Transhumanism, CBDCs, Nano-Network C19 Shots & the coming Social Credit System

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The “Thrivetime” guys have done a great job at splicing clips together to do with transhumanism, the great reset, and the CBDC Social Credit System agenda:

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  1. Klaus Schwab – World Economic Forum, author The Great Reset
    • 06:13 “The difference of this fourth industrial revolution is it doesn’t change what you are doing – it changes ‘you’. It’s “you” who are changed if you take a genetic editing, just as an example; it’s ‘you’ who are changed, and of course this has a big impact on your identity.”
    • 18:52 “It is the fusion of the material, physical, biological, and digital world – what we are seeing now, the new technological breakthroughs; I just had also the pleasure to see the Centre of Neuroscience here; I think at the end we will see a combination of those dimensions, physical, biological, and digital”
    • 19:25 “The new technological innovations is changing to a large extent ourselves […] Israel, which is so far advanced that if you look at Professor Yuval Noah Harari, you see brain advancements and when you see what’s happening in artificial intelligence and so on; so it’s augmenting ourselves”.
  2. Yuval Noah Harari
    • 16:22 “In a couple of decades, the thing we’ll remember from the Covid-Crisis, is this is the moment when everything went digital, and this was the moment when everything became monitored. That we agreed to be surveyed all the time, […] this was the moment when surveillance started going under the skin.”
    • 16:56 Humans are now hackable animals. You can hack them”
    • 20:12 “Historian, Yuval Noah Harari has developed his vision of the future by studying the past. His Israeli routes are of crucial importance to the formation of his view of the future. He’s now using all of that knowledge to give us his vision of the future.”
    • 20:30 “the rise of brain-computer interfaces and biometric sensors and so forth, it is very likely within say 50 years, people will literally be part of the network – all the bodies, all the brains, will be connected together by the network and you won’t be able to survive if you’ve disconnected from the net; because you’re own body parts; you’re own immune system, perhaps depends on being constantly connected to the colony, to the network.”
    • 01:22 “A good two-way direct communication system between brains and computers, this is kind of the watershed moment.”
    • 02:30 “Instead of another book, I’ll recommend a TV series, the Black Mirror is maybe the best science-fiction tv show of the last year.”
  3. Netflix “Black Mirror” clip (02:40 – 03:07)
  4. Elon Musk on Neuralink
    • 02:08 “This is obviously sounding increasingly like a Black Mirror episode: everything that’s encoded in memory, you could upload, you could basically store your memories as a backup, and restore the memories. Ultimately you could potentially download them into a new body, or into a robot body. The future is going to be weird.”
    • 04:50 “I think there’s going to be a lot of breakthroughs on the medical front, particularly around the synthetic mRNA – it’s like a computer programme; I think with effort, you can probably stop aging, reverse aging, you can basically do anything – you can turn someone into a freaking butterfly if you want with the right DNA sequence.” (From Dec 1st 2020)
      • 04:58 Elon Musk was listed on the 2008 World Economic Forum list of Young Global Leaders. Musk produced two children with Grimes who released the satanic song “We appreciate Power.” Musk founded OpenAI in San Francisco in 2015 with Sam Altman and others. OpenAI LP received a $1 billion investment from Bill Gates and Microsoft. Musk owns the COVID-19 vaccine developer CureVac and is openly discussing using his “Boring Company” to dig the new CERN Haldron Collider.
  5. BlackRock (see also: Who owns the world?)
  6. IMF (International Monetary Fund) (See also: Why does the IMF need the world Injected?)
  7. Rice University Teslaphoresis
    • 13:45 “What we’ve designed, and we’ve done this very quietly, but we’re glad to now release it to the world is this idea of TESLAPHORESIS, which is a discovery we made several years ago, and we’ve been developing it.” […] “The simplest way to understand TESLAPHORESIS is self-assembly at a distance. Long-distance assembly of materials.” “And what we did was – because we’re at RICE, we had plenty of Nanotubes around, so we decided to use nanotubes, and what we discovered was that these Nanotubes can actually string together and form wires by themselves under this electric field.” ~ Paul Cherukuri – Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    • When you normally build circuits, you have to have physical contact – now we’re talking about building circuits without actually touching them“ “This also ties in just generally in nanotechnology, that self-assembly is very big. If you can get things to build themselves just as in biology we build ourselves“. ~ Carter Kittrel – Rice University Research Scientist:
  8. Dr. Jane Ruby (Former Pharma Drug Development/Regulatory Approval FDA, EMA) on Mike Adam’s findings of circuitry of non-biologial matter in the calamari clots provided by embalmer Richard Hirschman
  9. Pekka Lundmark – CEO, Nokia, at WEF
    • 00:46 “By 2030, I would say that by then, definitely the smart phone as we know it today, will not be the usual or most common interface; many of these things will be built directly into our bodies.”
  10. Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA technology found in the shots) on the transhumanism agenda
    • 03:42 “There’s a joint-report from the government of the UK and Germany about transhumanism, and as you know, this is one of the agenda’s of the World Economic Forum – it’s not hidden, it’s not a conspiracy. And they talk about the RNA vaccines as an entry point; kind of opening that space, ethically and otherwise.”
  11. Dr. Peter McCullough (Cardiologist) on the Pfizer DNA study
    • 05:25 “Tell us a bit about the study that just came out of Sweden that is just so alarming.”
      • “The news is buzzing out of Lund University, Malmo, Sweden. Markus Alden is the first author, the first demonstration in a human hepatic or liver cell line that the Pfizer vaccine, in fact, reverse transcribes and installs DNA into the human genome.”
  12. Joe Biden, at WEF 2016 and on his new Executive Order 14067 in 2022
    • 06:34 “Flattered you asked me to keynote […] you’ve written extensively on the topic you’ve asked me to speak to “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.
    • 08:50 “Biden signed Executive Order 14067 on March 9th, 2022. The most treacherous act by a sitting president in the history of our republic. Buried in 2 paragraphs titled Section 4 sets the stage for Legal Governance Surveillance on all US Citizens; total control of your bank accounts and purchases; and the ability to silence all dissenting voices for good” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
  13. BIS (Bank for International Settlements) – Agustin Carstens, General Manager since 2017
    • 07: 54 “we tend to establish the equivalence with cash and there is a huge difference there. For example in cash we don’t know who is using a $100 bill […] a key difference with the CBDC is that the Central Bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that we determine the use of that expression of central bank liability, and also we will have the technology to enforce that. Those two issues are extremely important […] it makes a huge difference to what cash is.”
  14. Joe Rogan with Maajid Nawaz on the UK Social Credit System and Rishi Sunak on CBDCs
    • 09:32 “The G7 is launching a set of public policy principles for retail central bank digital currencies CBDCs. Central Bank Digital Currencies could be a Digital Version of money – a bit like a digital bank note that could be used alongside…” ~ Rishi Sunak (Current PM of UK, Chancellor at the time)
    • 10:17 “Here’s the article […] “Digital cash could be programmed to ensure it is only spent on essentials, or goods which an employer or Government deems to be sensible
    • […] “You’ve got a scenario now that you’re checking in and out everywhere you go using “Vouchers” that are programmed, and you can only spend where you’re told you can spend them. There’s another word for that, man. That’s called the Chinese Social Credit System. That’s what it’s called, and anyone who watches Black Mirror will know what I’m talking about.” ~ Maajid Nawaz quoting The Telegraph article on the Bank of England announcement.
  15. Vial Contents
  16. China’s Social Credit System video where they only feature people who “think it’s a great idea”
  17. WION News piece on Self-Replicating Reproductive Robots (
    • 12:30 “Self-Replicating Robots. Robots that can reproduce. Create copies of themselves. Make babies like humans do. Robots. The second story was about a tech firm which is offering money to people to have their faces imprinted on robots to create what they call “robots with human faces”. Now I don’t want to jump to conclusions or question the intention of the scientists involved, but it’s hard to not ask the question “have these people never read science fiction?” They’re creating robots that can multiply and machines that will look like us – what could possibly go wrong?”
  18. Interview with Robert T. Kiyosaki on Thrivetime
    • 21:36 “How concerned are you about the collapse of the US Dollar?”
    • “I’m very concerned. And it’s more than just the US; BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), and what happened in 2021 I believe, when we abandoned Afghanistan, on that day, Saudi Arabia shifted allegiances from America trading in petrol dollars, to China and Russia” “It’s the end of the dollar system. So the end is near for the US dollar, and my concern is t’s going to wipe out stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs, the boomer generation is in serious trouble because the only reason our stocks are up is because the Fed and the Treasury just kept printing more and more money; instead of fixing the problem from 2008, they just kept printing more money, and it’s about to come to an end, and that’s why I say to people. Buy gold, silver and bitcoin, real assets, tangible assets. I wouldn’t trust anything printed by the US government. Nothing that can be printed.”
  19. Not sure who the girl is in black & white all the way through – anyone know her name?
    • 16:59 “then look into the Internet of Bodies“, then look into “how the internet of bodies is going to tie into and become the foundation of this new digital financial system that’s coming”, “and then it’s all going to make sense. “It is self-assembling nano-technology for the purpose of creating a carbon nanotube network within a human body, to make the human body a ‘device’ that can eventually be linked into “the Internet of Bodies”; it is biotechnology, created through the manipulation of lipids, with polyethylene glycol (PEG) – one of the components that can be used to make hydrogel, and after the self-assembling nano-network is administered in a human body, along with nano-sensors which is what those round-modulers are that people are finding, the next step is a form of a chip, which will probably come in the form of quantum dot tattoo, that will be initiated for the usage within the digital financial system that is coming, but once that chip is put in place, with the intra-body nano-network, that will be the authentication and individualization of every human body that has this technology within it. The network and the chip. Making them all devices linked into the internet of bodies. The psychological, biological, genetic, and physiological data from every single individual will be what backs the new financial system.”
      • Note – I have not seen or heard anything about round ‘modulers’ (that’s what it sounds like she’s saying?) – anyone got a link?
    • 21:08 “Information is the new fold, and all of the data being harvested no longer requires permission or notification by anyone who took this jab, because they are now GMOs; which is a product owned by a corporation; the head of that corporation is BlackRock.

Studies listed:

  1. An intra-body molecular communication networks framework for continuous health monitoring and diagnosis (01)
    • 12:07 “Look into Intro-Body Nano Network administered through vaccines”, “then look into transhumanism“, “then look into the Internet of Bodies”, then look into “how the internet of bodies is going to tie into and become the foundation of this new digital financial system that’s coming”, “and then it’s all going to make sense. “It is self-assembling nano-technology.”
  2. Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line (02)

Articles Featured:

ICP-MS analysis results

Heavy Metals Analysis Report on Calamari-like Clots found by embalmer Hirshman:

ICP-MS analysis results reveal that these clots are not made of blood – they are not “blood clots”

They are not simply made of congealed blood. How do we know this? Because the elemental ratios and densities are vastly different.

Consider the following comparison chart, based on our ICP-MS results (download full results here), and notice the stark differences between the elemental concentrations in blood vs. clot among nutritive “marker” elements such as iron and magnesium:

ElementBlood ResultsClot Results
Mg (magnesium)35 ppm1.7 ppm
K (potassium)1893 ppm12.5 ppm
Fe (iron)462 ppm20.6 ppm
Zn (zinc)7.9 ppm2.4 ppm
Cl (chlorine)930,000 ppm290,000 ppm
P (phosphorous)1130 ppm4900 ppm

As you can see, the post-vaccine clot sample only contains 4.4% of the iron that would be found in human blood. This alone is confirmation that it’s not a “blood” clot. The clot is almost entirely lacking key marker elements that would be present in human blood (such as iron and potassium), yet shows significantly higher concentrations of elements that are used in electronics and circuitry.

– Source NaturalNews


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