WHO Pandemic Treaty Debate [Greens – Senator Dorinda Cox]

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I didn’t transcribe this one or create a separate clip on it. This is the summary, and I felt it particularly interesting that “the Greens plan to invest $250 million over the next two years into mRNA research which suggests to me they might be benefiting from the mRNA factories being built in Australia and I’ll need to look into whether they are possibly profiting from this; in which case nothing the Greens say about promoting vaccines can be taken as honestly looking out for the “health” of Australians, when these jabs do nothing to promote health whatsoever. Since when do we get health at the end of a needle, particularly one that is gene modifying, are they still in denial about this and pushing misinformation that it’s actually some form of protection? I will have to look more into who is actually behind this insane idea to build factories and push even more of these injections into the population. Have they learnt nothing?

Livestreamed 27 March 2023 Full Debate on YouTube 
Her Speech is at Timestamp 36:50

Senator Cox

  • The speaker, representing the Greens, opposes the motion to undermine the World Health Organization (WHO) and their treaty preparedness and response.
  • The WHO’s treaty aims to gather learnings from different countries’ experiences with COVID-19 and draft international instruments on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.
  • Australia is the only country in the OECD that does not have a National Authority on communities and their control, and the Green Party’s plan for pandemic preparedness includes establishing a National Centre for Disease Control with funding of $246 million.
  • The Greens Party also plans to invest $250 million over the next two years in COVID-19 vaccine research and build publicly owned mRNA vaccine production facilities to ensure equitable vaccine access globally. (01)
  • The speaker notes the impact of COVID-19 on First Nations communities, which have significantly worse health outcomes than non-First Nations people due to ongoing oppression since colonization.
  • First Nations people are getting sicker earlier and for longer, resulting in a lower life expectancy (71.6 years for men and 75.6 years for women) compared to the national average of 83.2 years.
  • The burden of diseases may result in illness but not death, such as mental illness, injuries, arthritis, hearing loss, and asthma, which have a huge impact on First Nations communities.
  • First Nations people’s health is more than just the absence of disease or illness, and it includes physical, social, emotional, cultural, and spiritual well-being.
  • It is important to have community-led healthcare that considers the cultural differences between First Nations health and non-First Nations people’s health.
  • The solutions to issues such as housing, healthcare, education, and incarceration affecting First Nations people need to be First Nations created, led, and managed.
  • Remote communities need access to clean water and community-led healthcare to improve their health outcomes and close the gap in health inequality.


I’m not sure this party has the aboriginal communities best interest in mind, or if they are using the aboriginal voice to push something of their own? If Deborah Cox truly wants to help the Indigenous Community, she needs to get out of this party (and turn off the mainstream media) and get out to the communities to find out what they really need, and I bet you mRNA genetic-editing isn’t high on their list of needs.

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Indigenous Aboriginal communities now have ‘quarantine camps’ in Australia’s Northern and Southern Territories. The Australian army is ‘helping’ to round people up and transfer them to a camp ‘for their health’. Health authorities in South Australia are racing to organise quarantine “camps” for Aboriginal people unable to quarantine at home. A tender issued by SA Health this week sought companies able to manage facilities in regional centres like Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Renmark and Mount Gambier in the event of an outbreak. “It has been identified that facilities would be required for the quarantining of persons who would otherwise be unable to home quarantine due to their living circumstances,” (13) (14)

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Multiple Tribes and Tribal Elders who have not been consulted regarding any Indigenous Voice to Parliament or a Treaty, stand United that they do not want a voice to Parliament speaking for them and they do not want a Treaty. Both a voice to Parliament and a Treaty, are corporate contracts and an attempt by the Territory, State and Federal Corporate Governments to say they speak for us and continue to hold power over the Suvren Tribes of these lands and continue the land and resource theft. There has been no consultation and any contract that does not disclose the full content of any agreement is Null and Void.

“The Tribal Elders and People have not been consulted and we refuse to have a voice to this corporate parliament or do a Treaty with this Corporation. Only Sovereign to Sovereign can Treaty, the Crown vacated here in 1973, we the Tribes cannot Treaty with a Corporation impersonating a Government, this is another Trick by the Colonisers to maintain their status quo and continued theft of our resources, we Say NO! Any Aboriginal person wanting this can only speak for their own Country and Lands with their Elders approval, you can not speak for another person’s Tribe or Lands, if you do you are breaking Tribal Lore.”

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The accounts of the three Australians are very stirring and shed light on the dictatorial actions of the Australian government and the suffering of the people and their indigenous brothers and sisters in a very clear and emotional way. (Transcript in progress in a new post)

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