Former UN Employee “United Nations Hijacked by Great Reset agenda”

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Former United Nations employee Mary Otto-Chang says that most in the UN think they are doing the right thing and have no idea they have been hijacked as part of the Great Reset agenda.

Covid and the New World Order - Whitepaper PDF

Covid and the New World Order
– Actionable Insights from Global Technology Thought Leaders

She mentions this report in one of the podcasts below (the Kevin Barrett one) as one of the many examples of how open and obvious and detailed they are at literally telling the world what is going on.

Think tank affiliated informally with the WEF – White Paper Report in 2020, ‘Covid and the New World Order – Actionable Insights from Global Technology Thought Leaders(01) (02) (03) (04)

WEF & UN Unite in June 2019

Just wanted to remind anyone who didn’t know of this agreement before you listen to her interviews. (20 second video)

World Economic Forum & United Nations Agree to Accelerate Agenda 2030

June 2019 “Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres signed an agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030.”

WEF Press Release | PDF (05)

Podcast | Patrick Timpone | Nov 2021

Mary Otto-Chang interviewed by Patrick Timpone (23 Nov 2021)

SoundCloud | OneRadioNetwork

Mary Otto-Chang Former U.N. Employee & Whistleblower

Corporate coup d’etat of the UN; How Can We Stop the Tyranny?

  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are bring used as fronts; so many entities, so they channel all the funding through different fronts. Usually is more defined as civil society (not-for-profit) organizations.
  • Agenda 21 is the formula of a Trojan horse, of exaggeration and partial truth.  Was first global policy which looked at human development and ecological sustainability.  Has since been weaponized to tax and control. Agenda 21 is an overall ‘overarching umbrella’ general framework. They use a strategy such as The Art of War / Art of “deceit” is using a partial truth which is far more powerful because when a human being is hearing a ‘partial truth’ – the part of that that is true will be absorbed into them and taken as true. This is what is happening in many aspects.
  • Green New Deal. The way it was setup was very tricky because many, many governments signed onto it, thinking it was well-meaning.

How can an organization in Geneva control what happens in Madison, Wisconsin or Austin, Texas?

  • UN is nothing more than a Green Curtain. There’s an Oz behind it. Follow the money. The corporate world and very wealthy families who are very powerful.
  • Mainstream media has been taken over, entertainment infiltrated, politicians bribed and coerced.
  • Entertainment business has been taken over.
  • Politicians, who I believe have been not only bribed, but also coerced with blackmail perhaps.
  • In the early days, it was very above board, and especially in the days before electronics – the control was as tight as a ship. We had CC carbon copy where everyone could see where everything is sent. Now though, with corporate money and corporate partnerships being such a huge part, we don’t even know where the money comes from. A corporation is only as honest as the people who control it, and the public sector in huge corporations where there is no ‘one’ individual whose name is actually behind it – the ‘ethics’ get a little sketchy.
  • An example, I was checking out a 2018 budget. And because I used to write budgets, and I saw there was a contribution of “cash” from the African Epidemiology Network. So right there, I’m going ‘uh-huh’. First of all, no small NGO is going to be given a million bucks cash – that’s never going to happen, that’s just not on. So then I checked into whose funding them, and I saw American interests – I can’t remember now who it was I’d have to check, it might of been CDC or it might of been the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but those documents are public – it’s an 103 page budget, so “normal people” aren’t going to go digging where I go digging. (07)

WHO and the United Nations

  • The WHO (World Health Organization) is an agency of the United Nations. 
  • The UN was originally government to government and was never allowed to prescribe anything, it is not allowed to ‘lead’ anything, it is only allowed to advice and to advocate – to encourage & promote. As long as those things fit within certain things like for example the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Internationally everyone was looking to WHO at the start of the pandemic, which is ok because WHO is “supposed to” be collating information from other countries. That’s the idea. An appropriate role for WHO if it had not been corrupted – which it is, very, highly corrupted, everyone knows that – then its role would’ve been to look at all scientific reports from all the different countries. “Oh, here’s a country that has HCQ is working or whatever; let’s take a look at that – let’s have scientists who are not bought and paid for or in someone’s back pocket look into that.” There’s a whole body of professionals who have sold their souls. It’s such a shame. It’s a shame to their craft, it’s a shame to science, it’s a shame to politics. You know the original definition of being a statesperson or a political person was to care for the souls of your constituents? How far have we meandered?

What did you think when President Trump wanted to cut funding from the UN?

  • Now? Maybe he was trying to stop this whole mess from happening. That’s a possibility. He was very open in what he said in DAVOS, I believe 2 years in a row, and also on the July 4th speech. He says he’s not for this Globalist takeover, that’s just what he says. (08)
  • President Putin has said some very interesting things about what is going on in the West. Whoever he is, whatever he is, he is certainly very powerful and he might be very ruthless, I have no idea, but he’s a very intelligent man, and if he is “not” being sincere in his 20 min speech about the west, then he’s a very very good actor, because in that speech, he’s basically exasperated. (09)
  • Putin’s delivered an elegant dismissal of the fourth industrial revolution. Saying this scheme will never work because it has nothing to do with what humans really are, it has nothing to do with what humanity is all about. The fact that the dream has advanced so far, is something. (10)

How were World Economic Forum were able to integrate into the UN to run this operation?

  • The main weapon used, was the use of ‘words’. The power language in the UN is English. A whole lot of people who work in the UN are lawyers or have legal training. Many of them are highly skilled at languages, it is not uncommon for them to speak 3, 4, 8 languages. All our work is done with words. The developments are done by projects, which are documents of words. Then we have policy, which is words. Debates, words. Words, words, words. Words can be very tricky. Slowly through decades, in a very trickled way, the corporate interests have infiltrated the UN. When the Millennium Development goals became the Sustainable Development goals. 10 more goals were added and those goals are the Mother Ship – the umbrella’s for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They infiltrated through planning – through putting objectives in with other objectives. Most common words used as weapons today are The Great Reset.
  • A lot of people working in government, are followers, not huge critical thinkers, they like the military-hierarchical system, they feel more comfortable in that, and these institutions, the government, the UN is modelled after a British administration, which is modelled after the Military. So even in my day the titles were Chief, Division-Head, Officer, and your boss says jump and you say how high? and you do it right there. And you don’t ask questions. So many times you have great bosses, and they develop things ‘with you’, those are the sincere ones.

How the ethics changed in the UN

  • There are different groups of people in the UN. In my day most people stayed in the UN because they thought they were doing something worthwhile – they believed in the UN.
  • Then in 1990, President Bush Snr did not pay the pledge of one billion dollars which extremely affected the UN which at the time did not have a lot of non-government income support.
  • So they through out all the elders, gave them golden handshakes and sent them on their way. When they were lost, the ethics were lost. The nobility was lost. Then they took out the permanent contracts, and they put in 1-2 year contracts, and the person in charge of renewing that contract or not was one person only – your direct supervisor.
  • The office politics when I was in Geneva, was nothing sort of Draconian.
  • Whole thing was restructured to a different culture.

Are there forces that truly want to depopulate earth?

  • We know for a fact that the people behind this scheme are not out for our health.
  • Scientifically proven 100 x over.
  • We know for a fact that all the media is owned and the information being received by that media is lies.
  • We know that many of the elite are not practicing what they preach – taking their masks off before the cameras arrive, or flying their private jets to the climate change meetings and so on. So they’re being false and have no personal integrity whatsoever.
  • It’s the same people that are controlling the schemes.
  • That is the pyramid – the people who actually control the puppet strings at the highest level (human politics are less than junkyard dog interactions – if you study junkyard dogs and study human politics – you will see that the strings are pulled by very few people, and usually the junkyard dogs who are multi-powerful, are the biggest and the strongest oppressor, so what humans on the planet are the biggest, strongest and most oppressive? By strongest I mean richest.
  • There’s a huge data document contains dozens and dozens of connections between all the entities, between the money, the corporate powers, the central banking system, money is always behind things and the central banking system is absolutely deeply entrenched in the core of this also. I think people need to look at the actual connections. Many times there doesn’t look like a connection but then you find there is a meeting in the middle, some board they share.

Glasgow Meeting & Green New Deal

  • Look at COP26 in Glasgow to see how serious they are about climate change.
  • The Green New Deal is just another offshoot, like you remember the Paris Agreement, so its all part of climate change, it’s just another layer of complications, another thing the UN, WEF, and other parties complicating it right out of the galaxy – so adding many more organizations.
    • Even if you just look at the urban issues, there’s literally hundreds of entities regarding Smart Cities, Urban Resilience, and couple that onto other programmes – that is a camouflage because it’s very very hard to understand through all of this mess.

There’s a very simple thing we can do and we will win

  • Everyone now – throw out your smartphones and your laptops. 
  • Not being able to digitalize us all would be a huge setback to them.

To learn what they have planned

  • Look at World Economic Forum website and look at their tool for integrative planning.
    • They want global control, singularity (human-A.I. chimera hybrid Human 2.0)
    • 4th Industrial Revolution: 21 short term goals by 2025
    • 4th Industrial Revolution: 2 long term goals with no deadline.
      • Designer babies. Artificial memory implants.
    • The ultimate goal is Global Control.
  • They have been planning this for decades.
  • I think this programme is actually being run by A.I. because I don’t believe they could’ve done it so well with just humans.
  • Before they started the Covid pandemic, she was told by a Central banker that they had figured they had won – they had artificial intelligence models tell them that they had already won.
  • They don’t just control information, they control the money.

Controlling Politicians

  • They control the politicians by bribery and dirt gathered by Mossad and other agencies.  Maxwell-Epstein connections. Well-funded and big, big players involved – far beyond US government level.

Educate Yourselves

  • It’s worse when you don’t know. 
  • Do your research.

It’s important to understand the model, the game, the plans – it takes a lot of the fear out of it. Then try to figure out how to navigate around it. Do you agree?

  • Some people are not aware of things, but if you have an idea that something’s wrong, I would really encourage you to look because you might think it’s more stressful to learn about all this bad news – and it is stressful – but it’s much worse when you don’t know. It’s truly much worse.
  • Take the time and please don’t judge the messenger – look at their motives – why are they sharing the message – why would I speak out? I’m not getting paid for this – I don’t get anything from this – and I’m risking everything, risking my reputation, my Google History has been changed significantly – they’ve hidden any references to any UN work I’ve done pretty much.

Mary Otto-Chang, 62 year old Canadian and Jamaican citizen.  Mary spent about 20 years in the UN over a thirty year span and is now retired.  She has travelled to and worked in many countries and has had experience in international organizations, national governments, academic organizations, the private sector and NGOs.  Mary’s main fields are disaster risk reduction, adaptation to climate change and macro planning.  Technically she is most versed in Program Design and Strategic Planning.  She is currently a PhD Candidate in Noetic Studies.

Video Interview | Tessa Lena | May 2021

A Conversation with Mary Otto-Chang

People do mean well, when you say “Let’s save the planet!” who in their right mind would not agree with that? People have a good feeling and they think they’re doing the right thing.


All our work at the United Nations is done through Projects. Climate Change, Climate-Change Adaptation, Environmental Planning. I saw and felt changes throughout the decades and now that I’ve learned a lot more about what has happened in that time period, things make sense. I would say that 99% of employees in governments, in the United Nations, and maybe 70% in the World Economic Forum, I don’t think they’ve delved in deeply. To me it didn’t take much to see that things were very ‘off’. The promotional videos directly from the World Economic Forum are shocking.

Podcast | Kevin Barrett | May 2021

UN Consultant Whistleblower Mary Otto-Chang on the Great Reset (May 7, 2021)

Behind a paywall but it’s also mirrored on one of the other guest speaker’s blogs and you can download it here. (50Mb, mp3) – Mary’s session starts at 29min mark. | BlogSpot

Second half: hour: Mary Otto-Chang, Founder and Director of ALIANZACLIMATE and former consultant to the the UN and other organizations, discusses her concerns about the “Great Reset.”

  • Sustainable Development goals have been mixed with the Great Reset goals
  • I see it as a ‘hijack’, I believe that from my direct experience – all the time I worked at the UN, I believed the work was Sincere for the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • From about the 1990s up, there were other arteries or veins growing within the UN and one of them was social corporate responsibility, working with the private sector, and that was growing so it was difficult to see what was happening.
  • But now, we have a merger, between Governments, Inter-Governments and the Private Sector, and anyone of Influence in terms of Money or Politics.
  • Framework for UN Climate Change – annual budget was US 55 million dollars and in 2009 a lot of leaders didn’t even show up. Now they’re trying to radically change society.
  • Global Governance system / New World Order is definitely in the workings with the EU.
  • Think tank affiliated informally with the WEF – White Paper Report in 2020, ‘Covid and the New World Order – Actionable Insights from Global Technology Thought Leaders(14) (15) (16) (17)
  • World Economic Forum has explained things quite clearly.
  • 2010 Rockefeller Report Lockstep. (See Tabletop Exercises)
  • 2018 Readiness for the Great Reset Report. World Economic Forum. (18) which is not really a plan, it’s more of a profile. In that document, it is the “Readiness Report” and you can go and see which countries are on the list and how ready each country is for The Great Reset. A lot of work has been put into that report.
  • I haven’t really watched television since 1982. So I think I’m less influenced on my mind and the way I see things, so I go about my investigation like an old detective with a white board, and I am not prejudiced on who I listen to, and then I just try and connect the dots using logic and I look at evidence – documents from official websites, and I will listen to anecdotal things as a back dot. There are so many official documents which one can question in a lot of detail and scope – you don’t even need to go to anything else.
  • Perversions of the human-goodness. One of the things that causes that, when a person is powerful &/or rich, they don’t have to get up to work in the morning. Every other human has to go and hunt for their food. Natural cycle of life – the pulse of being. When a person has a lot of money & power, they don’t have to worry about those things, and it’s at that point that the demonic-ego-mind can take off, and they can end up very vain, greedy, bitter, jealous or small-minded.
  • If you look at many of the world religions and how the people who are more devout live, whether they be Buddhist monks or Catholic nuns or the people like the Amish, etc, many of those extensions of culture and human spirituality, adopt very modest lifestyles. While you are wearing a very modest dress, without a lot of things about vanity, perhaps only then can you look at the beauty of the sunrise in the morning.

Canadian born, Mary Otto-Chang has worked in sustainable development for twenty-five years, and since 2000, has focused on climate change, and risk reduction. A post graduate in environmental studies and in social sciences, (PhD studies UWI, Kingston, MES, HBA, York, Toronto) much of her career has been with the United Nations, working as staff with UNDP, and UNICEF, and as a consultant to other UN agencies including UNEP, and UN/ISDR.  She has worked in over twenty countries and also has experience with the private sector, government, academia, and with NGO´s. Currently, Mary is a consultant to the United Nations, most recently in the capacity of a Listed Contributor to UNEP´s GEO 5 (2012). In October 2010, she founded ALIANZACLIMATE, a not-for profit organization aimed at building bridges and empowering leadership for global climate action, for which she volunteers her time. 

Live Interview | Douglas Macgregor, Jeff Marsh | Dec 13 2023

Douglas Macgregor with guest’s discuss the WEF and UN partnership.

Rumble | Our Country Our Choice

World Economic Forum and UN Sign Strategic Partnership Framework 13 Jun 2019

UN WEF Partnership Framework PDF: Site 1


Canadian born, Mary Otto-Chang has worked in sustainable development for twenty-five years, and since 2000, has focused on climate change, and risk reduction.   A post graduate in environmental studies and in social sciences, (PhD studies UWI, Kingston, MES, HBA, York, Toronto) much of her career has been with the United Nations, working as staff with UNDP, and UNICEF, and as a consultant to other UN agencies including UNEP, and UN/ISDR.  She has worked in over twenty countries and also has experience with the private sector, government, academia, and with NGO´s.  Currently, Mary is a consultant to the United Nations, most recently in the capacity of a Listed Contributor to UNEP´s GEO 5 (2012). In October 2010, she founded ALIANZACLIMATE, a not-for profit organization aimed at building bridges and empowering leadership for global climate action, for which she volunteers her time.  (Source: UNFCCC Submission)

Her career achievements include:

  • Steering Committee, World Sustainability Forum, 2011,Manaus, Brazil
  • Lead Consultant- UNDG Sustainable UN, Towards a Climate Neutral & Green United Nations: Regional Efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean, May 2010
  • Lead Author – UNICEF TACRO – Children in a Changing Climate – Latin America and the Caribbean – A Region at Risk, 2009
  • Listed Contributor: Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Global Environmental Change and Human Security Project, Oslo, Norway,  Report 2008:3, Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Human Security 
  • Co-Speaker with Rt. Hon. Herb Gray: Second Annual Canadian Risks and Hazards Network Conference, National Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for  Disaster Risk Reduction, Toronto, Canada, November 2005. 
  • Trainer: United Nations Disaster Management Training Programme (UNDMTP)
  • Member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Co-ordination Team – (UNDAC) Caribbean Region 2001 UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)
  • Fellow: York Centre for Applied Sustainability, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto, Canada (1999-2001)
  • Fellow in Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto, Canada 1992 – 1996
  • Chair: Sustainability – International Solar Forum (American Solar Energy Society/ Union of Concerned Scientists / American Institute of Architects) Washington, 1997
  • United Nations Junior Professional Officer (Canada), (UNDP Jamaica) 1986-1988
  • CIDA Scholar: United Nations Internship, UNCHS Habitat, Nairobi, 1984

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