Intra Body Nano Network – Part 1/5 (Summary & MAC phenomenon)

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Part 1 of 5 of the Intra Body Nano Network by Mik Andersen. Part one summarizes the presentation and gives instructions on how to test the Bluetooth/MAC address phenomenon. The more you know…

Here are 7 videos based on Mik Andersen’s research into the Intra Body Nano Network. Video 1 is Ricardo Delgado briefly introducing his research (in Spanish). Then I’ve split the rest into 5 posts. Part 1 (3min), Part 2 (3min), Part 3 (5min), Part 4 (4min), Part 5 (3min), and Refs on the same post (4mins). There is a synthetic version of the full presentation in English (if you don’t want to watch it in parts – I just wanted to break the posts up to include all the images and references without unloading it all in a single post).

Summary of the MAC phenomenon and the intra-body nano-network of communications

The phenomenon of MAC emissions in people vaccinated against COVID-19 is an alarming fact, which demonstrates a cause and effect relationship. 

This video-documentary summarizes how the MAC phenomenon was noticed, what it consists of, how it can be experienced in a simple way, what implications it has for the individual and for society, what could be causing the observed MAC phenomenon.

This indicates the scientific literature on intracorporal networks of wireless nanocommunications, the role of MAC protocols in the network, and its approach at a theoretical level. 

In this documentary, a section has also been dedicated to speculation in which it tries to imagine possible uses, based on the possibilities stated in the scientific literature and based on the confirmed and revealed content of the vaccines.

Ricardo’s quick video introducing Mik Andersen’s paper:

Ricardo Delgado: Right now, we’re going to see a summary made by a great scientist that we’re going to protect under a pseudonym. He has identified all the images, with parameters from the scientific literature, taken from the analysis of the vaccines that Dr. Campra has carried out. Now I understand that you are seeing the screen, right?

Well, the scientist’s pseudonym is Mik Andersen. We’re going to see a brief overview of what intra-body networks are.

Now we’re going to talk about nanotechnology. Specifically, what the elite is trying to do in the future or its purpose, where Elon Musk is an important piece.

Has anyone ever wondered who gave Elon Musk permission to launch thousands of satellites into space? He has a free reign, within the objective and plan of the elite.

Diagram of the intra-corporal network.

Let’s look at this diagram, and with it, we’ll understand everything. 

In this schematic, all the components that are introduced in each inoculation are observed. Together, they act as a network for monitoring the human body.

On the one hand, as I said, we are talking about monitoring, sorry, monitoring and mapping, but the most worrying thing that is being done, which is really worrying, is neurostimulation.

This is already worrying because you have been branded like cattle. But the most worrying thing is neuro-stimulation. Remember a router can not only send out signals, but it can also receive them.

In this case, these nanorouters will send information about vital signs, cardiac activity, blood glucose levels, etc., but signals can also be sent to them, and as a result of sending those signals, changes in biology can occur.

Or changes on a behavioural level, if we are talking about an intra-brain nanonetwork, in this case, we are talking about an intracorporal nanonetwork.

These images that you see here are extracted on the one hand from scientific literature, and then compared to the Pfizer vaccine optical and electronic microscopy published by Dr. Campra.

Components of the intra-body nano-network.

Those that have been identified are carbon nanotubes and their derivatives, graphene quantum dots, hydrogel swimmers, graphene fractal antennas, nanorouters or nano controllers, CODECs or nanointerface. OK? That is, encoders to encrypt information in communication. 

Remember that we are talking about a technology that is being deciphered, but a very advanced military technology. Developed behind the backs of civil society, in fact, behind the backs of 80% of civil society, who thought this was a vaccine.

So, the first thing, as I said, is to reset all the information, and provide the correct information, even if it is tough.

The topology of the nanonetwork talks to us about nanonodes, nanosensors, nanocontrollers, and nanointerface.

Diagram of the intra-corporal network.

Ricardo Delgado on the document “Intra-body nano-network – Brief Summary by Mik Anderson”: (In Spanish)

DECEMBER 12, 2021 View Post/Video | Rumble | Download PDF | PDF mirror (both PDFs have the same information, just slightly different wording, due to whoever transcribed it from Spanish to English)

That quick little introduction gives a great overview of what the next 5 posts contain. (in English)

Mik Andersen, who did the above research, recorded a video (with a synthesized English voice that sounds similar to the chipmunks lol), that goes through “all the components that are introduced into the body after each inoculation,” plus what the literature tells us, that could give us some insight into what the purpose is.

I’ve spread it out over 5 parts, but you can watch the full video here in English or Spanish/Telegram and/or download the summary PDF if you prefer. The timestamps I broke the full video down into if you are interested are:

Part One: 0:01 – 3:28
Part Two: 3:36 – 07:09
Part Three: 07:09-12:40
Part Four: 12:41 – 16:53
Part Five: 16:53 – 24:00

Summary of the MAC phenomenon and the intra-body nano-network of communications (English)

Part One: Summary & MAC phenomenon
Part 1 summarizes the presentation and gives instructions on how to test the Bluetooth/MAC address phenomenon for yourself.

Dear friends, I am Mik Anderson, author of Corona2Inspect. On this occasion, at your request, I will try to give a brief overview of the subject of MAC addresses.

MAY 8, 2022 | Rumble

For this, we will address the following points:

  1. ) Explanation of the MAC phenomenon.
  2. ) Intra-Body Nano-Network (The intracorporal network of Nano communications.)
  3. ) Possible consequences, applications and uses

1.) Explanation of the MAC phenomenon

  • First of all, we will answer the question what is a MAC?

MAC stands for Media Access Control, which is a 48-bit code that identifies a device that connects to a network e.g., Local or Internet. This code is divided into six blocks of two hexadecimal characters.

The first three, known as ‘OUI’ correspond to the device manufacturer’s identifier. The last three blocks, also known as “NIC,” are the serial number or identifier of the device itself.

So, what is the MAC phenomenon? It is the phenomenon observed in people inoculated with Covid-19 vaccines whereby they emit MAC addresses over a Bluetooth wireless network.

These MAC addresses, unlike those of a normal device, are characterised by having no known manufacturer identifier. In other words, they are unknown.

This can be checked in any of the manufacturer’s MAC databases. In this way, it can be discerned that the MAC address does not correspond to any electronics manufacturer.

  • How was it discovered?

After the mass population vaccination program began, many people found that when they turned on their phone’s Bluetooth in order to pair another device, a long list of anonymous MAC addresses appeared which did not seem to correspond to known devices. They were not printers, headsets or other phones. They were simply dynamic or variable MAC addresses whose broadcast period was also variable.

This phenomenon alerted independent researchers around the world to try to analyse what was going on. Suspecting that the cause of the phenomenon was the vaccines, studies such as that of Germán SARLANGUEermán Sarlangue and his team were developed. (05) (06) (07) (08)

Their work shows that anonymous MAC addresses are emitted by vaccinated people, as opposed to nonvaccinated people who had no wireless emission at all. This was tested under appropriate environmental conditions and with technical means of observing low energy Bluetooth signals, also known as “BLE.”

Anyone with an Android cell phone can experience this on their own. If you activate the Bluetooth function and select the pair new device option, you will notice that a list of known and unknown devices which are close to your range will appear.

It should also be noted that the latest Android updates in some cases are disabling this capability on your phone. To reverse this, you will need to enable the phone’s developer options and check that the options related to Bluetooth are not disabled. Specifically, the unnamed MAC display option. On Apple phones, you can also check if applications such as BLE scanners are installed. (09)

A simple experiment that anyone can do is to find a stretch of road with little traffic and low speed where there is no regular foot traffic in the area. Place yourself in a safe location where you can observe vehicle traffic in both directions of the road. Activate your Bluetooth and you will notice that the vaccinated persons in their vehicle will appear as they approach the point where they are and disappear as they move away.

(PENNY Note: pointless test, most people will have their phones, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, tablets, and so on, in their vehicles) – better to test in a controlled environment where zero or known identifiable bluetooth devices show up, as there’s no way of knowing what is on the passengers of those cars.

After watching this documentary, you may want to do some anonymous MAC address detection tests or experiments and consider using other fallback applications in addition to your phone’s default Bluetooth features. Below is a list of applications for phones with IOS and Android operating systems, which could be useful for detecting and investigating the MAC addresses of vaccinated people.

IOS applications

android apps

Once you have seen the list of MAC addresses, you can check if they belong to an electronic device manufacturer. Different resources are provided below where you can check the manufacturer of each MAC device.

OUI MAC Finders


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