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This post highlights & summarizes the various changes in the National Health Service in the UK (something we mirror here in Australia) and how the new HealthPass will lead to a Surveillance-Society and how some of it fits into the New World Order Agenda. It also shows how past NWO insiders were right in forewarning us about the systematic destruction of healthcare as part of the Totalitarian Global Takeover, as well as how HealthCare has been transformed into corporate sell-out and more.

“Replace Healthcare with AI by 2025” | Surveillance-Society | HealthPass

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  • Why you couldn’t get an in-person doctor/hospital appointments during COVID
  • The systematic destruction of the NHS by the UK Government following the agenda as set out by Bill Gates.
  • Evidence from Government documents to prove why the lockdowns happened
  • A new NHS has been created called NHSX (Digital Health) and its a private online healthcare system which is rolling out now across the UK. NHS is gone. NHSX is here.
  • Will be rolled out across the world
  • Total Population Control – Surveillance Society
  • Wearable technology will choose what you eat, monitor your health, and restrict your shopping
  • Build Back Better, The Great Reset, World Economic Forum, Bill Gates
  • Doctors & Nurses will be replaced with AI, Clinicians, and Social Carers
  • Forced vaccination got rid of a whole bunch of staff that they wanted to get rid of anyway
  • Lockdowns provided a way for NHS to collect data – received 500 million people through telephone, app, website apps
  • Microsoft & Amazon Cloud-Data sharing
  • Develop skills and culture – leadership change management skills – nurses, doctors, and health administration staff to be removed – they reckon they can run the entire health service on about a quarter of what they presently have

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  • The NHS Long Term Plan
  • Digitising hospitals & NHS to be Blueprint to be deployed in other hospitals
  • 2018 – Hancock’s ‘tech revolution’ to include mandatory open standards
  • 2018 – The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has issued a stern warning to health IT suppliers that they risk losing business with the NHS if they don’t fully embrace data-sharing by adopting common standards.
  • 2018 – Matt Hancock launches tech vision to build the most advanced health and care system in the world
  • Policy paper: The future of healthcare: our vision for digital, data and technology in health and care
    • artificial intelligence (AI) to help diagnose diseases or conditions and to gain better insights into treatments and preventions that could benefit all of society.
    • robotics and voice assistants to support people and their carers in rehabilitation, dementia support or medication management.
    • use of NHS data could radically reduce the cost and time needed to generate new evidence on the effectiveness of interventions.
    • move to a mobile-first approach and make the same digital services easily accessible from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and assistive technologies like screen readers.
    • internet first: access to our data from any part of it – like you can access your email from anywhere, as long as you have the right passwords – is an important part of delivering care and staying healthy where we want to be
    • all our services should run in the public cloud with no more locally managed servers
    • interoperability is the patient record – not a system or application but the patient’s data itself. The ability to share records between hospitals, GPs, community pharmacies and care providers
    • standards will be in line with the government’s Open Standards Principles, because working in this way clears away barriers to reuse and innovation, and creates a level playing field for all commercial interests.
    • standards will be mandated throughout the NHS.
    • personalised and relevant health information, personalised advice, self-care and tools for health and wellbeing
    • we will deliver the AI and Data Grand Challenge mission to use data, AI and innovation to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
    • artificial intelligence has huge potential to improve diagnosis and care. We need to continue to develop the Initial Code of Conduct for Data-Driven Health and Care Technology to influence and enforce the highest standards of good practice for the development of emerging technologies.
    • government has also committed £98 million through the Ageing Society Grand Challenge Fund to stimulate the market to develop new healthy ageing technologies that help people live independently in their homes, tackle loneliness, and increase independence and wellbeing.
    • we are supportive of Dame Wendy Hall and Jérôme Pesenti’s ideas on data trusts to facilitate the ethical sharing of data between organisations, which the government will launch as a pilot later this year.
    • Dr Eric Topol is leading a review looking at what training and skills clinical staff will need to make the best use of AI, robotics, genomics and digital medicine.
    • the culture change needed to deliver this vision requires strong management and leadership. This is not an IT project – it’s about transforming ways of working. Every board and sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) leadership team must drive this and ensure this transformation happens.
    • we need to change the culture of adoption for this digital age.
    • the culture is understandably that clinical trials take time so we should adopt new ideas only once robustly and repeatedly tested. Yet a new generation of technology has arrived that can be adopted at pace and iterated. We must be careful to ensure that we follow clinical trials where the new technology is clinical but also to ensure we have appropriate assurance processes that recognise when an innovation can be adopted faster. We must learn to adopt, iterate and continuously improve innovations, and support those who are working this way.
    • a healthy person can stay healthy and active (using wearables, diet-tracking apps) and can co-ordinate with their GP or other health professional about targeted preventative care
    • a developer or researcher can easily see everything they need to know to work with NHS data or build something to sell to the NHS
  • NHS Digital Academy
  • The Topol Review: Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future
  • 2015 – Genomics in the UK
  • Policy paper: The Grand Challenges: Updated 26 January 2021
    • Artificial Intelligence and data
    • Ageing society
    • Clean Growth
    • Future of mobility
  • Guidance: A guide to good practice for digital and data-driven health technologies: Updated 19 January 2021

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The NHS has been quietly transformed from a public health system designed to deliver health care to everyone based on need in the most cost efficient manner,  to one designed to maximise profit extraction by global private health insurance giants. Achieved by means collecting premiums from the insured then denying them care when they become too sick and expensive whilst excluding the unprofitable, poor and the elderly.

The Great NHS Heist Documentary


How a nation was robbed of its most treasured possession

The British National Health Service is the nation’s proudest achievements, lifting burden from the sick, copied across the world, but it has been under sustained attack over decades by successive governments. Realising that privatisation would be unpopular, the Thatcher Government instead started a program of out-sourcing that was continued and expanded under the Blair New Labour Government and up to the present.

It required careful planning and a series of legal and structural changes spanning thirty years to bring it to the brink of American corporate capture; or as one former policy adviser put it, reduced to ‘a funding stream and a logo’. A docile and complicit media have failed to hold power to account and inform the public about what is really happening to their NHS.
Austerity and chaos over Brexit has provided perfect cover for the engineered failure of services, necessary to persuade the public to fall out of love with the NHS. NHS land, patient data and tax-funded budgets are all up for grabs. How did we get here? This film reveals “The Great NHS Heist.”

Documentary film. Running time 126 minutes.

Full interview with Dr Bob Gill – Harsh Truths about the NHS (12 mins)


2017 – Dr Gill has been working in the NHS for 23 years, and has paid close attention to the accelerating changes that successive governments have wrought. He believes we are in the final stages of a long and complex process to manipulate the health service into an American style private insurance system. In this full interview he explains what is going on and urges people to fight for their publicly provided and publicly owned service.

  • the privatization of the healthcare system – getting private funding
  • the government created a cover-narrative for the media to persuade people on a superficial analysis to create a “burdensome group of patients” using resources, to create a distraction so that they could extract profit and siphon away the delivery-of-care costs which play a key part in the destabilization of the NHS
  • created a toxic environment, force practices to merge, close down essential services, etc.
  • well-planned, long-term project of which the plans are very complex and so long-term that the NHS workers are largely unaware this was happening in their day job.
  • Everyone relies on the news – and the news reports it in a very positive way, so our profession doesn’t understand what’s going on and our representative body are complicit.
  • As GP’s we’re being asked to do things that go against our patients interest, in particular to data-collection (early-screening and health tests) on behalf of the future-runners of the NHS which will be the American Insurance industry so they can set premiums accordingly and the GP’s will be incentivised to deny patient care
  1. Insurance companies want the Budget
  2. Land developers want the Land
  3. Google wants the Information, and they’ve already been given 1.4 million records (as at 2017) and we don’t know what they’re going to do with it, because it’s hidden behind patient confidentiality.

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EVERYTHING mentioned above is part of the New World Order plan please look at the 1969 NWO Interview! – We are literally in something that has been planned for decades!

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