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Elon Musk – Golden Share – Something to explore

I made a video with various clips postulating the idea that Elon Musk is a psychological operation for the New World Order (based on pretty obvious evidence). It seems most of the connections mentioned are still relatively unknown (based on conversations with my “awake” friends), or at least, these deeper connections and historical facts are not discussed much by anyone—even other truth seekers and researchers. Hopefully this gets us all digging deeper, beyond the surface-level stuff, and ultimately closer to the truth.

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How the layers of our society got setup: (the corporatized factions)

  • Henry Morton Stanley > Henry (Rothschild) de worms > Henry Wellcome > Cecil Rhodes > British Monarch > Diamond/Gold Mining > Pharmaceuticals
  • Stanley > Pirbright Institute
  • Pirbright Institute > Coronavirus patent
  • Kissinger > Soames > Black > Summers > Windsor
    • Banking > Rothschilds
    • Pharma > Wellcome
    • Government > Pilgrim Society
    • Wireless Technology > Marconi
    • Propaganda > Empire Press Union
    • Information > MI6 > MI5 > GCHQ


  • The Federal Bridge Authority > Richard C Walker’s Invention > Internet of Things / Internet of Bodies (aggressive remote control of all things and people)
  • Elon Musk > Driverless Car Electric Vehicle Agenda > Tesla
  • Technologically generated electromagnetic field that encompasses the earth they call “Smart Grid” > “the Cloud” > Connect Human Brains to that field
  • Elon Musk > Zuckerberg > SpaceX > Starlink
    • Facebook started in Feb 2004
    • Starlink started in June 2004
  • SpaceX > Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) (UK) > [ESSENTIALLY BAE – British Aerospace (BAE Systems plc] > NASA and DoD
  • SSTL > Surrey > Same county as Pirbright
  • SpaceX > EADS Astrium (defence group) > Matra Marconi Space > Pilgrim Society > Airbus Group
  • British Aerospace > SSTL > SpaceX > Marconi > General Electric > Lockheed > Queens Golden Share
  • Elon Musk > SpaceX is controlled by the British Crown (via a “golden share” otherwise called a “Special Share.”

Chatham House

  • Chatham House > EU Commission > BP > British Ministry of Defence > Apple > British Foreign and Commonwealth Office > Royal Dutch Shell, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation > Barclays > Bank of England > Lockheed Martin > BBC > Vodafone > The Guardian > The Telegraph Media Group > CBS News > Open Society Foundation…. etc etc etc
  • Chatham House > World Health Organization > Rockefeller Foundation > Bayer AG > De Beers Group Services UK Ltf > GlaxoSmithKline > European Climate Foundation > Kuwait Petroleum Foundation > Microsoft Ltd > NATO Defense College > Rolls-Royce plc > UK Labour Party > Google > The Economist > The Scottish Government > UNICEF
  • Crown Agents > Round Table (Pilgrims) > Fabian Society > Zionism > Socialism > Communism > Reuters > Associated Press > Daily Telegram > Daily Mail > Sunday Times > Washington Post > New York Times > American Libraries and Text books > League of Nations > US Federal Reserve > Fascism > The Inquiry > NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization > Atlantic Council > control of American banks

Pilgrims Society = Deep-State or Shadow Government > New World Order

  • Pilgrims > Pirbright > Theft of Patents > Vaccines > Wireless Technology > Communications > Computers > Computer Programs > Propaganda > Mind Control > Educational Delivery Systems
  • Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • All Corporations
  • United Nations

Explanation of the “Queen’s Golden Share”

  • Found explanation in BAE Systems document.
  • “Queen’s Golden Share” = 1 “Special Share” that controls the company = the Monarch
  • Each company has share-holders.
    • You don’t have to have a lot of shares to have a say if it’s “the special share” which is defined by 1 pound.
      • One pound = special share = control policy of that organization.
  • Setup in the 70s/80s when Britain “divested control” of the Monarchy’s monopoly over different industries, and supposedly “made them private” but all they did was issue a bunch of shares and give themselves a special share that changed nothing.
  • Elon Musk > SpaceX is controlled by the British Monarchy (controlled by a “golden share”) > Pilgrim Society
  • Grimes > The Art of War (Grimes is Elon Musk’s former partner, both an advocate for Neural Lace and the Human-AI transhumanism movement–that she describes as a “almost perfect” form of Communism and a solution for humanity–as well as someone who warns of AI’s power)

(I didn’t even have time to include it all – it’s overwhelmingly huge)

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