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Dr Janci Lindsay, Ph.D. (Molecular Biologist & Toxicologist) responds to Professor Dr. Phillip Buckhaults (previous speaker’s) testimony on DNA being found in the vials who downplayed malicious intent and blamed human error because of operation warp speed, she disagrees with him, and says this is the most dangerous and nefarious platform that has ever been released on mankind and her reasons why she believes it was intentional.

Dr. Janci Lindsay testifies before South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee on DHEC.

16 Sept 2023 YouTube | Rumble-Mirror | Download on Telegram


I have spoken with many scientists about checking for this—(referring to Professor Dr. Phillip Buckhaults (previous speaker’s) testimony on DNA being found in the vials)—months and months and months ago. None of them would do it. (01)

I spoke with the US Senate in December of 2022 about the risk of this being passed to our children because of it being reverse transcribed simply from the RNA before we knew that there was DNA in the shots. (02)

As soon as I found out there was DNA in the shots, I went all over every social media platform I could get to and started ringing the alarm bell.

I have little time, so I’m going to follow up to what he said. Well, just show the one slide, the VAERS slide.

So I disagree with Dr. Buckhaults in that I think that this is the most dangerous platform that has ever been released on mankind. That is very easy to see in the VAERS database where you have more deaths in just a couple months after the rollout than you have in the past 30 years for all the other vaccines combined.

So these are all the other vaccines for the past 30 years combined, and this is what happened during COVID, to deaths from vaccines. Do you see? We’re at over 35,000 deaths.

Typically, you would get no more than 200 deaths in a year for all of the vaccines combined. This is the past 30 years of deaths from vaccines reported into the VAERS database. You’ve already heard earlier that this represents only 1-13% of the cases that are normally reported. This is a safety signal.

This is a safety signal. This is the platform itself, okay? In the clinical trials, we saw deaths. We definitely had deaths. (03)

That was using process one without the contamination. What may not have been clear is that the shots tested on the people in the clinical trials were vastly different than the shots released on the population.

I’m short on time, so I’m trying to fit this in.

Basically, people in the clinical trial were given a clean shot. Everybody else was given these contaminated shots. Every single vial that’s been tested by every scientist around the world is contaminated with these plasmids. And some are contaminated— when Kevin McKernan first tested the vials, he found that one of the vials contained up to about 30% of the nucleic acid material was in fact DNA. (04) (05)

So this is not some residual contamination that’s carrying over. This is significant contamination. Why does that matter?

Gene therapy was never brought to market even though it’s been over 40 years in development because in the past it caused latent cancers that developed two to four years after these were given, because it caused lethal autoimmune reactions, even when you were producing human proteins, not viral proteins, not bacterial proteins that you were displaying on the surface of your cells.

Think about the logic of this. In traditional gene therapies – and these are gene therapies – they would be classified as gene therapies. In traditional gene therapies, you send in a genetic message to make a missing protein. That protein is identical to the protein that should have been in your body but you’re missing.

This time, we’re sending in a sequence and asking it to make a piece of a viral protein, and we’re displaying it on our cells, and then our body is attacking it and killing those cells.

It doesn’t stay in your arm. They said it would stay in your arm. It goes to every single cell in your body, every tissue in your body. It goes to your brain. It goes to your bone marrow where then your body is able to attack these cells. It is not a healthy platform for this.

There’s a difference between using this technology for cancer or for fixing inborn errors in metabolism as compared to using it in a vaccine. There, you understand the risk. Here, the risk was not told to people.

With this DNA being present, what Philip did not touch on is that there are sequences within these plasmids—I personally feel that this is intentional. I believe that there is nefarious intent. I’m going to tell you why, and it’s something that he didn’t touch on.

There are SV40 sequences within the plasmids that were not disclosed to the regulators. The SV40 sequences, if you recall the SV40 virus, was a contaminant of the polio vaccines. It is thought that that contamination of the virus, which is oncogenic, caused many of the cancers for the next several decades in the people that received these vaccines.

Now the whole SV40 virus is not in the shots, but what is in the shots is a special sequence. It’s called a nuclear localization sequence, which is in the shots to take the plasmid DNA directly to the nucleus of human cells.

It is not needed to grow these in bacteria. You would not have to use this to grow it in bacteria for the purpose that they said it was for, to make lots of copies. This sequence takes the DNA to the nucleus of human cells, where it can then be integrated or where, as Philip said, it is most likely to be integrated.

So all this about there’s no DNA in the shots, they will not go to the nucleus, they will not integrate with your DNA – it’s not true, and they knew it from the beginning because they knew the plasmids were there. That’s a problem.

There’s also an SV40 promoter only designed to be expressed in human cells, not bacteria cells. Now Philip has checked in something he didn’t say, which is good news for people. Dr. Buckhaults, I keep saying Philip, which is good news for people is that most of the sequences were broken. Had they been intact, and if there are any that are intact, and this is something he should have said, we have to check.

They can infect the E. coli in your gut. That’s what they’re designed to do – to infect E. coli – which means you can be a perpetual spike factory because they’re self-replicating, and they would self-replicate in the bacteria of your gut and then make spike over and over and over again. That’s a problem.

They also carry an antibiotic-resistant gene cassette to kanamycin and neomycin. Kanamycin is the main antibiotic used to treat tuberculosis. Neomycin is another antibiotic that’s widely used. (06) (07)

People that receive these, if it transfects the E. coli in your gut, it can make your gut and other bacteria – not just that – it can make them resistant to those antibiotics. That is a huge, huge risk. And it’s something that’s known for plasmids. It’s something that they’re careful to make sure that you don’t have these antibiotic resistance genes if they’re making something that should go into gene therapy. And now it’s here. Now it’s present.

I’ve worked for several months to try to get these shots recalled, completely recalled. They’re dangerous. We’re injecting these in our kids. We don’t inject contaminated medical products in our kids.

Something Dr. Buckhaults didn’t touch on as well is if there’s that much plasmid in the shots, there’s a very good chance that there’s bacterial endotoxin in the shots, which means bacterial proteins which can cause anaphylaxis and even death. And that may be what caused some of the rapid deaths that occurred right after people got these shots.

There’s so much more to touch on. We’ve seen massive cases of miscarriage and stillbirth. Normally, during years, we wouldn’t see more than 25 cases of miscarriage or stillbirth for all the vaccines combined. In 2021, we saw 3,428 cases of stillbirth and miscarriage reported into the VAERS system. Remember, no more than 25 typically in a year is normal for all the vaccines combined. In 2022, we saw 1,525 stillbirths and miscarriages. And halfway through that year, the FDA or the CDC said they would stop making all their information public because they did not want to encourage “vaccine hesitancy” or “misinformation or misinterpretation of the data”. So all of a sudden, we saw what was going like this, go like this in February. That’s artificial. We can’t even trust the data coming out of the CDC anymore. The FDA knows about this contamination. They’re not doing anything.

I’m sorry, this is so rushed. I just wanted to address what Dr. Buckhaults was not able to. He and I have the same degrees. I have a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology and toxicology and an expert witness as a profession, nationally and internationally. This is outrageous. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire career.

We have got to pull these shots and restrict them from our children. We cannot inject these into babies and children. These are contaminated, dangerous, lethal products.

I don’t agree with Dr. Buckhaults. But I believe that he’s just seeing a lot of this data. I feel like he is where we were three years ago.

That’s basically it. If I don’t leave now, I won’t catch my plane. I may not catch it anyway.

You had said earlier, nefarious, you felt like this was more nefarious than Dr. Buckhaults, in what sense are you saying that?

The SV-40 sequences, they should not be there. They don’t need to be there to grow this in bacteria. I don’t think it’s an accident. They could have chosen another plasmid that did not have the SV-40 sequences. If these sequences sit above an oncogene and they’re promiscuous, that means they are likely to integrate in places more likely than other genetic inserts. Then they can cause cancer. Insertional mutagenesis anyway causes cancer.

That’s the risk. That’s why gene therapies were not brought to market for so many years because there was a risk of causing cancer from insertional mutagenesis.

We never needed these vaccines. We had treatments that worked. One of our doctors here is going to tell you about that hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. I can tell you as a toxicologist, they are not toxic. They’re some of the safest drugs you can use.

There’s no reason once the FDA found out about this contamination. We looked to see endotoxin levels, but they’ve got them all redacted. Why would you redact them if you were trying to be transparent?

Why would you hold the data for 75 years? All of the clinical data for 75 years from these if you were trying to be transparent? Tell me why.

There is something very unusual going on here that is being done differently than it’s ever been done before.

  • We don’t give experimental products to pregnant women.
  • We don’t give experimental products to babies that have a death profile like this.
  • It’s not done. It’s never been done before.

Please protect your citizens. Please, I am begging you to protect your citizens. We’ve got to get one state to stand up and do the right thing. Do whatever you can so that other states will follow.

Thank you, Dr. Lindsay. Any questions?

Again, sorry. I was a little urgent in that. I rescheduled my Uber twice.

It’s just very difficult to keep everything on schedule, but thank you for staying and presenting. We appreciate it so much. We will be reaching out, I promise.

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