[Prof Nazar] C19 Vaccine-Bioweapon Genocide (paper & presentation)

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Scientific proof of the PLANdemic with 2000+ peer-reviewed published references

At the very end of a very long 9-hour livestream in April 2022 was a presentation by Professor Federico A. Nazar on a paper he took 2 years to write that has been heavily censored online and in the academic world. I never would’ve come across it without the new search tool I wrote about yesterday.

In other words, Please Stop disregarding evidence just because it doesn’t fit your world view lol, how is that helpful in any way?

Thanks to the new truthtools, I was able to first find this hidden gem, and then grab this 20-minute clip from the very last presentation in a 9-hour “Covid” summit and make a separate video out of it.

[Prof Nazar] C19 Vaccine-Bioweapon Genocide (paper & presentation)

1 Apr 2022 – Rumble-Clip | Download on Telegram | Full 9-Hr International Covid Summit

  • 00:00 Intro by Dr Robert Malone
  • 00:50 Explaining that it took him 2 years to research this information with over 2,000 peer-reviewed references, but only 15 minutes to try and summarize it in the presentation.


  • 01:20 Lockdowns – 18,590 studies came to the conclusion that lockdowns didn’t work.
  • 01:50 Vaccines don’t work after 6 months. 9 out of 10 covid deaths had been vaccinated.

“Coronavirus” Made in a Lab

Depopulation Agenda

  • 02:40 Georgia Guidestones say they want to maintain humanity under 500,000,000. So 7 thousand million of us need to be dead in the next few decades.
  • 02:50 Ronald Bernard – Need to listen to him.
  • 02:55 Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Need to listen to all the interviews he made. All the systems are corrupt.
  • 03:13 Dr. David E. MartinFauci/COVID-19 Dossier – patent expert
    • lipid nanoparticles
    • it wasn’t a novel coronavirus
    • they had a disease, they had solutions, everything was prepared.

Fake Pandemics

  • 03:42 Historical trail of the PLAN-demic going back to the 1910 Rockefeller-funded Flexner report
  • 04:00 Fake Pandemics
    1. 1976 Fake Swine Flu pandemic; vaccine causing brain-damage to 46 million Americans, some died and no one went to jail.
    2. 1984 Prion Poisoning
    3. 1980s HIV created through SIV
    4. 1990s hCG vaccines: adding hCG as infertilizing agent and nano-toxic-metal compounds to vaccines, including radioactive Radon
  • 04:14 1990s Vaccines
    1. made from cancerous human cell-lines from murdered babies
    2. causing brain damage (autism), autoimmune disorders, and cancer
    3. Dr Theresa Deisher
    4. Vaxxed
    5. Brian Hooker: Whistle blower
    6. Dr William Thompson
  • 1990s Hendra virus plandemic by Pfizer
    • (Horse owners were told it was a deadly virus that came from a bat, and that just being near a horse could cause you to contract the virus and die. Vets refused to treat a sick horse unless proof of vaccination was provided, and the horses weren’t allowed to compete in shows without the certificate. Horses died, became lame, had seizures and became mentally unstable, and healthy horses became sicker with each booster.)
  • 1999 Coronavirus weaponization by US government: gain of function research with the excuse to use coronavirus as a vaccine vector for HIV/AIDS
  • 04:36 2000s Vaccines
    1. 2001 Anthrax enhanced crisis with “unusual behaviour around Bayer‘s Ciprofloxacin drug, which was a drug used as a potential treatment for Anthrax poisoning.”
    2. 2002 SARS-CoV-1: the HIV genome had been inserted into a coronavirus, creating the chimera as proven by the patent trail.
    3. 2003 SARS-Cov-X: patent filing by the US CDC
    4. 2006: HPV vaccines: American College of Pediatricians
    5. 2009: h1N1 swine flu plandemic under globalist Obama, was a mock exam for media hype and vaccine EUA. Glaxo‘s vaccine was hastily approved without proper testing, even knowing it caused more deaths and permanent disabilities than the other vaccines.
  • 04:40 SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2, and MERS all have HIV genome; so they’re all lab-made.
  • 04:50
    1. 2010 Mosquirix malaria vaccine
    2. 2012 MERS-CoV HIV chimera
    3. 2014 Ebola enhanced crisis in West Africa
    4. 2015 Zika: the first successful PCR-case-demic pushed by WHO
    5. 2018 Graphened-flu shots
    6. 2019 SARS-CoV-2 (HIV genome)


  • 05:05 PCR = Huge amounts of false-positives (over 50%) and it doesn’t work to tell if someone is sick – it’s useless epidemiologically

Evidence of Genocide in C19 Vaccines

  • 05:24 Genocide: COVID Vaccines
    • openVAERS.com 1990-2021 graph deaths after vaccination (01)
    • US Senate expert witness: 410,000 unexplained deaths
    • Insurance company data: 40% increase in deaths
    • CDC doesn’t care to find out why.
    • CDC Report: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
      • Huge rate of Myocarditis after mRNA c19 vaccines.
      • 1 in 10,000 with heart problems.
  • 06:00 BMJ Article, Children shouldn’t be vaccinated, risk/benefit makes no sense.
    1. Kids = 200 vaccine deaths per million
    2. Kids = 2 covid deaths per million
  • 06:30 Criminal intent proven by toxicity
    • 5% of the batches explain 90% of the adverse events
    • Toxic batches show criminal intent with the batches.
    • They were changing the formula to see how much poison we could tolerate.
    • Janssen vs Moderna vs Pfizer vs Flu vax outliers.

No Benefits to Vaccination

  • 07:00 Graph that spells out summary of how the COVID vaccination provides no benefit
May a Person…C19 VaxEffective Treatment
Avoid Getting Sick From Covid? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Avoid Infecting Others? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Avoid Hospitalization? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Avoid Dying From Covid? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Avoid Side-effects Like Infertility, Miscarriage, Disability or Death? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Get Healthcare or Manufacturer Liability for Injuries, Death or Negligence? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Help Protect Others? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Help Reduce The Saturation Of The Health System? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Generate Herd Immunity? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Help To End The Pandemic? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Reduce The Generation and Spread Of Variants? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Avoid Cooperation with Vaccines Produced with Abortion Cell Lines? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Give Informed Consent with a Package Insert Listing All the Ingredients? 🗴 No ✓ Yes
Avoid Undisclosed Gene-hacking, Nano-tampering & Bluetooth Chip? 🗴 No ✓ Yes

7 COVID “Genocides”

  • 07:08 Genocide of Abortion by Covid vaccines
    • “7 COVID Genocides”
      1. Engineering/releasing infertilizing, handicapping, lethal virus
      2. Maximize spread (open borders, cloth masks, lockdowns, vaccination)
      3. Lethal recommendations (banning autopsies, pre-term delivery/C-sections, mother-baby separation at birth)
      4. Censoring/defunding/persecuting effective treatments
      5. Unneeded deadly treatments (remdesivir, invasive ventilators)
      6. Infertilizing, handicapping, lethal vaccines and hack-cines (esp. during pregnancy, breastfeeding and kids)
        • (“haccines” or “hack-cines” is his word for the ones that “hack” the cell to produce the spike protein, and also they hack you because they implant nano-routers)
      7. Magnetoxic attacks: graphenation of haccines, food and beverages, EMF from satellites, towers and phones.
    • Genocidal “trend” hasn’t changed, just the target population. Same serial killers, different weapons and target.

Graphene and Nanotechnology

  • 07:54 Graphene
    • Reduced Graphene Oxide in literature (rGO)
    • vs what they found in the vaccines in Japan, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, UK, USA, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina
      • Recalled in Japan because of the magnetic element
    • and in the blood of the vaccinated in France and Germany.
  • 08:25 Nano technology in hack-cines
  • 09:00 Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth apps you can download on your phone freely to see for yourself
    • Need to be charged by electric fields
      • (such as if they have their phone in their hands)
      • (or near a cell tower)
      • vaccinated shouldn’t go near magnetic resonance if they still have graphene in their bodies, it can cause a lot of harm
  • 10:30 Ultrasound Attacks
    1. Neuro-modulation: also IR
    2. Protocol to communicate with the injected nano-routers
    3. They “excite” graphene particles causing injuries and powering the nano-routers
    4. Female infertility and implantation problems
      • including ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages?
    5. Injuries to unborn fetus and autism
    6. Ultrasound can sterilize men
      • Ultrasonic contraception research “Therapeutic ultrasound as a potential male contraceptive: power, frequency and temperature required to deplete rat testes of meiotic cells and epididymides of sperm determined using a commercially available system” (03)
  • 11:04 Microwave Attacks
    1. Can check with your own phone using the app ‘Quanta Monitor”
    2. It just lasts a second but signal very powerful and strong
    3. Accumulative Exposure is deadly
      • Like living with your microwave on
      • It’s not the standard microwave; it’s an attack.
  • 11:44 EMF/Radiation detector: BR-9C
    1. Can measure with an external device
    2. Increases when you play videos “which are against the narrative” (wtf?!)
  • 11:53 CEVICAS YouTube channel
    • Natural background radiation is getting closer to zero, which is not natural, something is very wrong, and you should really check this cevicas youtube channel (& a name I can’t spell or understand)
  • 12:20 uRADmonitor.com
    • Can check for radiation attacks
      • When it becomes orange or red, it comes from the satellites
  • 12:40 Starlink
    1. 30,000 satellites all over the world.
    2. They make this trail you can see at night.
    3. Strange Clouds (NASA)
    4. Cloud curve matches Starlink chain formation
    5. In Spain, they were having a Drought, and there was a “wall” stopping the clouds from entering. (13: 16)
      • Una ‘muralla’ impide la entrada de frentes con lluvias que alivien la sequía que atraviesa España (04)
        • English translation: (A ‘wall ‘ prevents the entry of fronts with rains that alleviate the drought that Spain is going through ·)
      • Cloud barrier matches Starlink chain, exact match (13:26)
  • 13:34 Satellite Attack: SpaceX
    • You can monitor and measure yourself.
      • App: ElectroSmart
        • 30 Satellite Antennas popup out of nowhere
        • And they fry us. Look at the exposure.
    • The 4G Antennas don’t cause any harm.
      • So this other attack is on purpose.

Elite’s Upcoming Plans

  • 13:59 What’s next? 2030 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
    1. 2024 International PLANdemic treaty: fuzzy deaths, fuzzy pandemic
      • fuzzy deaths for example is “you fall off a building, and test positive for COVID in the hospital, you died of “covid” even though you died of your injuries.
        • all COVID deaths are “with covid”, not “from” covid.
        • we need them to start reporting statistics of the primary cause of death
    2. 2025? The Great Hack
      • The global financial crash
      • They will be the ones that instigate it (the elite)
      • After this hack we will be censored in ways beyond our imagination
      • The hack will bring in the installation of the Great Reset:
    3. 2026? Global Digital ID tied to:
      1. Universal Basic Income
      2. Universal Primary Health (abortion, abortifacients, hack-cines)
      3. Carbon Coupon / Carbon Voucher (Digital Currency)
        • Currency will be tied to your carbon footprint
        • Even if you’re a millionaire you won’t be able to spend your money because money is a “coupon”, and tied to different rules
        • If you are on the Universal Basic Income, you won’t be able to have kids.
    4. 2030 Global Tyranny (they expect and anticipate this)
      1. Digital Surveillance:
        • unvaccinated can’t renew ID, driver’s license, health insurance
        • and are not allowed to study, work, or travel.
      2. Oral hack-cines: yearly COVID/Flu shot
      3. Graphenation, chipping, and DNA hacking;
        1. meds (pills, capsules)
        2. food & beverages (like Coke) (see NWO food)
        3. they are magnetic; they still to a magnet
      4. Pill tracking and compulsory treatments (n.b. contraception)
        • They are already working on Bluetooth tracking for vaccines and pills
        • If you are on a Universal Basic Income, you are going to be forced to take compulsory treatments (that they can track), i.e. forced contraception so you can’t get pregnant.
      5. Fake AI takes over doctors.

Humanity’s Solution

  • 18:14 What’s the solution?
    1. Exposing the New World Order
    2. Laws to avoid repeating history (media and censorship)
    3. Upgrading science
    4. Community direct democracy:
      1. neighbourhood democracy
      2. face-to-face
      3. open vote (not secret)
      4. oath of allegiance for the common good
      5. random authorities (ethical committee/jury)
      6. Code of Conduct with fines or even banning for increasing periods
    5. Market coops
    6. Community currency
      • based on real economy assets: 1kg flour, 1 Human Hour, etc
    7. Educational coop
    8. Community-cations
      • community training in uncensored communication platforms (hey, that would make a great task for me in the future!)
    9. Community health
      • the unvaxxed were denied health services and admission to hospitals


I found his paper before I found any presentation on it. It was on the “censored” list of the search engines and was called:

COVID cure or perpetual vaccination?: 30 cheap effective treatments or never-ending ineffective unsafe injections… Scientific proof of the PLANdemic with 2000 peer reviewed published references.

And you can download the PDF from: Academia.edu or ThesisCommons or Shortcode redirect

The paper gives references for everything he covered in the video but also goes into other related topics he didn’t get to summarize in that video (we need an updated webinar from this man!):

  1. the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals and the anti-life agenda
  2. Gender equality lies at the heart
  3. Climate change is all about human pest control
  4. World Economic Forum and the purpose of “building back better” “new normal” “reinventing capitalism”, the “New World Order“, the “Great Reset
  5. Harari & Transhumanism
  6. the Internet of Things
  7. Demagnetization, EMF solutions
  8. Google and the Internet of Bodies
  9. the HHS
  10. Charles Lieber
  11. the Patent trail
  12. the AIDS trail
  13. the Cancer trail
  14. World Health Organization and the International Plandemic Treaty
  15. Depopulation
  16. AstraZeneca‘s connection to Eugenics
  17. Rusnanotech 2011
  18. Rockefeller, Illuminati, Freemasons, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg group, Rothschilds
  19. Neo-Con Think tank 2000
  20. September 11
  21. War games and drills
  22. Election Rigging
  23. HCQ & IVM
  24. Merck, Vioxx
  25. 1918 Spanish Flu
  26. Fuel poisoning
  27. Gates, GSK, Planned parenthood, Burroughs Wellcome
  28. Galton Institute formerly the UK Eugenics Society
  29. Vaccitech, Sequoia Capital, Fosun Pharma, British government
  30. British Society of the Elect
  31. Healthy, unvaccinated are presumed bioterrorists
  32. UNICEF
  33. Fake diagnostics
  34. Global Digital ID health passports
  35. Concentration Camps
  36. Culling of livestock and prohibition of livestock breeding
  37. Ban on wildlife markets
  38. Ban on non-GMO’s
  39. the International Monetary Fund, Barclays, BlackRock, Vanguard, StateStreet, and the banking elite
  40. Bank of International Settlements
  41. FDA
  42. Water
  43. Royal Children’s Hospital, University of Melbourne, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Deakin University, Radboud University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, University of Queensland, Barwon Health, Monash University
  44. Scientific Failure and it’s connection to Funding failure
  45. Mind Control
  46. Social Media, information control, censorship
  47. (and so much more that I probably missed scrolling through)

So this is yet another paper that seems to match up with the same information I’ve been researching and many, many thousands of others. We all need to collate our information somewhere, on a wiki or similar, so we can fill in the missing gaps and create one big course that we can use to explain all the research to the rest of humanity, saving every individual from having to spend the thousands of hours we have. They need to get “caught up” on the evidence. And those with opposing views due to their own research also need to come along and share their evidence. We need to collate the provable evidence and figure out what we’re dealing with and how best to go about educating everyone and coming up with solutions.

How do we go about this do you think?


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