If I tell you the apple is poison & you still eat it, I didn’t poison you; you poisoned yourself ~ Satan

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Everywhere we look, we have the proof. The evidence comes from their own data. Yet, you’ve got to ask, “What the hell?” Why is it so easy to find this information? Why haven’t they covered up the data better?

Have you been as shocked as I am that everything has been so easily accessible?

Their own data, which is probably somewhat falsified or covered-up, isn’t really much of a cover-up when it still shows they are committing genocide, sterilizing us, and maiming us by the millions?

Even when they “try” to hide it by separating demographics or boosters in strange ways or by always including a line that tries to convince the quick and lazy reader that “there’s nothing to see here, petal, we’re always 1,000,000,000,000% “safe and effective” here in Covid-lala-land,” written right above or below the same data that quite literally reveals they are killing people and that they quite obviously don’t care. Anyone who looks will always find it.

Why do they do this? It’s so weird how they get away with it, but apparently this is what they’ve always done and they’ve always got away with it up until now when we finally had a few million people locked in their homes with the time and intense interest to study and understand the data.

Seems like this method has always worked for them. All they need to do is put some kind of line that “reassures” the masses that even though the data looks like we’re seriously hurting you, don’t worry about it; “trust us, it’s rare”, and our brains will look for that reassuring line and not bother reading the data that shows the contrary.

Even Remdesivir’s risks are well known by now, and easy to find, but as long as their piece of paper or computer summarizes “this is the only approved drug…” that’s all that matters; it’s the only line anyone reads. I was absolutely astonished and mortified yesterday when I discovered that the Australian clinical evidence site and the NIH Covid treatments still recommend it today – how is this possible? There was like a 460% higher mortality in one of the studies, longer hospitalization, higher ICU admissions, acute kidney and liver failures, higher ventilation needs, increased cardiac arrests, etc. etc. etc.

Just like those bloody “fake”-checkers. You could write a jumbled mess in those articles because apparently people only look at the headline or conclusion, regardless of the lack of any real, verifiable sources (i.e., we spoke to some unknown Mr. X and he disagrees with Mr. Y, therefore “fact-checked: misleading”). I never knew it was so easy to fool us. (the fake-checker-weapons got me at the start too though, so I was also one of those easily-fooled; not checking them thoroughly and “trusting” their research was factual… until I knew they were lying after I started getting serious about fully-reading everything when the “science didn’t match”. Horrifying figuring them out when I know so many in the world rely upon them for time-sensitive accuracy, but a necessary experience to realize just how they control the narrative, what weapons they use, and how controlled all of our information is. Figuring out the “fake” checkers helps unlock all the rest; next to the mainstream media control, and their control over scientific journals, Google search results, Global Health, and well “everything”, this is their most clever and most ingenious weapon; which is still fooling people today).

I guess that’s why the innocent, gullible, busy, or lazy public or even some government officials have trouble believing us. They haven’t looked beyond the “summaries, or one-liner conclusions,” but if they did, they might still “switch” their brain to thinking there must be a reasonable explanation, or “catch,” or we must be misinterpreting the data, or that it couldn’t possibly be true because every country is involved, and so surely it would be front-page news “somewhere.” (Everyone needs to learn about the media.)

Most people can’t handle the truth either; there’s too much information for non-interested people to understand, and they can’t wrap their minds around those they trust being this brutally incompetent when they’ve placed their own lives and the lives of their loved ones in what they thought was “safe & trustworthy” hands.

And mind-control has always been used on us, but you can’t get out of it if you don’t know about it. No one who is mind-controlled will ever read this post; they’re mind-controlled not to.

Every single scientist, doctor, and researcher in the world who has actually scrutinized the data knows they are knowingly killing us and that it can’t be by accident that they are missing the evidence because the data is plain as day to see, yet the CDC, FDA, TGA, etc. continue to be “all in” on the mantra “safe & effective,” yet not hiding the data to the contrary. I had a real hard time understanding this too; it was like, “How can you say that?” “Look at your own freaking data; stop this madness!”

The only ones that deny it are falling for a little peer-pressure mind-control social-influence trick called “trust the science,” which is just science-fiction at this point. They are not trusting the science; they aren’t looking at the science in an unbiased way. Their careers, their reputations, their status in the world, the fact that they’ve taken it themselves or recommended it to their loved ones without researching first, and the way they make a living give them a certain bias that makes it inconvenient or intolerable to believe any data to the contrary of what they “have” to believe to stay “sane” and in “good public standing.”

All grants, every university, every pharmaceutical corporation, and every government around the world are receiving funding—the majority of their funding—from an agenda that wants us dead and/or controlled. No studies are funded that don’t suit the end goal. You become destitute and live in poverty, and your reputation is in tatters if you dare look at the data and if you dare find that the whole narrative is a lie. It’s no small fete, but for the more than a million scientists and doctors who have spoken up, bravo. You did what many couldn’t. You actually looked at the data they told you to trust, found the big, red lie, and chose not to keep it to yourself to protect your reputation and career. You knew it was important to speak up. What’s astonishing is that anyone can look up the data. What’s astonishing is that people choose not to believe even though they can check for themselves.

The only thing I’ve found that makes sense as to why it’s so easy to find is literally what Andrew Tate said about the “satanic mindset.” I can’t think of anything else.

“If I tell you the apple is poison and you still eat it, that’s on you — your choice — they are free from any karmic retribution.”

Getting us to not only enslave ourselves but to poison and kill ourselves is their greatest achievement—all the while profiting every step of the way. Bravo psycho’s.

We’ve also been told that the reason they put out movies and such is for us to create them, like a predictive-programming kind of deal.

I thought they were just fucking with us, seriously, like taking us all for fools – laughing at us, mocking us. They don’t hide anything and I thought it was their arrogance of thinking “humanity is just too stupid to figure it out so we don’t need to hide it, we can just add a one-liner and still show them the data”.

I’ve also heard from many that they “have” to tell us, but that didn’t make sense to me until I heard Andrew Tate’s explanation:

BitChute and Rumble.
(Approx 5mins but the first 2min 20 secs gives you Andrew Tate’s take on Karmic Retribution)

This karmic-retribution he talks about reminds me of an old forum post I read years ago from someone calling themselves the “hidden hand” (it’s been turned into an easier-to-read blog post here) which might be bullshit, but is interesting nonetheless (sort of like the negative “catalyst” in the “law of one” series that I’ve done heaps of posts about in the past).

Think of cigarette packets, your Shampoo, or lookup the ingredients on your fave junk food, medicine or any other product. What about looking up into the sky every now and then? There’s no way anyone in my town should believe there’s no such thing as geo-engineering, there’s been some serious shit happening here and very, very obviously for years, especially the past 2 years.

Transcript of Tate’s Video on “Why they make it Open”

Why are they doing this? (Tate is referring to the Balenciaga ordeal, a fashion company that showed child bondage in their marketing a few months back.)

Why are they so openly trying to promote paedophilia? Some could argue they’re trying to normalize it, and that is the case, but it actually goes a level deeper.

Satanists – people who worship Satan – believe in Karmic Retribution.

They believe that they can suffer the consequences of lying and tricking you.

So the very simple premise is this:

If I sell poison apples, and I write “APPLES” and you come and eat one, I poisoned you.

But if I sell poison apples, and I have a sign that says “APPLES – they’re poison” and you come and eat one, you committed suicide. I haven’t murdered you. You committed suicide.

Andrew Tate

That’s what Satanists believe. They believe that by telling you what they are doing, they don’t have to worry about karmic retribution.

“I’m not responsible for the negative fallout for my actions if they understood what I was doing and allowed me to do it”

This is why they show you and tell you what they’re doing.

If I show you and tell you we’re paedophiles, and you continue to buy our product, then you’re supporting paedophilia, and you’re obviously okay with us being paedophiles.

If I do it behind your back, then you could argue and say, “I didn’t know they were paedophiles,” but if I show you and you still buy my products and wear my T-shirt, then obviously what I’m doing is okay.

And this Karmic Retribution model and the way that Satanists view the world—and when I say Satanists, I genuinely mean people who worship the real Satan—The people who are in charge of these brands and who are in charge of the Western World and the Matrix genuinely worship Satan.

When you understand the idea of karmic retribution, you can apply it to so many scenarios—they’re doing this with EVERYTHING!

Karmic Retribution isn’t just about Balenciaga—let’s look at the recent scam of COVID:

  • They made it very clear to you it was bullshit.
  • They made it clear the virus isn’t going to hurt you.
  • They made it clear they didn’t listen, they disobeyed the mask’s laws.
  • They made it very clear to you that it was all stupid.

So that when you still did it, they could say “ah, well.. we showed them it was dumb, but they did it anyway”.

“There was this world leader right now, who was playing the role of a hero, when in fact he was a villain. Wouldn’t it be funny, if we publicly gave him an Oscar?”

“For Acting”

“For playing a role.”

This is the whole point, they have to show you what they’re doing so that when they’re allowed to do it, they can sit and say:

“Well they knew what we were doing, and they didn’t stop us – they were COMPLICIT”.

COMPLICITY is what Satanists believe in.

They don’t want to outright lie to you and trick you; they have to tell you.

Andrew Tate

This is why the Georgia Guidestones say we’re going to reduce the World’s Population:

Imagine you are home, and they say that Covid is dangerous, and then you watched a Black Lives Matter protest, and they say that “Black Lives Matter” protests “don’t” spread covid, “because the cause is noble.”

And then after that, you still get the vaccine to “protect yourself,” and still don’t meet your friends or family or go to the funerals of your loved ones.

The Satanists believe if you are that stupid, you deserve the consequences of not seeing your family members, of not being able to run your business and losing your job, and of potentially dying from the vaccine.

They believe you deserve all of these consequences because they’ve made it very clear to you that the whole thing is bullshit. And you agreed with it anyway.

Balenciaga is not accidentally repeatedly trying to tell you that they’re supporting paedophilia, they’re telling you on purpose. They believe; in ‘their religion’ that there’s no karmic reprehension for themselves – they’re not going to face any consequence for their actions, and most people don’t understand this.

Once you understand how Satanists work, and why they show you what they’re trying to do, then the whole world makes a lot more sense. This Balenciaga thing is not a marketing campaign, this is paedophiles telling you they’re paedophiles; genuinely in real time.

Given their genetics, given what we know about these bloodlines and psychopaths so far, following the history trail and seeing how they have this psychopathic elitist mindset, seeing “the rest of us”—the billions of us—as scum, useless eaters, nothing—if they are not controllable by them or if it isn’t benefiting their goals. They will stop at nothing for full control over us all, and people can’t see it because they are programmed by the media and kept too busy to invest any time to see just how long we’ve been enslaved and just how psychopathic they are. If they knew even half of what we’ve had to dig up, there would be riots in their castles and palaces, but alas, we have a massive task ahead of us.

Even though their own data is on our side, their own data gives us all the evidence needed to prove they are committing genocide and sterilizing us, and the whole jab is bullshit. Even though all the history trails can be followed to show they’ve “always” done this—the media has “always” been under their control, censorship and cancellation have always happened, and culling the world’s population and sterilization have been happening for decades—we have the task of trying to help people break through this programming to see outside of a false-narrative they’ve built their entire lives around. If not, the future of humanity is actually doomed to experience much worse—there will be no humanity left.

If you look at our own so-called “Health Officials” in Australia, they word things very carefully in their responses. i.e., “the evidence so far doesn’t tell us,” “the data WE have doesn’t show that,” “our MODELS say,” etc. They are slimy and shadowy, and they choose their words carefully. Watch it closely next time. Every single clip you’ve ever seen from them shows these carefully chosen words that cover their asses. They aren’t lying; they are deceptively obfuscating. Like magicians or hypnotists.

“Fake”-checkers (Fact-chokers) are the same. They reference each other’s data, not official data. Their experts are “we spoke to an expert,” and sometimes they mention a hospital or place of work, but they rarely reference the person’s name or explain why that expert has any credentials to speak on the matter at hand. It’s just “EXPERTS say”. You can’t comment or ask for clarification on their sites either. It’s a dead end. Same with all the mainstream news articles. Slimy, shadowy, and careful.

But no one reads the article (except us) because their target audience is the lazy 2-second Googlers who just need a reassuring headline that says “Fact-Checked” or “Misinformation,” and that’s enough for them to stop looking.

Very effective mind-control weapon on the masses – one of their masterpieces actually, I really fell for it myself at the start of all this until their data didn’t match the official data they were quoting and then I had to look deeper into why they were all lock-step outright lying.

I knew the media couldn’t be trusted in general, but it wasn’t until COVID came along that, for the first time in my life, I found out that they have always been controlled. I never knew that this had been a societal mind-control programming device until COVID. I’m glad in so many ways that I lost my job at the start of this pandemic and was forced to be on the computer all day, and that I was curious enough to use my time wisely (after the first 3 months of Netflix and games—sadly, 3 months wasted thinking that I could enjoy the time off work). I’m glad that the controllers, by forcing me out of a job and locking me in my home, ensured that I somehow “snapped” into research-mode and decided to try and figure this mess out.

My eyes have been opened wide to the enslavement of us, the history, the players, how they did this. God, how many topics have we had to delve into to reach where we’re at now?

My first year was researching viruses and vaccines and miRNA, mRNA, DNA, CrispR Cas/9, PEG, lipid nanoparticles, clinical trials and scientific and medical journals, health and qPCR, masks, Ivermectin, HCQ, Quercetin, Wuhan Virology Lab, Eco Health Alliance, Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, Charles Lieber, media, fact-checkers, laws, human rights, vitamin D, zinc, Hydrogen Peroxide, World Health Organization, doing online microbiology classes, and trying to understand complicated scientific literature, but still, albeit important at the time, that was really at the bottom, the lowest-layer, the most basic-level stuff to try and understand what this “pandemic” is.

The second year was after I had a “health plan” that I knew could combat anything, at least scientifically speaking, (if the virus was a real thing and was whatever the medical journals said it was), but it was during the second year, because the “fear of an invisible virus” was gone, that I could deep-dive into other areas. “Fear” keeps you in a stupor, and I suspect many are still living in fear, and that’s why they have no courage to look at anything else in this assault on humanity.

I had been constantly blocked from sharing scientific journals and their own data on social media, and I could see my friends and people in my community being totally brainwashed by the media to start attacking people, believing the propaganda to the point where they even broke up their own relationships and destroyed family units, because “the TV told them to.”

That was bizarre to me, to see them in real time “give their minds, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs completely over to the media” and essentially turning into zombies with no minds of their own.

So I started digging deeper into what was going on with these people.

How did the TV have so much power and influence over them? It made no sense to see thousands of people who had not spent 10 minutes to check for themselves if the media was telling them the truth or not, just unquestioning obedience to a Hollywood propaganda show.

This Zombie-Mind-Control virus “infected” even people I knew to be intelligent. Somehow, even the critical thinkers and people I considered “smart” were still falling for a line at the bottom of all these documents; letting me and everyone who has read these papers know that they never read the paper they were quoting. Their mind worked the same way: scanning for some quick and reassuring “safe and effective” summary or conclusion.

(even though the data shows “not safe, not even slightly effective, and downright dangerous and absolutely fraudulent”).

So the second year was spent not only looking at mind-control studies, media control, the lockstep response from governments worldwide, bioweapons, and so on, but also delving deeper into government policies, laws and lawsuits, tabletops, corporations, treaties, constitutions, conflict$ of interest, gain of function & bioweapon research, and delving a little more into who controlled our government, the members of our committees, and so on.

It was here I had to look more deeply into chemical companies, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and who’s really behind the curtain in the world of BigTech and social media.

I have really only just begun to learn more about AI technology. When the social media sites all went down in the same day in 2021, from that day forward, my social media networks was completely separated from the zombies in a really obvious way; some form of really advanced censorship/shadow-banning switched-on overnight.

Suddenly I wasn’t being “banned or put in Facebook jail for sharing published studies,” but… the two “narratives” or realities became separated: “their version” and “those questioning their version” were separated from each other so that “I could only see people who were questioning the narrative, and the zombie-mind-controlled were only seeing people supporting the narrative”. (i.e.. I ran into an old friend who added me to Facebook on the spot, and all he could see was my old “cat videos” and “happy birthday posts”, not a single thing came up on my profile that showed the many thousands of times I tried to help people see through the lies. The same is true of the comments on big posts – where you see 24k comments… I could only see people that were questioning the narrative, he only saw comments that supported the narrative.)

Who was really censoring us? Were they even human or was it all bots and artificial intelligence etc. I started looking more into DARPA, the CIA, Facebook, Social Media, the Internet etc. and finding out this has been mind-control, data-harvesting, and information-control since the beginning.

Ever listening to endless doctors and scientists and seeing every single paper that went against the narrative slammed, smeared, and cancelled.

Seeing Wikipedia changing history in “real time”: literally re-writing and erasing history and changing definitions and credentials.

Seeing the community-lock-step mind-programming and especially the government-officials being “switched” i.e. a certain Tasmanian Senator that seemed to go “cray-cray” insane after seemingly asking good, reasonable, and logical questions at the beginning. She switched into some kind of Nazi crazy person, threatening the community on the radio saying “we will be coming after them!”. Wow. Nutso.

What a site to see. Mind-control. Friends. Community. Scientists. Government officials. Health Authorities. No one was “looking at the official data”—for some reason everyone was under the spell that they couldn’t read official data without rose-coloured mind-control glasses on. Everyone was too scared to look at any data themselves, truly believing that the “mainstream corporate-sponsored media” was the only information they could trust. It was weird. Mind boggling.

Reading all the lawsuits from every country in the world was also eye-opening—all this evidence, all laid out, being completely ignored by the world.

It wasn’t just the general public who were afraid of researching; it was “everyone.” The media scared everyone away from doing their own research by redefining research as being some kind of fringe terrorist group or “anti-vaxxer” through hypnosis and NLP. So many people just didn’t look at any data, and the evidence was piling up.

Then we found out the entire judiciary system was corrupt, and had to do research into how the hell that happened, when that happened, and just how long they’ve had control over the courts.

After the rollout, I tracked all the vaccine data. I didn’t even know how to spell myocarditis at the start of this, let alone know what it was. Seeing all these dead bodies everywhere in the social networking groups and photos and stories and injuries—trying to share all these people’s stories. But suddenly, people didn’t care if people shared their true stories of injuries; they didn’t believe anyone; not even the official data was believed (because of that one-liner again). Stuck in some “safe and effective lala-land.” The “media” smeared them as “anti-vaxxers,” and the social media networks just kept deleting them. All I could see was a shitstorm of people getting injured and dying all over the world, yet every question was shamed, and sharing people’s stories got you banned and blocked, and no one stuck in the “narrative” could see those posts anyway.

There were people who called those who had taken the vaccine “antivaxxers” if their loved-one died within days of taking it. Jesus, it was a war zone, and the media was keeping it from everyone. That made no sense. How can they be anti-vaxxers? They held their arms out for it. They’re not anti-vaxxers, they are the ones who trusted the TV and went and lined up for it. People made no fucking sense at all; they lost their goddamn minds. No common sense, no logic—just pure, raw fear and TV mind control auto-responses.

I wasn’t reaching anyone on Facebook, so I started trying to wake people up in car parks, in supermarket lines, and by writing and calling senators, MPs, lawyers, and cops. Trying to save humanity. Trying to save the kids. All of it falling on deaf “safe and effective” ears. We couldn’t stop it.

The last few months of 2021 were the most urgent call to humanity to listen, to look at the data, and to desperately try to get through to people before they played Russian roulette with their lives and the lives of people they loved. Those were the darkest days I’ve ever had.

All of us around the world were trying desperately to save the lives of people who were smearing us, spitting at us, and calling us fringe, anti-vaxxers, tin-foil hatters, and segregating us from society, yet still we tried to help them; we tried, and we failed.

They were told to hate us and fear what we had to say, and they obediently complied with that direction. I’ve never seen the worldwide call of humanity come together to try and save everyone in those last few months (when the mandates came in) ever before and I wonder if I’ll ever see it again. Those were the darkest days of this whole fiasco so far. But it was those days that more and more people who had been sitting on their hands and shutting-up, decided they had to stand up, this was it, the time to stand on a hill and shout to the world and try and save as many as we could.

Then looking deeper and deeper into the connections and workings and histories of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Novavax, Novartis, Sanofi, Merck, GSK, Eli Lily, Wuhan, EcoHealth, Fauci, Gates, Daszak, Baric, Bright, Lieber, Musk, Zuckerberg, Palantir, Facebook, YouTube, Google, DARPA, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Biden, Clintons, Obama, META, Neuralink, Neural Lace, Graphene, Self-assembling nanotechnology, CSIRO, Doherty Institute, BGI, Minderoo, CDC, FDA, TGA, DoD, all our health officials and premiers and committee members, etc. Far out—even Oprah Winfrey made the research pile. It’s been endless.

And the deep-dives into the BigTech people, Large Corporations of all industries, as well as getting further into just how far they’ve come with AI technology and understanding what 5g was really about. On and on.

Then there’s the Vatican, Washington, DC, London City, all the elitist clubs, DAVOS, the World Economic Forum, Bilderberg, the G7, the Pirbright Institute, the Pilgrims Society, and the Club of Rome. Henry Kissinger, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, George Soros, Bill Gates, John Hopkins, and the bloody Queen. I had no idea for sure that any of this was really true, until “Covid.” How the Freemasons have been infiltrated, and all these secret cult clubs, elitist parties, and not “hidden” but “not openly talked about on the news” connections. Movies were also produced that literally showed us what they were doing—how can that be? How did I not know this? lol.

The CIA and all the mind-control programs. The Media. The central bankers, the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, CBDCs, and the United Nations, the climate change narrative, and where that fits into the depopulation and further enslavement, digital currencies, and digital prisons—it’s unbelievable.

When the Ukraine-Russian war started, it was research again… Zelensky and Putin and biolabs, and child trafficking, and drug-cartels and and cyberhacking and crypto currencies and money laundering, and past wars and NATO and DoD and Hunter Biden and so on and so forth.

History shows we’re bloody slaves and always have been. Then there’s religious history to investigate: the Bible and the Mark of the Beast, Luciferian and Satanic occults, and, beyond that, the Annunaki and how we may have been genetically engineered, created from the start to be slaves.

But even more mainstream are these families and what these psychopaths actually get up to with child sex trafficking, human slavery, and chemical and mind-control experiments on the populations of the world. The enslavement certificate (our birth certificate) was part of a systematic plan to overthrow the entire world and turn us all into contracted slaves. The plans—not even hard to find and shared with us for decades, even by governments—are all ignored.

We were all in our own worlds, living out our lives, completely oblivious to these psychos flaunting their power, control, and plans. We’ve been “out of the loop” of true history for so long, that what they’re doing now sounds like bullshit, it’s been so hard for us to wrap our minds around how long this has been going on and all the incredulous ways they’ve kept us enslaved and ignorant.

God, it’s been a mind-blowing, mind-opening, worldview-altering, and overall depressing realization that we’ve been messed with forever by the same people; the same families. These people, for some reason, share the same mindset as their forefathers: a psychopathic evil mindset that seeks to enslave, control, and laugh at our deaths. There are many theories I’ve delved into as to why the sons and daughters of the original psychos have the same psychopathic mentality and goals, which I’ll save for a future post as this one is already a bit lengthy.

No wonder the average person on the street can’t possibly believe it—they spent their lock-down time watching TV and playing games, just as I did the first 3 months, or trying to manage kids at home, working from home, or trying to pay bills with no work. Because the “health” system did not shut down, they were kept in the propaganda 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it’s truly amazing that so many of them have awoken. Most people have no idea about any of this.

But millions more used their time wisely—millions of us decided to research; and now, at least, millions more than ever before are finally awake to their enslavement, awake to the agenda, and are trying to help wake up the rest of humanity to save future generations from a life worse than hell.

Never before have there been this many awake in history, which never would’ve been possible before COVID—no one had the time in their busy daily lives to discover what we’ve found. and each is at a different level of research. Some are still stuck at “viruses” and “vaccines,” and others have gone way beyond that to dig deeper and deeper, to try and see what and who is really behind the curtain. No matter how far I progress in my research, I still believe I’m at the start—we’re thousands of years behind and have been indoctrinated and lied to our entire lives—about everything.

Who knows how much we don’t know now that history has been altered, erased, and rewritten. Books have been burned, and various forms of mind control and information control have kept us enslaved and naïve. What we learned in school was always a lie, the AI-controlled search-engines and social-media, Wikipedia and other false encyclopedias, the re-defining of words using online dictionaries and AI-based translators that literally change foreign languages to fit the narratives, and the obfuscation and censorship of the truth. The truth, if you use Google, is impossible to find. You won’t find it on YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere they control. However, once you realize how long people have been cancelled, you will know where to look for suppressed and censored documents.

We weren’t even given access to computers until they were already weaponized. Firstly, to gain corporation secrets and things they can use to bribe officials and influencers; in fact, the internet was literally given to us by DARPA and expanded by CERN for that very reason—as a weapon to surveil us, which has expanded beyond their greatest expectations to the point where the digital world has literally infected every part of our lives. Their masterpiece virus is the digital one.

Even the first TVs were very effective mass mind-control weapons, keeping us docile, hypnotized, and transfixed. Influencing our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviours, and worldview. Gates, IBM, CISCO, Microsoft, Disney. We didn’t realize technology was another weapon, but it’s also their downfall, because without it, we’d be oblivious to all the information people gathered over centuries that we didn’t even know to look for until “we” were the ones being censored, so we didn’t realize they’d been “censoring” and “smearing” all those who came before us, and now we seek them out to find out what they were trying to warn us about and what evidence they had.

Also, if they hadn’t been in control of the patent office, they never would’ve been able to have this much power over humanity; that is a weapon we didn’t even know was being used against us.

All in all, this is a long rant to just get out my thoughts on this “poison apple” admission by Tate. Why do they tell us? Why is the truth so easy to find for those who look? And that Karmic Retribution Theory seems to be the only thing that makes sense to me as to why the information is so easily findable and why they aren’t hiding that they are killing us (albeit you have to actually know the data is there and be willing to look at it…), and until proven otherwise, this is a believable explanation for me to understand a psychopathic mindset that doesn’t hide that they are killing us.

They are psychopathically fooling us into poisoning, killing, and enslaving ourselves and others. And if we are too stupid or naïve to believe it, and we drink or eat or inject or spray or breathe or apply the poison even after they’ve admitted it’s poison, then we don’t deserve to live in the first place, (apparently).

See also compilation reel Rumble | Telegram (This compilation is an unbiased presentation of Andrew Tate reels, (showing both sides of him, and what different people are saying about him, for people to contemplate). Semi-unrelated to this post but yet another thing to consider in this game of chess.

Penny (PennyButler.com)
Penny (PennyButler.com)

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