Transhumanism is not trans-human, it’s anti-human

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We really do have some crazy global elites. World gone mad.

Transhumanism is not actually trans-human, it’s anti-human” – Prof. Dr. Paul Cullen

1 minute preview: Twitter | Rumble

The Transhumanist philosophy is actually not trans-human, it’s anti-human. I just want to introduce you to aspects of that and show you a little bit of information, so that when you read about this in the newspapers or wherever, that you can have an idea what is meant.

This is part of a bigger movement. We have a huge discrepancy in power and wealth – we have a small group of essentially technical oligarchs you’d have to say, and then the mass of the population so it has much more in common with a feudalistic society… the feudalistic society was like a pyramid, but we don’t have the pyramid, we have the “top” and then “everybody else”.

The whole part with this transhumanist movement – it’s all to essentially dislocate people from the centre of the universe and to relativize their importance.” Professor Dr. Paul Cullen from the University Münster.

Full Presentation (1 hr, 17 mins) | 23 Mar, 2022 | YouTube
Transhumanism: Optimized Dream or Disappointing Nightmare? – Prof. Paul Cullen

Prof. Paul Cullen from the University Münster gives a talk about the possibilities and dangers of transhumanism.

  • This transhumanism movement is not the stuff of fantasy, it’s not just the stuff of films – it’s actually something they are trying to implement right now.
  • Humans have always wanted to transgress the borders of their own body that we’re born in, the limitations that we have.
  • Concept of transhumanism, even goes back 25,000 years – from the very start of civilization, this idea of mixing humans with creatures or mixing one species with another species has been a dominant theme.
  • Molecular biology – generation cybrid chimeras. For about the last 50 years, molecular & cellular biologists have been working on this concept. Take the egg cell of a sheep and you fertilize it in vitro, and when it’s fertilized, the programme for division is switched-on, and in the cytoplasm, then you remove the nucleus of the fertilized cell and take the nucleus from another cell of another animal, and then you have the DNA of one animal and in our bodies there is mitochondria – like little factories with their own DNA. So you have the mitochondria DNA coming from one animal and the nuclear DNA from another animal, and that’s called a cybrid.
  • We have a lot of inter-species mixtures that already exist, it’s not science fiction: Chimeras eg. Shoats (sheep + goat), Hybrids eg. Mule (ass + mare) & Hebra (horse + zebra), Cybrids eg. Clone-sheep “dolly”, and Transgenic animals.
  • There was debate back in 2008 on cloning, but universally accepted by governments as beneficial to humans.
  • The way the technology is introduced into society is starting with a very “small dose” of the idea, so the people get used to it. The cybrid was the initial dose to get you fixed – like a drug – fixed on the technology. Then they introduce it as beneficial to diseases so that if you oppose the technology, well “obviously you don’t care about people with Alzheimer’s disease, or people who are going to be stuck in wheelchairs”. There is a step-wise approach to getting the population used to the idea, you promise a lot, you put a moral-value on it, you introduce it in baby-steps, and you present it as “the greater good” and that the “alternative would be even worse”.
  • Goes through chronology of the timeline of human-animal chimeras from 2007-2018.
  • Goes through examples of experiments, including artificial wombs, which is introduced to society as benefiting those as a “safer” choice, that you can “see the baby” earlier, and that it would be a solution to those who wanted to abort.
  • Health is a religion – or a “fetish”. We used to think of health as the “absence of disease”. Now it’s about optimization/enhancement, putting in technology to “enhance” the biology, and “living forever” – immortality. (i.e. Ray Kurzweil, Google)
  • After the boundary of humans & animals, now we’re on the boundary of humans & machines.
  • What is transhumanism? (timestamp: 36mins)
  • The way they define themselves to the public is that they look at new technologies and to see where their dangers are define the ethical boundaries, which is the complete opposite of what they’re doing in real life. What they are really interested in, is that “human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into different beings with abilities so greatly expanded from the current condition as to merit the label of posthuman beings”
  • So they are not just wanting to enhance/optimize, they want to create a new type of ‘species’ which is completely different from us – to transcend, not just improve.
  • Nick Bostrom, found World Transhumanist Association” in 1998, changed the name to “Humanity+” in 2004. Published “SuperIntelligence” in 2016. (01)
  • All of this stuff is in the public domain, none of this is secret, and yet, the importance of it is not really discussed.
  • Tools of transhumanism “GRIN-technologies”
    1. Genetic engineering
    2. Robotics
    3. Artificial Intelligence / Information Technology
    4. Nanotechnology
  • Brain-mapping project.
  • After years of research they realized that our central nervous system doesn’t work like a computer at all, so the new idea was to mimic the biological network in our brains and to try and reproduce that in a machine.
  • They’ve created an artificial three-dimensional lattice and on this lattice, the idea is to put neurons into the lattice, and then connect them with nano-wires to computing systems. Having unable to model mental-processes in a silicon-based computer, the idea is to work out how to get both of these together. He doesn’t think this is possible, but this is what the technology is trying to do.
  • Who are the representatives of Transhumanism? (timestamp: 43mins)
    • Rodney Brooks, MIT – Cognitive scientist & AI-expert (book: “Flesh and Machines”, 2003)
    • Erick Drexler, MIT – Nanotechnologist
    • Hans Moravec, Carnegie-Mellon – Robotics-expert (Book: “Robot – Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind”, 2000)
    • Gregory Stock, UCLA – Biophysicist and bioethics expert (book “Redesigning Humans, choosing our genes, choosing our future”, 2003
  • ^^ Top Institutions that are interacting with government, industry, and military.
    • Richard Dawkins, Oxford (book “God Delusion”, 2006) – ‘not really part of the movement but his ideas feed into it’.
    • James Hughes, Trinity College (book “Cyborg Buddha: Using neurotechnology to become better people”
    • Aubrey de Gray, Oxford (book “Ending Aging – the rejuvenation breakthroughs that could reverse human aging in our lifetime”
    • Ray Kurzweil, Google (book “Countdown to Singularity”)
    • Yuval Harari, very important philosopher, (book “Homo Deus – a brief history of tomorrow”) (book “Sapiens”)
  • The moral aspect is coming into it now. The desire to get beyond ourselves.
  • What are the goals of Transhumanism? (timestamp: 47mins)
    1. Short term: increase in life expectancy, intelligence, overcoming physical & psychological limits
    2. Medium term: melding of human and machine at the physical level
    3. Long term: Melding of human consciousness with machine after reaching the singularity, melding of all consciousnesses to form a “hive mind”, achievement of immortality.
  • We used to have the tv set, radio, telephone – they were at home. Now we have the smart phone and we carry that with us. The next thing is we start to wear it, i.e. the smart watch or glasses. Then, we put it in our bodies – the chip. Moving closer and closer to merge the human & machine. That’s just the medium term goals.
  • The long term is creating a new species called Extropians. The idea is to create a new species. Then merge all consciousness into one consciousness like a hive mind.
  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Yuri Milner (Russian billionaire) ‘fund anti-aging start-up aimed at biological reprogramming which could help humans live FOREVER’. Technique reverse cells back into their stem cell state, which while dangerous can be used to ‘reverse aging’. Technique by Dr Shinya Yamanaka (Japanese stem cell researcher – involved in the Chimera research) and Dr Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte (Spanish biochemist – involved in the Chimera research). (02)
  • Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum (timestamp: 53mins)
  • Pope Francis, said on Nov 23 “the specificity of the human being in the whole of creation, our uniqueness vis-a-vis other animals, and even our relationship with machines are being questioned. But we cannot confine ourselves just to denial and criticism(03)

Full Official Video from the World Economic Forum (the clip that plays at 54:51 timestamp): (04)

COVID and Transhumanism

  • Charles Lieber, Harvard University, Chemist and nanotechnologist – in hot water because his area of interest is the interaction between nano-wires (very tiny wires made of graphene) and human cells. Received millions of dollars in research grants from the US Ministry of Defence (DARPA, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Office of Naval Research), as well as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), MITRE (German Ministry of Defence), and the US Armed forces, and was prosecuted for fraud because of funding he received from the People’ Republic of China in cooperation with the Wuhan University of Technology.
    • I showed you earlier this matrix where you have a three-dimensional lattice, artificial tissue with neurons living on it, and you want to be able to access those with little nano-wires. That’s his area of expertize.
    • He was cooperating with the Wuhan University of Technology in China, and he got into trouble because he was taking money from the American government at the same time as receiving financial support from CCP China.
    • The research he was doing was all being financed by the Ministry of Defence.
    • What we can see is that he was part of this Military Industrial Complex working on this technology, being funded by the US Govt & the Chinese Govt.
  • Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceLink, Neurolink. Currently richest individual in the world.
    • Interested in technology that can access the human brain (Neurolink)
  • Robert Langer, MIT, Nanopharmacology expert
    • Collaborated with Charles Lieber in the construction of artificial tissue lattices for monitoring the heart
    • One of the Founders of Moderna!! Current wealth about five billion dollars mostly through the sale of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.
    • Timestamp: 59:30 “just for reference, this is a graphene nano-wire, 10 Angstrom-Units.

Guide book, 2020 from the British Ministry of Defence “Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm“, in partnership with Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning (German Military) (05) (06) (07)

“The Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) has worked in partnership with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning to understand the future implications of human augmentation (HA), setting the foundation for more detailed Defence research and development.

The project incorporates research from German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists to understand how emerging technologies such as genetic engineering, bioinformatics and the possibility of brain-computer interfaces could affect the future of society, security and Defence.” 

Human augmentation technologies
Human augmentation technologies
  • So physical is Exoskeleton, eg a soldier wears a suit of armour that enables them to have increased-strength and increased stamina
  • Then you have psychological, sensory augmentation, tele-existence (a drone), genetic engineering, bioinformatics, BRAIN INTERFACES, pharmaceuticals, as the “CORE”.
  • Then you have neurostimulator, augmented reality, and SOCIAL (psychological manipulation).

This is the example they show

Human augmentation definitions
Human augmentation definitions
  • So you start with glasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, binoculars, googles… and then you start doing gene-editing. (So this is the CRISPR CAS-9 technology).

This is another image directly from the document:

Human augmentation "Evolution"
Human augmentation “Evolution”
  • So the UK & German military are completely on board with Transhumanism.
  • There’s no other conclusion you can take.

We have to distinguish the difference between “Science” and “Scientism”

  • “Scientism” uses the ‘language’ of science, so they talk about statistics, but its actually got nothing to do with science, in fact, it’s the opposite of science.
  • “Science” is founded in doubt. “Scientism” is founded in certainty.
  • Science is founded in empirical evidence. Scientism is founded in ‘belief’.
  • Transhumanism is a scientistic ‘religion’. Transhumanism should not be located in the realm of science, but in the “religious” realm.
  • Other ‘scientistic’ religions are:
    • Ecologism with the sub-sects vegan, climate-hysteria, animal rights extremism, overpopulationism
    • Economism – both the classical and Marxist varieties as well as extreme neoliberalism
    • Structuralism and the huge sub-sects of postmodernism and gender theory.
  • This is why it’s resistant to argument, because these are dogmatic religious tenets, and they are using the ‘language of science’, but it’s only a smoke screen, it’s actually beliefs in immortality.

These are three books by Ray Kurzweil (Google) who is essentially the ‘guru’ of this movement.

Ray Kurzweil books
Ray Kurzweil books
  • Goes through all the problems with this “religion” particularly with all the unknowns about consciousness, the brain, the mind, the heart, the digestive system or factors outside the body.
  • Dangers of Transhumanism (timestamp: 1:10:00)
  • “The dangerousness of an idea does not depend on how much it corresponds to reality, but rather purely on the extend to which its proponents are prepared to go in order to implement it” – Stefan Rehder, 2017
  • Examples of farmers burning their grain rather than giving it away for free.
  • Genocide of Ukraine where 5 million died and only 3 photographs exist as evidence.
  • Problem with dealing with highly-intelligent people, because they will “change reality” to implement their beliefs. They “re-double their efforts”.

  • Continuity of deformity (timestamp: 1:13:27)
  • “We want to be like Gods”
  • Shift in relative rights: Mankind vs Nature
  • The future of humanity: Book “1984” by George Orwell (published 1949), and especially: Book “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, published 1932.
Orwell Huxley Combination
Orwell Huxley Combination
  • Moving towards part of a bigger movement he calls a Techno-Feudalist Society
  • We have the top and “everybody else”. Huge discrepancy in power and wealth between the small group of essentially a technical oligarchs, and then the mass of the population, so it has much more in common with a Feudalistic society.


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