Dr John Littell kicked out of Hospital after Ivermectin Testimony

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Dr John Littell testifies before the SMH Committee on Covid Protocols, then is escorted out of the hospital. Part 1 (Testimony), Part 2 (Escorted out), Part 3 & Part 4 (Interview afterwards with Chris Nelson)

Source: @RealOpenChris | Rumble-Mirror (audio is rubbish for the first 5 minutes)

Context: were presenting the results of an internal examination into how Sarasota Memorial Hospital handled patient care during the peak of COVID-19 epidemic were being shared with the public. The Board voted 7-2 to adopt the report (I’m not sure what that implies).

Rough transcript (the audio is soooooooooooo difficult to understand, I did my best lol)

Thank you very much, […] as Chief of Staff at a major hospital in the […] area, I know getting this […] is very difficult, you have to be one of the best hospitals in Florida, and I’m going to say that, to start with, […]

Alright, now I’ve been a physician for 33 years Board Certified Family Medicine. I’m an Army veteran, I served Desert Shield, Desert Storm […] My very first patient was at George Washington University in 1985 admitted with […] those patients had a lot more personal attention, a lot more compassion, than we ever saw in a Covid patient in any hospital in this country regardless of their […] scores.

I still have privileges at five different hospitals, I’m on call 24/7 and during this Operation Covid-19, I have to say, and I’m […] for (cease-fire? bias? here), I have never worked harder as an army soldier, and all these guys behind me and all these nurses know, we never worked harder […] Delta variant. So I’m not here to condemn, at all, anybody. But I’m here to […] insight and try to calm things down

[…] My first patient today […] Florida, my next patient will be 8’oclock tomorrow morning at […] and work til […] at night. That’s what I do. Because I love my patients, because there’s no healing without hope, there’s no healing without relationship, and both of those things were in the gutter during the Delta variant.

(you only have one, one minute). […]

The […], of our salesman(?) New Years Eve, 2020. Our salesman(?) comes into one hospital, he’s refused Ivermectin, he spends 3 months in the hospital, he survives. He says to me after he got […] “I survived because of you […] my kids […] parent to kids 12 and 15.”

The mayor calls me […] he’s had the Delta variant, he gets into another hospital, guess what he gets? He gets Ivermectin. The only patient in the entirety of the Delta variant who got Ivermectin legally.

Let me tell you about the wife. The persistent wife, who I gave her Ivermectin, she insists on saving her husband, he was in the hospital for another 3 months, he didn’t walk out of the hospital because she gave him Ivermectin.

Let me tell you of a mum. When the obstetrician called me […] I go to this woman’s bedside […] she works as a nurse across the street at the other hospital […] she went to the ER with Covid […] and they said come back when you’re under 90% oxygen saturation, she was admitted for her baby, C-section, I walk in there, she’s blue as can be […] excuse me sir, 72% […] I gave her Ivermectin out of my own pocket,

[…] and I had dozens of patients but let me just tell you this […] If you want to be the best, be the first to admit wrong-doing […] and realize, just realize that these lives […] just think of all these patients lives […] and I was disciplined for giving Ivermectin. I’ve been fined $xxx, it stands to reason […] Florida department of health and two hospitals […] // Cut off by time

04:28 Dr Littell is escorted out by security

[…] I’m not a contracted Physician and so I’m able to speak my mind. Thank you for your time.

05:32 Interview with Dr Littell outside the hospital

Chris: What just happened?

Littell: I’m a family doctor working […] I drove down here just to give a voice for the voiceless, the people who were treated unfairly during Covid[…]. My own experience as a doctor caring for patients in […] hospitals[…], and I have to tell you[…], allowing people to have a voice there, but they cut my time down at the last minute to 3 minutes, and in my case, 2 and a half minutes, so I didn’t get to say what I wanted to say because I was only given two and a half minutes to speak about my concerns.

What happened just now was, there was a wonderful board member who I just met for the first time. I went up to her after the meeting. I thought it was near the end of the meeting, and just asked her if there was any chance that I could say something more because I happened to be cut short.

I wanted to say, had I had a few more minutes to say, she herself voiced the fact that there are doctors on staff at this hospital who will not speak their mind because of the fear of retribution, the fear of losing their job. And what I wanted to tell her was there are other physicians, cardiologists, pathologists, obstetricians, paediatricians, calling me for Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), but they wouldn’t ever let anyone know.

This is what’s happened. The hospitals, even in this hospital, do not want people to know where they stand because they are fearful of eventually being kicked out of either the hospital or their own groups.

So the reason I came here, all I said, is I’m wearing this white coat, I represent myself, and most importantly, my contract with my patients. See that’s the difference. Hospitals, anyone, 99% of the doctors have a contract, an exclusive contract with the hospital where they’re employed by the hospital. They cannot speak their minds freely. […] Doctors and lawyers and mayors and teachers with the stuff that I knew worked. […]

What happened here tonight, I guess I violated protocol, I have to confess. I have not ever been in a hospital board meeting. I’ve been Chief of Staff, but not this kind of meeting where I can’t just walk up and say thank you. […] Half a dozen uniformed folks initially walked me out of there and then say I have to leave the entire premises of the hospital, as though I’m some kind of a criminal. […]

Chris: You got up there and you said you treated a lot of patients with Ivermectin. And then you were going to talk to one board member, and she was saying something you liked about how people are afraid to speak up. And then right as you were talking to her, you were trying to compliment her, and she was saying doctors were afraid to speak up because of what might happen to them. You, a doctor, spoke up and were escorted out by police officers.

Littell: I didn’t want to stop the meeting. I didn’t scream and shout. I just went up to her and calmly bent over. ‘Thank you for your time’.

Listen, I’ve been at meetings in Tallahassee and Washington DC. I’ve never actually been told that I can’t go up to a Congressman or State Legislator or State Senator. But the Sarasota Memorial Hospital decides to treat me like a common criminal and escort me off their premises because I was complimenting a board member because they were saying something good, and offering my services to her if she wanted to reach out to me after the meeting.

Chris: It seems like you proved your point. What did you think about this report?

Littell: It was very well prepared, very designed to lead the readers into thinking that every hospital did the right thing, when in fact, every hospital continues to…

When they say they have these great results with COVID, you have to understand, 90% of the people right now that are being diagnosed as COVID don’t even have COVID symptoms. They’re not even sick with COVID. Most of them are not. They’re just continually testing because they have a financial incentive…

Patients need… In fact, COVID pneumonia… 95%… These are patients like my own adopted son who went in with a ruptured aneurysm… and was tested positive for COVID when nothing had anything to do with COVID, and he was restricted…

It blows my mind how the medical profession has basically lost so much compassion…

I gave them compliments… You have a great… Patients… You must be amazing. You must do amazing things in this hospital, but let’s not blow smoke and try to tell us that what you did with COVID patients is acceptable. It will never be acceptable, and they, they want to be the best hospital. They want to be the best. They need to be the first to admit that they did wrong. And as that board member said, they didn’t listen to the doctors. They didn’t entertain alternative treatments. They didn’t even look at early treatment.

When I brought that up in my hospital, I won’t mention the hospital, I will at some other point, but they said, ‘We’re going to open up more isolation units. We’re not talking about early treatment.’ I said, ‘Why not try to get people out of your hospital? Prevent them from coming into the hospital?’ No one wanted to hear it then, no one wants to hear it now.

They’re still looking at the bottom line, which is hospital care patients… hospitals. Who wants to come to a hospital that doesn’t care about keeping people out of the hospital in the first place? Or see a doctor that won’t go out of his way to… to keep them out of that hospital. That’s all, and I’m happy to be a voice for those patients, and that’s why I’m here.

Chris: So, maybe they didn’t like your tie, I’m seeing our Founding Fathers’ signatures

Littell: Thomas Jefferson.

Chris: Oh, Thomas Jefferson.

Littell: You need to have… they got along, they didn’t like each other, they got along, that’s why we have the country we have. These board members and we, doctors, as I started out in my comments, we all in the medical profession, we should’ve gotten along, we should’ve had conversations. We weren’t allowed to have conversations, they shut me down, every time. […] and God forbid, I’m unvaxxed… they even told me I couldn’t eat within the physicians’ lounge, I couldn’t… (Chris: I’ve seen that before). So this is the kind of […], We have one board member, God bless her, she said let’s have the conversation, […]

I said recently. […] organic chemistry, we’re supposed to be the best and brightest minds in the country, right? We passed and we excelled, hopefully, in organic chemistry, and yet we get to this issue of basic concepts in pharmacology and pathophysiology and we won’t have a conversation, so I make an appeal for these doctors with different perspectives to share their views for the sake of the patients.

Chris: You know, I’m just wondering, what is going on in these places? Because it’s almost like they have self-governing authorities! Like they’re Disney or something! Do you think the governor needs to do something here, maybe let this thing expire, the liability shield, and “Governor, we know that there’s a lot of power going on in here”, I mean look at this place, it’s massive, there’s lots of money here. There’s lots, but what does the governor need to do that’s the right thing Dr Littell?

The immunity bill, which one of the legislators […] she put that out there, and she said, and I met her, and I’d like to meet her again, I actually think I’d say “Why would you put out the flyer saying we need to protect “providers”?” She said, “We need to protect our providers of healthcare“. You know what? If I’m living in […] and I get sick, and I’m in […] why would I do anything to criticize our providers.. I’m going to protect our providers. There’s a difference between providers and actually saying to the hospitals, you cannot continue to abide by policies to the exclusion of the patients requested options, and also other doctors coming in.

Like I said, I got disciplined for giving Ivermectin, which got a young mum out of the hospital in 3 days, when she would’ve died. I got a mayor out of hospital in 3 days, when he was already […] and I can go on and on, dozens and dozens of cases… so if my treatments were effective. Look at me, I’m going to be 65, I had the Alpha variant and I had the Omicron, and I didn’t miss one day of work. Not one day of work in the last three years. Because I took the early treatment protocols. That’s anecdotal, that’s anecdotal–not when you’ve done this thousands of times.

Chris: Why does it make them so mad when you say that Ivermectin works? Why does it… is it the media? Was it Fauci? Is it some kind of mind control that’s going on here or hypnosis perhaps? A lot of normal, just regular people, who are not involved in activism, who are not involved in these things, but are just wondering, like, when you come and you say “No, this is working, I can show you it’s working, and it has no side effects, whereas your drug seems to be shutting people’s organs down“, and there’s this stubbornness and they just won’t budge, and I see it in their eyes!

Doctors need to fall on their swords, right, so let me show you this, this is an article I was in […] Ledger October, 2021. It was about my prescribing Ivermectin 20 to 40 times per week. […] Care doctor said, his name is Dr Sergio […], he wrote “If Federal Agencies say you shouldn’t do something, and you do it anyway, you’re not practicing the current standard of medical care. It’s extremely poor practice of medicine to prescribe medication against Federal Agencies, […]“. They will fall on their sword, rather than give a medication that the CDC is not wanting to give. That’s what these doctors have done, they’ve said “We’ve been following protocol”.

I have the Chief Executive Officer of a large hospital – the largest one in the state of Florida, say to me, Dr Littell, we expect oppositions to be lockstep with us when it comes to policy. On a phone call that my wife listened to. The point is, they have been beaten over the head, they will do what the hospital protocols, the CDC, and NIH will do, come hell or high water.

When a doctor says “hey, something’s really cheap out there, that can keep your patients out of hospital, and save lives,” they don’t care about it, except, for the doctors who call me, after hours and say “Hey, the anaesthesiologist, the cardiologist, the general surgery, the paediatrician,” […] and they call me […] and say John, I’m not doing well, I’m getting […]“. I gave numerous medications; they’re still alive to this day.

It’s going to affect their lives. I think some of them have started to realize this is really messed up. The hospital has to stay with the protocols, and don’t tell me […]

My very first patient was a critical care nurse in April of 2020. […] She calls me, she’s a doctor at […]. “I have Covid, I’m sick, fever, body aches“. I said “go out and get tested“, and she tells me the hospital won’t test her, “they’re holding onto the test kits“. I said, “Ok, we’re going to treat you anyway.Hydroxychloroquine. She was the first patient I knew about, I was only doing research. She got it, she got better.

I went into the hospital two days later, […] CEO… and I remind you, same time as the patient that had open heart surgery that was dying; complications, he’s dying. I find out, that he was tested for Covid. He’s in the ICU dying from complications of “coronary artery disease”, not Covid. I talked to the Chief Health Officer, and the CEO of […] hospital, and I say “Excuse me, my patient is a Critical Care nurse that works here, you won’t test her, but you’ll test my other patient whose dying from heart disease. What’s going on with that, are you guys getting paid to test?”. CEO, CMO say “nah, I don’t think so”. The young Chief Financial Officer in the back, […] they turn to him and said “hey, do you know anything about that?“, and he said, “Yeah, we got an incentive from the government for every positive covid test“. That guys not even with them anymore by the way. […] So they get incentivized for testing for Covid. Every patient that comes in that is positive, they get a financial incentive, and if they use the protocols, they get more. That’s a fact.

Why are they saying that they lost all this money during Covid?

[…] I can’t imagine that they lost money […] I know as a doctor, I was told [..] how much I lost, they would give me “x” amount of money, that means everybody, every business [..]. So, I don’t know if they lost, or if they […] I don’t know.

I’m a reporter. You’re a doctor, I’m a reporter, so I’m going to have to do some actual research. Thank you Dr Littell, thank you.

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System Response to COVID-19 Pandemic, A Three-Year Review

See it here: https://www.smh.com/Portals/0/Documents/COVID-19_Response.pdf

What else I found interesting in the document… Other than the amount they spent on setting up their own testing centres (which I didn’t take screenshots of) I also found the following interesting.

Mandating staff, for Money.

On page 114, they say that in August 2021, they introduced a “vaccine incentive payment” of $500 to employees who were fully vaccinated by October 1, 2021. And on the same page, they say that in September 2021, the CMS announced a vaccine mandate as a condition of participation for Medicare/Medicaid that was set to go into effect by November 2021.

On page 138 they introduced the “vaccine policy requiring all staff to be jabbed“, on the same page, you see that “The federal vaccine mandate is a condition of participation in the Medicare/Medicaid programs” (so basically, get everyone jabbed, or the hospital doesn’t get government’s money). Apparently 62% of their patients are funded by Medicare/Medicaid (same page).

Sudden Staffing illnesses, blamed on Covid, in the same date-range

On page 122, “just as Delta variant hit”, July through September, over 400 employees were unable to work due to “COVID” illness”. Then later, on page 135, during the “Omicron phase” , 1,100 employees were unable to work due to “COVID illness” December through February, and 1,500 employees were unable to work due to “COVID Illness” May through September. (I’ve mentioned many times in previous posts, Delta and ‘breakthrough cases” were introduced to the world at the same time as people started getting jabbed)

And their Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Ivermectin and HCQ information. I’ll just rant a little about HCQ. They say they had their own taskforce that was carefully reviewing the trials closely. Yet they also say they were the hospitals that were signed up for all the new drug trials (which they later got incentivized payments from the government to use). About HCQ, they talked about the Recovery trial in the document. Remember, the one that got famously redacted by the Lancet that concluded that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are actually harmful and increase risk of death for COVID-19. which caused all the hoopla in the media and the immediate withdrawal of HCQ in all the trials? The same one that many doctors worldwide were saying used a toxic HCQ dosage, and should be used for “early treatment”. Yeah all that jazz and the rest which I won’t repeat in this post. Anyway, they included both the RECOVERY trial in this document and the SOLIDARITY trial which was also a higher dose used in “very late-stage” (64% on oxygen/ventilation), as evidence of why they didn’t recommend HCQ. If they were closely monitoring, why didn’t they pivot when the paper was Redacted, and the dosages were found to be fraudulent and toxic? According to a BMJ article, the unusually high doses came from “modelling” from the University of Oxford”. (01)

And their wording about Remdesivir, stressing they used it “without compensation”, but in the same paragraph, mentioning that Medicare reimbursed hospitals for use of the drug after it received EUA, and in the next paragraph, worded that the Vaccines were provided at no charge, but in the same sentence “we received reimbursement for the administration of COVID vaccines“.

People died, and they continue to this very day getting the wrong care, because of greed.


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