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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 2e of 6)

(Start at Part 1: Conference: The game is over)

Thesis development and presentation of scientific literature

Rumble (1.5hrs) – This post 37:42 – 45:18

Part 2e: Graphene – Magnetic phenomenon & The Graphene Flagship

Next. We have a video, this is important. Graphene has several properties, and this is very important because when the magnetic phenomenon appeared – and this is not me saying this but Antena3TV – I mentioned this for those of you who seek information from the television.

When we have magnetic material inside the body and this is of utmost importance, information can be read and written. In fact this is exactly what the video tells us. (01)

Presenter: Imagine a material that in addition to being flexible, is the hardest material in the world and also conducts electricity. It already exists, it’s graphene. From it you can develop a whole world of new technologies. But it was not perfect. It lacked magnetism. A group of Spanish scientists have managed to give it that gift. How? By mixing graphene with living molecules.

Scientist: I have put A and B together. And neither A is magnetic and neither B is magnetic. Why is it that when I put it together it suddenly becomes a magnetic thing? This is the magic moment.

Presenter: And what is the point of graphene being magnetic? Well, magnetism is what makes it possible to store a lot of information. For example, on a flash drive or a hard drive. Magnetic graphene would multiply that possibility by millions of times.

Copy of Video quoted, English Translation

It’s clear right?


This is a video with my mother. I have her consent. Notice that we measured potential differences on the millivolts scale. Up to 0.3 volts alternating both positive and negative, which is nonsense – the body does not emit volts.

We have a detector, a pencil detector of electromagnetic radiation. It has a very fine range, and so as I move closer to the router for example it detects it. It also depends on the proximity of course. If I put it on myself, Ricardo, it’s not going to detect any magnetic field obviously. Now we’re going to do the same with a person that has been inoculated with two doses of Pfizer at the base of the neuro cortex in the brain in the head. Watch this. Here behind, above, is where there is more magnetism. Let’s lift the hair so that you can see that there’s nothing there. There’s magnetization here as well. Well she has an electromagnetic field practically across the entire posterior portion. Likewise on the frontal as we’ve seen before. Record it well so that nobody can say there is a magnet. In any case a magnet would not be detected. This pencil can only detect an electromagnetic field. This is amazing.

Well I think everything is clear isn’t it? Obviously graphene is magnetic when in contact with organic molecules and in addition since it is a superconductor it will show affinity for the body’s electrical conductive tissues i.e. the central nervous system and more specifically the heart, particularly when there is cardio activity.

When we increase cardiac activity, we increase electrical activity. When a heart is impregnated with graphene then what we see are arrhythmias. We have seen deaths from arrhythmias especially in athletes where the mortality rate has skyrocketed.

If then graphene is magnetic and we believe it is the cause of the damage that they have been passed off as Covid-19. If we were able to somehow separate the graphene using a focus of magnetism we would be able to cure people right?

Well that is exactly what they did at the public University of València. They use magnetic bandages to treat patients but they insist that the magnetic properties of the strip is due to the coronavirus.

Anyway it is not me saying this but instead Antena3TV. (02)

Presenter: All patients have had sequelae for a long time. In a hospital in València, they are studying the possible benefits of magnetic bandages created for physiotherapy treatments.

Rosa Rodríguez: Yes apparently it is a simple bandage, but this is not the case it has magnetic properties that make it unique. It acts like magnetotherapy all day long, on whoever wears it. It is a pioneering tool that has been researched and developed here at the University of València and is helping to alleviate the sequelae suffered by patients who have had coronavirus, cough, fatigue, headaches, muscle pain. They are all getting better, so much so that it is already being tested in Covid critical patients. Once the coronavirus is defeated there may be sequelae. You suffer from fatigue, tiredness. It is what Ms. Dr. Castelli felt after overcoming bilateral pneumonia. You have a feeling of oppression and when you breathe you feel like you simply cannot fill your lungs with air. Lola noticed a great deal of fatigue and pain in the lower back and buttock. Rita couldn’t even lie down.

Rita: I’d cough a lot but with this bandage we stretch the skin and wait. Now it has changed. I noticed that when they put it on that the pressure disappears, the coughs totally disappeared. The discomfort itself disappeared. It is a ground-breaking treatment.

Magnetic Tape piece (In spanish)

Well I’ll stop it here. This is not a ground-breaking treatment. Someone will say “Hey, how can a magnet work – basically a magnetic strip – with a virus?” Perhaps the SARS-CoV-2 is a magnetic virus! The coronavirus, right? Well obviously here we realize what was happening. What the magnetic strip does, is to separate those graphene nanoparticles that are causing dyspnoea respiratory distress in the lungs towards an area where it causes no harm, where it is closer to the epidermis simply by placing a magnetic strip or magnet there.

We have a saying in La Quinta Columna, we say, “You are the more lost than a penguin in an elevator,” and another saying is “You are more lost than Enrique Gastaldi in the hospital with the magnetic strips”. In addition he is telling you whilst wearing the FFP-2 face mask which contains graphene. (03) (04) (05) (06)

Remember what happened to these masks? “Hey, the mask contained graphene!” someone reported. Millions of batches were withdrawn. (07) (08) (09) (10) (11)

Why? And now those masks are recommended? Obviously the criminal even once he is caught is not going to back down. He “normalises”.

Someone will say how is it possible that there are so many people participating in this operation after we have shown videos of graphene, thousands of videos that have gone around the world, and it is so evident and purple that we are going to see it later under the microscope. How come everyone who works with graphene – because there are many companies especially in Spain – remain silent? Perhaps it is because there is an organisation called The Graphene Flagship. This one here. For example Spain on a European level participates the most. There are more people there. All the universities have collaborated and when I say collaborate I mean that they have been prostituted by receiving money, public financing, public and private institutions. (12)

Spain is the country that participates the most worldwide. In fact the brain has been mapped here. Rafael Yuste, the neuroscientist from Columbia University, is the person responsible for providing the key to the brain, and we don’t know really who he has given it to. (13) (14)

The Graphene Flagship, one billion euros for the study of graphene, and one billion euros for the study of the brain, and what does the brain have to do with graphene? Well let’s have a look. (45:18)


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