“The Playbook” – how the few control the many [Covid Edition]

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It’s not often I converse with people who aren’t awake anymore, I barely leave this computer, and all my friends are awake, but when I do enter a ‘general public’ area, it’s always my mission to speak my truth and comment on everything I’ve learned for those who don’t spend their lives scrawling through a pile of research. It’s not uncommon for me to stop someone from using a dangerous hand sanitizer and pick up the bottle and explain the ingredients. It’s not uncommon for me to point out that we have only had 6 days of blue skies and sunshine in over a year and to loudly “thank the globalists” for a day of sunshine whenever it happens. It’s not uncommon for me to spurt out the obvious digital ID agenda, or say “No, I’m trying to slow-down the coming Social Credit System” whenever I’m asked “Do you have a flybuy’s card?” etc.

It’s always a mind-boggling experience whenever I see some people still wearing masks outside, or alone in cars, and whenever I over-hear people still conversing under covid-psychosis.

A couple of days ago, I was out getting coffee and a tourist came in and the 3 of us engaged in friendly conversation. Now, one of the off-handed comments he made whilst having-a-dig at a particular staff member of another business who “didn’t know who to ask” in response to a question he asked, was “if we can land a man on a moon, we can do anything“, and in unison, both myself and the lady behind the counter said “did we though?” And that’s all it took to take the conversation in a new direction… his main argument for the moon was “do you know how many people would have to be in on it?” – yep, probably thousands, we replied. NASA says we cannot go to the moon anymore, yet we could go there on less technology than we have now and even make a ‘live phone call’ to the moon back then. He then said, “but they wouldn’t be able to keep that secret?” to which we both replied.. “they haven’t”… we spoke of this a bit more and he brought up game show questions such as how many have walked on the moon, and the like, but I digress, because what he said next was the main feature of the day.

He said… “it’s like those people who don’t believe in Covid“.

With a smile, I said “don’t even get me started on Covid!

Again, he brought up all the common arguments… and particularly, this one:

Do you know how many people would have to be in on it?

Yeah, everybody. A whole world of group-think, obedient, compliant, scared-to-death people “just doing their job”. Noone asking questions.

Everyone following policy; a “pandemic” playbook, written by a hand-selected few.

Honestly, this was one of the hardest for me to get my head around at the start too, especially when Russia and China both went into lockdown and engaged in a universal orchestra of “everyone doing the same thing.” It’s probably why it took us almost a year to figure out how they did it, because at the start, it was very difficult to figure out how the whole world – except Sweden and some parts of Africa – were acting in unison, and doing very backwards-things that would lead to the destruction of the world and made no logical sense after they switched from ‘deaths’ to ‘cases’ and how most people testing positive – had no symptoms at all – they weren’t even sick, how testing positive for COVID using PCR is not a true positive without symptoms, etc (and everything else we know about the mechanics behind this computer-based ‘virus’). It made no sense why all these governments would continue acting in a barbaric and strange, delusional way by destroying all small businesses and the world’s supply-chain, while keeping the big corporations open, labelling them “essential.” It made no sense how, for the first time ever, all health advice was removed in place of “fear-based” marketing of being locked in your homes waiting for an injection (by the most nefarious companies on the planet) before you are set free.

But it certainly made more sense when we figured out ‘how’ they ‘easily’ did it:

Policies and Playbook’s are put together by the globalist controllers, the bankers who want to reset the financial system to have complete digital control, and other select corporations who position themselves to benefit. When the WHO says “there’s a pandemic”, the government reaches for the “Pandemic Playbook” and bingo, everything that has been written from these tabletop simulations, is set in motion.

And operation “CoVID” is the ultimate globalist reset playbook for complete digital surveillance and control – a digital ID: “Certificate of Vaccination ID” – replacing the already fake banking system with a new and improved digital banking system which you could only access with your digital identity – for the compliant. Ultimate control over the human slaves, by the bankers, and the 1% behind them.

You could see his mind searching for something as these words came out, and he said, “…to what end though?

The end game is a one world government, the New World Order, unelected and accountable only to them, and this has been the largest power-grab and transfer of wealth to the psychopath-controllers in history…

Well, I wanted to say that… instead I said something along the lines of…

To stay in control? They don’t think like us; we are nothing but fleas to them, “too many.” Corporations are psychopathic by nature, and the bankers control the corporations. Bankers have always had control, and once you have that mindset of owning the world, it’s a mindset that doesn’t think with any kind of humanity at its core. More control, more greed, more profit-focus, and more ‘everything’ for them, and less for the rest.

When I say corporations are psychopathic by nature, it’s because they are not “human” – they are “entities”, that are led by CEO’s and boards of directors whose role it is to make decisions that will lead to making more profit for themselves and their stakeholders. “It’s just business”. “It’s just profit”. There is no empathy in this scenario – the only thoughts that cross decision-makers minds in the empathy-department, is how decisions will be perceived by the public – in other words, how ‘public-perceptions’ will affect their profits.

Above the corporations are the bankers. Without the bankers, the corporations don’t exist and it’s ultimately the bankers – the 1% and their allies, who are actually in control of the world. The ruling class, or what we are now starting to collectively term “The New World Order” because it’s a term “they” use to describe what’s happening now (and for the last 20+ years and for the next 20+ years).

  1. Corporations fund the governments.
  2. Governments themselves have become corporations by stealth.
  3. The bankers control both.

We are slaves, Neo.

The United Nations, and all their spinoffs, such as the World Health Organization, and their Sustainability Development divisions, and you name it – they have an organization for it, are created and financially controlled by corporations and bankers. Think-tanks are hand-selected to create policies, that everyone in all these organizations across the world, no matter how good-natured they are, just blindly “follow“.


Yes, World War III is a stealthy, policy-controlled, psychological war.

How did we not know this?

The media is corporate-funded, so that part is obvious, but the next part is maybe not so obvious.

Corporations “acquire” technology for their own gains. Good people could create something really beneficial to humanity, and the controllers “acquire” any technology that benefits their own agenda.

In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999 by the CIA as its own venture capitalist investment firm to “fund promising start-ups that might create technologies useful for intelligent agencies”.

DARPA and the CIA are privately-funded and are not accountable to governments.

DARPA created the internet.

Google and the CIA are in a private contract. Google stemmed out of Stanford, which was created with CIA-funding.

Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube. – Anything that has data-mining, data-tracking capabilities – you can bet the corporations, and ultimately, the aforementioned 1% have control over.

If you have access to everyone’s private emails, conversations, invention ideas, business notes, patents, and pretty much anything that you can type or speak, then you quite easily stay in control of the entire world. Insider knowledge to invest/bribe. Disappear those who are going to get in your way. Hold the majority stakes in any company you wish you control. Take the inventions and get to market first. You name it. Data-mining is the secret-sauce of the controllers.

FDA, EMA, TGA, and all those health agencies you trust, derive most of their funding by corporations.

The governments locked out their members of parliament, initiated “Emergency powers”, and hand-picked their selective few that would “follow the playbook” with secret “war room” meetings with other hand-picked committees. Unelected health bureaucrats with dubious backgrounds, were chosen to “lead the pandemic”.

Do you see it yet?

Let’s continue.

Advanced mind-control of the slaves started the second we had a radio put in every household, and probably started long-before. Getting a TV and phone into every household was next. Now, a computer and smart-devices. Total control of the information we access (IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Corporate Media, Wikipedia, etc.). Complete surveillance over everything we type, speak, or do.

Every keystroke is monitored. Every sound is recorded. Every action is seen.

The most immune to this are countries that are less technologically advanced. And now the globalists want to give free laptops to these countries.

Many people are unaware that Pfizer and Monsanto merged over 20 years ago. That Pfizer and IBM are working together on the internet of things. That 3 corporations – Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street are the main investors for everything. That the World Economic Forum and the UN teamed up in 2019. That the UN & Google teamed up to control science. That the corporate media had to agree to report the government propaganda and that all independent media is censored.

Many are unaware that the world stopped testing for the flu, anyone with flu-like symptoms were assumed to be Covid-symptoms (and they are the same symptoms), and that the covid test also tests positive for the flu. Many are unaware how the PCR tests with a cycle threshold over 25 could not be contagious, but that they deliberately ran the CT’s up to 45. That most positive-tests were false positives, and that even if you went to hospital with a broken ankle, you could test positive for covid – with no symptoms – and be labelled as a covid case. Many are unaware how corrupt hospital administrators are and how “policies” encouraged covid cases with the matching government funding-awards. Many are unaware that working treatments with decades of safety-history were banned in favour of emergency-use approval on evil corporation’s dangerous medicines.

Many are unaware that governments got massive pay-days from the World Bank if they followed the WHO Covid measures, and that those who didn’t comply, were conveniently replaced.

Many are unaware that these families, these controllers, detest humanity and want to cull us down to a more controllable size.

They own the pharmaceutical companies, academia – journals and universities, hospitals, governments, intelligence agencies, all the technology corporations, local councils, they own and control everything.

And we have been mind-controlled so long, through psychopathic ‘corporate-thinking’, kept ‘too busy’ trying to keep our heads above water with the price-hikes put in place by these same psychopaths, that many in this world have no clue this is happening at a scale never seen before, where they have now moved to next-level in the mind-control department, to our very bodies.

It’s not just laziness and people trusting the media, it’s not just being “too busy trying to survive” to see what’s going on, it’s not just the “hive-mind” people fall into when their safety is threatened, it’s next-level in their technology and chemical-warfare they have been using, to keep us compliant, dumbed-down, and incapable of critical thought: Not just through globalist policies, media & social-media bullying/propaganda, Hollywood, and education, but from the medications we take, food we eat, air we breathe, water we drink, DNA-samples, nanotech, and electromagnetic and radiofrequencies. In fact, we’ve uncovered so much over the past 3 years of being “locked out of society”, that it’s not out of scope anymore to believe that the military, police, governments, and the general population’s very minds have been infiltrated. The CDC’s Zombie Pandemic seems to be here, and for those of us who can’t be hypnotized, we’re not quite sure what to do about it except keep trying to show you what’s happening, and hope that common sense prevails and you snap out of the group-think. The world is not what we thought it was, and on the plus side, everyone who I’ve woken up has stayed awake and it’s like “they’ve always been awake”, so once you can see through the deception, you’ll be immune to the mind-control effects and we can work together to uncover the rest, and figure out solutions to this mess.

To the tourist guy? There’s hope for him yet. He finished saying, “You should be up talking to the politicians,” to which I replied that I’d already tried that. I had desperately and frantically sent my research to politicians and never got a response, and that most were under the influence of group-think, and that now I’m trying to break down the information into “easily understandable” and “fully-referenced” topics, so that we can explain it to people who have been lied to so long that they cannot believe any of this is possible.

By the end of our short, 10 minute conversation, I could see his mind starting to contemplate the entirety of what I was saying. It’s not like he’s not thinking logically, it really is hard to believe how many people would have to be “in on it,” but once you can see how it’s been accomplished, and how compliance to global policies and fear are the keys, and once you learn all about the entangled global web of conflict$ that you never knew about before, it’s hard to ignore that something nefarious is going on in the world. I hope he starts questioning what he’s listening to on the radio, and I hope he goes home and does his own research (it’s the only way people truly wake up), and I hope he remembers to stay away from Google, fact-checkers, and boosters.

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