[RANT] Fully-Vaxxed AirCrew Locked Up for 21 Days after Negative COVID Test Post-Flight


The world has lost it’s freakin’ mind.

Hong Kong’s government is enforcing a mandatory 21-day quarantine on all Cathay Pacific crew returning from Frankfurt. The move comes after three pilots who operated cargo flights from Germany were confirmed as positive Covid cases.

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“I was sent here with my crew after flying from Frankfurt. Our post-flight PCR tests were negative, but we are considered potential close contacts.”


HEALTHY people are being LOCKED UP for 21 DAYS on a Layover Stop and the WORLD STAYS FAST ASLEEP!


Hong Kong has successfully pursued a so-called ‘Covid Zero’ strategy and the imported cases have caused a great deal of concern amongst the population. Authorities have ordered mass testing and targeted lockdowns, while dozens of residents have been whisked away into quarantine in an attempt to prevent a mass outbreak.

Cathay Pacific currently operates two passenger flights to Frankfurt per week, as well as a number of cargo-only services. All pilots and cabin crew who have worked on flights to the city since November 1, regardless of whether they had contact with the infected pilots, will now have to endure 21-days in mandatory quarantine.

Crew who are still in Frankfurt, as well as anyone else, considered ‘close contacts’ who are currently abroad, must now quarantine in a hotel for 21-days before being allowed to return to Hong Kong.

When they are allowed to return, they may also then be expected to go into quarantine.

While there is no suggestion that the recently infected pilots broke self-isolation rules during their layovers, Cathay Pacific said on Friday that it would send security guards into the airline’s international layover hotels to ensure that crew don’t leave their rooms.

Crew will also be subjected to daily COVID-19 testing.

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