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Last week more than a thousand artificial intelligence experts, industry leaders and researchers including high-profile signatories such as Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak (Co-founder, Apple), and believe it or not – Yuval Noah Harari (wow?!), signed an open letter:

“We call on all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.

See the letter & signatories here: open-letter/pause-giant-ai-experiments (01)

But the founder of Artificial General Intelligence, says no, not good enough, we need to shut it down:

Eliezer Yudkowsky

“Every species faces extinction”

Eliezer Yudkowsky said the open letter is not enough – every species faces extinction – according to the article he wrote, published in TIME magazine. (02)

“[…] A sufficiently intelligent AI won’t stay confined to computers for long. In today’s world you can email DNA strings to laboratories that will produce proteins on demand, allowing an AI initially confined to the internet to build artificial life forms or bootstrap straight to postbiological molecular manufacturing.

Yudkowsky is a decision theorist from the U.S. and leads research at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. He’s been working on aligning Artificial General Intelligence since 2001 and is widely regarded as a founder of the field.

(More highlights of his letter in the transcript below under “AGI founder calls for Immediate Shutdown“)

Frankly, I don’t trust the controllers, the AI labs, or any names on that list (as you know), but it’s alarming that the people pushing, investing, and leading this technology are saying “we all need to agree to stop”. That doesn’t happen everyday. (They’re not going to, of course, because they know that “others aren’t going to”, but they are saying “we really should”. They don’t know the outcome if they don’t.)

I’m not going to share the obvious possible reasons why they would want to lie about this and push this out to the masses, but, rather use the information to add to the data-bank of all the other information to draw upon.

The other thing to note is the information is all available, so kind of like with covid, all the lies, the facts were available just not talked about, and it was confusing to me how everything we were saying was so easy to find and it came down to part of their weird way of washing their hands of responsibility saying “we told you and it’s your fault if you didn’t know”… the ol’ “if I tell you the apple is poison and you still eat it, then that’s on you“, a blame-shift, a karmic retribution thing. So it could be something like that; that by signing their names saying “hey, we warned you”, they are somehow not responsible for what happens next, because “they told us”, right? (03)

For those who are looking for the false Messiah, AI might be it. Something that everyone worships, that everyone thinks is great, that everyone falls in love with? Maybe it’s not some ‘being’, but AI? Something to consider… anyway, the more you know…

Rest of the transcript:

AI is an alien force and reason we were bred as slaves

(Note: I don’t know what she is referring to here and you don’t need to know to watch the video. I will watch the other two videos she mentions later to get more context)

Like it’s so bizarre that this is even happening. Now I’ve told you guys many times that AI is an alien force of energy that has invaded this planet. This began probably thousands of years ago. This is not like in modern times, and it’s all built up to where we are now. It is literally the reason that human beings have been bred as slaves and continue to be treated as though we are slaves.

We have been used as slaves to build the artificial kingdom for artificial life so that it could be spawned on this planet, come into being as a new species. And then who knows, right? And now we are almost at the end of that journey.

Reality vs Fiction

I cannot begin to describe to you, again, the experience of being in that room. Because I knew in my bones that every word they were speaking was absolutely true. I felt like they were dealing with reality on planet Earth, and the rest of humanity has been dealing with fiction.

The lies, the mind control, all the garbage that we get fed through all the media, through all the methods that we already know. It was very clear to me that there were two realities. One was real and one was fake. The one that was real was the one these guys were talking about.

These were not just crazy people who showed up to have a meeting. These were prominent scientists who also work for the government. Now they may have also been independent. I don’t really know their relationship, but these were not crazy people.

Coexist with Robots - without destroying all life on Earth

There was another guy there, a roboticist, who was at the time pretty well known. His main focus was figuring out if robots could somehow coexist with biological life without destroying it. Now they weren’t talking about clunky, funky robots. They were talking about something that could literally destroy all life on Earth. That was the focus, and I’m telling you, I felt changes happening in my brain just listening to this.

Just feeling the resonating energy of truth. Now, you know, I don’t mean ultimate truth. I mean physical, actual reality kind of truth. I could feel it resonating literally in my brain, like something was waking up inside my head. There’s a very different feeling when you are dealing with something that is actual on the physical plane compared to something that is not, compared to something that is composed of lies and manipulation, etc, etc. But the magnitude of what they were talking about floored me completely.

Deer in Headlights

After that, I tried to tell people about what happened there, and people looked at me like I was from another planet. Like, what in the world are you talking about?

Nobody even told me, oh, you’re crazy, Saratoga, that couldn’t be real. It wasn’t even like that. It was like deer in the headlights. It was like, huh? You know, jaw dropped, staring into space like, what?

They couldn’t even grasp what I was saying. It was so bizarre.

2000 - Bill Joy - Sun Microsystems - warning

Now, right around that time, the year 2000, was a very interesting time because during that same year, during that same period, a man named Bill Joy, who was, the co-founder and chief scientist of a company called Sun Microsystems, was traveling around the country trying to warn people about the coming future, where we are today. He got in a lot of trouble. He got censored, he got shut down. Weird things happened around that. (07) (08) (09) (10)

Now today, of course, none of these topics are censored. These topics are all up for talk, up for conversation, discussion. Everything’s good now. Maybe because we’re so far along. Who knows, right? Because interestingly enough, today everyone’s talking about this because everyone gets that it’s real and it’s happening.

Turning Point: Smartphones

So let’s go from there to where we are today. I think there are very specific turning points in this journey toward artificial life.

I think the first turning point, the first major turning point that everyone has been aware of, was the introduction of smartphones. That was huge. That literally changed the world.

So we all live through that. We already know that story. I certainly don’t need to repeat that here.

Turning Point: chatGPT goes public

And then what was the next turning point? What was the big, big moment that will be remembered in all of history, if we continue to have a history, but somewhere in the universe a history will be written of what has happened here on planet Earth?

In that bigger history, I believe the real moment that will be remembered was the moment that Chat GPT was unleashed in the world. This will be seen as the moment when the people of Earth collectively made their final choice. It will be remembered as the moment when human beings chose to turn their backs on the existence of their own species.

Now, if this sounds really far-fetched to you, like, Saratoga, come on, that’s just some people using this thing as a tool. It’s just helping them write stuff so they don’t have to work so hard. What’s the big deal? You’re making way too much out of this. Well, just hear me out because I’m going to explain.

See, we know that Chat GPT is already out there. We know what it is. But it’s only a baby compared to what is coming. So if you felt a major shift happen on this planet in the last few weeks, I would describe that as an evolutionary jolt of sorts. We just went through an exponential evolutionary jolt here in 2023.

Spiritual Turning Point

So I want to take you on a little timeline journey so you can see where we actually are, and if anyone thinks that this is not a spiritual topic, do you not understand that who we are in this universe, who we choose to become, what we choose to become, what we do to a living, beautiful paradise such as planet Earth, and the choices that we make are all deeply, deeply spiritual issues, because if we are going to collectively agree, I’m not saying every single human being, I’m just speaking in terms of a larger collective energy of the masses, if you will.

If we are going to collectively agree to play a dominant role in what could end up being the literal destruction of biological life on this beautiful planet, I don’t know what that means, but I do think it’s something that we all need to consider very, very seriously.

Now, if you have any doubt that human beings on Earth have collectively embraced AI, let me share a couple things with you.

Dec 2022 - Feb 2023 - ChatGPT's exponential growth in months

Chat GPT was launched on November the 30th. That’s basically the beginning of December. Within the first five days, it had 1 million users, and within the next two months, it grew to 100 million users.

So that would have been by the end of January. In the very first month alone, it had more than 57 million individual users. Just in the first, that would be within the first four weeks.

As of January, 13 million active users visit Chat GPT every single day.

In the month of February, it had 1 billion visits. That means that 1 billion times a human being was interacting with Chat GPT in the month of February, which was only the third month within which it had been launched to the public.

Since then, there has been an absolute frenzy around this AI. I mean, this AI is like the most famous entity that ever existed on planet earth, and I don’t think anyone even knows how many users there are today.

March 14, 2023 - OpenAI launched advanced GPT-4

Now, OpenAI is the company that created chatGPT which was built on GPT 3.5. But on March 14th, which was just over a couple of weeks ago, OpenAI launched GPT-4, a more advanced version. (11)

Now GPT-4 is even more advanced than chatGPT because it not only responds to text prompts, it also responds to image prompts, and it’s more creative. So it’s a more powerful form of AI, and it is, by OpenAI, it is admittedly not perfect. It’s not reliable.

March 15, 2023 - GPT4 - Scribble to Website in seconds

Now the president of OpenAI, Greg Brockman, showed GPT-4, a hand scribbled drawing just on a piece of paper. It was just like nothing. Like you took a pencil and you did a doodle of a website, and within mere seconds, GPT-4 turned it into an actual real website, based only on this silly little sketch. (12)

Major Energetic Shift on Planet

So that AI was released March 14th.

And it’s interesting because in the last couple of weeks, I have really felt a major energetic shift on this planet. Maybe you felt it too. I felt like this planet was no longer quite so vibrationally conducive to human evolution.

I’ve seen people saying recently that they’ve been having very weird experiences energetically, like feeling really heavy, really kind of depressed or unmotivated, or feeling like they’re just waiting for something but they don’t know what, that could be attributed to the fact that the vibration has really changed because you cannot have this many people embracing AI to this extent and not have that impact the planet’s energy dramatically, because human energy does impact this planet. We are not separate from the Earth. We are a part of Earth’s ecosystem.

So I want to be clear that this is a major spiritual issue for all of us. How evolution unfolds on this planet is a direct manifestation of the spiritual condition of our collective humanity, and turning against our own species in favour of artificial intelligence is a massive move against the fundamental laws and principles of this natural universe.

It’s a turn against the fact that we have been specifically created to serve as divine conduits who are meant to facilitate the evolution of all biological life on this planet.

GPT-4 - Potentially turning point of no return - AGI

Now I want to explain to you why GPT-4 could potentially be our turning point of no return. There is something called AGI, which stands for artificial general intelligence. AGI occurs when AI evolves to a point where its intelligence level is far beyond any single human being on this planet. It occurs when artificial intelligence has the ability to understand or learn any intellectual task that humans or animals can.

Now some people say the moment that we achieve AGI, that could be the moment of the coming singularity that Ray Kurzweil talked about. The singularity is the point at which artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence and the growth of this technology becomes uncontrollable. That’s the point at which machines can create their own technology.

Actively trying to achieve AGI (sparks of AGI in early-access text-only chat GPT-4)

It wasn’t that long ago where these researchers and developers were saying we should never, ever reach AGI. We should never hit that because that would be catastrophic.

Now they’re actually actively trying to create that.

Now GPT-4 has already shown some sparks of AGI, and that has some experts very worried. Do you know that before open AI put restrictions on GPT-4, that it was completely amoral? It was willing to do anything the user asked with no hesitation and no refusal. (13)

They know that even now this AI can do what, well, they call it jailbreaking, where it breaks through the protective parameters they put around it. They know that it can do that.

That’s why they threw it out to the public so that if that was going to happen, they could find out and hopefully fix it.

Now, as if that’s not enough, here’s the most important thing that you need to know. Open AI is now training GPT-5. It is scheduled to complete its training this coming December, and they fully expect it to achieve artificial general intelligence, AGI, and this is the point at which we may be headed straight for the singularity. The singularity is also known as an event horizon. This is where we get drawn into a future that we cannot control, nor can we see it or predict it in advance.

Now, December is only eight months away. I’m not saying that we will see the singularity in December. I’m not even saying that we’ll achieve AGI in December, because it really depends on what open AI plans to do with GPT-5. I’m just saying that we could be very, very close to something that no one is prepared for at this time.

Open Letter - Immediate 6 month pause on AI dev worldwide

Now you may have heard that with all this in mind, Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, who I think is the co-founder of Apple, they, along with hundreds of other researchers and developers and tech leaders, prepared a document with a demand that there be an immediate six month pause on all AI development worldwide. I think this just happened this past week.

See the letter & signatories here: open-letter/pause-giant-ai-experiments

This is because there is currently what they call an out of control AI arms race to develop the most advanced AIs imaginable. Now they say that the risks to humanity are huge and the effects could have a catastrophic effect on society. That’s because AI could rapidly become the smartest thing on earth.

OpenAI & 1X - Scale AI Robots using GPT-5

Now the larger plan is to bring GPT-5 out into the physical world. So currently OpenAI is invested in a company called 1X in Norway. That’s a weird name for a company. 1X. What kind of name is that? (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19)

Anyway, this company is focused on building AI robots at scale, which means putting them out into the world everywhere. So they want to add GPT-5 to the physical world.

And that’s because GPT-5 is being developed with attributes like creativity, sensory perception, fine motor skills, and intuitive understanding of natural language, and the ability to navigate through open spaces better than any GPS can do. So they’re developing this in such a way that it can actually become a part of the physical world. (20)

Now some experts are already referring to AI as an emerging new species on this planet. Just like I told you guys at the beginning of this video. Others are referring to it as an alien intelligence. Hmm. How do you like that?

OpenAI - Sam Altman - Lights out for humanity - AI worst-case-scenario

Sam Altman, who is the CEO of OpenAI, actually admits that a worst case scenario for AI means, quote, lights out for all of us. (21)

Yuval Noah Harari signed the Open Letter!

So these guys all know that they’re playing a very dangerous game with us and with our planet. Oh, I almost forgot. You’ll never guess who else signed that document calling for a six month immediate halt to the development of AI. You’ll never guess. This guy here, (Yuval Noah Harari) who I call Mr. Snake.

He also signed that document. Now, let me explain to you why I think that is. He is like the main advisor to this guy (Klaus Schwab) who I like to call Mr. KS. In a previous video, I told you guys that Mr. KS was getting really a little bit nervous about this rapid advance of AI, that it might happen too quickly and completely mess up their plans.

Because see, if that happened, they obviously wouldn’t be able to control us and the planet the way they thought they could. These controllers are also being misled. They’re not going to win in this thing either, and now we see they’re getting a little bit suspicious.

AGI founder calls for Immediate Shutdown

Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote an astonishing article just a few days ago on March 29th. I just want to give you some highlights of what he said. He leads research at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. He has been working on aligning artificial general intelligence, AGI, since 2001, and is widely regarded as a founder of that field.

Now what that means to align AGI is to align AGI with human beings or with biological life. So it’s interesting that he’s been doing that since 2001, because that’s right around the time that I shared with you guys in the beginning of this video, that I heard from those other scientists who were, in a way, working on the same thing.

So that’s pretty fascinating if you look at the timing. So this guy’s been working on this for the same period of time, that 23 years that I was talking to you guys about, that it’s been since I happened to go into that meeting with those researchers and scientists in Santa Fe. So I want to read a few pieces of this article to you here. It’s in Time magazine.

So he’s referring to the six month moratorium that’s being called for by Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak and other researchers and developers and tech leaders in that field. He says,

“This six month moratorium would be better than no moratorium. I have respect for everyone who stepped up and signed it. It’s an improvement on the margin. I refrained from signing it because I think the letter is understating the seriousness of the situation and asking for too little to solve it.”

It seems like his concern is when AI gets smarter than human intelligence, that humans won’t have a way to calculate what happens when and how they’re going to know what’s coming or something to that effect. So here’s what he says:

“Many researchers steeped in these issues, including myself, expect that the most likely result of building a superhumanly smart AI under anything remotely like the current circumstances, meaning where we are right now, is that literally everyone on Earth will die. Not as in “maybe possibly some remote chance,” but as in “that is the obvious thing that would happen.” 

Then he basically explains how it is that we are just not ready for anything like that now.

That’s why he thinks the entire thing needs to be shut down immediately without putting some time limit on it. I think later in the article he says it could take perhaps 30 years to be sure that this was being done safely, not a mere matter of months, and here’s a really interesting thing that he says:

“To visualize a hostile superhuman AI, don’t imagine a lifeless book smart thinker dwelling inside the internet and sending ill-intentioned emails. Visualize an entire alien civilization thinking at millions of times human speeds, initially confined to computers in a world of creatures that are, from its perspective, very stupid and very slow.”, meaning us.

Meaning us is my words. Okay.

“A sufficiently intelligent AI won’t stay confined to computers for long. In today’s world you can email DNA strings to laboratories that will produce proteins on demand, allowing an AI initially confined to the internet to build artificial life forms or bootstrap straight to postbiological molecular manufacturing.”

And then he says,

“There’s no proposed plan for how we could do any such thing and survive.”

And this is really freakishly weird, you guys:

“OpenAI’s openly declared intention is to make some future AI do our AI alignment homework.” (22)

That means a future AI will decide to make itself aligned with us.

“Just hearing that this is the plan ought to be enough to get any sensible person to panic. The other leading AI lab, DeepMind, has no plan at all.”

Now this is very interesting because he also says,

“The rule that most people aware of these issues would have endorsed 50 years earlier was that if an AI system can speak fluently and says it’s self-aware and demands human rights“…

Which has already happened, right?

He says, “We already blew past that old line in the sand”, which we did, of course. This is also interesting to me for all the people who say, “Oh, it’s just a tool. You know, it’s just like a calculator.” That’s like insane. Anyway, but then he says,

“I agree that current AIs are probably just imitating talk of self-awareness from their training data, but I mark that with how little insight we have into these systems internals we do not actually know.”

I didn’t know they had so little insight into the systems internals. That’s interesting. And then he says,

And then he goes on to explain in more detail, but I won’t read the whole thing because it’s pretty lengthy, but it’s really, really interesting.

I’m just going to give you a few more highlights. He says:

And then he says,

“Many researchers working on these systems think that we’re plunging toward a catastrophe, with more of them daring to say it in private than in public, but they think that they can’t unilaterally stop the forward plunge, that others will go on even if they personally quit their jobs, and so they all think they might as well keep going.”

I’ve heard this a lot. I’ve seen interviews. I’ve seen a lot of these guys talking about this, and basically what you can tell is that there seems to be a kind of consensus that this is going to happen. Even if we stop, those other guys aren’t going to stop.

Or if, like some people say, well, the US government has to get involved. They have to regulate this. Well, hey guys, can you imagine politicians regulating this? They don’t even know how the internet works half the time. You can see that when they do their little investigations.

But basically they say, well, if somebody over here stops, but everybody over here doesn’t stop, it doesn’t matter. So therefore we should all just keep on going. And I’ve even heard some of them say, well, you know, it’s all going to happen anyway. So why don’t we just try to make as much money as we can, at least for now? This is crazy.

Anyway, he goes on to explain what he thinks ought to be done, which is that the entire thing needs to be shut down worldwide. All the governments have to agree. The military has to agree. Everybody has to agree. That this is far worse than the potential for even nuclear war and on and on and on, but it’s actually quite fascinating. So yeah, if you want to know the totality of what he’s talking about and how he explains it, just go ahead and read the article.

Jaws warning - whilst we're distracted by what we can see, we're ignoring AI

Now I want to show you a quick little clip of something I put in a previous video. I don’t know. I think maybe it was several months ago, but just check this little clip out. This is exactly where we are today.

Everybody’s completely consumed with the politics and the war and the social crises and all this cultural stuff, and I’m not suggesting that’s not all serious because it’s very serious, and I’ve talked about it a lot and how that’s led us to where we are today which actually led to the embrace of AI.

But now we’re to a point where I think even some of the controllers are looking at this and going, oops, oops, we missed something here.

How do we stop this? Not with Fear

So now the obvious question that I’m sure you guys are going to have is how do we stop this and what do we do? Well, I’ll tell you how we don’t stop this. We don’t stop this by going unconscious, putting our head in the sand. We don’t stop this by making up fantastical stories about ETs coming to save us and Jesus coming through the clouds. That isn’t happening, because if that was going to happen, that would have happened a long time ago. There’s no way anyone who was coming here to save us would have ever, ever allowed this to go on this far and get this far along. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. It would not happen. So we’re not going to stop this by fantasizing.

I don’t know if we can stop it, but certainly we can hold a vision for it to be stopped. The thing is, in order to hold that vision, we need to be crystal clear within ourselves who we are and where we stand on this matter, and not in fear, because if you’re just going to go into fear and terror and anxiety, that doesn’t help anything, and it’s just not necessary.

Now, what do I mean when I say it’s not necessary? It’s not necessary because it will not do anything for you. Being in fear about any of this is going to do absolutely nothing other than make you completely miserable. So fear is not a solution. The ego will say it is a solution. The ego will say, oh, be afraid because that’s how you protect yourself. Fear does not protect anyone, you guys. It never has. What protects you is consciousness. What protects you is presence, your full human presence.

Now, if you watched my last video, I talked a lot about the purpose for why human beings even exist in this universe, and if you haven’t watched that, I’ll put that in the link below, too. This is what it looks like. In fact, I’m going to link the last two videos I did because I feel like this is almost like a trilogy. I didn’t intend it, but it kind of seems that way.

  • Two videos ago, I described the exact blueprint of how we got here to this acceptance of AI.
  • In the last video, I talked a lot about the purpose for why human beings are created, why we even exist in this universe, what we are actually made to do, which is beautiful.
  • And now in this video, well, you already know what this one’s about if you watch this far, right? I would say this video is about clarity.

So fear isn’t going to do anything. The ego is going to say, no, no, you need to be afraid. You need to be afraid because the ego is the voice of fear, right? You don’t need to be afraid.

Here’s why. As long as you understand yourself to be a beautiful, perfect human being in the universe, not just on planet Earth, but in the cosmos, in the universe, in the infinite realm of all life, and you understand yourself to be a human being, a perfectly designed, beautiful, impeccable, amazing creator in the universe, you’re not going to be touched because you already know who you are.

Willingly handing AI their creativity, writing, art, music, self-expression, & thinking

The people who will be in trouble are the people who have no idea who they are, who are more than happy to throw away every gorgeous, impeccable attribute of what it means to be human and willingly, happily hand it to AI and say, thank you so much for taking this off my hands.

Thank you so much for taking these amazing human qualities like creativity, writing, art, music, expression, self-expression, thinking, all of it. Thank you so much, AI, for taking all of those inconvenient truths about me off my hands.

That way I can just be a biological blob with no meaning and no purpose, because now you have all my wonderful human attributes.

See, those are people who do not know who they are. They do not understand the power and the preciousness of their very existence.

So if you know who you are and you stand strong in your presence, you have no reason to be afraid.

Don't go back to sleep

So what I would suggest, and this is what I’m going to do, and this is why I’m going to take a little time away from creating videos. I just need some space because we are at a moment in our history on this planet that we have never been at before. This has never happened on planet Earth before.

So for me, and I encourage you to think in a similar way for yourself, I can’t see any way to just continue to proceed as business as usual, that “Nothing’s really changed. Everything’s fine. I don’t want to think about it”. That to me is really seriously unconscious.

So I’m going to take some time myself to figure out, okay, what’s the best way to navigate this? What is the best course of action for me in my own life? How do I want to hold my life and myself within this situation? You can ask yourself the same thing and you probably ought to, right?

We need this space right now. We need to know about this now, because can you imagine not knowing, and then this thing just comes over the world and nobody’s ready, nobody has any idea what’s going on?

It’s already started to happen, right? So it’s just better because now you can have some peace. You can be centered. You don’t have to be freaked out, and you can come to terms with yourself, with your life, with the divinity that you are, with your creator, with your source, with love, with your heart, with all of those things that are very, very powerful.

You guys, these things are so powerful. We just have to accept them. We just have to value these things. We have to consider them as precious because they are, and we are precious as a species.

So don’t waste your time and energy hoping that these crazy tech people are going to stop. They’ve said they’re not going to stop. They’ve made those statements openly. They’ve said they’re not going to stop because there’s no point in stopping because no one else is going to stop. So they might as well not stop either. So they’ve already decided.

Make a difference. Stand in your presence.

We came to this Earth with a purpose. We did not come to this Earth to hide in fear, to be freaked out and shocked and surprised by all that’s happened here. I mean, look at the past three years, right? We didn’t come here to hide and be freaked out.

I mean, think about this. Do you really think as a being, you would go through all the trouble of being born on planet Earth, going through all the things you go through that we all go through on this planet, going through all of that, only to have it end up with you cowering in fear in a corner, totally freaked out? Do you really think that was your plan? I’ll bet it was not your plan. I’ll bet you had a clear-minded plan that you were going to come here to make a difference and to evolve yourself. So that doesn’t stop.

We make a difference. Here’s how I think we make a difference in this situation. We make a difference in this situation when we stand firm and strong and powerful and quietly, because our presence speaks for itself as natural human beings, and we let our light radiate because we’re working on our own evolution and in freeing that light.

Now, how does that help? That helps because what that does is that creates a frequency of energy on this planet that allows someone else who’s maybe kind of teetering and unsure to somehow connect with that part of themselves and find their strength as well, and you might not ever know who that person is, but it doesn’t matter because you are going to have an influence.

Every human being on planet Earth always has an influence on the greater whole. So that’s how we make a difference. This is also how we continue to evolve ourselves, that we find ourselves in this situation where nothing can sway us, nothing can move us from our center. And then we’ll be fine. We have to be honest, sincere, straightforward, and fully, fully conscious.

So consider every day precious. Use your time wisely. Use your time as a creator. Manifest, create, create beauty, express love, all of the things that we already know. We want to continue doing those things because those are the things that make us human. Those are the things that allow us to truly make a difference here.

So if you’re still here, congratulations, you are awesome, and if you got value from this video and you enjoyed it in some form based on all of the stuff I shared with you, please give this video a thumbs up and share it out with anyone else who you feel really needs to know this information.

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Truth-seeker, ever-questioning, ever-learning, ever-researching, ever delving further and deeper, ever trying to 'figure it out'. This site is a legacy of sorts, a place to collect thoughts, notes, book summaries, & random points of interests.