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C19 Injections can get Spike protein in any cell in the body (unlike the alleged ‘Virus’), making it more infectious and dangerous.

Senator Gerard Rennick just walked through TGA’s Freedom of Information Act FOI 2389 with Dr John Campbell and it’s something he doesn’t get to do in his short speeches in parliament so I thought I’d transcribe the video and put it on several posts. Video and document on First Post

Page 45: Systemic Distribution all over the body

And we do know that the data shows here, I’ve got this page here, the systemic distribution. It is quite stunning. We were initially told that this just stays in the deltoid muscle, but here we see that the vaccine has actually been found in:

Australian government biodistribution data

25 March, 2023 YouTube

  • adipose tissue
  • adrenal glands
  • bladder
  • bone marrow
  • brain
  • eyes
  • heart
  • injection site
  • kidneys
  • large intestine
  • liver
  • lungs
  • basically all over the body.

So, they knew about this systemic distribution that was there. It was known about.

The other thing we were told was that the vaccine would only stay in the mRNA for a short period of time, but then we read from page four that there is actually no degradation data. We’re not told how quickly it would go away. Really quite incredible.

Two big issues there. Some of the pushback I’ve had from the TGA in regards to that distribution is they’re saying it’s at levels that are not toxic to the body, in the other cells, and in the other body organs. Now, that may be true after two days, but the question is why did they stop it after two days when the level of concentration in those organs was still increasing? I would have thought you would run the trial long enough so that the actual lipids and the mRNA, and the spike protein had left the body.

  • So, the question is how long did those other body organs continue to increase in the lipids that then translate into the protein?
  • How long did it take for the lipids, mRNA that didn’t convert into proteins and the proteins themselves to degrade and leave the body?

That’s one of the things I found most concerning, really, that we were told that the mRNA will break down in a short period of time, but here it’s saying that that simply was not studied. So, at the time this vaccine was approved, people simply didn’t know how long it would last for.

Page 4: Distribution & Degradation Data on the S protein

“The other point you made is on page four about the distribution. There’s no distribution and degradation data on the S antigen encoding. What was the concern there, Senator?”

Well, I mean, this is obviously the first time that we’ve got a vaccine that uses mRNA to create a protein. I would have thought it would have been more than obvious, to actually test the output of the vaccine, and in those animal trials, they used luciferase, which is a benign enzyme, but, someone once described to me that’s like crossing a border, a truck crossing a border with fruit versus a truck crossing a border with explosives. You know, it’s the “content inside”; the mRNA, it’s what that mRNA encodes for. So obviously, the question they needed to test all the potential risks of that protein, and that can be:

  1. Did it actually get secreted from the cell, or did it stay in the cell membrane?
  2. Did the actual S protein travel throughout the body organs, and we’ll get on to that later, without the lipid degrading in the first place before it even entered the cell (so that you’ve got mRNA actually inside the circulatory system before it even hits the cell, so that can be a problem in itself or a potential problem).
  3. Then you’ve got the issue of okay, well, let’s just say it stayed on the membrane and induced an autoimmune response, how severe was that autoimmune response? Did it destroy the entire cell, or did it just destroy the bit on the cell membrane?
  4. And then if it did get secreted from the cell, how far did that spike protein travel? How long did it stay in the body for? Did it cause clotting?

So these are all the questions that, you know, we’re putting this out across billions of people that, people have a right to know what the impact of the so-called translation of the MRNA into the protein and the impacts of that on their body would have been.

Injection can get Spike protein in any cell in the body (unlike the ‘Virus’), making it more infectious and dangerous.

Another point raised in the document was that the vaccine’s mRNA codon has been optimized to improve antigen expression, to make more spike protein, and the lipid nanoparticles will actually go into numerous body cells that the virus itself can’t gain access into.

So, in a sense, the virus has got much a much smaller distribution in terms of the tissues it can infect than the vaccine itself has. So I hadn’t thought of that before. It means they could be getting Spike protein in any cell in the body potentially, whereas the virus would only affect fairly specific cells with the ACE receptor.

That’s exactly right, John, and that particular information was on page 18 and page 19 of the document. That information was originally redacted, and so we’ve only become aware of that last December.

Now, that’s incredibly important for a number of reasons: If the vaccine produces more Spike protein than what the virus would, that goes against everything a vaccine normally did. A vaccine is normally attenuated; it’s meant to be weaker, and you get a smaller dose, not a stronger dose, because if you’re getting a stronger dose, that’s kind of counterproductive to the whole purpose of a vaccine.

You’re not getting greater protection; you’re getting greater risk.

Yet again, you have to ask yourself, well, does this qualify as gain of function research, when you’re injecting a vaccine that produces more of the antigen, not less?

And then you’ve got the transfection issue. Normally, a cell membrane requires enzymes and ion channels. So your cell membrane is set up, your body’s made up of about 30 trillion cells, and each little cell is like a little country. You have a cell membrane, which is like a border and a border crossing. You’ll have ribosomes, which are like your factories; they produce proteins. You have your mitochondria, which is like your power stations that provide oxygen and give you energy. You have your nucleus, which is like your little home, and it reproduces cells to create more cells. So your cell membrane, it’ll have things like ion channels and receptors, and those receptors depending on the organ will let in certain types of molecules and not others.

So what the coronavirus did, was use the ACE2 receptor, as well as the transmembrane strain proteins enzyme to help get the virus across the membrane.

What the vaccine did was bypass all of that and use transfection, where they’ve slightly ionized one of the four lipids in the lipid nanoparticle to cross any cell membrane. Now, that made it much more infectious.

So we’ve now got a vaccine that produces more proteins, antigens. It’s more infectious because it can add to more cells, including cells that are involved with the immune system: the bone marrow, the lymph nodes, and the spleen. And the question you have to ask yourself is, well, if we go back to that initial page eight, where you’re either going to induce an autoimmune response or start exporting Spike proteins from out of your immune-driven organs, does that then impede the ability of the immune system to actually do its job and destroy the virus or the antigens when you actually get coronavirus because it’s still fighting the impacts of the vaccine?

I can’t find anything that clearly explains the below, (maybe more science-fiction put out by the bad guys such as ‘isolating’ a virus using ingredients that cause the same results whether you add nothing else in the Petri dish, or using a PCR test that can’t diagnose disease to get patients onto dangerous, shiny-new, expensive, risky, and useless treatments, and such)… I would hate to be a politician and have to play the game he has to play to stay in character of all the lies they’ve injected into “science” – and even staying “on the mainstream science” gets him labelled a conspiracy theorist lol. It is interesting the lengths they will go to inject the entire world with their franken-experiments though. Glad I have the freedom to explore every aspect of this and not stay in mainstream because mainstream killed my first year of research because that’s where those with money can pay you to give up any sense of integrity and get you to follow their profitable version of science. (It’s interesting observing the many layers to this shared-reality that people have to play.)

There’s another thing that this document doesn’t cover. The mRNA has a poly(A) tail normally that poly(A) tail has about 30 adenine nucleotides, and that slowly gets eaten away over a period of time. And then when that poly(A) tail is finally degraded, then the mRNA strand breaks down. This particular vaccine, they’ve added about another 70 adenine nucleotides so that your poly(A) tail’s about three times longer. So what that means is that the mRNA lasts three times longer or about three times longer, it might not be quite that much, but it’s a longer-lasting mRNA than what’s in the virus. So, longer-lasting, stronger, not weaker, and more infectious than the virus, goes against everything that a normal vaccine should be doing.

And add to that the biodistribution. So your normal coronavirus, I think, had 29 proteins, 29,000 little, sorry, nucleotides, and so, normally, you would pull off the Spike protein and be left with 28 proteins left, and that’s too big to cross the endothelium to get into your blood capillaries. With this particular vaccine, they take the Spike protein, which is much smaller, which is easier to cross the endothelium, get into the blood capillaries, and then distribute throughout the body.

So, you know, now we’ve got four things that increase the risk factor, of the vaccine over the virus, which is biodistribution, infectivity, duration, and the toxicity in terms of how much Spike protein it produces.

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