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Makes no sense. None. This insanity has to stop. Media please STOP scaring the shit out of our planet.

NZ Man has to return lunch after revealing his medical status

NZ Man has to return lunch and get refund after revealing his medical status

Man buys lunch at his local coffee shop Miscela Koffee House, Auckland, New Zealand – same lunch he’s purchased everyday for over a year – but after he buys his lunch, they ask if he’s vaccinated and then takes the lunch back off him and refunds his money. #CovidPsychosis

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Pool Madness

Restaurant Madness

PCR Test Drive-thru Sheep Barn

Can’t make this up…

Australia - Dance Party with No Dancing Allowed!!

Strict “No Boogieing Rules” at 90s “dance” party in Barossa Valley, SA, Australia. (01)

Australia - Schoolies Dance - Sheep Pens!!

Seriously. WTF. Victor Harbour, S.A. (02)

Australia - 'Loud music' is Omicron concern

This particular strain is highly infectious, it spreads quickly and it obviously spreads effectively in these crowded indoor environments, particularly if there’s loud music and people are unmasked,” (03)

Australia - Unvaccinated People must not Sing or Dance

“Unvaccinated” people must not sing or dance.

UK - Concert - Sheep Pens!!

USA - High School Band practice in TENTS!

Washington high school band play in ridiculous “anti-COVID” tents. (04)



Masking symbolizing the end of Free Speech

Yeah if only…

Ummm... don't even know how to title this one #CovidPsychosis

Caption this? These Poor guys are obviously terrified out of their minds because of what the media has done to them.

Wedding Madness

Elevator Madness

Ocean Madness

Office Madness

Truck Drivers vs Crowded Pub Madness

Flying Fox Madness

Booster Madness

Classroom - Taiwan - Plastic Dividers

“Plastic Dividers” to “stop the spread of germs” (05)

Classroom - South Korea

South Korean schools (06)

Classroom - Bangkok - CAGES!! (This is heart-breaking)

Bangkok, Thailand — What the hell people. What the hell.

Classroom - Bangkok - Face Shields + Masks

Bangkok, Thailand

Classroom - China - Social Distancing Headgear

Hangzhou, China. Social Distancing headgear.

Classroom - China - Social Distancing Wings

Elementary school students wearing wings to maintain social distancing amid concerns of the coronavirus, in a classroom in Taiyuan in China’s northern Shanxi province. (07)

Kissing with Masks on Madness

Vaccine Song Madness

Insane “Vaccine” song

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I had to watch it, so did you, I’m so, so, sorry. Hopefully it gives you a good healthy dose of vaccine hesitancy.

Family thrown-off flight: 2yo not wearing mask while eating

Family thrown off Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando to New York for “non-compliance” because their 2-year-old was eating without a mask.

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