[Rant] ‘Think’ next time… (and there will be a next time).

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Remember when they told us that all this new surveillance installed everywhere wasn’t being used for what was advertised (and people still checked-in to “be a good citizen”).

‘Think’ next time… (and there will be a next time).

I personally could not believe the response from people when I told them that they had literally announced / come clean that they weren’t using it for covid tracing and they said they knew that, but then out of their mouths came “but we still have to comply”.

Can you even comprehend that? I had no words. They knew it wasn’t being used to help the health system and still “complied”. What do you say to these kinds of people? It was like talking to a brick wall.

There’s something profoundly wrong with the minds of our good citizens—scared to death or hypnotized by the media, but something is missing.

Start checking things for yourself when things make no sense, start thinking / questioning before automatically-following-because we have a small window of time before you permanently give your mind away to others and live a complete fakery of a life, with only group-think/hive-minds allowed – perhaps waving your friends & family off or jumping in yourself if they tell you it’s for your own good?

We may not be around to see the kind of world this will create for future generations, but why aren’t you even considering “today’s actions” with the “future-consequences”?

How can anyone still be stuck in COVID-LALA-LAND? There are literally hundreds of things that have been published since the beginning that can help you if you get sick-most of which are probably already in your home.

Why would anyone still believe Gates, Tedros, or Pfizer over the hundreds of thousands of those publications that show a better and much safer and effective way?

How does anyone believe the headline case-counts when they are telling you that a case is counted if they are hospitalized for falling off their bicycle or have no viral load—i.e., not at all infectious?

The doctors may take the longest to see it because they are completely indoctrinated, threatened, overworked, and have trusted the system their entire careers—too reliant on the system to check for themselves…


—but the public, everyone else, should catch-up because there are far more concerning things that you are ignoring because you are stuck in a media-created-hysteria world—a delusion.

I know the media is a powerful weapon-the most powerful weapon, but it’s been over 2 years now. At some point, you’re going to have to face the enormity of what is happening outside of the media-delusion-outside of “Hollywood”, and the longer you put it off and pretend it isn’t happening, the worse it’s going to be when the light finally switches on and you see it.


How can anyone still trust the WEF/WHO/CDC/FDA/UN etc after all that’s come out-that’s provable and obvious-even with all their lies and data-fraud, “science” is not in their favour…

It’s mind-boggling to me that people would rather argue with each other and give their minds over to the media than just do a little double-check themselves—a deeper-dive than just a lazy google search or fact-checker headline—go beyond that to break through the spell. (At least, I hope that’s all that is needed because it’s beyond me why the whole world is still ‘taking sides’ instead of working together to resolve this little globalist-takeover problem we find ourselves in.)


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