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Parts Four and Five – BlueTRUTH documentary with English Voiceover Transcript, Screenshots, Refs – Testing Unvaccinated (positive tests for PCR recipients) and References/Bibliography

Rumble-Clip (7min) | Watch Full Video on BitChute (36min)

Stage 3 of the research was carried out in “Unvaccinated” individuals in a similar way to how we tested the “vaccinated”.


“We’ll call the first unvaccinated”

“No nearby devices”

“Here, a new one showed up!” “No vaccine, pcr, nothing?”
“I got a PCR in November”
“Here, look, a new one showed up. And there too on the second scanner, same number.”
“Four on the iPhone and four on the computer”.
“Right now, when you approached, a device showed up, you see? This is very interesting because it means that there is another source.
You haven’t been “vaccinated”, maybe the PCR.”

“No new devices showed up.”

“A little bit forward” “A new device showed up” “But it does not match” “Have you done PCR?”
“Yes, January 30”

“Here we’re seeing a reading of a woman who is not “vaccinated”, but in January she had a PCR done, and she issue a reading, curiously two Bluetooth signals turned on.”


“A new code turned on. Have you done PCR?
But I mean, with a swab?
Yeah, with the antigen.
“You were standing right here and the code turned on.”

BlueTRUTH- graphene hydrogel

The amount of graphene that would enter in a “vaccine” is way higher than the amount via hydrogel.”

Second attempt, same day.

Go to Adri.

“Adri had two?”
“Look, another device turned on!”
“That’s strange, have you had a PCR test?”
“Yes, on August 2021”

Next person, come, come, come.
Nothing shows up.
“How many PCR have you done Vero?”
“Like 4 or 5.”
“Do you take chlorine dioxide?”
“No, but I always did the nasal protocol”
“..and you take zeolite and…”

Something else we noticed is that… When we want to see the code again… As they already displayed a signal, it no longer appears because the power has discharged.

For the time being, the conclusions of the study… In overall terms, only a few people gave us a code reading… and based on the interview, they came from two possible sources:

  1. They either had a partner with whom they are no longer spending time, and they showed positive to the Bluetooth code, and we think graphene can be transferred through sexual intercourse or kissing.
  2. The swab of the PCR/Antigen test
  3. Penny Notes: See “Part 2” for my third theory commentary, which is the covid-tracking app, as it’s not clear in this video whether they did the phone on/off thing in the unvaccinated, this could still be a possibility.

It is possible, that via PCR, they insert these devices, through something called hydrogel. I have studied it, today I confirmed it.

I want to highlight that what we just witnessed, in the part of consequences in applications and uses is purely speculative. It is based solely on the review of bibliographic references only. (01) (02)


We must have a healthy life. In general terms, what would be a healthy life? Proper thoughts, proper nutrition, proper nutrients, proper habits… and to be around people who really contributes or helps us.

If we want to send a message of tranquillity to the population that has already been inoculated… and as you saw in the documentary, some unvaccinated people could transmit signals…

  • For now, on the website… the Anti-Inoculation protocol are available for anyone who would like to review them. (03)

Also N-acetylcysteine and zinc. These two antioxidants are essential to degrade graphene oxide. Astraxanthin, Quercetin, Vitamin D3, Milk Thistle (liver/stomach protector), Pure melatonin at night. (04)

Improve the functioning of the kidney and liver, which are the filters of our blood: Liver: Dandelion, milk thistle, desmodium. Kidney: dandelion can be taken as well, horsetail grass, and nettle. More: Tulsi, Zeolite, Activated charcoal. (05)


  • I have nothing left but to thank:
    1. Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, honorary member of the World Health and Life Coalition
    2. Dr. Manuel Aparico Alonso… President of COMUSAV Mundial
    3. Andree Lealle, producer of this documentary… who helped us selflessly and altruistically in this production…
    4. Mik Andersen, for all the material he provided us altruistically… A very thorough investigation.
    5. Diego Hernán Barrientos… who guided us on issues that would not have been possible to resolve otherwise.
  • Thank you very much. Goodbye!


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Part 2: Testing Vaccinated
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