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This is a video from back in 2020 when I was more focused on researching the “virus and the vaccines” and keeping my mind 100% in mainstream and trying to stay away from anything that even remotely looked fringe — but once I realized that we were absolutely facing the New World Order takeover and The Great Reset, I got over my “fear of what we don’t want to know” and started being brave enough to look beyond my brainwashing and conditioning and limited beliefs to find out what these people were warning us about. After you have reached the stage of realizing that we really are in a war against humanity right now, you start to look at warnings from Former United Nations employees in a new light!

This is the same video that I’ve already posted on the NWO and 5G posts but wanted to make a separate post so that it doesn’t fall through the cracks. There are many videos with Clare Edwards and I found a really good one the other day which is in my bookmarks somewhere which I’ll attempt to locate and add to this post.

COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 – Claire Edwards (Ex United Nations)

COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 – Claire Edwards (Ex United Nations) – Rumble | Bitchute

 “COVID-19” was long pre-planned in documents and simulation exercises emanating from the eugenicist Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation:

A platform with 200 detailed levels is provided by the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab, a technocrat and promoter of transhumanism,

“It will change us – our own identity” – Rumble | Telegram

  • in order to provide detailed instructions “COVID-19” pandemic is to be used to implement a global monetary reset and digital currency,
  • technocracy and totalitarian government worldwide under the guise of socialism and environmentalism.
  • with China as the model,
  • and enslave humanity through a sinister vaccine conspiracy.

Earlier attempts were made to engineer pandemics but none succeeded.

This time, the World Health Organization changed its pandemic criteria in advance so that it ‘could’ declare a pandemic on spurious grounds.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a terrorist and accused genocidist, was appointed head of the World Heath Organization in order to orchestrate the pandemic and facilitate the totalitarian takeover.

(We now call the World Health Organization, the World Homicide Organization)

Wireless technology suppresses the immune system.

5G is implicated in implicated in COVID-19 through correlations between the locations of the 5G rollout and morbidity /mortality, as well as the prior administration of flu vaccinations in Wuhan and Milan.

The symptoms of “COVID” are virtually identical to the symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Extensive military research over many decades was kept secret, and regulatory agencies were co-opted in order to prevent the public learning about the extreme dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

Doctors receive no training on the risks to health of exposure to EMR and therefore, misdiagnose EMR symptoms. Hospitals are extensively equipped with 5G, putting patients’ lives at risk.

5G Serves many purposes.

It is a depopulation and military weapon and facilitates the introduction of technocracy and totalitarian control by enabling surveillance, facial recognition, 24/7 monitoring of individuals, mind and body control, and – in combination with vaccines and chemtrails containing nanoparticles – the torture or murder of targeted individuals.

EMR can be used to simulate pathogens and overwhelm the immune system, and cell phones may be being used to simulate “COVID-19 contagion” among co-workers or family members.

5G has been widely installed terrestrially and in space to target and control populations.

The illegal coronavirus measures were used by governments to accelerate the 5G rollout and install 60GHz public access points in schools in order to target children.

Illegal legislation has been put in place in numerous countries:

  • To remove civil liberties
  • To destroy economies
  • To close down small and medium-sized businesses
  • To separate, isolate and terrorize family members
  • To impoverish people, including by destroying jobs
  • To remove children from their families
  • To intern dissenters in concentration camps
  • To grant immunity to government operatives to commit murder, rape and torture (UK – but also in Australia – we added this too)
  • To use the police, army and mercenaries to control populations
  • To force-vaccinate populations with a non-medical vaccine containing population control mechanisms without their informed consent.

There is and was no pandemic since “the curve” was flattening before the lockdown measures were put in place. Mortality is at a lower level than in previous years.

The PCR test, which was never designed as a diagnostic test and gives up to 94% false positive results, is used by the oligarch-and government-controlled mainstream and social media platforms to terrorize populations for the purpose of obtaining obedience.

The illusion of a pandemic is stoked by doctors being forced to attribute virtually every death to “COVID”.

Medical staff and doctors are intimidated to prevent them speaking the truth about the fake pandemic.

In the UK, the death certificate is being changed to prevent relatives being able to question the cause of death.

Tens of thousands of doctors have now come out to confirm that “COVID-19” is a hoax.

There were no “COVID” deaths in Ireland until the 20th of April, and since then, the lockdowns have been based on 98 deaths out of 5 million people, while 30 thousand people die annually from other diseases.

Released today, 15th February 2022, Australian Bureau of Statistics released that only 83 people died “with” Covid-19 in Australia

Only people with a “hot” infection, with symptoms such as headaches or a sore throat, are contagious –

… 86% of “COVID” “Cases” are asymptomatic carriers and therefore harmless.

A Stanford University antibody study concluded the death rate to be between 0.1 to 0.2%, right in line with the seasonal flu. Initial projected death rates from the World Health Organization “were 20 to 30 times higher”.

A Stanford University antibody study concluded the death rate to be between 0.1 to 0.2%, right in line with the seasonal flu. Initial projected death rates from the World Health Organization “were 20 to 30 times higher.”

In June, the US Centers for Disease Control confirmed the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to be just 0.26%, way lower than the 3.4% estimate of WHO, which helped drive the panic and the lockdowns. But even that is an overestimate: the infection fatality rate for non-nursing home residents is likely only 0.1% or 1 in 1,000.

The UK and German governments stated in documents that they were deliberately ramping up the fear level, including traumatizing children by making them believe that they would torture and kill their relatives if they failed to wash their hands and obey the corona measures. Children were made to believe that they could show their love for their grandparents by not coming near them.

Social distancing is a torture technique devised to traumatize and its purpose is to condition people to distance themselves from others so that they can be seen and targeted by the 5G weapon.

Government and WHO policies are deliberately aimed at killing people. In many countries, doctors were ordered not to admit the elderly to intensive care units and to withdraw all health care, and national health systems stopped providing health care other than that for “COVID”, abandoning the sick to die. In France, the government issued a decree ordering doctors to administer to the elderly a drug restricted since 2012 as it was contra-indicated for respiratory problems.

In the US, hospitals were heavily bribed to diagnose “COVID” and put patients on ventilators that killed them.

WHO and governments suppressed successful treatments, one in particular in use for 70 years, and harassed doctors successfully saving patients. Autopsies that would reveal true cause of death were mostly prevented. Forensic Pathologist Professor Klaus Forensic declared having not seen a single case of “COVID-19” in autopsy that did not include other serious pre-existing diseases.

Governments and WHO promoted and enforced mask-wearing by the public in full knowledge that they provide no protection from any virus, 28 but cause serious neurological and respiratory damage, putting people’s lives and health at risk.

In the UK, the death rate rose only after the general lockdown was implemented. Top economists are warning that the UK government is “killing more people than it could possibly save” through lockdowns.

The UK Daily Mail carried out an audit of 130 studies from journals, academics and charities, documenting the social and health devastation and deaths caused by lockdowns. In one county in the US, suicides among young people rose 100%. A million New Yorkers can no longer afford food. Britain’s WHO envoy has said that world poverty will double by 2021 as a result of lockdowns.

The “COVID” vaccine

Bill Gates wants to reduce the world population. He introduced his vaccine containing the electronic nano-chip “marker” intended to “mark” and control 7 billion humans at the ID2020 Conference in 2019.

ID2020 is intended to provide a unique digital identity for all humans by 2030 that closely interlocks this digital identity with access to commerce and secure access systems. This is the electronic enslavement of humanity. The subcutaneous chip will be able to:

  • Influence the behavior of the chip-bearer (manipulate and control crowds)
  • Eliminate categories of people (reduce the world population)
  • Ensure vaccine compliance
  • Permanently locate the bearer (exit civil liberties)
  • Integrate 7 billion people into the cloud and operate with an all-digital system that is the equivalent of a credit on a company store.
  • Nano-chips and liquid crystals in vaccines can influence human behavior, without concern for political ethics.
  • And the upcoming vaccine is intended to genetically modify humanity for all future generations, in effect deleting humanity altogether, as humans become trans-humans or robots.

South Korea has just had 25 flu shot deaths and 43 2 adverse reactions, while 5 million doses of vaccine were not refrigerated. One volunteer in AstraZeneca’s new “COVID” vaccine has just died and two of the trials have been halted because participants became sick.

These “COVID” vaccines are not following normal trial procedures and are being rushed out in case the pandemic hoax peters out too soon to convince people to take the vaccine. Governments are giving the pharmaceutical companies full immunity from injury lawsuits.

Increasing numbers of people are saying that they will refuse the COVID-19 vaccine, with about half the US and UK populations saying so. 47 And yet certain governments are planning to force vaccinations on populations using the army 48 while others are planning to ban vaccine refuseniks from work, school or travel.

Humanity is in extreme and imminent danger

Some good people are launching legal cases to stop this war on humanity, among them the Italian Catholic Association, Simon Dolan and the Bernician in the UK. Children’s Health Defense and the Environmental Health Trust are bringing cases against the Federal Communications Commission for its refusal to review its outdated thermal exposure guidelines on electromagnetic radiation. Common law movements are under way in several countries.

But all of this is too slow. The perpetrators of the COVID scam are still imposing lockdowns and destroying lives, businesses and families. The entity behind all of this, the World Economic Forum, told us in 2017 about the world they want to see by 2030:

  • You’ll own nothing – you’ll be renting everything
  • The U.S. won’t be the world’s leading superpower – because everything will be under totalitarian, technocratic control and there will be no nation states
  • You’ll eat much less meat – you won’t be allowed to
  • A billion people will be displaced by [fake] climate change—countries will have to welcome more refugees
  • Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide – “polluters” will include farmers trying to grow food crops
  • Western values will have been tested to the breaking point – your culture will be eliminated and replaced with Maoist technocratic slogans.
  • They are engineering food shortages in numerous different ways.
  • They are building concentration camps for dissenters.
  • They want to impose a forced vaccine full of nano-chips for immunity passports and crypto-currency, and nano-particles so they can track, surveil and control us, including our minds. This vaccine is intended to genetically modify humanity for all future generations. In the US, Soros and 269 major corporations are funding Black Lives Matter and destroying America with the complicity of corrupt Democrat politicians.
  • They want civil war everywhere. In Austria, France, Switzerland, the US and other countries, many people are armed and trained to fight. We cannot give them what they want. We must stop this agenda in its tracks, take power ourselves and arrest the perpetrators.


  • Governments are corporations obeying orders from the World Economic Forum and are no longer serving their peoples.
  • They are acting in contravention of international and national laws and no longer have any legitimacy.
  • We are witnessing the collapse of the rule of law.
  • Governments, elected representatives and international institutions, including the UN, and private clubs such as the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection, and the World Economic Forum are complicit in this “greatest crime against humanity ever committed”.
  • Only the sovereign peoples of this world have legitimacy under these circumstances.

The perpetrators, including Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Bill and Melinda Gates, George Soros, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Michael Ryan, the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and UK Health Minister Matt Hancock, French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, mainstream journalists and others must be seized and brought to justice in new Nuremberg trials.

  • Politicians, journalists peddling fake news for the mainstream media, and others may be granted immunity if they change sides now, join the people before it is too late, and become whistleblowers.
  • We call upon the human population to shun these genocidal monsters in hotels, in restaurants, in taxis, wherever you come across them. Turn your back on them and show them the contempt they deserve for their psychopathic behavior and genocidal intent.
  • We call upon the armies and the national police to stand with the people against the conspirators, who aim to expropriate you, too, and take your children, too, and genocide as many of us as they find convenient. Police and armies will be replaced by machines in the New World Order. You, too, belong with the people and we ask you to stand with us in defending our humanity, our health, our families, our children, indigenous peoples and all of the natural life on Earth that sustains and protects us.

Claire Edwards bio

You asked me to write some sort of bio and this seems to be particularly challenging when it comes down to it.  There are very many threads to this story and it is humongous, going back at least to Darwin.

I have a degree in French Language and Literature and a master’s degree in Intercultural Competence.

I am a former United Nations editor and gave trainings at the UN in intercultural writing. While at the UN, for many years I edited all the documents of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and its Legal and Scientific and Technical subcommittees (such that I am familiar with space law and the particular issues of concern regarding use of the space orbits).

I am bicultural (English/Irish) and have lived in six different countries (England, France, Czech Republic, Japan, Thailand and Austria) and speak English, French, Japanese and German, in that order of competence.

I worked at the UN for 18 years as an editor, correcting and fact-checking official documents and publications, which included the topics of terrorism, drugs and space. 

I was alarmed when they put up public access points with very high levels of electromagnetic radiation in the Vienna International Centre in December 2015.  No one listened to my warnings so I ended up confronting the UN Secretary-General about it on 14 May 2018, after I had retired – 6 minutes).

That led to my contribution to the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, co-authoring and editing it and administering its translation into 30 languages.  It was the first appeal about EMR that gained traction with the public.  So I became something of a lay expert on 5G and the dangers and history of electricity, which led to my understanding that 5G is a weapon, and that in fact wireless technology as a whole has been a weapon right from the beginning.  The person who first set the so-called safety guidelines was a Nazi scientist (Operation Paperclip) who previously worked at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics!

The Appeal was hijacked, effectively by the Club of Rome, last December precisely because it had been so successful.  That then led to my finding out about depopulation and eugenics – which of course dates right back to Darwin and the Fabian Society – and Agenda 21/2030 and “sustainable development”, which in my view really means “sustainable rapaciousness” for the predatory oligarchs.  Club of Rome is also responsible for the climate change hoax, of course, and this is used as the pretext for the “Green New Deal”, which is actually about the monetization of nature or the theft of the planet, which is the ultimate goal.

The Appeal was hijacked by a subsidiary organization of Club of Rome, called Worldshift, and it is Worldshift that explains exactly what “The Great Reset” is all about, which is a Maoist Cultural Revolution, which entails the destruction of everything: the family, communities, societies, nation-states, religion, and humanity itself.  This is what we have seen enacted this year and it is why the Democrats in the US are now seeking civil war.

And then came the “Covid” scam, which I immediately recognized as the cover for the use of the electromagnetic weapon.  So I looked at what happened in Wuhan and Milan, and then I watched the murder of the old and the sick during the first half of this year.  So they are now fully embarked on their genocide and I drafted and delivered this “genocide” document on 2 November, which someone turned into a short video.

The coming “Covid” vaccines are about depopulation and the genetic modification of humanity – in effect the deletion of humanity and the imprisonment of the remainder of humanity – the cyborgised ones – in “smart” cities.  All the research on microwave radiation was kept secret by the US military so that weapons could secretly be developed and no one would realise.  They thought that if they called this new generation 5G, everyone would just think it was another generation of wireless technology and nothing much to worry about.  But in fact, as I am sure you are well aware, all of these technologies are extremely sinister and include mind and emotional control, including by HAARP.  In fact, I suspect that the 5G satellites are HAARP gone digital.

The cell phones themselves are extremely sinister.  Not only are they incredibly dangerous in terms of what they do to the human body, and we have the evidence for the health outcomes now, but I think they are used in many other ways, including mind control.  They are addictive for one thing.  They can also be used to transmit simulated pathogens to the user. Thus you can imitate contagion, and that is how the hoax is played.  Just think “contact tracing”.

No one realizes that electromagnetic radiation is so dangerous as it has been kept hidden through regulatory capture and military secrecy.  Doctors receive no training on the symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  And of course everyone lives in a Western materialist-reductionist paradigm and thinks that the world around us is solid, so when you try to explain that the body is not solid and consists entirely of frequencies – each organ has its own frequency and each emotion has a frequency, for example – no one believes you.  I basically think that the 20th century is the lost century because quantum physics should have changed our perception of everything, but instead we descended into a complete fiction of everything: money, economics, medicine, education.

Vaccines have for some time contained nanoparticles and these plus electromagnetic radiation together make a binary weapon. Each particle is a micro antenna that picks up the radiation and this then explodes cells within the body. The first use of this weapon resulted in Gulf War syndrome (Tom Bearden). This could account for the old people, who had received flu vaccines in Wuhan and Milan, having died in such large numbers.  This binary weapon is already in use for cancer treatments, so what does that suggest about the upcoming “Covid” “vaccines”?

What doctors in general fail to realize is that the symptoms of “Covid” are in fact the symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. I made a table comparing these symptoms in an article entitled “Our Children Are Now in Grave Danger

Symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiationCorrelation with symptoms of “Covid”?
From Stein (see above)From Investigative Report on the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Relationship to SARS-COV-2 and Other Factors[17]
Headache/migraineYes – persistent; intolerable; intense; severe; sudden; like a needle
“Brain fog”Yes – confusion
Sleep difficultiesYes – insomnia
Fatigue/weaknessYes – severe; generalized tiredness
Absence-like “blackouts”Yes – minor cognitive disorders: sudden dizziness, momentary inconsistent/delusional behaviour or speech; delirium and/or loss of consciousness or convulsions; ramblings
Earache / tinnitus
Muscle tingling / twitching
Abdominal crampsYes – cramps in the body, legs
Heightened sensitivity to noise/lightYes – loss of vision
Changes in electrical conductance
Other neurologic symptoms
Other short-term symptoms
PalpitationsYes – cardiac arrhythmia
“Chest tightness”Yes – feeling of suffocation
Shortness of breathYes – difficulty breathing
Joint/tendon/muscle painYes – aches and muscle pains
Skin sensations / rashYes – skin lesions on fingers of hands or feet (appearance of pseudo-frostbite of the extremities); sudden appearance of persistent and sometimes painful rashes, and transient urticaria lesions
Intermittent sensation of “internal burning”Yes – sensation of tingling and then intense burning in the lungs
From Investigative Report on the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Relationship to SARS-COV-2 and Other Factors: Diseases Related to Electromagnetic Fields (US Navy Research)
Altered sensitivity to light, sound, and olfactory stimuliYes – loss of appetite, smell (anosmia), taste (agueusia), vision
ConstipationYes – digestive symptoms (odd stools)
DehydrationYes – persistent feeling of thirst
Heating of Organs
This includes heating of the whole body or part of the body like the skin, bone and bone marrow, lens of the eye with cataracts and damage to the cornea; genitalia causing tubular degeneration of testicles; brains and sinuses; metal implants causing burns near hip pins etc.
Yes – multiple organ failure; brain damage; eyes that “burn”; stinging around one or both eyes; feeling of heat without fever; fever above 38.1° (in 90% of cases); intense burning sensations in the forehead, thorax, shoulders, chest, hands; heating of the head without fever; strong burning in the throat
Metallic taste in mouthYes – taste changed in the mouth
Thrombosis and hypertensionYes – thrombosis; generalized venous thromboembolism (especially pulmonary)
Cytokine shock – overreaction of the immune system, which attacks healthy cells
Diarrhoea combined with a sharp chemical odour, linked with vomiting
Dry cough (produces a sharp, metallic sound)
Possible conjunctivitis
Severe acute respiratory distress
Sore, itchy throat
Spikes of pain in the body without aches
Thick white or green mucus
Very long chills (lasting for more than an hour)

Next they plan to cut off the food supply and introduce a digital currency.  All of that implies the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and therefore the destruction of America, which is what we are looking at now with this election because the conspirators behind this want civil war in the US.

One thread of all this is the banking thread.  You can go way back to the Federal Reserve and the bankruptcy of America, but I prefer to go back to the Bretton Woods agreement and the delinking of the dollar from gold in 1971, which led us into the fictional economics of game theory, which was adopted in the 1970s.  We are now fully in a game of poker, and the conspirators are bluffing us with their “laws” and illusory control of everything, hoping to be the winners that take all.

I’ve now got to that depth in the rabbit hole where I am realising that all this microwave radiation is bringing in entities – the Archons / Jinn / demons – whatever you want to call them and it is they that have taken over most of the politicians.  I spent six years before getting involved in stopping 5G looking into the nature of reality and studying mediumship and all of that now comes into play.“

Claire Edwards

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