[RANT] TGA Removes Jab-Inserts (to combat Climate Change?…)

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To save the planet, TGA moved package inserts online at the start of September, which is fine, except.. I still want to have a bit of a rant about the concerns I have with Pharmakia shenanigans…

So, I came across TGA’s intended change to remove packaging inserts from injections: Product Information inserts are no longer required for injectable medicines administered by health professionals

“From 1 September 2023, printed Product Information (PI) inserts won’t be required in the packaging of injectable medicines administered by health professionals.

This change only affects injectable products administered by health professionals. This includes nurses, pharmacists and doctors.

Vaccines are an example of injectable medicines administered by health professionals.

This decision follows public consultation and feedback from stakeholders, including industry and health professionals.” (01)

I was curious as to whether these “public consultations and feedback” was available online, and found this PDF on the TGA site from August 2022. (02)

Which basically said that the benefits of removing the inserts which contain all the safety information and precautions and contraindications etc. would result in a smaller box which might fit better in storage and that it will have a positive impact on the environment with a reduction in carbon emissions.

Considering the experimental concoctions with bits of “unidentified ingredients” they fooled the world into taking had blank inserts (at least in the US, I’m unaware of any Aussie that has come forward if the same is true here), I have to agree that it would save millions of trees by not including a big fat useless blank piece of paper for health professionals and patients to have zero clue on what they are injecting… (03)

…And yet, I’m still mind-blown about the fact that they injected it anyway, even into themselves, which shows the level of psychosis, compliance and inDOCtrination the health industry is under; blatantly ignoring the do no harm and informed consent oaths – willing to harm for a pay-check.

It’s really disgusting that health professionals didn’t have a clue what they were injecting; and still don’t; and they are still doing it. And I’m suspicious of them wanting to remove the package inserts now that they want to widen the ignorance across the board to all injectables…even though I’m happy to save some trees on unnecessary waste, particularly if the health professionals aren’t reading the instructions in the packages anyway.

It’s just the whole industry is so corrupt. I just don’t want it to get into a situation where TGA/Sponsors have total control over modifying information (my distrust in them is immense), but even if they wanted to do it for the patients “benefit”, I also wonder how many health professionals are going to take the time to try and find updated information on the TGA online database.

Most patients – as in – most people I know, across the board, and probably almost everybody in the world, do not check the package inserts of their own medications, and most would not even know unless they suddenly become ‘conscious’ or ‘curious’ enough, that what they are taking are causing or are adding to their health problems. There is “blind trust” to the white coats. They have been given “God-status” amongst the earthlings. And as we’ve discovered over the past 3 years, that blind trust is deadly, since the medical establishment have blind trust in their training, or blind trust in their pay-packet (follow the regulators over their ethical duty to their patients), who have blind trust in corrupt pharmaceutical corporations and so on. People are lazy, busy, trusting, and kind of ignorant.

The TGA document reads like it’s no big deal, your nurses and doctors and health professionals can still access the information online. And whilst there were good suggestions in the feedback to have a direct link to the product information on the label, that is not what they are doing. They have a general search that you must perform: This is the link they provided in the document to get the drug information. (04) And if you follow that link, you need to click on another link to start your search. (05) And then you have to know the name of the medicine and which box to type it into from the following choices:

And then it gives you all the possible versions of that particular product with the information they have. I used “Quad” as an example for the 4-in-1 flu concoction, but imagine how big of a list some of the other medications would be.

After you get the list, then you click on PDF, and you have to agree to a javascript disclaimer with whatever terms & conditions they put on it before you can access it, including a liability waiver…

(I’m at about 5 minutes now, and I still haven’t got the information)… (and I don’t have patients looking at me, talking to me, distracting me)… (nor do I have a waiting room full of other patients/customers)

Then you click on “I accept” (as you do… since you can’t access it without doing that)… and nothing happens. At least for me. But when I clicked on “I do not accept” the page closed, and when I clicked on the information again, it opened the documents.

Some of the answers on these documents says to check the TGA product summary page for that specific information (with no link to the product summary page… just the words “check the TGA product summary page”).

The quad flu vax was chosen by me as it was something that bothered me last year when I found out the NZ Flu jabs had different colours depending on the age of the patient. (06)

So I asked a local pharmacy chemist owner (who was advertising it through Facebook ads) what the ingredients were, and he replied privately to my question “you can look it up online”. I then went back to the ad and asked a list of other things I wanted to know, that he, being the injector & promoter, should know the answers to (manufacturer, whether there were different vials for different age groups, known side-effects, listed ingredients, packet inserts, safety data, etc), and his response was to label me an ‘anti-vaxxer’ and instead of answering the questions, said “I trust my training”.

Literally under mind-control and unable to answer basic questions you would expect someone who is going to inject it into you to know. Shouldn’t they have this critical information on hand? Willing to promote the jabs, inject the jabs, get paid to inject the jabs, but not willing to learn about the jabs – to actually learn what’s in it? who manufactures it? safety information? No, just pay me! Information? Research? Learn about it before injecting it into someone? That is “anti-vax”. This is the mindset! Mind-boggling indeed.

I shared screenshots of the conversation on this post, but the point is…

There are some people, and perhaps the majority of them, that don’t know and won’t look because they are blinded by their training. In-DOC-trinated. They get paid. That’s it. Nothing else matters. “Just doing my job” “It’s company policy”… “Just getting paid”. They don’t look, they don’t know, they are given God-rights and immunity by the government (i.e. they don’t go to jail or pay anything if they kill/harm you with these things), and so they don’t care or just don’t even question what’s in it. If you don’t do your own homework on what’s being injected into you, or even everyday drugs you continually take because you mind-control yourself to “need it—forever”, you are literally putting your life in the hands of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry as a whole, companies like Pfizer that are completely immune from liability and who make billions of dollars from fooling our governments to pay for it.

Anyway, back to the “Consultations and Feedback”. The submissions were only available for one month. (Duration 24 Aug-5 Oct 2022). And it wasn’t publicized as far as I know; they only had 57 responses, so clearly they didn’t send it out to all practitioners or make a far-reaching announcement. (07) (08)

Out of those 57 responses, the majority (24+2=26) were from Sponsors (i.e. Big Pharma; GSK, Novartis, etc.). (17+6=23) from Healthcare professionals, consumers (4), healthcare organizations (2), and “other” (2).

Even with only a few responses, it was enlightening to me (for one, most of them were anonymous or first-name only…)

Healthcare professional responses were that sometimes internet was not available (such as when you are in a patients home), and some doctors don’t use the internet to look up the information and rely on the package inserts, and those that mentioned the TGA search found it as tedious as I did (except for the sponsors, which said TGA search was easy to navigate).

An interesting observation about the healthcare professional responses is that they only really want the dosage and not the rest of the information, unless there is a specific health concern, they don’t want the rest.

i.e. They don’t want all this, (except the Dosage):

  • Name of the medicine
  • Names of the active and inactive ingredients
    • Chemical formulation(s), strength
    • List of excipients
  • Contraindications i.e. when it should never be given
  • What the medicine is used for and how it works
  • Warnings and precautions, such as when the medicine should not be taken
    • Also other clinically relevant interactions, i.e. elderly, kids, pregnancy/breast-feeding, those with kidney issues, etc.
  • Interactions the medicine might have with food or other medicines
  • How to use the medicine properly
  • Side effects / Adverse effects / Undesirable effects & how to report
  • Effects i.e. influencing ability to drive/use machinery
  • What to do in the case of an overdose (symptoms, signs and recommended treatment)
  • How to store the medicine properly
    • Shelf-Life duration / Expiry date
    • Special procedures or precautions for storage (temperature, refrigeration, etc.)
    • Special precautions for safe disposal
  • Pharmacological & Pharmacodynamic properties (mechanism of action & results of clinical trials relating to negative/positive indications)
  • Pharmacokinetic properties (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion)
  • Preclinical safety data i.e. genotoxicity and carcinogenicity
  • Name and address of the sponsor
  • Date of first approval / Revision date of most recent changes / Summary of changes (09)

That there are too many pages (some have up to 40) and the font-size is too small.

(wow… should we be injecting something into us that has that many pages of information to know about, and should we be ignoring such information if there is indeed that many pages for some of them… those ones sound like the most critical to know about?)


Austin Health training hospital said it was useless because they use hundreds of vials and just throw the inserts away.

Another said they just use the local hospital guidelines and policies (egad! the major problem with covid was the “Magic App” and other WHO-controlled-guidelines that fooled doctors into thinking certain antidotes were dangerous, and that other things were safe when they were dangerous). (10) (11) (12) (13) (14)

One of the consumer’s said “if you go to digital it is possible for the consumer to make a mistake and look up the wrong medicine” which is true as I just discovered myself.

Many suggested a QR-code or Barcode that links directly to the information. One suggested that they have package inserts for the first year of any new medication.

Unsurprisingly all sponsors and agents of sponsors support having no paperwork, and suggested it be extended to all injectables. Another sponser said “HCPs are unlikely to read an insert containing 30 pages worth of text in very small font on a large sheet of folded paper at the point of administering the medicine to the patient. In such a case, it may cause undue concern to or instil a lack of confidence in a patient to watch their doctor or nurse begin reading about the medicine at the point of opening the box.”

An agent of a sponsor said that healthcare professionals use Google to find the correct dosage: “The mandatory provision of the PI in the boxed injectables is out dated. Injectable products are prescription medicines and are administered by a healthcare professional or under the guidance of a professional. The majority of Healthcare professionals at the bedside, who are unsure about the use of the injectable product will use google to find the dosage and administration information as the box with the instruction may still be in the pharmacy.”

Only 2 that I counted supported it as a plus for the environment.

Anyway, I’m all for not wasting paper, particularly when it seems they don’t read it or can’t read it anyway, but the information should be far easier to find, the label should definitely have a direct-link in some form, and I definitely don’t want anything to do with the entire pharmakia sorcery, particularly doctors under mind control who are going to “google” the dose if they’re not sure, and not look into safety information at all.

I’m also more than a little concerned that by not having things in writing, that their total control over information online, will mean that information can be changed on a whim by the ‘sponsors’, that their secrecy over what is in the current flu, c19, and other injectables and medications, is a huge concern already, and having the information on the website of those on their payroll (TGA), is probably not the wisest or safest option.

I wish there was a 3rd-party site that will evaluate and provide honest and transparent information instead… at least in the interim until the world realizes BigPharma chemical companies in general, do more harm than good, and just want to suck the life and money out of you.

And this is another timely reminder to anyone taking any form of voodoo from these people to do your own research on the drugs they have you on and see if you become enlightened by any nagging health issues you may have.


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