The Consequence of TRUTH being Suppressed, Lack of Critical Thinking, & the Censorship of Alternative Narratives is the Destruction of our Lives

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There is always a place to being open to listening to someone else’s expertise and viewpoint, to broadening the mind, to gain a better understanding or an expanded perspective.

Labelling anything that doesn’t come from a pharmaceutical/gov-funded narrative as “antivaxx, far-right extremists, tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists” or “dangerous misinformation” – especially when you have a history of corruption and fraud and there are trillions of dollars involved and billions of lives at stake – and particularly when those creating those definitions are spread by the world’s most powerful and influential who directly benefit from the pharmaceutical, big tech, or a global-control agenda, should of raised some alarm bells?

It should not be so easily disregarded or be beyond anyone’s belief system – that those directly benefiting from this ‘pandemic’, who directly fund and control the media and censorship – are not beyond being ‘infallible’, and may not be the ‘benevolent good guys’ we have been led to believe.

In this bizarre, new, “COVID-NORMAL” world, “Ivermectin & Immune Function” which should be household names by now, is somehow considered ‘fringe’ or ‘disinformation’, I find this decision to suppress “logical health advice” in favour of “crazy, nonsensical and dangerous health advice” as ludicrous, suspicious, and a serious crime against humanity.

Ivermectin has been heavily suppressed, natural health is considered snake oil, having hesitancy about new-to-market vaccines is one of WHO’s top ten global health threats (incidentally it is W.H.O. that has prevented Ivermectin becoming globally-adopted), and questioning the loss of freedoms is considered ‘extremism’, what an upside-down world we find ourselves in.

What exactly is SARS-CoV-2?
What is REALLY going on?

Well, according to many, the Jury is still out – and the great debate continues throughout the entire world. “The threads don’t connect”. The main accepted-theories and responses don’t add up, and the ‘alleged-conspiracy’ theories don’t add up either.

Many of the ways the world handled this pandemic just doesn’t make sense, and with illogical responses, comes questions – lots and lots of questions – and with questions comes ideas & possibilities, and with possibilities comes theories.

All equally plausible depending on your particular research-area, expertise, experiences, personal-biases, and whether or not you have the ability to look beyond your own ‘knowns’, and what information and data you have access to. It doesn’t help that even in this information-overload era, there is a lack of access to the specific information needed to be able to come to a globally-accepted truth.

Maybe there is some truth within all of them, maybe it is what we’re being told it is, maybe it’s one of the other theories, maybe there’s a cross-over between various theories, or maybe it’s something we are yet to determine.

To illustrate my point:

If we asked different…

  • doctors & medical specialists
  • scientists & researchers
  • virologists & epidemiologists
  • military-insiders & whistle-blowers
  • spiritual & religious leaders
  • levels of governments
  • countries & cultures
  • age-groups with different backgrounds

… different “people”…

each with unique & diverse experiences, education-levels, trust-levels, views on the world, views on the government, insider-knowledge, research-focus, or even different ‘potential-motives, agendas or personal-benefits’

We will get “different” theories from each of them.

If they have similar expertise, maybe some of their theories will cross-over, but each different person coming from a different background, education and point-of-view, will come up with their own plausible theory that makes sense to them.

So what is truth, really?

Truth changes through getting ‘more information’; more ‘data’ gives us ‘more of the elephant’.

How do we discern through the theories to get to the ‘actual’ truth?

It takes the wisdom and experience of many to come to an agreed-upon truth – which could constantly ‘change’ as more information becomes available.

Basically similar to the story of a group of blind (or blind-folded) men who come across an elephant for the first time, arguing with each other about what it is based on feeling different parts of the elephant’s body.

Wikipedia (01)

The moral of the story being that humans have a tendency to claim absolute truth based on their limited, subjective experience

… as they ignore other people’s limited, subjective experiences which may be equally true.

There is the ‘common-accepted view’, and there are derivates of that based on the knowledge of other people’s research and expertise. Those who do not have the ability to question their own beliefs, based on their limited, subjective experience, will ignore theories that may turn that upside-down.

Why are we picking one lab-coat over another in this when the data is evolving and the knowledge from different sectors of the globe is immense?

Based on my own “limited-subjective-experience”, I am still trying to discover which truth is the most-likely truth, but will collate the various theories here, for us to discuss and ponder.

Theory # 1

A naturally-occurring or lab-created ‘virus’ that has the ability to infect humans

  • All my research when I first started this “What is SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19″ truth-journey, was based on this being ‘the common consensus” and most likely ‘matter-of-fact’, so this is where I originally focused my research.
  • Pretty much 90% of my posts about COVID-19 in the first year, was based on it ‘being a potentially deadly virus’ (of either lab or natural origin) that has the ‘ability to infect humans’, because I also bought into the “peer-reviewed science” narrative, and wanted to protect my loved ones and fully understand the virus & the new vaccines.
  • Even if the research I did based on the premise of it being a ‘real threat’ that ‘kills us’ is proven incorrect, the research is not wasted because it still gives us the most in-depth fully-referenced information in prevention, treatment, and strengthening our front-line defence systems.
  • It also gives me confidence in the knowledge that those who think they are ‘following the science’ have not actually followed-the-science, but rather, are hiding behind a media-narrative and have not done any research to verify the media-narrative – they are literally relying on spoon-fed data by corrupt organizations and cannot engage in a “scientific” conversation – even from these “approved, fully-funded, tightly controlled, corrupted & censored, cherry-picked sources”.
  • It also showed me how reliant doctors and medical health professionals are on being spoon-fed data from their health regulators and it also helped me discover how corrupt these health regulators are. If I hadn’t originally “followed the accepted science” – I never would’ve realized the extent of control and brainwashing being done on our must trusted health professionals.
  • I’ve found out that the majority of people in my life, are no longer capable of learning, or thinking, and that there are way too many people who ‘get their education from the tv’ or corrupt and biased ‘health regulators’ who are deliberately ignoring any ‘science’ that doesn’t match the illogical and dangerous narrative of “get this experimental needle into the arms of the entire planet”.
  • One of the most obvious clues that something nefarious is going on in science-world, or that the general public has been dumbed-down, is when it is considered a “conspiracy theory” to have legitimate concerns about rushed, experimental medical treatments that are based on mRNA and DNA technology, that noone had ever heard of.
  • I thought the entire world would be as curious as I was to understanding how “new things work” before lining themselves up for it – and have been horrified at the amount of people who bought into the “pro-vaccine” “trust the science” narrative – with no curiosity or questions at all – even people I considered intelligent once upon a time, have bought into the obvious brainwashing.

Theory # 2

A lab-created ‘bioweapon’, ‘poison’, or ‘virus’ that has the ability to ‘affect or infect’ humans

  • Also plausible is the lab-created theories, including:
  • China accidently or deliberately-releasing ‘something’, or
  • Something was ‘released’ in Wuhan to create ‘suspicion of a potential lab-leak’
  • – thereby ‘framing’ China, and / or
  • – making it appear ‘far more dangerous’ (to government-response teams)
  • The fact that it was first-discovered in a city with two virology labs that are actually performing bat coronavirus research (and making them more infectious to humans), means that governments may of been more quick to follow ‘possible bioweapon’ protocols.
  • Some of this comes down to believing whistle-blowers, following the money-trail, the history of CCP’s abuse against it’s own people, the motives behind the gain-of-function research, who stands to gain the most from it being released in China, and so on.
  • I started a Pandemic Timeline to try and see if there was a clear and indisputable trail but all it shows is that they are all plausible.
  • Recently, (20 June 2021) the House of Representatives (USA) held a hearing on COVID-19 Origin exploring the Lab-Leak Theory, which explores all the evidence they put together which is really interesting and further confirms the possibility that it at least ‘came from a lab’.

Theory # 3

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory (Environmental Factors, Exosomes, Toxins, Epigenetics)

  • Basic message being conveyed in this school of thought is that the virus is not the true enemy here – rather, it’s the toxic world we live in, toxic air we breathe, toxic food we eat, toxic chemicals we clean with, and toxic lifestyle choices we engage in.
  • Using the analogy of a fish tank: Terrain Theory says you should clean the toxic water that the fish swims in. Germ theory treats the symptoms of the fish and ignores the dirty water.
  • Some scientists (especially during this pandemic) like to scoff and label it “germ-theory denialists’ (not an accurate description) but are not listening to the logic of what is being conveyed and what they are saying is the ‘real problem’ here.
  • Germ theory (the common ‘Western-World’ belief) believes there are external germs that invade the body that we need to identify & destroy as it is the direct cause of diseases. 
  • Terrain Theory asserts that germs cannot create infection or disease unless the body conditions (terrain) allow it.
  • So it looks to me, like the main disagreement in the terrain-line of thinking compared to the ‘vax the nation’ school of thought is in how you would approach and respond to the presence of an identified germ.
  • Germ theory: Eliminate, poison, cut-out, vaccinate, sterilize, i.e. “attack the germ”
  • But that is just a ‘bandaid-fix’ if the ’cause’ is the dirty fish tank.
  • Terrain theory: Treating the susceptibility of said germ to begin with. (Clean the fish tank / Fix the “cause”), which also fits into the science of Epigenetics (the study of how genes are turned off and on and how your lifestyle and environment can affect how your genes are expressed).
  • Epigenetics has shown that our DNA is affected by the nutrients and chemicals in our food, and quite literally explains the ‘miraculous’ healing of those who ‘cured themselves’ of cancer and other diseases by making lifestyle changes. So the science behind Epigenetics & Terrain Theory go hand-in-hand.
  • There are many reasons that this is at least a contributing factor to consider, because we have a ‘pandemic of already-weakened immune systems’ in this society and severe COVID-19 mostly affects people with already-weakened immune systems. ‘People’ in general don’t realize how weak their immune systems are – we have ‘accepted’ living with underlying conditions, fast-food, daily pill-popping & regular vaccines as our ‘normal’. Our air is more polluted, our diets are less nutritious, and our food and water are full of chemicals, etc.

Will we ever know the truth?

All Others

Theories that believe it is either a ‘hoax’ or ‘hijacked’ in some way (either by taking advantage of the opportunity it presented, blowing it out of proportion due to fear/ignorance/disinformation, or for their own agendas, or being the “actual instigators / perpetrators / orchestrators”.

Theories such as these pretty-much fit into all derivatives of all of the above:

  • BigPharma plot to make people ill/get rich – get this vaccine into everyone with emergency-use authorization (because it would take at least another 10 years of proven clinical research to get it approved through the normal channels if there wasn’t an ’emergency pandemic’)
  • The ‘vaccine’ (and/or vaccine passport) is the real bioweapon/danger
  • Genocide / De-population agenda’s
  • Political agenda’s
  • Gates, W.H.O., Fauci
  • Biblical, Prophetic, or Spiritual Prophecies
  • New World Order, The Great Reset, World Economic Forum
  • Microchips, Transhumanism, SmartDust, Digital Tracking
  • 5G – (alters bloodcells)
  • 5G – Smartgrid / SmartCities (will monitor every aspect of your life – global surveillance, tracking, censorship & forced medical treatments to participate in a social-credit-system society)
  • Total Population Control-agendas

One thing ALL theories agree on is the way this played out had consequences that has led to the irreparable destruction of millions of lives

Across the world, the reason there are those questioning what we’ve been told is because whoever the ‘experts’ were that we listened to and followed during the course of the ‘pandemic’ so far, managed to irreparably destroy millions of lives and continue to do so. They have created a segregated society, a culture of fear and control, monitor all our movements, censor all our knowledge, and that instead of feeling like we protected our most vulnerable – it feels more like we abandoned them and left them alone and scared to death, whilst systematically destroying the world’s economies, livelihoods, families, communities, the way we interact with each other, and so much more.

While billions obediently-caged themselves and were more than willing to do the right thing by our most vulnerable, we find some governments and organizations literally thriving on the power, control and financial gains. If you think it’s a conspiracy theory that some people thrived whilst the rest of us suffered, you’re right. It’s a huge conspiracy. A conspiracy that is so blindly obvious to anyone with eyes to see, that regardless of what you think is actually going on – whatever ‘conspiracy-theory’ you are delving in – where it came from or where it will lead – it’s still a ‘true’ conspiracy. People ARE using this pandemic for their own benefit whilst in the guise of protecting grandma because this pandemic could’ve been over more than a year ago when they found effective treatments but chose to ‘gag’ them, lock the world down, and ‘wait for a vaccine’ they invested billions in. ‘Following a pre-written ‘Pandemic plan’ and Globalist-funded modelling’.

Most people think we should leave such things up to the ‘experts’ who the government and health professionals rely upon for their ‘collective wisdom’ and that there’s no way the entire globe could be fooled into having lockdowns and rushed vaccines at the same time.

The reason many don’t question anything that’s going on – other than living in sheer terror of what the media has portrayed it to be, and being kept away from others to be able to question it, and other than being kept in a state of ‘shame on you’ for being ‘selfish’ for wanting your petty human freedoms when there’s this big bad invisible enemy we need to hide from and your ‘selfishness’ will ‘put everyone’s lives at risk’ – is for every country in the world to go into lockdown and create fast-vaccines at the same time – every country in the world must of been fooled – even our ‘enemies’, and that doesn’t make sense on the surface – it just doesn’t add up.

Someone would’ve said something.

Scientists, doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, – ‘some’ governments at least.

They did. And their tongues were cut out – and they continue to this day to be censored, banned, killed, and their reputations tarnished. Over a hundred thousand scientists, doctors, virologists from around the world have risked their careers and their reputations to speak out against all aspects of this entire pandemic, and even ‘some’ governments and states refuse to play along with the ‘global’ united ‘recommendations’ from these major organizations and are criticized for it by those who just cannot see it because they trust these major players so much or they are benefiting from the pandemic themselves.

Facebook deleted 12 million pieces of content that didn’t fit the “global message” in the first 2 months of this pandemic. Literally gagged anyone who questioned or said “this is wrong”.

This is some kind of North Korean kind of censorship there – in the name of ‘protecting you from misinformation’ – they gagged and deleted those who tried to reason with the insanity of how we treated this pandemic and “rushed into action” and continued the emergency-power abuse long after the ‘pandemic’ showed that it was less of a threat than first ‘advertised’, and that they had treatments that worked, and there was no need to lockdown healthy citizens and create all these restrictions, wear masks, keep our kids at home, close businesses, and so on.

People continue to believe that there must ‘really be a killer-virus about to wipe out the entire planet’ and there must ‘really be an urgent need for ‘everyone to be vaccinated’, and that there must be an urgent need to shut down the entire globe so that everyone can ‘hide from a virus’ to ‘stop the spread’ and ‘protect the most vulnerable’ and ‘wait it out’ while we invest billions of your funds into quarantine centres, PPE equipment, ventilators, PCR Tests, and into experimental vaccines that they want the entire population of the whole world to be injected with at the exact same time. … mmm ok…

What intelligent people and critical-thinkers should be asking themselves is – who are our governments getting their advice from, if they have any conflicts of interest, and have they thought of everything before enacting on this ‘expert advice’?

If you don’t think it’s possible to fool the world at the same time – here’s how it’s done.

We have centralized, global organizations that control all United Nations governments. The plan is that by 2030 – (the Sustainable Development ‘universal agenda’) – is that the rest of us will all be ‘willingly’ accepting of the one world government, but right now it’s less commonly-known in the general public eye that most of our resources and knowledge and money is already controlled, and that the “COVID-19 Great Reset” is not actually a tin-foil hat theory, but rather the plan to “install” the rest of what is needed to give one global government complete control of all the citizens of our world. The New World Order – which many of us thought was crazy because it seemed so ridiculous that this could be true, is actually not even a hidden secret agenda at all – there are speeches from governments all around the world that have been openly telling us either “how great this is” or “how bad this is” for many decades – we just didn’t want to believe it, so we put our head in the sand and pretended it was “fringe” or just a “conspiracy theory”.

That, and many good people of the world work for these organizations, just as clueless as the rest of us as to who is funding and controlling them – “just doing their job” and “just following policy”.

Centrally-controlled global organizations are what governs most of the countries that are signed up to the United Nations, and are funded/directed/controlled by those in the New World Order who want complete control over all the planet’s resources and citizens:

To explain it will take many posts as it’s such an octopus that has infested the veins of the entire planet, but to get back on point as to “how it’s possible that the entire world was fooled into sticking to the one narrative and plan”, you just need to look at the tabletop exercises performed in advance of a “pandemic”, so that governments would have a ‘script to follow’ and a ‘game plan’ in case something like this happened – including the systematic censorship of those who disagreed with the narrative.

What happened is we now have ‘global’ organisations that in their ‘collective wisdom’ work together to prepare plans, policies and procedures for governments to have ‘ready to go’ action plans – to ‘be prepared in advance’ for future possible scenarios – health pandemics, nuclear leaks, terrorism, climate change, pollution, any kind of ‘crisis’ that could affect the whole planet.

Globalist-controlled organizations invite “selected” experts from each country to discuss globally-concerning scenarios, and collectively agree to policies, procedures, plans, committees, and funding to be ‘prepared for crisis‘ in advance – to prevent potential hasty & dangerous decisions causing more catastrophe with unprepared heat-of-the-moment decisions.

We have the majority of the world’s governments in agreeance with following the advice from these select groups – such as the World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, United Nations, etc. and we put plans in place that use the global organizations such as those to disseminate global advice in times of world issues – such as a pandemic.

Now, smart people come up with good ideas that seem really great at first. Having a digital medical record for one – how many can benefit from that? People can go to new doctors or health professionals, and have all his/her medical records, prescriptions, vaccination status, medications and diagnosis’s accessible to any pharmacy, allied health professional or doctor and not have to redo medical tests to prove they have diabetes, heart problems, asthma or something – so these systems on the surface are a godsend – they ‘could‘ be used for good…

And it may work for the majority of people – if the system is secure – if the system is private – if all medical professionals were honest – if governments were honest etc. If the people who store the data and the people who are able to access the data are all honest and ethical and trustworthy, and that ‘down the track’ are not going to use it to discriminate against you, manipulate you, steal from you, blackmail you, or force, mandate or coerce you to do something you would rather not do (such in the case of “we must mandate these experimental vaccines onto you, for you to access a service, work here, shop here, travel here, live here)“.

But even if they ‘only have the best intentions’ and are thinking of what’s ‘good for everyone’, have they thought of everything? What about someone who has been misdiagnosed and now has this medical condition in their permanent record to be continually given the wrong medications or used in future medical decisions or used against them in some form of judgement? What if you have an ex or know people working in the health or I.T. industry and you’d rather keep your private health records only accessible to your own practitioner? What if someone was grief-stricken or temporarily traumatized and had mental illness or alcohol issues, or any other temporary medical condition, etc. Now this ‘temporary condition’ in a past-chapter in their life is part of their ‘permanent record’ and is permanently connected to them, and subject to discrimination. What if someone wants to keep their gynaecologist records separate from their physio records? What if someone wants to choose a dietitian or naturopath instead of – or in addition to – the pharmaceutical route? These are just quick examples from the top of my head, but ‘experts sitting in a group creating policies as a “one policy fits all” to the global population – based on their own version of what they think is best – may neglect to cover all the things they hadn’t thought of, and putting these systems in place may benefit some and severely cripple others. There needs to be ‘room’ for discussion and changes – when they don’t get it right – so that we ‘can’ do right by everyone – not just a select group.

Social Media is another wonderful tool that is part of our everyday lives. Having Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. has been a blessing for many all around the world. The ability to find others to discuss topics that are of interest or relevant to you, to share and collate knowledge and experience, and the ability to keep up with friends and family, or get instant advice or support, etc. Social Media has been a fantastic tool for most of the world to use, and has a massive benefit in bringing the world together and bringing information to our fingertips and making our lives easier in so many ways.

Everything can be used for good – if the people controlling it are good. If those who are in control of these systems are trustworthy, all these systems can be used by everyone for good. But as they get bigger, policies change, “meetings happen”, and ‘experts’ make decisions and policies. They are ‘businesses’ afterall, not goodwill charities. As the companies get bigger and more people come on board with their own ideas about what’s ‘best’, sometimes, the service that was once a fabulous tool for bringing humanity together – ‘evolves’ based on changed ‘policies, opinion, direction, and share-holder profits’.

First to go is your privacy. They know every email you’ve ever sent and received, they know every website you’ve visited, every word you’ve ever typed, who you speak to and what you say, every video you’ve watched, every podcast you’ve listened to, every book you’ve purchased, every place you’ve ever visited, every purchase you’ve ever made on card, every item you’ve put in your cart, every contact you have, everything you’ve ever typed into a search box or ‘liked’ – they know more about you than you know about you.

They know your dreams, fears, desires, friend circles, family situation, health situation, political stance, religion, what you do for a living, they have data on everything about you – they know how you think and they know what makes you ‘tick’.

This data can be useful – for serving up relevant content and choosing which news posts, search results, ads or videos you see first, but the data they collect on you can be used ‘against you’ in other ways – to make you ‘mad’, to make you ‘sad’, to make you ‘buy’, to change your political views, to influence your medical choices, to manipulate your mind, or on-sold to be used by many different organizations for other purposes (such as being used by CIA, FBI, etc. for crime solving).

“Normal” people who trust these services think that because ‘they don’t do anything wrong’ that it doesn’t affect them, but the point is – under whose definition is something considered ‘wrong’. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, etc. all belong to different religious beliefs. People who belong to different political ideals. People have different lifestyle and cultural preferences. What if you like gardening and they make growing your own food illegal? What if you are an FBI informant or wanting to report an atrocity for the ‘good’ of humanity? Anyone with ‘data’ attached to them can be in trouble depending on who has access and what their motives are. We are ‘unique’ individuals – we are not all the same. There is not ‘one box for everyone’. We are individuals sharing the same planet. We have different cultures, customs, preferences, and needs. There needs to be ‘room’ for when they don’t get it right. These companies have become a monopoly because they were ‘first to make it useful’, they were ‘free’, they were ‘easy’, they were exciting and fun. The lack of competition and the convenience their services offered, and our trust in them, made it a wonderful service.

We have people “just doing my job” and “just following company policy”, who are also part of the problem. When ‘good companies’ turn ‘evil’ or are misinformed or haven’t taken everything into consideration, and the ‘minions’ – from Government level down, continue to take directions without question or even who know something is wrong, but feel they can’t do anything because of their own personal threat (losing their jobs, not wanting to ‘rock the boat’, contracts, not in the right position, the problem is ‘too big’, safety, or restricted by more agreements & policies). We have a system that is running on auto-pilot down a very corrupt path.

Have you ever come across anyone who couldn’t work around a computer system to fit your unique circumstances? Or been refused a request because of ‘company policy’, or been told “it’s not my job”? That’s what I’m talking about – there are thousands of people in government around the world following a ‘policy’ that has been laid out by people who – whether their intentions were good or not – are not ‘good’ for everyone.

The TGA in Australia and other health authorities in “systemized” Western governments have ‘policies’ that prevent them from being able to approve Ivermectin and other cheap, effective COVID treatments (that are working in countries that less-ridiculous health policies). Prior to the fake-narrative of trying to convince the masses it’s just for animals, the TGA originally said it hasn’t been approved because ‘no drug company has come forward for us to approve’ and we can’t approve without all the relevant paperwork.

So, for some reason, even though we were apparently in the middle of a ‘pandemic’, the “bureaucratic system and policies” apparently prevents TGA from approving a drug that is working in many other countries – because it is off-patent and no drug-company (least of all themselves – who get all their funded from the drugs they approve) can make money from it.

Who is going to spend the 20 million or so it takes to orchestrate the relevant trials, and submit the application to TGA when they will make nothing in return? Noone. And who would dare have trials now when they know it’s working? It’s unethical to see a patient dying in front of you and not give them the treatment that works. Regardless, many clinical trials have been done around the world, and even our own COVID treatment investigation team deemed it effective – the TGA basically said their hands are tied because they need someone to apply. …mmm… ok…

If you look at how TGA gets funded, you’ll see that their income is derived from the drug companies who apply for approval. The TGA would of made a staggering amount of money from the vaccines (that were funded by our governments – by us – in the first place), and would make zero from Ivermectin. And because the governments, media companies, Google, Facebook, and the like have invested so much in vaccines – and the future production of such vaccines, there is an elephant in the room here that is not being publicized.

I think most people would be just as outraged, or at the very least be very concerned that safer options are not being offered – especially to our front-line health teams and most vulnerable, and that they may actually have suppressed this information and continued this ‘pandemic’ because they are not living in the ‘real world’ with the rest of us – they are in their own world – their roles became more important, their paychecks got bigger, ‘their’ lives improved and will continue to improve if people take the vaccine. They can continue to push the fear of ‘variants’ and offer or mandate ‘boosters’, they can make ‘adaptable’ vaccines for whatever they choose, and these companies will make trillions.

Scarily – these vaccines would never of been approved without these emergency powers, and could never of been approved with an effective treatment, and now they are actually the “only” thing being marketed, and just as alarming – they will be able to ‘adjust’ the vaccines (for variants, etc)- without needing to do additional clinical trials – requiring people to take another ‘jab’ for protection from the ‘variants’.

We are the trial. The mind boggles how noone looks into this or has eyes to see because they are more afraid of being labelled a conspiracy theorist than lining up for an experimental injection.

Well done to the globalists for making ‘conspiracy theorist’ a ‘thing’ to fear – so that these people can get away with it and call people ‘tin foil hatters’ with a sly grin on their face knowing that’s ALL it takes now for people to look the other way. It’s amazing how well that works, but it’s terrifying that people would rather line up for an experimental injection than dare to check if what we have found is valid!

Now, the TGA are the ‘experts’ that our government takes health advice from in regards to approved drugs for COVID. Doctors, the general public and other parliament members are requesting Ivermectin for COVID and TGA’s response – even when the government has ’emergency powers’ because “we are in a pandemic and locking people in their homes waiting for a vaccine” is “no one has applied”.

Government’s (if we assume they are honest) don’t ‘think’ – they are crippled by their own policies – they just ‘follow the experts’. Even more maddening, is that apparently we can approve experimental vaccines with unknown dangers for emergency use but cannot approve Ivermectin – which has been used globally by billions for over 40 years for other things and their safety-profile, drug interactions, and long-term effects are ‘known’.

Vaccine and pharmaceutical companies ‘applied’ to TGA, had the relevant paperwork, and the tasty paycheck to boot.

Ivermectin and other off-patent COVID treatments get discarded because they already exist and apparently can’t be approved for COVID without someone re-investing in them specifically for use with COVID- which they cannot do because it already exists – it’s already available – there’s literally no incentive from anyone to invest millions in that process unless they were some humanitarian billionaire somewhere that just wants to give away his money for the benefit of mankind – just so TGA can get a payday. And even then it’s unethical to have trials at this stage when they ALREADY KNOW IT WORKS. The problem here is not that someone can’t apply, is not that we cannot give them the data and research to show it’s working, the problem is the policy from TGA to not approve it without this ridiculous application process. The problem is the ‘system’ – the policies – the ‘rules’, and I’ll say it – Greed.

Because during a ‘pandemic’ – the situation is urgent yes? We’re in war-time mode, we’re giving our governments ’emergency powers’ and sending everyone into cages to ‘wait for a vaccine’. And then literally within a couple of months of learning about COVID – doctors all around the world were sharing what was working. Doctors on the frontline – those seeing these people face-to-face and treating these people found numerous things that worked.

And because of ‘policies’ they couldn’t share what was working with other doctors around the world. Can you imagine how frustrating and heartbreaking it would be to have found something that works, to share it, only to be censored because “The World Health Organization” is waiting for a vaccine?

Enter The COVID “experts”.

So, for decades, ‘experts’ have been planning for worldwide pandemics, and these ‘experts’ get together regularly to plan out how governments should unite to deal with this future ‘certainty’.

We have smart people who decide that we have to have a ‘united front’ to be able to have the funds to invest in fast-vaccines, access to PPE equipment, rapid testing, and groups that would quickly disseminate the ‘right’ information, and the media on board to spread the word (and are paid very well for their message), and ‘censor anything contrary to the official channels, etc. One united message through our united official organizations. We have all our boxes ticked.

Again, if the people behind this are good, if they are intelligent, if they really are thinking of the best-possible solutions for everyone, this seems like a great plan. Something humanity could benefit from.

But for some reason, their plans and systems put the world in quarantine/lockdown, left people stranded in other counties, destroyed economies, removed kids from school & forced parents to work from home, forced single-parents to leave kids at home alone, separated us from our loved ones, forced tourism countries into poverty, closed businesses, left our elderly to deal with the fear alone, forced migrants into hotspots, caged people in their own homes, suicides, medical treatments cancelled, palliative care residents dying alone, funerals cancelled, made people afraid of each other, and countless other atrocities. It suppressed doctors and others who had found working treatments. and censored the voice of others who had better ideas on how to handle this.

It stopped the world for most and irreparably destroyed the lives of millions.

But some organizations thrived and continues to as long as the world stays in chaos.

Because we have these ‘groups of experts’ and we have people who choose to ‘trust the experts’, we as a government, have our agreed-upon ‘guidelines’ to enact, the plans are in place, and the minions are ‘playing it out’.

And now whether the people behind this had good intentions or not – there is no room for error – they do not make allowances for when it’s wrong. They haven’t listened to ‘other’ experts who said that lockdown is a mistake, they didn’t listen to doctors who had working treatments, lives were needlessly lost or endangered, livelihoods irreparably damaged, cultures and relationships permanently destroyed, and we will be paying for this gross error for generations.

All because of “Politics”, “Agenda’s”, Bureaucracy, trusting the wrong experts, gagging the hero’s, the people needlessly being scared to death demanding our governments ‘save them’, and the minions who ‘are “just doing their jobs”.


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