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[Killer Covid Protocols] Documentary “On A Knife’s Edge”

Hoodie and John screen an incredible documentary on the notorious Hospital Protocols in Victoria, “On a Knife’s Edge”, which was created by the wife of Judah, to warn others about the Covid-19 protocols and to share their story of how her husband ended up on a ventilator, was given Remdesivir and end-of-life drugs including Midazolam & Fentanyl, acquired ventilator associated pneumonia, and almost died too many times to count from their ‘treatments’. She methodically states the facts, studies, and what was known at the time these protocols were given, and the heartbreak of not being allowed into the hospital as days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.


Songs about Selling your Soul

Looking further into the Music & Hollyweird “Satanic” connection (and still trying to give “benefit of the doubt”), I wanted to see if they were portraying Luciferian or Devil themes in a “positive” way i.e. some kind of belief in enlightenment or “illumination”, or whether they see it as selling their values and principles and morals for fame, or some other belief that might be misconstrued by those that are accusing them of selling their souls “to the devil”, or whether they are singing about Lucifer and devil as some kind of demonic force.


Truth in Fiction: 2018 movie predicts flu-pandemic & New World Order

A 2018 film proceeds to predict all the things except one that have come to pass, including:
a world depopulation plan with the United Nations; fluoride as a neurotoxin; fake viruses and vaccine bioweapons; chemical warfare by use of geo-engineering, causing respiratory illnesses, cancer, damage to the immune systems, and sterilization; a mutated version of the common flu to be released in 2017-2018; a holographic alien sighting in Atlanta; and a global event that will bring a One World Government and a New World Order.