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Today’s research took me unexpectedly down a “self-assembling nanotech” rabbit hole, and this is my “scratchpad” of notes I took following the white rabbit… it connects one of the signatories of the Lancet’s “quackery” letter at the start of the pandemic (that demonized “early-treatment”), with self-assembling graphene nanotechnology, quantum dots, DARPA, the ONS, and military-funded research to do with Self-assembled Computer Circuits and the blending of nanotech with living cells to connect the whole-body to a nano-network…. every day we find out just how much about this world we know nothing about.

Is Marya Lieberman any relation to Charles Lieber? It’s so weird how I come across these things. I know the names are not the same, and it’s probably just a coincidence, but hear me out anyway… she has heaps of papers on self-assembling graphene nanotechnology and quantum dots, and she was one of the scientists who put out that famous Lancet letter that stopped the world from using HCQ early in the pandemic… and she was a program chair of DARPA/ONS/Military-sponsored “Nanoscience: Self-Assembled Architectures and Devices” workshops way back in the early 2000s.

There’s at least “something” interesting here.

You never know where my research is going to take me on any given day….

I was trying to find a missing DARPA conference file (on my teslaphoresis post), and whilst looking for other papers referencing (and hopefully directly linking to) the file, I came across one titled “High-Resolution Electron Beam Lithography and DNA Nano-Patterning for Molecular QCA by Marya Lieberman,” and whilst scrolling to the reference section, this name caught my eye (most likely by the similarity of the last name “Lieberman” with the villain Charles “Lieber”).

Thinking at the time that the name sounded familiar, I had a look to see what else she had published on Google Scholar, with various paper titles capturing my interest:

  • Blockchain in Healthcare
  • COVID-19, chloroquine, HCQ, doxycycline
  • Graphene, chemically modified graphene, carbon atoms, & microtubes
  • Quantum-dot
  • Self-aligning and self orienting DNA origami
  • Self-Assembling, Selective Binding and Nanopatterning of: DNA nanostructures, circuit boards, poly ethylene glycol silane & nano-arrays
  • Nanocomposites characterized by frequency
  • Molecular electronics, nanoscience, and nanoelectronics

Famous Lancet “Early-Treatment Quackery” Letter that helped kill millions…

Obviously, the first one I clicked on was the COVID-19 one, and I found that she was one of the 56 signatories of the “Quackery letter” published to the Lancet in June 2020, discouraging the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 because “Supply chains for vital drugs for other diseases are being disrupted because they are being repurposed to use against COVID-19, without adequate supporting evidence. Without preparation for the quality assurance of diagnostic tests, drugs, and vaccines, the world risks a parallel pandemic of substandard and falsified products.

  1. COVID-19 and risks to the supply and quality of tests, drugs, and vaccines | Lancet | June 1, 2020
  2. List of the 56 Signatories

Fun-fact: Supply chains also get disrupted when you blow up the world’s second largest HCQ API factory, murder HCQ manufacturers, or lock up, threaten, and intimidate all the chemists making or supplying it.

And, Hmm… without “adequate supporting evidence”? … you mean in comparison to experimental injections and new drugs with no history of safety, completely unknown short-term and long-term effects, designed and rolled-out in “warp speed” by bypassing safety-checks under EUA, and skipping years of trials just for “COVID” when there was “no supporting evidence” of its existence outside of a computer model uploaded by China?

The domino effect that rippled out from this letter, is at the very minimum “democide”. #WeWontForget

Anyway, let’s move on…


Continuining on my quest to find the pdf for the 2004 Foundations of Nanoscience Conference Snowbird, Utah by DARPA, I found that she was actually the Program Chair of the 2009 and the 2011 Foundations of Nanoscience Conference Snowbird, Utah. I couldn’t find the conference notes for that one either (other than the session titles), but by looking further, I found that they have held these “DNA-based computers” and “Foundations of Nanoscience: Self-Assembled Architectures and Devicesworkshops every year since 1995!

You learn something new every day. I knew these topics had been studied since way back because of Lieber’s patents, and I knew this stuff had been weaponized because of the bioweapon lectures, but I never knew there were apparently lots of “experts” in these subjects 27 years ago or that they had yearly workshops sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (, whose job it is to literally weaponize this technology. As well as the Air Force, Navy, and Hewlett-Packard (yep, there’s a story there too you won’t believe!).

18 years ago, DARPA sponsored the 2004 conference.

The International Society For Nananoscale Science, Computation and Engineering (ISNSCE) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsored the 2005 conference. And if I had more time, I would go through them all and see if there’s any other names.

In 2014, it was sponsored by AFSORONR and the ARMY.

The 2009 conference was 13 years ago, has ISNSCE as the sponsor again, and listed the “Supporting Organizations” as:

Here’s a good spot to put in a “relevant, dot-connecting” blurb with a little background info about “Charles Lieber“: a specialist in the “blending of nanotech with living cells” who also created “self-assembling tiny electronic devices” (see “Liquid Computing”) way back in 2001.

He received millions of dollars in grant money from the US Department of Defence, specifically the military think tanks DARPA, AFOSR, and ONR, as well as NIH and MITRE.

He made headlines at the start of the “pandemic”: arrested for apparent fraud in collaboration with the Wuhan University of Technology (in other words, “double-dipping” from both sides).

(Although, I don’t think there’s such a thing as both sides anymore–it’s humanity vs some evil force/psychopaths who have no signs of humanity or place any value on any human life–the division is not country vs country, or jabbed vs unjabbed, or black vs white, or left vs right, or whatever else they’d like us believe). Digressing again..

He has 66 patents, which are being used as scaffolds and wires and nanosensors and semiconductors in vaccines, including wires that can be “grown.” His specialty is the use of silicon nanowires to monitor and modulate intracellular activity; something he has been working on at Harvard for the past twenty years, and one of his colleagues is a co-founder of Moderna.

In a nutshell, we’re talking some form of “weaponized transhumanism“, “virus/bacteria-sized bioweapons” with “close-connections to one of the Covid-19 vaccine-makers as well as Wuhan, and military think-tanks“, and he’s the world’s leading specialist of “under-the-skin surveillance“.
(I wish this was a “Movie synopsis” instead of “real life”)

Anyway, back to Lieberman…

Topics (of the 2009 conference):

  • Fullerene Nanostructures
  • Self-Assembled DNA Nanostructures
  • Self-Assembled Surface Chemistry
  • Viral Self-Assembly
  • Self-Assembly of Peptide-Protein Nanostructures
  • Nanoplasmonics & Nanophotovoltaics
  • Biomedical Nanotechnology
  • Molecular Motors
  • Self-assembled Computer Circuit and System Architectures
  • Self-Assembly Across Scales
  • Self-assembly with top-down methods such as lithography or an external patterning force (e.g., electromagnetic field or chemical gradient)
  • Computational Tools for Self-assembly
  • Principles and Theory of Self-Assembly

Just how far have they come since then? How much of this is weaponized? What else don’t we know?


Check out the abstracts for the 2022 DNA-28 conference and the descriptions of the topics for the 2022 Foundations of Nanoscience conference.

This is where we’re at now lol.

Next, I found out she wrote the first chapter “DNA Nanostructures” in The Nanobiotechnology Handbook back in 2012.

“The book begins with discussions of biomimetic nanotechnology, including a comprehensive overview of DNA nanostructure and DNA-inspired nanotechnology, aptamer-functionalized nanomaterials as artificial antibodies, artificial enzymes, molecular motors, and RNA structures and RNA-inspired nanotechnology. It shows how nanotechnology can be inspired by nature as well as adverse biological events in diagnostic and therapeutic development.”

DNA Nanostructures

“This chapter focuses on DNA as the major component for construction of relatively large nanostructures and designed materials, such as DNA-based tile arrays and DNA origami, rather than on the use of DNA as “smart glue.” The fabrication of objects on the 10–100 nm size scale is particularly challenging. The DNA needed to construct these nanostructures is synthesized de novo or harvested from natural sources and can be edited and amplified with standard biotechnology protocols and methods. Single-stranded DNA is the raw material used for construction of DNA nanostructures. It consists of DNA bases attached to 2-deoxyribose sugar units; these units are linked together through phosphodiester bonds between the 3′ and 5′ carbons on neighboring sugars.”

Other chapters are listed here, but a couple that caught my eye:

Virus-Based Nanobiotechnology

And then there was a “related” book on the side from 2013 titled Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, and Nanostructures which would probably be worth a serious look at if I had all the time in the world, which I don’t.

QCA (Quantum Cellular Automata) & Self-Assembling Circuits

Whilst looking up her papers and continuing on my quest to find that DARPA ref, I once again stumbled upon the great research done by Mik Anderson (Coron2Inspect – whose blog has ‘not surprisingly’ been removed but OrwellCity also translated a lot of his work into English).

Anyway, someone had Google-Translated his Spanish article into English here: Graphene Oxide & Nano-Router Circuitry in Covid Vaccines: Uncovering the True Purpose of These Mandatory Toxic Injections

In that post (which you should go and read because it’s too big to copy into this post), it compares the available “graphene, carbon nanotubes, nano-octopuses, mesoporous spheres, colloidal nano-robts, QCA, DNA nanopatterns, DNA Origimai, DNA Rafts, nanorouters, plasmonic nano-emitters, nano-antennas, electromagnetic nano-networks, etc.” research with the vial-contents found by Campra and others), and in it, he has referenced seven of Lieberman’s papers.

Brief notes:

  • Quantum dot cellular automata, also known as QCA (Quantum Cellular Automata), is an alternative for the replacement of technology based on transistors.
    • The basic units of QCA circuits are cells made of quantum dots. A point, in this context, is just a region where an electrical charge can be located or not. A cell QCA has four quantum dots located in the corners. Each cell has two free and moving electrons that can tunnel between the quantum dots. It is assumed that tunneling to the outside of the cell is not allowed due to a high barrier potential”. (01)
    • It is important to explain that QCA cell-based circuits can operate in several superimposed layers, which allows a 3D (three-dimensional) structure to create much more complex and compressed electronics.
  • The self-assembly of circuits is possible using QCA, or DNA Origami, or nanoscale waveguiding methods, but also because of something called DNA nanopatterns that Lieberman has many papers on above (actually her name comes up across all these methods).
    • DNA nanopatterns is where a template is created for the alignment of the quantum dots of graphene, forming the QCA cells, thereby generating the aforementioned circuitry,

Fig. 10. Self-assembly of a circuit with quantum dots from a DNA pattern. (Hu, W .; Sarveswaran, K .; Lieberman, M .; Bernstein, G.H. 2005) The lines of the circuit cables are very similar to those observed in the vaccine samples. (see “what’s in the vials?“)

  • According to (Hu, W .; Sarveswaran, K .; Lieberman, M .; Bernstein, GH 2005) “Four-tile DNA rafts have been successfully synthesized and characterized by the gel electrophoresis method in our previous work”
  • The electrical polarization process that causes teslaphoresis, on carbon nanotubes, graphene, quantum dots and other semiconductors,
    • This would confirm that teslaphoresis plays a fundamental role in the composition of circuits, along with DNA patterns.
      • If this is confirmed, it would mean that the circuits could self-assemble in the presence of electric fields or even the reception of electromagnetic waves (microwave EM).
    • The study by (Pillers, M .; Goss, V .; Lieberman, M. 2014) also confirms the construction of nanostructures and CQA using in this case graphene, graphene oxide (GO), electrophoresis and gel, causing controlled deposition in the areas indicated by the DNA pattern, reproducing results similar to those presented in the study by Hu and Sarveswaran, thus making it possible to create the electronic circuits already mentioned,

So after reading the above post, and finding the OrwellCity link for it, I also found another document by Mik Anderson, describing “all the components that are introduced into the body after each inoculation.

Diagram of the intra-corporal network.

View Post/Video and Download PDF

Together, they act as a network for monitoring the human body. On the one hand, we’re talking about monitoring and mapping. This is already worrying because you have been branded like cattle.

But the most worrying thing is neuro-stimulation. Remember it’s a router that can not only send out signals, but receive them.

In this case, these nanorouters will send information on vital signs, heart activity, attention, blood glucose level, etc. but you can also send signals to them.

Changes in biology or behavioural changes can occur as a result of attempting to send these signals.  

The images that you see here are extracted from the scientific literature and compared with the Pfizer vaccine images (obtained by Dr. Campra through optical and electron microscopy).

Components of the intra-body nano-network that have been identified are carbon nanotubes and their derivatives, graphene quantum dots, hydrogel swimmers, graphene fractal nanoantenna’s, nanorouters or nanocontrollers, CODEC or nanointerfaces.

That is, encoders to encrypt information in communication. Remember that we’re talking about a technology that’s being decrypted because it’s a very advanced military technology developed behind the backs of civil society.

In fact, 80% of civil society believes that this is a vaccine, so the first thing I say is to reset all of the information and provide the correct information, even if it is shocking. In the topology of the nano-network, we talk about nanonodes, nanosensors, nanocontrollers, and nanointerfaces.

Ricardo Delgado on Mik Andersons PDF

So once I saw that paper, I realized I was going to have to finish this DARPA/Lieberman rabbit hole and move onto a lot of new related posts.

You never know where following the white rabbit will take you on any given day lol.

Bloody hell. My brain hurts.

My guess is that we will find similar connections and conflict$ among all 56 signatories to that “Lancet” paper and among all those authors of the papers submitted to the DARPA workshops. That means that even if they didn’t “deliberately” create something that has now been injected into our loved ones or used for some other weapon, their work could’ve been weaponized by DARPA, the ONR, and other military think tanks simply by studying, sharing, and collaborating with them. There are many places we can go from here to try and figure it out.

And if it is proven that this stuff is actually in the vaccines and that their goal is to get this into the whole world by injection or by any number of other methods, such as “flu-mist” (and other new “vaccines” delivered by mosquito or lettuce, etc.) or things such as geo-engineering and our food and water supplies, then priority number one would be “How the hell do we get this “shite” out of everybody, including ourselves?”

I have a few posts where I’m collecting information about this; they’ll always be in the Solutions-Health section.

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