Dear Global Citizens (Human “Slave Force” & “Lab-Rats”) [RANT]

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At the start of this dystopian nightmare, I was “strictly mainstream science” on the whole Covid-19 thing, even though there were many red flags. I was as fearful as they “told us to be”, I locked myself in my home, I trusted the fake-checkers whenever a doubt came up, and at the same time was optimistic and semi-trusting that it was just going to be a temporary few weeks (or at most “months”) of a “holiday away from the rat-race”.

That is, until the announcement of wanting to inject every single arm on the planet at the same time with something they apparently made from a computer model provided by China in “days”, the inability to ask questions, the wearing of masks in the middle of an outdoor paddock, and the censoring of all published science, medical professionals, and anyone providing antidotes and practical advice that contradicted their trillion-dollar experimental “global” so-called safe & effective for “everyone including pregnant women and immunocompromised” solution. Something smelt funky.

This kicked me out of lala-land and into high-gear research-mode, in a much more urgent, time-critical, focused, and “determined to get to the truth” way. The world had gone mad, and I needed to learn all I could about why they thought testing something new on the entire population was “the only option” when I’d already found 100s of things that were safer, cheaper, and much more easily accessible to everyone — within the very “science” they were telling us to trust. The “health advice” provided by the media made no sense; it contradicted everything we know about staying healthy. Why would they deny early treatment or deny any medical treatment until they were nearly-dead?

As I moved through “the science,” comparing it to “the media,” I have slowly come to face the reality that the world is not what we thought it was.

We have been lied to about every aspect of our lives: history, medicine, viruses, science, media, the internet, banking, government, education, fossil fuels, climate change, and so on. Every aspect of our lives is a lie to enslave us.

No wonder people have a hard time figuring out what this is, or who is behind it – there are so many involved – even you, me and our loved ones, it’s almost insurmountable, and it starts with those who figured out how to get humans to do their bidding by all kinds of psychological manipulation over many generations, but particularly the past century.

We are all victims of human trafficking; we are and always have been the “slave race”. We are the “slave force” to a few thousand corrupt psychopaths who figured out how to take control of the world.

CovID-19 (Certificate of Vaccination—ID—2019) is the largest operation to date. It includes rounding up the slaves, which are as easy to manipulate as rats, and mass tagging, experimenting, weaponizing, culling, fencing, and “playing God with” the entire human-slave-force to be controllable from a central location.

The central location starts from the IMF and the BIS and goes up the ladders from there to the most evil, heartless, soulless, psychopaths who truly believe “they own you” and “everything on this planet” and they don’t give two-fucks who lives or dies in this operation. They don’t even see us as human; we are lab-rats, parasites, and commodities. We are also “too many”, and there are “too many waking up”. We’re useless to them unless we serve them, and even then we’re getting less and less useful to them as we create artificial intelligence, drones, and robots that are far easier to control than pesky humans with a conscience.

Of course you’ve heard of the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and DAVOS, the World Health Organization, and the World Bank etc. These are just tools and weapons in their arsenal. They are far lower down the chain than those who control every aspect of our lives; all were created by the same psychos and have been under their control since their inception.

I would love to go back to “living a normal life” as a human, but none us have ever experienced a true “normal” human life: the world we grew up in was always a lie.

This system has been controlled far longer than I’ve been alive, and the only way we can make “heaven on earth” is to first take a minute to deal with these psychos and their systems and policies which have turned us all into their lab-rats and slave-force and who are in the process of mass-culling: a.) all those who stand in their way, which not only includes those who see through the lie, but those from the ‘middle-to-upper class’, particularly those who have their own businesses or who can become competitors or find work-arounds to their enslavement plans, b.) those they consider useless to them, i.e. the “weakest” and most vulnerable, those who cannot contribute to their slave-force (the elderly, the sick, the disabled, and those educated in careers they intend to remove from the planet), and c.) those who are too dumb to figure it out (some sick and twisted Eugenics mindset they have where they blatantly announce what they are doing and if you still choose to “eat the poison apple” after they’ve admitted it’s poison, or still choose to enslave yourselves, then you are somewhat agreeing to your own death or enslavement and don’t deserve a “spot on their ship”.)

Even though some of the initial instigators are long-dead, their policies, psychology, and the “reigns” of the human trafficking control-system have been handed-over to others, the so-called “Order” and it’s agenda’s are handed-down from generation to generation, and this is now running on auto-pilot, as each generation born into these controlling “Family’s” have been programmed by their own kin, who, with their inherited wealth, power and infiltrated ‘elitist’ minds, are trained in, and continue to find new and more effective ways to enslave humanity further and further (mostly by allowing you to believe you are already free and that everything they do is “for your safety and protection”), and there are also always other opportunists who are also trying to take advantage, but most of the evil that is being inflicted upon us, that have enslaved us, are from the same original bloodlines and their recruits, each with the “we own the planet” mindset, being “bred” to keep the power and to “move up the ranks”, and to not see us as “people”, but more as commodities.

The “controllers”, or whatever you want to call them, are “all in” on this. We are not going to see a back-track or cover-up this time: this is it. It doesn’t stop until they have complete central control of every aspect of our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. This is the last chance humanity has to wake-up to their enslavement before it will no longer be possible.

However, their censorship, speed and desperation, has also been their downfall. Never before in history have millions of us been awake at the same time. For the first time in human history, we can “see the chess board” that we were blind to before. So now we have a window of opportunity to figure out what we do about it; other than to help wake and protect the others; what can we do to help free the human race from this dystopian future they have planned?

Once upon a time, you could have slaves, and you just needed to keep them alive with food and shelter. Well, now we’ve enslaved ourselves and can barely afford food and shelter. You don’t need to chain your slaves up if you can convince the slaves that they aren’t slaves at all, if you can figure out how to make the stupid humans “willing” slaves.

What’s changed other than the psychology that makes you believe you are “choosing” this? There is no money; there’s just a slave-trade, a world-wide slave trade system. And we’re to blame (those who can see it) because we DO NOTHING about it—we keep it going and refuse to stand up.

Some are obediently and faithfully waiting for some “saviour” to come in and “save” us, when we can save ourselves if we stop being so easily mind-controlled, come together, and do something about it. It’s the only way. They divide us on purpose; we’re so easy to manipulate if we’re isolated by “us and them” lies, getting us to turn against each other, when the real “us and them” are “us,” (the people of humanity who have been tricked into our own enslavement) vs. “them,” (the enslavers, the controllers, the abusers, the soulless evil psychopaths).

Once they figured out that humans can be conditioned as easily as rats, the self-proclaimed elite took control of the world and became our “enslavers.” Apparently, we all have our “price.” And apparently we’re very trusting. And apparently we can be fooled, manipulated, threatened, and “educated” to chain ourselves if we perceive it as a benefit, believe we are powerless to do anything about it, or if the truth is kept hidden so we don’t notice the chains, and can’t even see the game being played.

They control all the information we have access to, they control “science,” they control “the media,” they control “the education system,” and they control “the internet.” They feed our belief-systems and psychology.

They surveil all company secrets and invention ideas (the publishing houses, the intellectual property patent office, every keystroke on your computer, every phone conversation, every search look-up). There is no “unique idea” you have that they can’t take and use themselves or make “disappear” if it’s going to be a problem for their global enslavement system.

They also realized early on that “everyone has a price at which they can be bought,” making it relatively simple to build your empire and take control of any industry, government, company, or individual. If you refuse their offer, you can easily be destroyed with bribery, lies, or setups, and there are always those who are willing to do their bidding for the final solution. If your skills or influence are considered useful to them, you might get lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to be “brought into the fold” and made to believe you are “one of them.” But you are just another mind-controlled fool; a tool for them to use for their own agenda. I highly doubt they trust each other, even if they are collaborating for mutual benefit.

This octopus, this human slavery system, can never end until people stop sacrificing their integrity and ethics for money. Stop “selling your soul.”

Their mentality is “if we weren’t doing it, someone else would be; therefore, it might as well be me.” That mentality has permeated the minds of humanity, with each choosing to “take care of themselves” to the detriment of others.

  • There are people right now working in labs, creating bioweapons.
  • There are people building concentration camps.
  • There are journalists right now reporting “safe & effective” news about corrupt and deadly pharmaceuticals.
  • Your local pharmacy is injecting people with “unknown experimental substances” and go to bed at night telling themselves they are providing a “service” or “saving lives”.
  • There are doctors prescribing things the “computer” told them to prescribe, even after seeing with their own eyes hundreds or thousands of patients doing “worse” on those treatments.
  • There are labs going along with the PCR-lie because they get paid very well to shut up and go with it.
  • There are people in health agencies who have to “ignore critical science” to make their pharma-bosses happy.
  • There are those we elected to represent us in government who are voting against the people, because if they didn’t, their state wouldn’t get any funding because it’s all Federally controlled.
  • There are people in your local supermarket throwing out food.
  • There are people in your local BigW & Target cutting up and binning clothes because of a “spelling error”.
  • There are hospice workers murdering patients because they are following genocidal policies.
  • There are teachers who are indoctrinating, brainwashing, and dumbing down the population by omitting the truth, and giving them “repeat after me” falsified lessons which turns the future of humanity into an “obedient slave-force”, instead of teaching them how to think for themselves, question history, locate the truth, have a sense of morality, and provide skills, common sense, and courage to become incorruptible future leaders and ethical members of society.
  • There are police arresting people for speaking the truth.
  • There are editors removing scientific evidence that contradicts or calls out the corruption of their largest funders.
  • There are security guards escorting parents out of hospitals.
  • There are researchers taking money to fake scientific end-goals.
  • There are telecommunications officers installing weapons all over the country.
  • There are fake-checkers getting paid to smear and twist the truth.
  • There are people in Wikipedia literally re-writing history on the fly.

These people are us. We are their stupid slaves, doing their bidding. We are the stupid idiots selling our souls to do the work of evil fucking psychopaths. We are the “corruptibles” who are killing humanity. They could not do this without us; at least, up until now, they needed us. We are very close to missing our one and only “last chance” to do something because they are very close to not needing us anymore. They enlisted humans to make humanity unnecessary: to make robots, advanced artificial intelligence, digital fake-currency, global surveillance systems, centrally controlled drones, and endless other types of weapons.

They are so close to no longer needing all these stupid humans to do their bidding; maybe they are already there, but if not, they are minutes away.

This is not to instill fear but to empower courage, the very opposite of fear. If you can see through the mind-control and are doing nothing, you are at least partly responsible for every death you could’ve prevented and the future enslavement of the innocent people who can’t see outside of the mind-control.

This is the time to stand up for something instead of being a coward—quivering, obedient, pathetic little slave—selling your soul for money, skipping through daisies, or deliberately ignoring the mass genocide happening right in front of you; hoping some invisible force is real and comes to “save” you. Some of you are acting like the devil you proclaim to oppose. Even if any religious prophecy is real, what makes you think you are worthy of saving when you allow your brothers, sisters, and children to be enslaved, murdered, tortured, abused, and mind-controlled? How did you end up with the same mindset as an evil globalist psycho?

If you KNOW what is going on and do nothing about it, thinking only of you and yours, why should anyone come and save YOU when you do nothing but perpetuate this evil force by remaining silent, doing nothing, and continue to do evil’s bidding by selling your soul for a dollar? You willingly “choose” to comply with the very evil that is destroying everything good about humanity.

You are doing this, as are people in your family. It’s YOU and your family members who are keeping us enslaved. It’s YOU who are enslaving future generations. It’s “you, me, and everyone on Team Humanity” that is helping evil win.

Obedient. Stupid. Brainwashed. Slaves. Cowards.


You, either currently or in one of your previous jobs, or someone in your family, are responsible for the enslavement of innocent children. There are not many careers you can have where they haven’t had us do their bidding for this human-trafficking agenda. You have friends that work in banks, that work in marketing, that work in I.T., that work at IBM, Intel, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, or that work for the United Nations, UNICEF, Red Cross, or anything to do with the “government & corporate overtaken version” of the “Sustainable Development” movement.

  • You or someone you love right now are teaching lies and propaganda to the future generations.
  • You or someone you love right now “takes care” of the aged, sick, or disabled, and obediently follows policy even if it may harm themselves or those in their care.
  • You or someone you know are on the take by these psychos to do research in Universities for their own decided-conclusion, or are choosing research topics with the most grant-money available.
  • You or someone you know works in or with the government or local councils and are not doing anything about any corruption or unfairness you witness in your daily lives.
  • You or someone you know adds pesticides or questionable ingredients to the food-source or gives pets or livestock poisons because some “policy” told you to.
  • You or someone you know is paid by the globalists to track-down and hunt those living in poverty to try and extract more money out of them, instead of calling out those same globalists that are robbing humanity blind by the TRILLIONS in plain site.
  • You or someone you know is working for employment agencies whose only task is to keep us enslaved.

We were born slaves, and we keep enslaving ourselves. We teach our children to be “good people” by defining that to mean an “obedient slave,” conforming to what “we” have been “conditioned and programmed” to believe is “good” for the “hive mind.”

Our “authorities” in every sector have been taken over or even created in the first place to work for the corrupt psychopaths, and we teach our children to obediently look up to, trust, and admire these “authorities,” which permeates this misguided trust and thereby the corruption through every industry they’ll ever get involved in. There’s no one left to question anything. Everyone’s just blindly following corrupt policies put forward by the most evil psychopaths on the planet, and we idly sit by and do nothing about it! Because we’re brainwashed to think that makes us a “good person” and those who question it are “troublemakers”! Are you kidding me? How easy it is to control us by telling us that being controlled is good for the community and that not being controlled is bad. lol. Fu*k. Too easy.

Every person on this planet has been enslaved by this evil system that has permeated our world and turned us all into monsters. It’s turning your heart off. It’s removing everything “good” about being human. Everything “good” about this wonderful earth is being destroyed because of this brainwashing, this selfishness, and this “I have to do what I have to do” mind-control that has “infected” us.

Stop selling your goddamn soul, and use your skills and experience for good – to turn this around.

This is pretty much the horrifying truth I’ve finally come to accept after they locked me in my home and forced me to do my own research.

This very basic truth explains how everyone is corruptible. To these psychopaths, the world is just a game, like Monopoly.

I believe that the “devil” is a representation or metaphor that accurately describes all those who are willing to sell their soul, their humanity, or their “goodness”—this innate knowing of what feels intuitively and morally “right”—for a perceived yet knowingly selfish benefit that comes to them at the expense or sacrifice of others.

How much time do you think we have when there are so many of you who are “awake” but are still “choosing” to work for the “devil”? At the very least, if you work for the devil, are you using your position for “good”—to grow a rose in that evil hellhole; to “change” that psychopathic culture; to unbrainwash your co-workers; to bring a “conscience” into these workplaces? Are you at least helping to wake up your fellow man in any way? Are you at least collecting and recording evidence? Are you at least one of the teachers helping kids “think”? Are you spreading love and kindness? Are you doing all you possibly can from where you are?

I know how hard this world is; we’ve been enslaved for so long, and I know that we’re each in seemingly impossible circumstances. It’s been this way for thousands of years, and it’s never been more controlled than it is now, but I don’t think there’s much time left.

Never in history have so many millions been awake to their enslavement, the lies, the corrupt medical systems, the policies, the banking system, and the various agenda’s they’re implementing at the same time. For the first time in history, we have the numbers to turn this around. But what if those numbers don’t do anything because they are all continuing to live the lie, and choosing to shut up and do nothing? Ignore it and hope “someone else” or “some greater force” comes to save the day? “Imagine ourselves” in another reality and hope that magically, the genocide and totalitarian dystopian enslavement that is happening all around us, isn’t actually happening?

This “Devil” or “evil philosophy” that deadens the hearts of those who throw humanity under the bus for their own gains, is also a “movement,” either a “real” religion or a “kind of” religion that represents almost the exact same sentiment, for these elite cults. The self-titled “Illuminati”, embraces Satanic-Luciferian “ideologies”; in which they actually engage in “rituals” to those they’ve recruited into the fold. Perhaps some of them truly believe in Lucifer, the Devil, Satan, or some other entity I’m unfamiliar with, and for all I know, it might be a real “otherworldly” thing, or they could’ve decided to “represent” some form of “anti-Christ”, to bring the prophecies into fruition for either evil purposes or on some level “to help with humanity’s awakening and evolvement” by being a “polarizing catalyst”, but… it could also just as easily be another psychological operation; another rouse to ensure those they are “recruiting” have “sacrificed their soul” for the movement; a way to prove allegiance or as a powerful weapon of control. Humans are extremely easy to manipulate, even the self-proclaimed “elite” or “wannabe elites”, and this could be something they actually believe or just another method used to enslave people they don’t trust but need to recruit for their end-game. (Or, all of the above, or any combination of.)

They recruit people they need into these cults and get them to do something “inhumane” or “unthinkable” (to those who have a conscience) to prove they are willing to do whatever is asked of them in exchange for wealth, power, or fame. And now these intelligent but cruel psychopaths have the ultimate leverage to use against them should any of them “have a change of heart” and want to turn on them or leave the cult with all their secrets—keeping them enslaved via bribery for fear of being outed for the “evil” they have committed and for fear of being “killed” for the dark-secrets they know—a brilliant way to ensure that each member of the cult is constantly keeping each other in check and self-policing one another around the world—as well as the fear of “losing” everything they “gained” as a member (wealth, power, fame, stature). They are prisoners of their own making too; all of us are slaves.

You may disagree, but I truly believe that only we—you, me, and each of us individually—can save humanity from this evil force—this enslavement system—this “in-your-face” and globally-accepted “human trafficking operation.” We all need to stop being so easily brainwashable and programmable, selling our souls for money, being so easily “bought,” and participating in this disgusting evil agenda.

It took less than 200 years for them to completely control the entire planet and turn every human on this earth into their willing slaves. We’ve been enslaved for thousands of years, but what was put in place just in the past couple of hundred years is now working on “autopilot” since they took over banking, governments, policies, education, science, medicine, information technology, agriculture, retail (all “essential” industries), and the climate agenda.

Those that started this have also enslaved themselves; this “thing” they created is out of control; it runs itself now, and in less than 10 years, humanity will be gone and replaced with non-thinking zombies and robots. It’s already happening, and it’s going to get worse. We, the people who can see what has happened, must devise a new plan to free humanity.

I know some of you are true believers and really believe someone is coming to save us, but even though I “desperately hope you are right,” I tend to believe more in any philosophy of “doing God’s work,” i.e., taking “action” to help bring “Good” and “morality” and the best of “humanity” back into the world, rather than solely relying on an external force to come in and save us while at the same time watching your fellow humans suffer. As in, I find it bizarre to see people say they are Christian, religious, or spiritual but yet do nothing to help what we are currently witnessing, just praying and hoping that they are one of the lucky “chosen” ones that God will save. How can you observe the suffering of others or continue to partake in the evil in the world by continuing to be complicit in it, by doing or saying nothing, and still call yourself a good Christian and think you’re going to be saved?

I met someone a few months ago who called himself a devote Christian while throwing rocks at his neighbour’s garage door whenever they were loud. He hates EVERYONE except God. Other Christian friends who only send love to each other and “fuck the rest.” And then I have beautiful Christian friends who really care about what’s going on in the world and want to help. The same is true across all religions, spiritual philosophies, and people who are not religious at all but feel compelled to “do good” because they don’t need a book to tell them that something evil has infiltrated our world and that “we are the change we’ve been waiting for”, and that change needs to happen “now”.

We can’t know if religion was created to control the human slaves; another psychological tactic to keep us weak, meek, and enslaved. The minds of men have always been easy to manipulate, and so we have probably been enslaved spiritually and materialistically as far back in time anyone can go. I don’t know everything; every day I learn something about the world I didn’t previously know and have to constantly laugh at “old me” for the programming I had, and no doubt there are some of you research veterans out there laughing at how little I know on this journey to truth. Facts about the world change, the more data you are exposed to. All of the spiritual and religious movements that have arisen over the years that encourage you to focus on “rainbows and butterflies” and ignore what is going on and just think “positive thoughts”—something I also fell for—could simply be another powerful and ingenious manipulation technique to keep us enslaved.

Not to say that we shouldn’t be bringing in the positive and all that’s good in the world, and I’m not saying we need to live in Doomsday fear either. It’s like, I think some people get a little bit too convinced that they can “click their heels 3 times” and none of what we are seeing all around us is actually happening, like a different level of psychosis; that somehow if you bury the truth and “really focus hard” to “believe it’s not really happening”, that somehow, magically, it isn’t happening.

I think we’re so mind-controlled or shocked about the level of evil humans can be enticed into doing, that we will take some of these spiritual ideas too far, to escape the reality and our duty to help the innocent who are trapped and fallen; where we risk falling into a different type of trap where we can somehow convince ourselves that if we ignore that there are people being harmed, enslaved, and suffering all around us, and just “focus on the good” or “raising our vibration”, that we are somehow switching realities and thereby helping them to not be harmed. I think that actually sounds like something we can be hypnotized into believing, another kind of psychosis. I think we are still enslaving future innocence by doing nothing pro-active to “use the force of good” to create a very real and “physical” escape route and “real” solutions for others and ourselves to get “out of this enslavement”.

We are so easily fooled, so easily programmed, and so easy to manipulate. So gullible. So trusting. So mind-controlled. So enslaved. As soon as humanity recognizes just how manipulable we are, we may at least have a chance to turn this around. If you don’t even know that you are being mind-controlled, you can’t even know how to look out for it, or to find the “off-switch”, and do what you need to do to get control over your own mind again.

There’s nothing wrong with having a philosophy that inspires the good in you to permeate the world, that makes you live from the soul, the stuff that’s weaved into these bibles and philosophies that resonate with our “goodness,” but to believe they haven’t weaponized them to keep us meek and enslaved is a bit naïve, given what we now know about mind-control and how long they’ve controlled the world. Especially when they are written through man’s distortions and filters and after many years of circulation before being placed in written form and distributed across the lands. Of course they have manipulated it. Of course they hand-picked their scholars to manipulate them. Of course, they told you that it is the word of God. That’s not to say “throw out the Bible”; there are a lot of great things in it that empower the best in people, that encourage morality, ethics, and love for one another, and for all I know, I could be wrong. I could be just as easily swayed or influenceable as anyone else on the planet, but at the very least, we should be wary that ALL religions and spiritual movements have quite possibly been infiltrated because they’ve told us that’s exactly what they intended to do. At the very least, if you are aware of the lengths to which this evil will go to keep humanity under their control, you can still use your discernment and “soul” when making everyday life decisions and not blindly or mindlessly obey some pastor who may not be working for “Team Humanity,” “God,” or “Good” anymore.

Be “good,” be like the “God” you imagine Him to be, and do the actual “right thing”—not what they are “brainwashing” you to think is the right thing. They are telling you the “right thing” is to “hate” others, stay small, live in fear, and just “focus on the saviour, or focus on positive thinking,” and it will all work out.

Empower yourself and your community to liberate future generations because the situation is out of control and no one is coming to save us, and if they are, “good, great, fantastic”—I would love to be wrong about that, and there is a part of me that “wants to believe” because I am just as manipulatable or hopeful as anyone else. There is part of me that wants to believe there is “someone or something” who is going to come in and save us, or that just by “thinking” optimistically, we’re going to somehow magically manipulate and change the reality of what is happening. But I believe there’s also a part of me that can be manipulated in this way because I don’t want to believe or face what I’m seeing with my own eyes. I don’t want to believe that there is this much evil, enslavement, and unnecessary human suffering because of a few greedy psychos who think they own us; who “inherited” us and this planet. There’s a part of me that wants to believe in the simulation theory too, and loves learning about it. There’s part of me that is very, very spiritual and hopeful.

There’s a part in me and I believe in everyone that wants to ignore the woes of the world and makes you live in a delusional reality of rainbows and butterflies. I like that place. I enjoy swimming around in that imaginary world. I love how it makes me feel. But at the end of the day, it’s like watching a good movie. I’m still enslaved. Future generations are still being enslaved. This world is getting worse and worse, and the enslavement is now fucking pointing a weapon right at us 24/7, and we’re doing nothing about it – we’re still choosing fantasy-lala land whilst the prison we’re in gets smaller and smaller. Is it just because we can’t handle the truth of what we’ve allowed to happen to our world? That it’s just too horrible or too big to face? How are we going to change this if we are living in fantasy-lala-land? Ignoring what is going on? Allowing this abuse to continue.

It’s okay, “let’s just think happy thoughts,” and then we don’t have to face it. I go through phases and will most likely go through them again, but right now I’m thinking, “Wow, what a fantastic way to enslave the “free spirited.” Just tell them “they are already free”, or to “think” they are free. lol. Today I’m like, “Yep, we are soooooo easy to control.” It’s so simple.

I’ve had spiritual experiences that can be confused or interpreted based on religions and spiritual philosophies, where I felt “one with the Creator and a love for all that is,” but maybe it’s just our core humanity coming out, or maybe I interpreted it that way because I “hoped it was true.”

That moment when you realize – a kind of true awakening – that something is very wrong with the world; that it wasn’t meant to be this way; and that you really do love humanity, all the good about humanity and the moment of clarity when you realize how wonderful this world would be and could be if we weren’t enslaved by this system, that moment when you see wonderful potential and innocence in the children- a world of infinite possibilities in their purity, their innocent, trusting, and smiling eyes–right before the world; this enslavement system; corrupts, hurts, and entraps them into the same enslavement you are in; usually by our own hand or direction; passing on our own programming. Those poor souls, born into slavery, who have inherited our debts and corrupt and obedient “she’ll be right, the government wants the best for us, the media wouldn’t lie to us, go to school and get a good education”, get yourself into debt with the globalists as early as possible and “get a good job”.

There is an awakening that happens to some of us, where you see the hidden hand, and you see how powerful we are, and the solutions to this enslavement are everywhere. Gratitude fills your soul when you look at nature; it never looked so vivid and miraculous. Every blade of grass is beloved. Every human. Every flower. Every part of the world is seen with new eyes. You see the world in a “heavenly” “miraculous” way – the way it truly is and could be for everyone, if evil hadn’t permeated the minds and lands, and turned us all into slaves.

This world can be a heaven on earth. This world can be wonderful for “everyone.” Future generations do not need to be born into slavery. The corruption, manipulation, and evil have spread too far, and the control has us all controlled; even the self-proclaimed “elite” are entrapped in the prison they made for us, albeit suffering in different ways. Even those enslaved by the elite’s inner-circles need to help stop what’s coming.

Never before in history have so many people been awakened to their enslavement.

This is the time we “should” all be coming together and making a “course-correction” to stop what’s coming, which is just so automatic right now because all the “fake-money” they pulled out of thin air is being pumped full-steam ahead into our further enslavement; and their own.

I wish I’d done something years ago before I “went back to sleep.”

This future we are helping to co-create isn’t going to be good for anyone.

We’re fighting a powerful self-enslavement system that is being created by those who refuse to see it and/or by those who are under mind-control; the very people we are trying to help are busy building their children’s future prisons. We need to figure out how to wake these people up.

I don’t think I’ll live to see the results of what we start to do now, but I also don’t see any other choice than to do something now for the future of humanity before they brainwash everyone into this Human 2.0 dystopia where they are no longer human at all but just machine-hybrids, heartless, mindless, soulless, emotionless zombie-slaves.

Their dystopian plans will happen because you, me, and all the people in our lives all choose to throw humanity under the bus for a “temporary coupon.”

This stops when we start to work together to actively create pathways out of enslavement. It’s not an overnight fix; it’s hard, thankless work, and all the while we’ll have those we are trying to help chasing us, beating us down with sticks, biting us, gnashing their teeth, setting us on fire, and sending all their misguided fury at us!—those doing everything we can to try and free them—instead of those that are keeping them enslaved! lol. What a world. What a task! But what choice do we have that doesn’t doom future generations to an enslavement worse than we can ever imagine?

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