C19-Vax-Lies Chat (Epidemiologist & Toxicologist)

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Clip highlights from 2 Dec 2023 Livestream between Jennifer Smith (Dept Health Epidemiology Specialist) and Janci Lindsay (Toxicologist) on Covid-Vax Lies

C19-Vax Chat Highlights – Jennifer Smith & Janci Lindsay

Dec 2 2023 | Highlights-Rumble (16m) | Highlights-Telegram (16m) | Full-YouTube (1h) (01)

Discussion with Jennifer Smith PhD (Virology, Epidemiology) and Janci Lindsay PhD (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology) about their views on Covid, “vaccines” and the trend of the “pandemic”. Interviewed by Dr. Philip McMillan, Consultant Physician, Stroke & General Medicine at Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS.

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1 Do Not Comply

Protect your children, don’t comply. They’re going to try this again, and you have to not comply.

Use common sense. Know that the media is lying to you. Know that the FDA and the CDC are lying to you, unfortunately.

And seek some alternative sources for health information. There are a lot of good doctors out there and scientists who are doing good research and trying to help people. Go to those people.

Don’t use mainstream medicine and hospitals that have been involved in the charade, and frankly killing people. Don’t go back to the same people that have allowed a vaccine that has killed more people than any other vaccine in the past 30 years combined to give anything to you or your kids.

That’s the smart thing to do. That’s common sense. So don’t comply.

  • Don’t comply with lockdowns.
  • Don’t comply with school closures.
  • Don’t comply with not being able to see your loved ones in a nursing home.
  • Don’t comply with masking.
  • Don’t comply with injections.
  • Don’t comply.

2 Do Your Own Research

Do your own research. You know, those are the scariest words for these people, “they did their own research“. Do your own research. Talk to people. Get a second opinion. Get a third opinion.

Also, do what you can to boost your own health. Do what you can. You know, it sounds funny, but they are starting to take nutritional supplements off the shelves. They’ve already taken one whole company out because they’re selling nutritional supplements. So you need to do what you can—the food you eat, what you put into your body, how you move, what you put into your mind.

It’s all so very important to build your own health. So build your own health, be your own advocate, be a consumer for your own medical care.

3 Follow the Money...

I have this conversation with my friend who’s an infectious disease behaviourist all the time, and even he’s confused. Like, how did these experts fall for this?

How did these clinicians and scientists just go along and continue to go along and swear up and down that everything was great and everything we did was just right? And, you know, they’re patting themselves on their back…

… and look, they just gave Dr. Fauci an award and a big, a big monetary money, you know, for, oh, his role and he’s a hero. And, you know, all of these people have now, again, follow the money.

All these people have now cashed out. Look at where they’ve all landed. Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci and even former CDC director Robert Redfield. Look at where they’ve all landed. They all have great consulting gigs with pharma companies.

  • Robert Ray Redfield Jr. served as the Director of the CDC from 2018 to 2021. In 2023, he joined BPGbio Scientific Advisory Board; a leading AI-powered biopharmaceutical company with a human biology focus. (08) (09) (10)

Yeah, and there’s a false consensus around this. The reality is that we only have about 2% uptake of the latest gene therapies and that’s because people know what’s going on.

Now, the media would have you believe that all scientists are on board with this and all recognize that this is the only way to go, but the truth is that that’s not the truth.

There’s a few paid propagandists that are out there telling you that everybody agrees with them, and this is the most wonderful technology in the world, and that’s it.

The reality is that most doctors and scientists do know what’s going on, but now they’re embarrassed and they don’t want to admit they were wrong. They also don’t want to risk a paycheck.

And frankly, they don’t want to risk their liability immunity because if they speak out, then they void that protection, which protected them under the 21 § 360bbb for these medical products, which are military countermeasures. (11)

So they are protected as long as they do not break rank. If they come out and say they were wrong or these are dangerous, they no longer have immunity.

4 We Never Needed a Vaccine

I would not give a vaccine during a pandemic just as Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche aptly pointed out. That’s not when you give a vaccine.

And a vaccine for an upper respiratory infection put out as a gene therapy, as these were, will never ameliorate the disease. We never needed any of that. We had hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin that worked extremely well. Go through all of the countries that used Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine both prophylactically and for treatment and they didn’t have any problem at all. They completely got rid of COVID. That’s all we ever needed to do.

We never needed any type of a vaccine for this, and again, a lot of it was perception. Were the numbers really that high in 2020? No, they weren’t. They were being driven by false death certificate data, and by false hospitalization data. There are so many witnesses that have come forward now saying they had empty COVID wards. They were all, you know, obviously they had time to practice their dancing skills because they were so uh “busy”.

Never Forget the Dancing Nurses

Most of it was fraud. Some of it was real, but if you don’t treat an infection, of course you’re going to have illnesses. Deny somebody antibiotics and bronchodilators and steroids for a viral infection in secondary pneumonia? Of course you’re going to get morbidities. This was about the response, not about the disease. (12)

Thoughts on that Jennifer?

So like you felt early on, I said, okay, you know, targeted protection was really the way to go. So what we want to do is we want to protect the vulnerable people, and, you know, I had kind of mixed feelings about vaccinating them because I knew that giving the elderly these injections—they were already at more risk for severe disease—injecting them they would be more at risk for adverse events as well. So, you know, do you risk?

It’s about risk versus benefit. How many times I have to say that risk versus benefit, but not so funny.

5 Health habits, Ivermectin, HCQ

You know what’s so funny, I had a coworker at the Department of Health who was diabetic and he used to drink cans of soda throughout the day, and we would like, what, why are you doing that? You’re diabetic! And he would say, well, needles and insulin are free.

So there was no need for him to change his behaviour. So unless there’s some impetus for someone to change their behaviour, it’s unfortunate, but, getting people to do what they need to do to help support and boost their immune systems is going to be on the individual to do that.

Well, how do we get the viral levels to come down?

Ivermectin. As a toxicologist, I can tell you that Ivermectin and HCQ are two of the most well-studied therapeutics that are around, that are used in third world nations, used all over the globe, have been used safely for decades and decades.

The demonization of them was simply because they were both out of patent and there wasn’t any money to be made. They are very effective. You can take Ivermectin as a prophylactic against viral infections and, and be fine. People have to be able to have some kind of mitigation… Hydroxychloroquine too—people that have rheumatoid arthritis take the same dose of hydroxychloroquine that you would take therapeutically for COVID every single day, sometimes for 20 or more years. There’s no truth that these are extremely toxic and going to harm you.

6 CDC, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna Lied - Do not trust them.

We have a whole covert of people who have been drilled into their mind that this is Horse Paste, and that this stuff does not work.

I would fire the media first. Sincerely. I’d fire all the propagandists.

I’m really thinking on this here, you know? Because you have a negative association with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Would you allow them to rebrand it as a new drug just so people would be willing to take it?

Sure, but people should also be told the truth that it never was a dangerous drug. That’s the most important thing. I said this in the very beginning. We have to tell the truth. We have to be honest.

When somebody’s lied, it has to be called out for a lie and they have to be known as liars. You don’t go back and trust those people again to tell the people the truth if they’re liars.

The media lied, the CDC lied, the FDA lied. Pfizer lied. Moderna lied.

They’re lying. Don’t trust them again to tell the truth. You get rid of them and you start with some new agency, some new people in place. You don’t rebrand the medicine. You tell the truth!

7 How does Public Health regain public trust? Be Honest.

I mean, that’s the question we’ve been asking now is how to how does public health regain the public trust, right? And I think what Janci said is 100% is you have to be honest.

You have to be honest, and I said this in 2020 when I spoke out against the state epidemiologists in Hawaii, I said all they had to do was say: “We were wrong. We made a mistake, and we are going to do better.”

You have to start there. You have to start there because you have to just say, look, admit your mistake. Admit it. That’s the only way you’re going to get people to start listening to you again.

But it comes at a personal cost and I’m saying that the people are not going to do that.

What’s more important? What’s more important? That proves right there. That proves right there, Philip, to me. It proves right there. That was the whole problem in Hawaii. Personal perception was way more important than public health, and that’s why I burned it down, because what was more important should have been the public health and the people and reassuring the community. Not how I look in front of a camera.

8 Doctors went into a stupor during Covid

The thing that always struck me was we, in the beginning, we were like all very concerned about getting them to doctors and getting them. People who got Azithromycin and Budesonide inhalers were doing great. They were just recovering doing just fine.

And at a certain point, it was like doctors broke. They couldn’t figure out how to treat people anymore, and they were calling me asking me what to do. “I have a person here with a fever and a cough”.

What do you normally do? Treat the symptoms. Treat the symptoms, ad it got a few months in when things started getting really scary, it was like, just stay home until you turn blue and can’t breathe and call 911. When do we ever do that?

You know, doctor, you know, Philip, pneumonia is very, very serious. You don’t just ignore it. If somebody has any lung involvement, it’s immediate. You throw anything and everything at them. I’ve said this before. Why were we not throwing the kitchen sink at it? Why? People need to ask themselves that, and it’s very clear. It’s very clear.

9 Stay away from Gene Therapies and Shedding

Well, I was just going to agree, and again, I think we need to stay away from the vaccination completely because these vaccines were developed so quickly. These gene therapies were developed so quickly. Just thrown out to the public.

Like it is never okay to put an untested gene therapy out to the public when we know that the risks of using gene therapy in the past has been insertional mutagenesis and cancers along with lethal autoimmune effects.

You have every cell in your body making the spike protein that then you’re asking your body to attack, which is obviously a recipe for autoimmunity.

Something that comes up that doesn’t really get talked about is the fact that these shed. Where’s your informed consent if you’re a person who receives this secondarily, especially with the plasmid contamination. We know that plasmids can be spread quite easily. The Seattle lab workers were infected in their nasal cavities from working with the COVID plasmids. (13) (14)

They spread them to their families.

Slip of the tongue? I found nothing to support them spreading it to their families. ~ Penny

Where’s your choice to be vaccinated if you’re transfected with an agent that somebody else has and passes to you. It’s just we can’t be messing around with this technology—over 200 genetic vaccines in the mix. It’s reckless.

10 They extended Emergency to Provide Liability Protection

I think the thing that is most disturbing to me at this point is, you know, the emergency has been declared over. The officially declared pandemic has been declared over. In the U.S., the emergency was declared over in May of this year, and yet they’re still pushing these injections! Well, there’s no, where’s the emergency? The HHS declared it over, Janci, so if there is no emergency, why are we still using an emergency use authorized product? None of these injections should be allowed to be deployed at all anymore until they go through full FDA licensure and approval. So the fact that they’re still marketing them, the fact that they’re still giving them, that to me is very, very disturbing.

They extended the emergency and we’re still under an emergency. HHS extended the emergency into 2024. That is to provide liability protection to everybody that is giving this and also provide the protections under 360 BBB. Again, it’s important to point out to people… people need to understand this:

These products as they are characterized, these medical countermeasures are allowed to be adulterated and misbranded and will not be seen as unapproved. Everybody go to 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb and read it. (15) (16)

It points out specifically that these are, if they are adulterated, and it says it about 10 4 times throughout the document. If they are adulterated and misbranded, they will not be unapproved. So they are approved, and they will be licensed.

It also says that no CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) is required of these, no testing, no good manufacturing practices required and they will be approved. (17)

So people need to understand that the FDA lied, the CDC lied, these were not tested. They did not go through good manufacturing practice. It was all a lie and they are being given adulterated and misbranded products that have never been tested or undergone good manufacturing practice, that is the reality, and states must stand up and protect their citizens.

11 Carrot and Stick

Yeah, there’s, so there’s two approaches, right? There’s the carrot offering some kind of amnesty and understanding and saying, let’s do better moving forward. Or there’s the stick and that’s threatening to sue everybody that was involved at any level. I think we need a little bit of both.

I think we do need to sue some people and take away their material goods. First of all, it can be done and it should be done through civil and criminal suits.

And to get people a little worried about doing something similar in the future because this will happen again if we let it. If we don’t punish the people who actuated this, this time, it will happen again. There’s too much money to be made. So we have to fix it. A little bit of carrot. A lot of stick.

Well, you do know that Texas Attorney General is suing Pfizer for lying about the efficacy of the injections. So go Texas, yay. (18) (19)

Yeah, exactly. We just have to hope that we get some good litigation strategies. In fact, I know that several groups are working on that right now to bring some to bring some real suits that question the very nature of the whole health response.

They’re going to try this again and you have to not comply.

About Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith PhD is a Virologist & Epidemiological specialist at the Hawai’i Department of Health (until Covid-madness) with expertise on the first SARS-COV epidemic from 2003 and other coronaviruses. Jennifer had a front-row seat for the public health response to COVID-19. During the pandemic, she worked on the front line of response efforts, monitoring travellers, investigating cases, and executing contact tracing. That all ended when she came forward to expose corruption by HDOH leadership, was put on administrative leave, and ultimately was discharged from her position without cause. She details the corruption in her book “Pandemic in Paradise” released November 29th 2022.

About Janci Lindsay

Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay is the Director of Toxicology and Molecular Biology for Toxicology Support Services, LLC. She holds a doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center-Houston and is an expert witness.

Note: (Trying to cater to all belief systems to help the most amount of people as everyone is experiencing a different reality and no one—not even you—jumped straight from wherever you were before to wherever you are now, it had to be done in increments; this whole life is learning in increments. That being said, most of you know my stance on the contagion myth, and some of you are against IVM which I haven’t been able to prove the claims despite spending hours going through all the data (not yet finished), and although there are some dicey looking things that I’ll do a post on soon, I’m not on the same page as the anti-IVM-crowd, yet at the same time, I do not believe we need to ‘take‘ anything prophylactically except clean, nutritious food for health ~ Penny) (20)


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