[RANT] Fleming & McCairn say No Graphene or NanoTech (just Air Bubbles & Salt)

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Ok, Dr Richard Fleming put out a super-long (nearly 4 hr) video with Dr Kevin McCairn that I couldn’t sit through because it was mostly talking/opinions, but afterwards he put out a 3 minute edit to highlight what they call ‘misinformation’. He doesn’t have “embed” enabled and I can’t be bothered downloading it to embed, but you can watch it on his channel here.

In it, they say that what people are thinking is Graphene Oxide or NanoTechnology in the vials is just “Air Bubbles, Debris & Salt” and in the description “This shows what the vaccines really look like, what Graphene Oxide really looks like, and what salt really looks like. No monsters, no nanotechnology. The difference between Science and nonsense. Now maybe we can focus on the real issues instead of pretend ones.”

Now that I’ve downloaded about 20 labs or so (haven’t uploaded them all yet), I think I have enough images to go through to be able to compare the images that they put up and try and work out what they are trying to debunk. Seems like they are basically calling all other labs around the world (except their own) fraudulent.

I don’t know which labs they are trying to debunk because it wasn’t mentioned, but they basically put this video out and said that graphene and nanotech is “nonsense and pretend” and that it’s just debris and salt. Ok, let’s have a look…

This is what they say is Air Bubbles & Debris (compared to the closest image-matches I could find):

On the left is their image of air bubbles/debris.
On the right (South Africa).
Nope, doesn’t look the same.

On the left is their image of air bubbles/debris.
On the right is Prof. Campra’s Pfizer.

On the left is their image of air bubbles/debris.
On the right is UK’s Dr Philippe van Welbergen ‘graphene in bloodwork’.

Beats me, their ‘air bubbles’ don’t look like any lab images that I’ve found so far – does anyone know what lab is showing ‘air bubbles’?

Moving onto Graphene

This is probably the closest (looks pretty-close) – however, the image that Dr José Luis Sevillano is comparing – is directly from a journal publication showing what graphene looks like under the microscope (excepting that the scientific publication is at 200nm and the microscopy he was comparing it to was at 500nm). So it’s still plausible that we are looking at air bubbles, except for the scientific publications showing graphene images (which vary in the thousands because there is no standardized “recipe”, so what people are calling Graphene is possibly some derivative or graphene or carbon or god knows, but less likely to be ‘debris’ when there are thousands of images that look similar). Even found a 3d-printed version of graphene-foam that looks a little similar to all the photos.

Moving on to Salt

On the left is their image of what McCairn called “salt in the Pfizer vial”.
Closest match I could find is the New Zealand Dark field microscopy, and they definitely look similar but not the same. (Using different equipment obviously), both are Pfizer though.

  • Have a look at this blog post that collects “salt under the microscope” (Table salt & epsom salt) and a video showing NaCl under microscope, and none of the images looked anything like either of these but salt in pfizer, would be “saline” in Pfizer, correct?
  • So looking for “Saline” images to compare, none of them looked close to either.
  • Found a Microlab gallery showing images of Sodium Chloride, Fingerprint Salt, Salt Aerosol, and Sea Salt, and none look like these images.
  • The SaltWiki site has a page dedicated to “Microscopic identification of salts” including NaCl and none of the images look anything like these images.

Honestly, beats me what you are trying to debunk here – maybe you need a vial analysis to prove that what you’re identifying as salt or NaCl is actually what you say it is? Or please share what publication you are looking at? (Because I cannot find anything salt/naci/saline etc. in the name with microscopy that matches any of the images you are saying is salt, and I’ve wasted way too much time looking).

I did find the Graphene in Saline patent interesting through, even though it’s more based on the method.

Finally Graphene Oxide….

This is what you said Graphene Oxide looks like under the microscope:

This is Prof Dr Campra’s image from his report “Detection of Graphene in COVID-19 Vaccines with Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Technical Report” – Bit hard to compare.

Same here, very hard to compare with different equipment.

Dr John B – Moderna | Dr Philippe -‘Unjabbed’ Blood

Again, there are thousands of derivates of graphene/carbon and whatever else scientists and industry are using these days because there is no standardized ‘recipe’, and there are thousands of publications, each showing different images. Even a search for “Graphene Oxide Microscopy” shows hundreds of images from scientific journals that look nothing like your images – so to just blanket put out your image as the “gold standard” definitive answer as to what graphene oxide looks like is quite a stretch.

But I also don’t know what you are trying to debunk / who you are trying to debunk, and I’m happy for anyone to debunk legitimately – I just want the truth – and I think everyone would prefer the vials to be clean and not contaminated with anything – but sometimes you can be fairly arrogant in your presentations taking a ‘high almighty – I know all and everyone else doesn’t’ kind of attitude, but not actually present enough information to be able to be awarded the crown.

If you’re going to ‘confidently debunk’ with the ‘high-all-mighty’ attitude/ego and sarcastic nastiness & be insulting and degrading in your response to all the labs out there who have shared their findings, then at least give enough information to show you are more credible. Right now, you haven’t, and I’m pretty disgusted with your video description, but still tried to find what you were talking about to see if there was any substance to your claims and I’m struggling.

I’m wondering if you’re just sharing disinformation yourself sometimes, trying to fool people or who knows what your intentions are – I don’t know – but you haven’t shared any technical details as to equipment-used, who you are trying to debunk (at least we can see what you are so confident your images look identical to – I couldn’t find any)… or whether you took the images yourself (especially of the graphene oxide which just looks like an image from the internet zoomed-in) or anything we can use as a comparison other than trying to find similar images. Frustrated. Thanks for wasting my time.

If anyone knows which labs they are trying to debunk, please let me know on Telegram, because it’s doing my head in lol. I can’t find any image that looks close to what they are saying they have debunked in their video.

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