[Rant] ‘War of the Worlds’ Media Voodoo

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A friend reminded me of the “War of the World’s” radio broadcast back in the 1930’s, where public “hysteria” happened when a convincing show caused panic as people thought earth was being invaded by Martians.

Oct 30th, 1938, Orson Welles scares a nation! The War of the Worlds Panic Broadcast – KID HISTORY

“War of the Worlds” 1938 Radio Broadcast – YouTube | Archive.Org (Remastered) | Script

(Food for thought… )

“The media” has always been a tool to control the masses. If you get your education from the media – without checking sources for yourself- you are “programmed”.

Your political opinion is programmed – who you “hate” – what is “going on in the world”, where they want you to look – who you trust and so on.

Even the cartoons and movies you let your kids watch is “programming”.

If you’re waiting for the tv to tell you what is really going on in the world – you’ll be waiting forever.

You’ll only believe something when it’s a headline? You are living in the dark-ages – a “fake reality” pulled over your head.

What many only realized during the “pandemic” – is that the whole media — from the news programmes we grew up with – to “the internet” — is created & scripted by the upper-echelons – a military-grade, mind-control weapon to “keep those ants in line”.




Control the mind and you control the masses.

Google – Facebook – Instagram – TikTok – YouTube – all of it!

“Fact Checkers”, “Scientific Journals”, “Academia”, “Policy”…

To get your mind back, you need to first realize you are being played, you have to first know you are being manipulated.

  1. Do you really “hate that person” or did the media play some kind of clip to make you “hate that person”?
  2. Would you really be scared of each other if the media didn’t constantly mind-control you?
  3. Do you really believe what you are seeing?
  4. Do you really believe what you are reading?
  5. Do you really believe everything just like those did in 1938?
  • When they control “where you look and what you see”?
  • When they can re-write encyclopaedias and dictionaries “on the fly”?
  • When they can keep scientific papers trapped on the pre-print server?
  • When they can “mess with your search results so that you see 10 pages of what “they” want you to see before seeing what they “don’t” want you to see?

“When they have another agenda and need everyone at home on the internet so that they can fully-control the narrative?”

There was only so much they could control back then when Radio, News, and Books was the only information they could manipulate.

Now they own, control and can change everywhere we get our information from. Even social-comments and posts, youtube videos you see – everything is “mass-programming” – from Hollywood to Facebook.

…. Does that natural remedy really “kill people”? Or does it interfere with their drug-trade.

Fake websites. Fake “Comments”. Fake Posts.
Fake doctors. Fake scientific research.
Manipulated search results. Censored scientists. AI-Controlled Social Media algorithms.
Fake and controlled “information”.

The main source of disinformation and misinformation is from all the places we’ve been “programmed” to trust.

Media = crimes against humanity.
Media = programming the masses.
Media = “VOODOO” – points the bone at you and makes you sick, fills you with fear, fills you with lies.
Unchecked Media = Enslavement.

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