Psycho brags about terrorizing “Antivaxxers” in Canberra

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“Parked my car on an Antivaxxer” – Canberra Media-Psychosis in Action:

12th Feb 2022 Philip Avenue in Watson, Canberra, Australia. (1 min 23 sec)

Fullscreen | Unedited – Telegram | Facebook

What happened after… (18mins)


Mass formation psychosis is a conspiracy theory — until it isn’t.

(Klaus Schwab would be so proud!)

This is now how people feel they can behave towards other people in our country because they hold a different opinion to theirs on things.

Our government + Big-Media have created this division – a two-tiered society – and handed self-entitlement of people to abuse, blatantly attack & violently intimidate our fellow Australians!

Nasty, bitter, and psychopathic! 😔😭🥺

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“Parked my car on an antivaxxer”

“The Police were on my side”

What is going on with some of the Jabbed that behave like this?

Fullscreen | Download on Telegram: 45 Sec clip | 5 Min Clip

[1] Mass Psychosis

And so, what’s happening – the mechanism they’re using is Fear.

There’s a global mass-psychosis, where what these depraved animals have done is used the media and created a false narrative and led us to be in chronic anxiety and fear, and human isolation.

Anyone who has studied psychological warfare knows that if you create prolonged fear and anxiety, and you isolate people from their loved ones, most people “go nuts”. And when they’re in that state of mind they become very gullible and very easy to manipulate. Zelenko

[2] The Consequence Of TRUTH Being Suppressed
Lack Of Critical Thinking, & The Censorship Of Alternative Narratives

[3] Covidian Cult
A deliberate brainwashing campaign that converted our friends and family into true believers. “The Covidian Cult” (a Global Cult Crisis)

[4] Mass-Formation

A very specific psychological process which happens under very specific conditions which were fulfilled before the rise of the Soviet Union and the rise of Nazi Germany. In the Twentieth Century mass-formation took control of society.

Mass-formation emerges in very specific conditions or methods of society. The first and most crucial is “there should be a lot of people experience a lack of social-bond”. Socially isolated and lonely.

Second is the lack of meaning. If people feel social isolated, being social-beings, they would usually also feel a lack of meaning in life.

Worldwide Poll in 2017, only 13% answered “Yes”, and 60% answered “Absolutely Not!” when asked whether their job was meaningful.

The third condition – there should be a lot of ‘free-floating anxiety’. That means, the kind of anxiety that people cannot connect to a mental representation. So if you see a dangerous lion or dog and you feel scared, you ‘know’ why you’re anxious, and that means you can ‘mentally control it’; you can think of a strategy to deal with the object of anxiety. But if you’re anxious without knowing why you are anxious, then you lack this ‘mental-control’, you feel ‘out of control’.

The fourth condition – there has to be a lot of ‘free-floating frustration & aggression’. If people feel socially-isolated, if they experience a lack of meaning, if they are confronted with ‘free-floating anxiety’, then they typically will start to feel frustrated and aggressive – without knowing why – and that makes them ‘constantly looking for something to direct their frustration and aggression.

If these 4 conditions are fulfilled in society, then if – under these conditions – a ‘narrative” is introduced to Society, preferably through the mass-media, if the narrative is distributed that indicates an object of anxiety and at the same time ‘provides a strategy to ‘deal with’ the object of anxiety’: for instance, “lockdowns, mask-wearing” to deal with the virus, then all this ‘free-floating anxiety’ might be connected to the ‘object’ of anxiety indicated in the narrative, and a huge extraordinary-willingness might emerge in the population, to ‘follow the strategy’ to deal with the object of anxiety – without question.

Once this happens – because ‘many people’ participate in this strategy – a “new kind of social bond” emerges.

People fight all together with the object of anxiety, and that’s the real reason why people buy into the narrative – even if it’s blatantly wrong or utterly absurd, they will buy-into it, not because they ‘believe it’s correct/accurate/real’ – they will buy-into it because it leads to this “new social bond” – new “solidarity” – new kind of “meaning”.

The last step – once people feel “united” in the collective-bubble of the virus, they will notice that there is a certain group that doesn’t want to participate in the “battle of the virus” – that doesn’t “buy into the narrative”, and then – all the frustration and aggression that was present in the population, might be directed at the people who ‘don’t belong to the crowd – to the mass – that has emerged’.

Professor Mattias Desmet

[5] Fear-driven Global Mass-psychosis

Any totalitarian dictatorship, the first thing they try to do is get rid of Houses of Worship. It’s very simple, why? Because if I bow down to God, I’m not going to bow down to them.

And so, what’s happening – the mechanism that they’re using is Fear.
There’s a global mass-psychosis, where these depraved animals have used the media and created a false narrative that has led us to be living in chronic anxiety and fear and human isolation. If anyone’s studied psychological warfare, you’ll know that those 2 points. Anxiety and human isolation will cause most people to decompensate psychologically and become very vulnerable and gullible and easy to manipulate.

Then they offer the false Golden Calf – this vaccine. As a false promise so people gravitate towards it as a short-term measure to relieve their anxiety. It’s not intellectual, it’s purely emotional. If you challenge someone, even though there are some intellectual people that have fallen into this trap, if you challenge them, you become belligerent (hostile) because what you’re really doing is bringing them back to that anxiety state that they don’t want to be in.


How can we help them?

“The government is very happy to have the divide and have us fighting amongst ourselves”

Fullscreen | Download on Telegram

Fullscreen | Download on Telegram

[1] Psychologist with some tips for those who see what’s going on and are trying to help others see it (estimation 30%) and the “know something is up but can’t put their finger on it — so just going along with it” – (estimation 40%) – about how the other 30% were able to become spellbound even when the data shows the opposite of what they believe.

Observations over past 18 months have led him to conclude that the overwhelming majority have indeed fallen under a kind of spell. Except it’s not actually a spell, of course: the term for it is ‘mass formation’ and right now it’s manifesting as a psychological response — not unlike hypnosis — to the unrelenting, single-focus campaign of fear to which we have all been subjected.

[2] Msg to the Unjabbed who See through Everything
Be Kind to your fellow humans who have been psychologically fucked-with: Forgive & Be there for them.

Who cares if they spoke shit about you and me, who cares if they berated us, who cares if they done that? They’ve only done that out of insecurity and unconsciousness anyway – the quote that Jesus said, um, a thousand years ago, “Forgive them they know not what they do” – the people had been brainwashed and conditioned and their consciousness and their soul had been trapped in a very small state of being – call it The Matrix – I call it the Collective Unconscious. Once you fully return to your soul, here, properly in your heart centre, you can only have love and empathy for every man and woman on this planet.

We’re ALL being fucked with by some kind of force, who that force is, where it comes from – I don’t know, there’s loads of theories out there, but moving forward in the next six to nine months to a year, I’m someone saying right here now, that I’m here for everyone, I’m here for the people that have had this once, had this twice, I’m here for you if you want someone to speak to, and to explain what’s happened, and also to talk about how you can get fit and healthy – mentally, physically, and spiritually – in a natural manner. I’m someone that’s here to talk to, don’t feel worried about speaking to me, don’t feel like I would laugh at you or I wouldn’t speak to you, because that’s a load of shit. I have love for you as much as I have for any other person on this planet.

[3] My concern is that people can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys anymore, because the bad guys have the megaphone. We’re not YOUR enemy. The media is “creating” an enemy. One day you will see that they are driving this.

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