[RANT] Rockefeller’s 1994 Depopulation Speech

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Originally on the c-span post, I decided to make that post a bit smaller and make my rant about it in a new post :)

Normalize death,
encourage self-sterilization,
and lower the birth-rate

So how do you think they might of found a “satisfactory way of stabilizing world population in a manner that is sensitive to religious and moral considerations“… in other words, “Normalize Depopulation in a Civil way; or rather, in a way where we “happily comply with our own demise?


Housing Costs, Women's Lib, Mass-immigration, Monopolize Essentials...

Making the world a much harder place to live – impossible difficult to afford/take-care of children;

  • Both parents work full-time (i.e. women’s lib, gender equality, etc.)
  • Women working = Kids indoctrinated much earlier & “others/the state” brings them up, sets their values, shapes their minds & beliefs.
  • Can’t pay off a house in your lifetime.
  • Ever-increasing interest rates
  • Mass-immigration (from people fleeing the countries they are completely fucking over) pushing price of housing to fit a large family too high.
  • Allowing foreign countries to purchase land and housing.
  • Damage the food-supply and then raise the prices of food.
  • Raise the prices on everything – oil, food, water, electricity, gas…

Forced Sterilization - GMOs, Atrazine, Drugs, Geo-engineering, Agri-Policies...

Forced Sterilization

  • Water, franken-foods, corn, soy, herbicides, pesticides, GMO’s, Atrazine. (01) (02) (03) (04)
  • Popularize Fast-Foods that lack nutrition.
  • Turn the food pyramid upside down.
  • Toxic vaccinations of livestock and the human-vermin.
  • Drugs – both sides; legalized medicine and street drugs.
  • Geo-engineering.
  • Create policies that make it impossible for farmers to thrive.
  • EMF/ELF.

Normalize Self-Sterilization - sodomy, abortion, birth-control, jabs...

Normalize Sterilization

  • Normalize sodomy.
  • Normalize abortion and the morning-after pill.
  • “Family planning” clinics out-number any alternatives.
  • Fear-porn throughout academia, tell-lie-vision, and medical surgery’s about “sexually-transmitted diseases”—”Viruses, Viruses, Viruses! Hoo-Rah!”
  • Encouragement of birth-control and “fear of sex”
  • Preventative “vaccinations”
  • Birth-control implants/pills/hormone pills/patches/implants.
  • Normalize both Parents working full-time (Make zero kids the new normal)
    • (just like they made the 2.2 kids with the white-picket fence the ‘norm’ in my generation)
  • Propaganda, Propaganda, Propaganda

Brainwash & Traumatize the youth

Brainwash the youth

  • “Climate Action” in schools and kindergartens; normalize “Climate-change hysteria”.
  • Traumatizing children with adult-theme; like porn; & “drag-days” when they are still too young to be exposed to it.
  • “Gender-Confusion Movement”
    • Weird she/he/him/it/cat movement they seem to be throwing billions into, and making it a political hot-potato where if you speak out against this assault on the little kids—you are “racists” or “transphobe” or whatever other term.
    • Actually creating laws to jail parents who tell their children to wait until they’re older before deciding to have irreversible surgery to mutilate themselves into the opposite gender.
    • Where’s your brain? Think. (Meme that describes it best: “When I was young, I wanted to be a pirate.. lucky my parents didn’t let me chop off a leg and cut out an eye..”)
    • If you deliberately confuse ALL kids (and criminalize/scare all adults), you’re going to end up with hundreds of thousands of confused kids coming out of their trauma a decade later wondering what the hell happened (with the side-effect of not being able to have kids).
  • Hollyweird: constant repetition/messages of “single-life”, “wouldn’t want to bring a kid into this world”, “struggling families”, and “can’t afford children” narrative; as well as both parents working in the movies, and particularly “powerful women, in power positions”, as well as the “Synthetic Biology” futurism – normalizing the merging of humans with machine – normalizing super-strength and human-“upgrades”, etc.
  • Then there’s the music industry – “bubble-pop” celebrities who gather a young innocent following, switching over to demonic-hell-fire-worship-evil, and glorifying suicide, drugs, orgies/sodomy, revenge/anger, and depression.
  • And don’t forget BigTech – from Social Media addiction, constant propaganda, Google-fake-search results, and realistic games and world’s where you will “live inside your computer” and not “interact with real people in the real world”.

Normalize Murder, Euthanasia, Suicide, Hospice & Covid Policies...

Normalize Murder

  • Normalize Euthanasia
    • Hospice/Aged Care “Death Plan” policies
    • Midazolam, Morphine
    • DNR’s
    • Outrageous meal choices, and if you are turned-off by the food; proceed to “death plan”
  • Normalize Suicide
    • And normalize Assisted-Suicide Clinics
  • “Covid” policies (05)
    • Fraudulent Covid-PCR/RAT “diagnosis” (06)
    • Remdesivir, Ventilators (07)
    • Suppression/banning/smearing/censoring effective health advice (08)
    • Experimental Medical devices and injectable toxic-shit-storms. (09)

Recognize propaganda when it’s throwing-up in your face and assaulting your eyes and ears all day long.

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(1931) Cancer: The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations infected human subjects with cancer cells. Dr. Cornelius Rhoads established the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama and began a series of radiation exposure experiments on patients in government and civilian hospitals.

(1932) Syphilis: In the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, two hundred black men diagnosed with syphilis were never told of their illness and were used as human guinea pigs in order to better understand the symptoms of the disease. None of the men received any kind of treatment, and only seventy-four survived.

(1935) Dietary deficiencies: Millions had died of pellagra, a dietary deficiency, in poverty-stricken black populations. The U.S. Public Health Service finally acted to curb the disease and admitted that it had known the causes of pellagra for more than two decades.

(1940) Malaria: In order to gauge the abilities of experimental drugs designed to fight malaria, four hundred prisoners in Chicago were infected with the disease.

(1942) Mustard gas: Four thousand servicemen, mostly Seventh-day Adventists who were conscientious objectors, served as human guinea pigs for mustard gas experiments.

(1947) Radioactive injections: The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission began administering intravenous doses of radioactive materials to human subjects.

(1947) Psychedelics: In its efforts to evaluate LSD as a potential weapon or truth serum, the Central Intelligence Agency administered dosages of the powerful hallucinogenic drug to human subjects, civilian and military, often without their knowledge or consent.

(1956) Yellow fever: Mosquitoes infected with yellow fever were released over Savannah, Georgia, and Avon Park, Florida. U.S. Army disease specialists, posing as public health officials, test area residents for effects.

(1965) Dioxin: Inmates at Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia were dosed with dioxin, the toxic chemical component of Agent Orange used in Vietnam.

(1978) Hepatitis B: The Centers for Disease Control asked specifically for promiscuous homosexual males when it tested an experimental hepatitis B vaccine in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Three years later, in those same cities, the first cases of AIDS were confirmed in homosexual men.

(1990) Measles: The Centers for Disease Control inoculated more than 1,500 six-month-old black and Hispanic babies in Los Angeles against measles. Later, the center confessed that the vaccine was experimental.

Maxwell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Maxwell


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