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BlueTRUTH documentary with English Voiceover Transcript, Screenshots, Refs

BlueTRUTH Documentary (English Voiceover): (Part 1/5)

Dr. Manuel Aparicio Alonso: Today I am talking to you in a situation of absolute seriousness. What you will witness in this documentary is something of great scientific seriousness. First of all, I want to congratulate my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Pedro Chávez Zavala, M.D, for having developed this great research.

Dr. Pedro Chávez Zavala: The first stage of the research was carried out in “vaccinated” people in an open field so that there would be no external influence from any Bluetooth signal. (See Part Two)

Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker: We live in very difficult times and after the last “plandemic” or pandemic. There is a lot of false or erroneous information being spread. When the theory that inoculation could cause magnetism was first proposed, I was very, very, skeptical. As a scientist, one must be skeptical and not believe things easily.

Dr. Manuel Aparicio Alonso: At the beginning of this pandemic, I sincerely could never have imagined that through an experimental inoculation there would be the presence of nanotechnology, graphene, and frequencies.

All this was possible thanks to our dear friend, Professor Pablo Campra, Ph.D. who initiated investigations and confirmed the presence of graphene in the vials. (01) (02)

Subsequently, Dr. Pedro Chávez Zavala, M.D. conducted an investigation for several months, which took many hours of work, for which I congratulate him wholeheartedly. The research showed that “vaccinated” individuals emit frequencies. It’s craziness. It may look like science fiction, but it is not, dear friends. In this documentary, you will be able to verify that this information is reliable.

Dr. Pedro Chávez Zavala: In March and April 2021, we began to detect magnetism at the site of vaccine inoculation. That was the first finding. Afterwards, colleagues/companions of the “vaccinated” individuals’ who were not vaccinated began to say that they also had magnetism in some part of their body.

With that evidence, we acquired an electromagnetic frequency metre and started to measure the radiofrequency of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

What surprised us was not only the presence of the magnetic phenomenon but also that they were functioning as a great antenna, an antenna that was receiving some type of signal.

We received a study from Professor Pablo Campra from the University of Almería, and in June 2021, we received the first study of graphene in a Pfizer “vaccine.” (03)

As a physician, I had never heard of graphene, nor had known what it was. I started researching and it is a derivative of carbon that has magnetic properties once it enters the body.

Outside the body, in a “vaccine” vial, it is non-magnetic.

Apparently when graphene enters the interior of the organism and changes its temperature, it reacts with hydrogen and water in the body, and that’s when graphene hydroxide is formed, and it magnetizes.

The next finding was in November of last year, in which not only graphene was detected in the Pfizer “vaccine”, but it’s also detected in AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Detected by electronic microscopy.

Then we learned that in the United States, Dr. Robert Young also did electronic microscopy in “vaccine” vials.

And around January of 2022, it came to our knowledge, that graphene oxide had also been detected in the “vaccine” vials of: Cansino, Sputnik, and Sinopharm.

100% of the studied vials have graphene oxide, and none of them list it as an ingredient.

So, why in the open field and what was the justification? With an electronic device such as this simple cell phone with a Bluetooth application, when they were near “vaccinated” people, some Bluetooth codes were collected, which are called M.A.C. which means Media Access Control. (04)

OUI / Vendor / Manufacturer ID – The first three pairs of digits in the MAC address are called the OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier), which identifies the company that manufactured or sold the device (uniquely identifies vendor, manufacturer, or other organization worldwide). (05) (06)

NIC – The last three pairs of digits are known as Network Interface Controller (NIC) are specific to the device (and can be more or less considered a serial number to the device itself). (07) (08)

Diego Barrientos (Cybersecurity): One day, I received a call from a military base, they show me a phone screen in a place where there is a 50cm concrete wall and a very strict protocol prohibiting the use of any electronic device, much less one that is transmitting because it was the telecommunications area.

And on the screen I see that a manager who had entered the premises had forgotten to turn off Bluetooth and, immediately when he did turn it off, he was viewing on the screen the MAC addresses of control access to extremely small devices. There is, for example, in the IoT Internet of Things system, or a Bluetooth device to connect. This couldn’t be possible because no one had a transmitting cell phone. So we investigated and detected that the emissions were coming from the physical vehicles of the people.

We have two theories.

These particles of graphene oxide are self-assembling inside our bodies, forming electronic devices. (09) (10) (11)

Some go to the brain, they are called carbon nanotubes, and others go from the neck down to the toes. In the case of brain tissue, the scientific literature is very deep and includes a multitude of experiments and tests with carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide nanosheets to act as electrodes. (12) (13) (14)

Capable of acting as bridges between neurons and stimulating their electric activity, which makes it possible, de facto, to create artificial axons and influence neurotransmitter segregation.

Presumably, this could make it possible to interfere with a person’s psyche by monitoring the electronic activity in their brain and altering their behaviour, thinking, conduct, etc. (15)

With electronic microscopy, it was proven, these electronic devices were in the “vaccines”.

Diego Barrientos (Cybersecurity): In the building, they discovered an analog transmitter inside a restricted area that generated radio frequency but not digital signals. The transmitter did not make network frames from the Bluetooth protocol, but what it did was “energize”. Later on, we learned that in order to verify this effect, the absorption rate of the body to the energy had to be very high. It had to be in a place where you have an antenna nearby, or any type of radio frequency electromagnetic field of high energy to be able to visualize this effect.

Part 1: Intro, Magnetic Phenomenon, and Studies supporting the self-assembling antenna hypothesis & graphene studies
Part 2: Testing Vaccinated
Part 3: Testing Cemetery
Parts 4 & 5: Testing Unvaccinated / References

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