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Police in Canada have gone full-psychosis this week as they obediently follow unlawful orders from globalist tyrants and steal (“confiscate”) fuel, trucks and vehicles, freeze bank accounts and crowd-funding, illegally arrest, bash, and abuse their fellow humans, and ride horses through crowds. They’re either complicate prostitutes who have sold their soul and will do anything for money or are they completely clueless to what this is actually about and are under the same sickness; this mind-control / mass-psychosis that has overcome a lot of the people in the world.

Woman called for Peace, Love & Happiness moments before being Trampled by Horse

(Despite concerns that she died, she’s ok…)

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Woman called for Peace, Love & Happiness before being Trampled by Police Horse. Apparently she’s ok – in hospital with a dislocated shoulder.

Update : Interview with Candice Sero Aboriginal Protester who was trampled by Toronto Horse Unit in Ottawa – YouTube | Rumble | Article

78 year old great-grandfather detained & brutalized for violating a ban “that was imposed only that day” on honking car horns in support of the passing Freedom Convoy.

Gerry Charlebois, a 4′ 10″ tall 78 year-old retired janitor gave a brief, but suddenly illegal, honk as Freedom Convoy truckers passed his car. For that, he was brutalized. Video commentary | Article | Article

Ottawa Mayor “We’ll sell the trucks we stole from protestors”

Rumble | Twitter

After confiscating trucks and vehicles in Ottawa, Mayor Jim Watson says he will *sell* the trucks and vehicle he stole from freedom protesters 

Christian Terhes – Europeon MP: “Trudeau acting like a tyrant”

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Romanian MEP @CristianTerhes absolutely mops the floor with PM @JustinTrudeau in Brussels this week over how he’s handling the Ottawa #FreedomConvoy2022 protests. “He’s exactly like a tyrant, a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania,” said Terhes. 

Ottawa Attorney urges police to “Stand with the People”

Rumble | Telegram

Ottawa Attorneys urge the police to side with the people and not the government.

  • Retired Canadian Officer asks Police to stand down Rumble | Post
  • Military Pilot to Canadian Police & Convoy “This is Stupid” Rumble | Post
  • Former Canadian Military & Police ask Retired Veterans to Come to Ottawa Rumble | Post
  • Canadian Police Officer calls for Chief to Resign #ConvoyToOttawa Rumble | Post
  • Canadian Police Officer Gets Pissed Off! #HoldTheLine Rumble | Post
  • Canadian Officer Nick Motycka “It is time to stand up and speak out” Rumble | Post
  • Retired RCMP officer Mark Foreman to Canadian Police Rumble | Post
  • Canadian Officer “I support you guys 100%” #FreedomConvoy Rumble | Post
  • Canadian Pathologist Dr. Roger Hopkinson to the Canadian Convoy Rumble | Post

“We don’t speak tear gas” Protestor to CBC News.

Canadian protestors want a discussion, they want to be heard, and instead are abused and treated as unwelcome criminals.


Protestor speaks to Global News reporter. “We don’t speak tear gas, we don’t speak baton,… we speak English and French.”

“You tell them… that there are people here, who are here for the right reasons – to fix Canada. And let me ask you this… You think the guy up in that tower is here to help Canada or is he here to protect his own personal interest – what do you think? Is he here for me? Because I tell ya…

We came here and we were here for four weeks, and you know why we stayed for four weeks? Because nobody listened and nobody spoke to us. They call it an occupation – the only reason we stayed here that long is because there was no dialogue. We don’t speak tear gas, we don’t speak batons, we don’t speak horse. We speak English and French.

And I have kids and I just want to – it’s not for me, it’s for my kids. They’re going to segregate my kids from society because I won’t get them a QR Code. You better choose your side of history, sir. Choose your side.”

Canadian Protestors are there Lawfully – says the guy that Co-Authored the Charter of Rights and says it’s Trudeau that is being unlawful.

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Powerful speech from Brian Peckford, the last living signer of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, at the Freedom Convoy protest in Victoria, British Columbia. Brian Peckford, former premier of Newfoundland and the last surviving architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, at the Freedom Convoy rally in Ottawa on Feb. 12, 2022:

‘Section 1 of Charter Being ‘Illegally’ Used by Governments.

Let us declare to the world today that we have a right to be right here. Let us declare to the world and to the prime minister and all the premiers of Canada that we have rights and freedoms that they cannot take away from us.”

  • Canadian Protestors are there Lawfully – says the guy that Co-Authored the Charter of Rights and says it’s Trudeau that is being unlawful. Rumble | Telegram | Post
  • Full Article, Full Speech
  • Brian Peckford – Last Living Architect of Canada’s Charter of Rights – launching a lawsuit Rumble | Post | Telegram
  • Brian Peckford – We had to take Canadian PM (Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s father) to Court in 1981 Rumble | Post | YouTube

Message to #FreedomConvoy2022 in Canada from Croatian MEP & Former Judge Mislav Kolakušić

The intention of Canadian PM Trudeau to freeze the bank accounts of citizens who oppose his insane measures without a court order and at his own discretion is deeply frightening and disgusting. Citizens of Canada, oppose these authoritarian measures and withdraw your money from the banks.

Get beyond Covid-Lala-Land & learn what this is really about!

Canadian politician Jason Kenney on Great Reset by Globalist Hypocrites

Premier of Alberta, Canada Jason Kenney said last year that Klaus Schwab sent out a copy of his Great Reset book to him and probably every government world leader. Rumble | Telegram

Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum “More than half Canadian Cabinet is from us”

2017 “What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders… Like Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau – we penetrate the cabinets – yesterday at a reception for Justin Trudeau, more than half of the cabinet was from our young economic forum.” Rumble | Post

Justin Trudeau “You sold us out to Globalism – We know what you are doing”

Brave Canadian woman stands up to Justin Trudeau “You sold us out to globalism – you are not working for Canada – you are working for your Globalist Partners, I Wonder how much they’re paying you to betray Canada. What do we do with traitors in Canada Mr Trudeau? We used to hang them for treason, and you are doing that very same thing to us now. We know what you are doing.” Rumble | YouTube

Police Posts:

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