“We will never trust Science-Fiction again”


Collection of various clips as a reminder to never trust their science-fiction again, and to not forget what they did to all of humanity in the world’s largest mind-control operation.

World’s biggest Mind-Control op: “We will never trust Science Fiction again”

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June Slater with Dominique Samuels says she’ll never call people sheep:
We have had one of the biggest mind-control operations by international governments that have ever been known, so you can’t call someone a sheep when a powerful entity like the mainstream media like the BBC – a trusted voice – is telling you that X is Y.”

Andrew Tate calls out Piers Morgan

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Andrew Tate calls out Piers Morgan after he changed his tune… “he was only following the science”. #WeWontForget

Piers Morgan:
“.. its a perfectly valid point, people have – I think quite rightly, held me to task over some of the positions I took during the Covid Pandemic, notably when the scientists said as a definitive fact that you couldn’t transmit the virus if you had the vaccine, it turned out that wasn’t true, and I based my observations on that supposed fact, and said right, well in that case, if you refuse to be vaccinated, you shouldn’t get the same rights as people who’d been vaccinated— if it’s true that if you’re unjabbed you can pass it on, it turned out actually there’s not much difference whether you’ve been vaccinated or not, and at that point, I changed my mind… but I felt that there were a lot of people who were being deplatformed from Twitter at the time for questioning the validity of scientific statements, and there would then be a complete U-Turn, so I do think it was a very interesting period, actually, for testing what free speech means”.

Andrew Tate:
It was actually worse… you’re right, Piers, but it was actually worse than ‘interesting’, because what happens is [that] when you censor an entire side of the argument and only allowed one side of the argument to have a voice, you are changing reality in real time, you are shaping the world. The only reason that scam continued as long as it did, and the only reason people didn’t get to see their own parents get buried, and the only reason people sat in mass and missed-cancer appointments because they were scared of the common cold, was because they were censoring anybody that said anything contrary to the purported version of events [that] the mainstream media decided they wanted the entire world to swallow.

Eva to Piers Morgan “Do Better”

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Eva Vlaardingerbroek: “It is not the time for forgiveness, it is the time for justice….The backtrackers who are talking about forgiveness are forgetting the two steps that come before it: true repentance and accountability….And yes, I’m talking to you, Piers Morgan, do better

Hypocrite Trudeau: Standing up for your right’s and freedoms

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You make me want to vomit Trudeau. We won’t forget.

‘Pandemic Amnesty’: Do you Forgive and Forget?

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Kate talks through Pandemic Amnesty. This is a must-watch.

“F*CK OFF!” – Alan Joyce CEO of Qantas

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 Alan Joyce CEO of Qantas meets Aussie Cossack – 15 Nov, 2022

We Won’t Forget | How you locked-up our elderly “to keep them safe”

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We Won’t Forget | Locking us out of health system

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“To protect the health system we’ve got everybody locked-down… we’re going to move to a situation where, to protect the health system, we’re going to “lock out” people who are not vaccinated.”

“If you’re making the choice not to get vaccinated, as this becomes absolutely a pandemic of the unvaccinated, it’s not going to be safe for people who are not vaccinated to be roaming around the place spreading the virus

“but yes, there’s going to be a vaccinated economy, go and get vaccinated

“That is to say, you’ll be in the queue behind 12 year olds”

~ Victorian Premier, Sadistic Daniel Andrews / Satan’s right arm / CCP-Puppet.

We won’t forget | Your Christmas Segregation Campaign

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We won’t forget your campaign to keep the truth from reaching our loved ones.

We won’t forget | How you tagged the world with magnetic injections

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Why There Can Be No Pandemic Amnesty


With so many calls for a ‘covid amnesty’, let’s get one thing clear: amnesty is only for the guilty. 

We may forgive, after wrong-doings have been admitted and corrected so that it never happens again, and we may help you heal after the world’s biggest mind-control operation engulfed you, but we won’t forget what they did to humanity and our entire world.

See also: They Want Australians ‘To Forget’ About The Last Two Years Of “Keeping Us Safe“ [Police]

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