his death being suspicious

  • This livestream was recorded on Jan 13, 2022 on the same channel, which brings together people talking about his death being suspicious, saying its “diabolical the lengths the rich will go to to shut people up… “they don’t even hesitate to resort to extreme means to get rid of the possibility to know the truth about these gene therapies”. (04)


ChatGPT Help translating the above Livestream about Biscardi's suspicious death

Another poor auto-translation from YouTube with auto-generated English, that might help us “somewhat” figure out what they are saying?

Good evening, dear friends. Welcome to our new in-depth program.

Today, we will talk about the tragic news that has saddened many Italians.

Doctor Domenico Biscardi died suddenly, and he was found dead this morning. He was a well-known researcher famous for having countered, with arguments that were also very effective, the functionality, the importance, and the non-dangerousness of these vaccines. These serums have been the subject of debate in the last few days.

In collaboration with professionals, Spaniards had identified and disseminated news on the net that, according to them, testified to the possibility of proving the presence of dangerous components inside these hygienic serums. However, he died suddenly.

Evidently, talking about yesterday doesn’t bring luck. We will try to delve into this story. Of course, there is little news at present, and we do not intend to do scandalism nor do we necessarily intend to venture into hypotheses that are not proven. But we are not even good at putting our heads in the sand and pretending that we are living a normal period. That the native window de Donno is normal and that the atmosphere in this country is normal.

I greet and thank Antonietta Gatti, who is here with us. Thank you all for the invitation, which, however, is more of a wake.

Leopoldo Salmaso, hello everyone. I, too, would have gladly done without this appointment.

Moreno Pasquinelli, hello Francis, greeting everyone. Just that there is listening in this difficult, complicated time and very dark.

Let’s look at the first service, questioning the official story built by the corrupt media around COVID-19 and the effectiveness of vaccines as the only solution to get out of the crisis.

Evidently, no luck after the strange suicide of Dr. de Don, who was among the first to identify in plasma therapy an effective and safe remedy to make the disease curable.

Now it’s the turn of the researcher Domenico Biscardi, found dead under mysterious circumstances still to be clarified. According to the first rumors, he would have died of a heart attack. Biscardi was very active in denouncing the dangerousness of vaccines now idolized with nets. Unified in his latest videos, he anticipated the imminent publication of documents and studies incontestable able to prove beyond any reasonable doubt the presence of dangerous and noxious components present inside preparations produced in record time by big pharma. His sudden end throws a further macabre shadow of mystery on the real causes of a media pandemic that mixes the contours of the farce with those of tragedy. Here is the narrative voice of the very good.

Manuela Lomeo Moreno, I want to start with you. You are a man used to fighting politics. In short, having seen many, you know a little about the malice of power, but you are not one who loves to see Pindaric flights and maybe take for granted solutions that may seem suggestive but it is not certain that they are objectively real. However, this death in this climate, in this period, after the things she has said, a little bit of unease generates her, and which is the first idea that you have.

But look, we are not able to establish a causal connection between the news that had reached us all of these also shocking results of the research he was carrying out together with others, keep Biscardi with his death. Obviously, there is an aura of mystery, but here is how to use halos of mystery, not only for De Donno but for many other cases around the world, not only marked Italy, are starting to be so numerous that we all begin to think evil. And then we know well how much it is, let’s say, malignant, it is diabolical, the power. No, that not rich who resorts to all means, how can I say to decapitate the opposition more than just to vilify to treat us all from Nazis and Fascists. But this alimede is also acceptable because we know how they are made anyway, but what they don’t even hesitate to resort to extreme means to get rid of the possibility to know the truth about these gene gentlemen here begin to be too strong suspects because they are different in which exponents and scientists of the movement contesting the pandemic narrative are being torn apart and thus and they disappear from the scene.

There is a mystery about this death we don’t know well; we are waiting for news. We follow carefully and with concern, but we follow very carefully. We would also like to understand in effects both; for example, there will be a book and Sky having many. No, it does not depend evidently, not. I hope that the family members the fair not to dissipate all your doubts and all your suspicions that hover over this sudden death.

I want to ask Dr. Antonietta Gatti, who is in Italy and probably together with her husband Montanari, the best-known character able to scientifically demystify the stories of the mainstream, if Domenico Biscardi’s analyses and studies on the presence, we say, of dangerous components inside these products could online abstract or also concrete to scare the power, which is obvious that if you are on whose side, look, inside these new products, there are some things that don’t come declared in whose garden it is clear that this is starting to alarm the people who have to do it obligatorily.

And, on the other hand, obviously, there is some tough guy instead manages all this that the CEO Gosh do you want to see me have discovered, and therefore it is obvious that someone is a large part of the other always is view this definitely ensure that medical firms, in general, shouldn’t polish everything inside their products. This is something I can’t law allows it under a certain concentration of rare elements. Rare molecules which therefore should not even be reported; however, if these rare molecules instead, they are not so rare, and how someone begins to worry. The fundamental problem here is that we are faced with new realities ninth tech and writer please please she feels well she thinks that all the people who are fighting head-on against this health ban are potentially all in danger here we are including maybe five journalists. If you want to kill me, come on after 9 because I’m not played here until 9, and we’re live awards for those who have already had some warnings many years ago, also, therefore, I received the police force, and therefore, I already know how it all works.

But I think there is a change of methodology that eluded me so many years ago. When I published a scientific article, I unpublished 270 as I thought it was one thing. And that is part of my job, and therefore, it is a normal thing. I ventured into a field that was not my own, not only as a virologist, but I’m also not a materials scientist. And therefore, doing, let’s say, taking some analyses I had developed within European projects, these new analyses and/or applied to vaccines, the standard ones, a normal ones.

And I found that a scientific work in 48 hours went around the world, which had never happened, and that some American bloggers began to denigrate me from the point of scientific view.

And after that, of course, someone sitting in a nice red armchair, started calling in.

I’m also clear that I don’t know a rector or presidents of some associations are sensitive to these phone calls from important people.

The heart says, “Look what guys, I was on the boxes outside the feet,” and then those immediately fresh with a “perbacco,” we put out of the way. But then it was said only get out of the way; it was said to put inside a coffin than here. You are saying maybe while the boat and grants a little different. So I don’t know if I expressed the judgment was good.

The problem is that the science we say I’ve conquered that we’ve conquered up a let’s say ten years ago, be wide, and those are no longer good by methods not they are more, those are different.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, they give logical explanations, things that had never been seen in science. In short, science is the first prince of science, it’s the logic of what you’re doing that right now is gone, therefore the deferral we will go very important for all scientists of cuts which are in favor because they are not favorable. I have to be very calm, but they also do it because they don’t give them the money for research. So all in all, the situation is this Leopoldo, the fact that they suddenly happen certain things, perhaps in itself not legitimate without precise elements.

The hypotheses that are more dramatic, however, if they embed what is happening inside a climate where doctors are blackmailed, and those who say half a word are suspended out of the chorus, those who try to denounce the climate of oppression are hit, are defamed, are hit in the affections, is shot in the wallet, is isolated, is indicated as a target audience. Is there a person who has a minimum salt in the pumpkin? Here does not need to see the smoking gun.

Yes, realizes that this climate sooner or later causes real deaths or not. Yes, you have to remember that maybe three clues they won’t do a test, but in short, they get close, and we must not forget other episodes already Moreno also said in the international arena here a lot near us we had Bartolomeo Pepe, Land Christmas Eve we had AI, until the end of November Andreas, also the Austrian chemist. And he is also very connected at this point to those who work on nanoparticles on residues. It is really very high risk, taking up the speech of Antonietta.

Today at noon, as soon as I heard about this story, I immediately thought of her because we were together in Rome where she showed us around a lot of stuff about nanoparticles in that famous three days of the international COVID summit “I immediately thought of her” is the first thought that comes to mind when you see stuff like this, but in Salerno, it will be the case that instead of putting the bodyguard on characters like… I don’t even mention their names, because I really don’t name them anymore, than it is appropriate to solicit a bodyguard for Antonietta and Stefano.

Then I said, “I don’t have for heaven’s sake, because it would be even closer to the target.” In Via Antonietta, let’s touch everywhere, but what you say, Francesco? By now, the clues are overlapping one after the other, and then all these infamous attempts to go to… how to say… as always here open and alla. Palma d’oro open that of mint, that thing there that doesn’t… I feel like calling it an information tool, in short, that thing there that manages mentality is my friend Mentana.

He started trying to snort the version, why this chemist Austrian five days after publishing all the next graphene of graphene everything he had found was attacked and then it was finished in the hospital, and in the hospital, he died, and it is not clear whether of a heart attack. “Valve, oh well, then how do they try to snort Lari, details with this, believing that he has blown away the substantial fact?”

This man posted things he shouldn’t have posted and died a death that was semi-violent, like a sudden, and so on. At this rate, and that’s it.

ChatGPT Bulletpoints of the rest of the Livestream Transcript

Getting ChatGPT to bulletpoint the rest of the transcript:

The speaker discusses their friendship with Mentana and how they became friends after he tried to huff la re. They then mention an article about an international coronavirus fax from the TAS alliance and how they received funding from various sources. The speaker urges caution but also encourages remaining clear-headed and courageous without succumbing to fear. They also discuss Domenico Biscardi’s interests and recent discoveries.

  • Exclusive video shown by Doctor Delegate in this field revealing photos in electron microscopy of substances used in vaccines
  • The raman technique was used to identify the substances, including screen printing silicon oxide and deprotonated aluminum
  • Professor Campra from Siena University made the vaccine product dry and reviewed the sediment of the years basin using electronic purpose
  • Video of Spanish professor explaining his findings on the substances in the vaccine went viral and had millions of views
  • Doctor Cat has seen the study and considers the Spanish professor’s findings to be credible, but some images are not clear
  • The Spanish professor is a university professor with high-level instrumentation and scientific background.
  • There may be a market for unreliable vaccine products that are not authorized for individual use
  • Italy has military-run pharmacies in certain areas
  • This is an experimental vaccine trial that will end in 2023, which may involve multiple types of samples with varying contents
  • It is unclear if there is proper regulation and control over the vaccine products and their contents
  • There are rumors of graphene oxide being present in some vaccines, which is a controversial and taboo topic
  • There are inconsistencies and logical conflicts in some of the information surrounding the vaccines and their effects.
  • Discussion about the possibility of dangerous substances like graphene being present in certain regions or samples.
  • Mention of Antonietta who can analyze the samples easily.
  • Uncertainty about the truth of these claims and the need for precise questioning.
  • Mention of a powerful person, Ginger – former city planning commissioner, who may be involved (n the censorship).
  • Speculation about the emotional impact of putting graphene in the body, even if it does nothing.
  • Confusion about where graphene oxide could be present, and the need for it to be put in specific vials.
  • Reference to RNA messenger.
  • Warning about the presence of unapproved substances in medical products.
  • Mention of the PD (Democratic Party) and their potential involvement in illegal activities.
  • There is a group of people openly advocating for the hybridization of humans with machines
  • This group aims to build a robotic, pacified humanity
  • The idea of man-machine hybridization is theorized by people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk
  • The cross between our mind and artificial intelligence is seen as a way to achieve superhuman empowerment
  • The speaker suspects a connection between the global vaccination campaign and the idea of anthropological cyborgs
  • There is a design for genetic manipulation of the human being that must be warned against.
  • The elites openly discuss and spread the idea of human-machine hybridization.
  • There is a connection between the global vaccination campaign and the transhumanistic idea of a new civilization of superhumans.
  • The mystery surrounding the contents of the vaccines and the origins of the pandemic add to the suspicion of a hidden plan.
  • The vaccine campaign seems to be driven by a fanaticism that cannot be explained without considering a larger plan.
  • The goal of this plan is to create a small sect of superhumans who will live longer, be stronger and smarter, while the rest of the population will live in misery and degradation.
  • Italy is being used as an open-air laboratory for these experiments, and it is crucial to oppose this political step.
  • Question about videos showing people with metals attached to their bodies after vaccine
  • Belief in possibility of such occurrences and need for transparency in vaccine ingredients
  • Mention of laws protecting human life and reference to Nazi experiments on Jews
  • Criticism of experimental use of vaccines and concern over excessive doses and expiration dates
  • Example of expired vaccines being given to Nigeria
  • Speaker expresses concern about the process of receiving vaccines and ensuring the cold chain has been preserved (the vaccination centre giving you a pre-filled syringe, supermarkets require cold chain certificates, but not the vaccines)
  • Speaker expresses determination to continue fighting against those who are perceived as a threat
  • Discussion of an autopsy and doubts about its ability to provide conclusive evidence
  • Criticism of those who claim to speak in the name of science but lack credibility
  • Mention of people losing trust in their government
  • No proof of dying with covid pneumonia
  • CIA documents 18-20 years old that explain techniques to make a person die of heart attack
  • Nuremberg 2 outcome in Canada is often cited
  • Andrea Colombini knew Domenico Biscardi and had done broadcasts with him
  • Colombini thinks there is no randomness in what is happening but does not have proof of malicious intent in Biscardi’s death
  • Colombini believes what Biscardi discovered will now become public knowledge
  • Biscardi’s death does not erase the good work he has done in his research.
  • Next speaker does not believe Domenico’s death was due to malicious causes. Speaker mourns Domenico because he was a great and courageous person who did valuable research.
  • The speaker is grateful to Domenico for his contributions and his willingness to expose himself.
  • The speaker references Churchill’s words on courage as essential for great men.
  • The cause of Domenico’s death is believed to be natural causes, possibly a heart attack.
  • The speaker is in contact with someone who was close to Domenico and reported the cause of death as natural. The speaker acknowledges the possibility of a hidden truth, but cannot speculate.
  • Domenico’s research was important and advanced, and the speaker is happy to remember him for it.
  • Francesco’s actions on Sunday will not be forgotten.
  • Strange illnesses and deaths of unaligned individuals
  • Cerci Commission’s explanation of CIA and secret service’s use of political assassination
  • Italy as a laboratory for experimental powers
  • History of tragic events in Italy that have not been fully explained
  • Suspicions of hidden powers of the state and foreign interference
  • Importance of uncovering the truth and not being afraid of those who use falsehoods and demonize others
  • Discussion on the existence of evil and conspiracies in history
  • Mention of murders and conspiracies for power throughout human history
  • Emphasis on the importance of resisting the current regime and honoring the memory of Domenico Biscardi
  • Cats suggests focusing on helping children for a better future and not being destructive towards others
  • Leopoldo suggests acting as a small part in the larger resistance movement
  • Moreno discusses difficulties in teaming up with others who have differing opinions
  • Mention of Ugo Mattei’s CLN initiative and Giorgio Agamben’s speech in the Senate
  • “I have the greatest respect for the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, who said very strong words in the senate with the calmness of serious people. However, rigorous, he explained that we are in the middle, let’s say, of a regime that takes the worst of German Nazism and of Soviet Stalinism. So let’s say, an evil syncretism, explained it with a discourse of geometric power.”
  • None of us are self-sufficient and we must unite to face the challenges of the country
  • Despite the healthy campaign, interesting cracks are beginning to occur, and the campaign may end up as a farce
  • Augustine and Pelagius are discussed in relation to the current situation, with a focus on free will and the innate human desire for freedom, justice, and truth. (theologians in the 4th and 5th centuries)

In conclusion, after these speeches, we feel that the group of people who understand is increasing, and there is a growing consciousness. However, we may still be far from victory.

The core group that understood this two years ago continues to grow, as more people who received the magic serum and got sick no longer believe in its magical properties.

Thus, in my opinion, the group is expanding, and I am positive but also sad.

Leopoldo will conclude, but to summarize an epidemiological view, apart from the victims in Bergamo and Brescia, few people know someone who has had severe impairments or died from COVID-19.

The majority of Italians who have been deceived are now realizing it, and the ship is sinking.

We close with a promise that we will continue to fight until we restore justice, truth, and decency in this country being raped by a gang of thugs.

Thanks to all for being with us.

Moreno Pasquinelli and Leopoldo Salmaso greet everyone and promise to return to the subject of Domenico Biscardi’s sudden end in the coming days.

Television show talking about Biscardi


Television video titled: Dead Dr. Domenico Biscardi: His latest research


Unverified Home-Security Camera footage before he died

  • This next video is apparently from his home security camera right before he died? bit odd.. and also bit unsure of validity, and I can’t understand a word… which doesn’t help…

Strange Phenomenon Captured By Late Dr. Biscardi’s Home Security Camera Right Before He Died



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