BlueTRUTH [Part-2/5] Testing “Vaccinated”

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Part Two of Five – BlueTRUTH documentary with English Voiceover Transcript, Screenshots, Refs

BlueTRUTH Documentary (English Voiceover): (Part 2/5) – Testing “Vaccinated”

Rumble-Clip (12min) | Watch Full Video on BitChute (36min)

So to test the Bluetooth codes of vaccinated individuals one by one to see if the codes can be read and at what distance. They are doing it out in the woods because when he tried it in the workplace, 1,500 Bluetooth codes came up. i.e. Too many interfering Bluetooth devices.

But the first “vaccinated” read straight away and the MAC address did not match with a manufacturer.

It is the phenomenon observed in people inoculated with COVID-19 “vaccines”, whereby they emit MAC addresses over a Bluetooth wireless network.

These MAC addresses, unlike those of a normal device, are characterized by having known manufacturer identifier, in other words, they are unknown.

This can be checked in any of the manufacturer’s MAC databases. In this way, it can be discerned that the MAC address does not correspond to any electronics’ manufacturer.

This is a site to detect Media Access Control, so when we put in the code, of an electronic device, a cellular phone, the manufacturer shows up. e.g. Huawei, Samsung, LG, Apple, etc.

But when we put the detected codes of “vaccinated” patients, on the MAC lookup page, it shows “not found”. It says the manufacturer is not found. (01)

“What brand of “vaccine” did you get?”
“Clear” “Wait – there!” “Is this one that detected before?” “I thought the numbers were unique, but it looks to be randomly generated” “When you entered, it turned on”
“It says error”.

“One showed up”

“Is there a direct relationship between the cellphone and…”
“Do you have your cellphone on?”
“Yes, data and WiFi.” “BlueTooth off”.
The first time he tested, nothing showed up, and he takes CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution).
No, it doesn’t show up.

  • We did the first test with all cell phones turned off. Everyone left their cell phones in their cars. Electronic devices were taken away, watches with Bluetooth were turned off, and metals were removed. Of the six who participated in the first round, only two were positive for a Bluetooth code.
  • We repeated the test with the same six people with their cell phones turned on. Bluetooth off. Wi-Fi and Data turned on.
    • Why did we do it this way? Because theoretically Bluetooth codes must be energized, or they have to re-charge again.
      • In that round, everyone had a Bluetooth code, and they were different numbers than what we obtained in the first round.

  • PENNY’s Comment – With the second test, when they had their phones switched on, I don’t think they considered this other possibility as to why they all came up with a code.
    • A similar investigation was done in Germany, and it was discovered that the “COVID APP” was transmitting an automatically-changing Mac Address as part of the track and trace app. (02)
    • Every country might of used different tracking software but hopefully you have/are able to repeat your test again where you either use a single phone with zero apps, or you are considering this possibility and make suitable testing conditions to confirm that it’s not the phone itself that is putting out a changing MAC address transmitting Bluetooth and not just trusting that having Bluetooth turned off will not be overridden by these companies that were breaching all of our rights at the time.
    • The covid tracking app has appearing/changing/disappearing MAC addresses as a way to promise “privacy”.
    • (and not to mention evil companies like Google and potentially other government apps may have integrated covid tracing that could be doing it without the users permission. The Android tracking app is already in the settings on some phones). (03)
  • Field test Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Investigation was also performed in France but I can’t find the original video, just a clip that seems to come to the same conclusion as the BlueTRUTH Mexican field test, but without the full video, we don’t know if they also detected the covid app. (04)

Mik Anderson

There is this work I’d like to mention, from Mik Anderson, which is a pseudonym, where he has a whole outline of the intracorporal nano network. (05) (06) (07)

The human collective, inoculated with the presupposed content of the “vaccines” would make it possible to exercise exhaustive control over human activity, health status, work or academic performance.

By influencing currents of thought and subliminal communication strategies, they could facilitate the acceptance of measures and laws that are unpopular or negative for the interests of the population, and reduce the will or any resistance to perform certain tasks or functions, or undesired tasks.

“We don’t know how far technology can go, right? I don’t know if it’s even possible to control thoughts, behaviour and emotions of people. We don’t know.”

In this section, we will carry out an exercise of imagination to try to identify the possible uses and applications of the inter-corporeal network.

  • Neurosurveillance. The disposition of carbon nanotubes and graphene nanosheets in the neural tissue would facilitate the monitoring of brain activity.
  • Neuromodulation. Involves the interaction in the human psyche through the electrical modulation by one or multiple zones of the brain tissue according to pre-conceived patterns.
  • Neurostimulation. Closely related to neuromodulation, neurostimulation would be responsible for stimulating the segregation of neurotransmitters.

Dr. Pedro Chávez Zavala: “Did anyone ask permission? If they were told: Do we have your consent to introduce an electronic device inside your body?” I think they would’ve said: “NO”.

We really don’t know the reason. It could just be a simple identification. Who is “vaccinated” and who is not, and they input a reader, and that’s how they will know if you’re “vaccinated” or not. As simple as that, and nothing further happens.”

“Can electro frequencies affect human conduct and behaviour? There are patents. There are studies.” (08) (09) (10)

Once these codes give a reading – they discharge – and they re-charge with Wi-Fi signals.

Diego Barrientos (Cybersecurity): We continued to study and we learned that those addresses would behave in an intelligent way. They would maintain but they changed in proximity with other people who emitted, as if transmitting a score. We learned that they occupy part of the standard but not the whole standard. Del IT Play 800:15:4 which belongs to the communication protocol to the Bluetooth language. We learned that addresses changed. They change every determined time.

Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker: If all of this is true and the measurements have obviously been done correctly, it gives us a lot to think about. We must ask ourselves what is the purpose of this added substance that is not related to the “vaccine”, and also, the “vaccine” is not really a vaccine; but what are the real dangers and purpose?

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