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Senator Gerard Rennick just walked through TGA’s Freedom of Information Act FOI 2389 with Dr John Campbell and it’s something he doesn’t get to do in his short speeches in parliament so I thought I’d transcribe the video and put it on several posts.

Note:@JikkyLeaks has heaps of threads about this FOI, as does the Open Letter to ATAGI/TGA. I’ve also tagged posts relating to TGA FOI 2389 with their own tag today.

25 Mar 2023 YouTube

Now we want to discuss this document here. This is from the TGA, the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, which authorizes therapeutics. It’s called the non-clinical evaluation report and it’s on the Pfizer vaccine and it’s dated January 2021, just before the vaccines were approved in Australia.

TGA FOI 2389 (01)
Nonclinical Evaluation Report
BNT162b2 [mRNA] COVID-19 vaccine (COMIRNATYTM)
Submission No: PM-2020-05461-1-2
Sponsor: Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd

Freedom of Information Request

Full Unredacted Version on Telegram

Now, first of all, there are some amazing things that you’ve pointed out in your analysis that I’d like to look at. Really quite startling, actually. How come this report is in the public domain, first of all, Senator?

That is thanks to the work of a lady in Melbourne, actually, who put in a freedom of information request, and clearly must have known what she was talking about, that actually asked for the actual non-clinical evaluation report. And so, it was finally released after months and hassling, and they wanted to charge thousands originally to get this data released. And this particular lady was like a bulldog and just fought the TGA to get the data released. So, it was finally released, the first draft, on the 15th of July 2021, with a number of other documents, and it’s known as the 2389 series.

The lady who initially lodged the FOI, there’s a large part of that document that was initially redacted, and she kept fighting them, and she’s finally got more of it unredacted in December 2022, 18 months later. And there’s some very interesting data in there that was actually redacted the first time, which I think was negligent of the TGA not to actually release, so that people could make a fully formed choice as to what they were taking.

So, I think it’s clear to emphasize that the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia had all this information prior to authorizing the vaccines, the COVID vaccines, that this was known about.


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