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While looking up something else on their website in relation to another post I’m doing, I took some notes from BioNTech’s About Us > Collaborators page.

Right Before Covid: (2018/2019)

  • “In July 2018, we formed a strategic partnership with Genevant (mRNA)
  • “In August 16, 2018 – BioNTech and Pfizer will jointly conduct research and development activities to help advance mRNA-based flu vaccines.” (01)
  • “In October 2018, we entered into a research collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania(02)
  • “In September 2019, we entered into a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation“. (03) (04) (05) (06) (07) (08)


  • On Pfizer’s Site: On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Just six days later, on March 17, Pfizer signed a letter of intent with BioNTech to co-develop a potential COVID-19 vaccine (09) (10) (11) (12)
  • “On 16 March 2020, BioNTech and Fosun Pharma announced a strategic collaboration to develop and commercialize COVID-19 vaccines(13)
  • “In July 2020, we began a strategic collaboration with Regeneron and Sanofi (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23)
  • “In November 2020, announced a multi-year strategic collaboration and joint AI Innovation Lab with InstaDeep to apply the latest advances in AI and ML technology”. (24) (25)


None mentioned on that url.


  • “In January 2022, we entered into a multi-target discovery collaboration with Crescendo Biologics (Humabody® VH platform)”. (26) (27) (28)
  • “In February 2022, we entered into a 3-year, multi-target research collaboration with Medigene to develop T cell receptor (TCR)”. (29)
  • “In November 2022, we entered into a multi-target research collaboration with Ryvu Therapeutics(30)


  • “In April 2023, we formed a global strategic partnership with Duality Biologics (tumors) (31) (32)
  • “In March 2023, we entered into a license and collaboration agreement with OncoC4.” (33)

Prior to 2018:

  • “In May 2015, we entered into a license and collaboration agreement with Genmab (DuoBody® / HexaBody® technology platforms). (34) (35)
  • “In June 2015, we initiated a strategic partnership with Siemens to construct a fully automated, paperless and digitalized commercial cGMP-production site for individualized vaccines.”
  • “In November 2015, we announced a licensing, co-development and co-commercialization agreement with Sanofi (mRNA)
  • “In September 2016, collaboration with Genentech/Roche group (mRNA).”



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