Propaganda Antidotes [Part 10 of 20]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Ten. 

Fauci, Credible Links, Past-Coronavirus truths

I make it known that I am fully prepared to change an opinion at a moment’s notice. But that reading had better be good and credible – most within sanctioned media are neither. As such, I make a liberal practice of forwarding credible links such as yours and arguing in public with the useful idiot constituency, such as during an impromptu park debate involving the head of a local Covid therapy clinic and a couple park rangers.

I make a point of noting that the one-dimensionally intelligent can Tarantino the hell out of the narrative and chronology and it still won’t change the fact that asses like Fauci started this mess, lied about it, and have profited by it, and I have nothing but contempt for their enablers. Those that fault me for not knowing the science are using the wrong metric: I recognize the sociopaths involved and their histories.

That, coupled with the filing away of things long ago read and largely suppressed these days (such as our never having had success with any of the 160 coronaviruses prior to 2020), is enough to find me asking questions more legitimate than the answers we’ve been given. Early in the pandemic, I predicted that the answer to Covid-19 lay in therapeutics. Nothing I have seen since has altered that paradigm. If anything, the arduous efforts to discredit therapeutics have hardened that suspicion.

What has instead been foisted upon us with an obviously panicked zeal is not a vaccine but an experimental drug, one with already thousands dead from it and counting; many thousands more with already manifest side effects and draft picks to be named later. These points and many others are verbally or typed to those I feel need to hear them owing to my concern for them or those that stand to be impacted by their actions.

Finally, I make a point that when I see large numbers of bureaucratic bodies go after the perpetrators of this viral nightmare with the same zeal they do of its victims, then I will perhaps have greater optimism as to their credibility, integrity, and motives.

Excipients, Adjuvants, Summarized important points, private gatherings

Ever since this “Plandemic” began, I have been alert with my sixth sense. I began downloading and printing out as many scientific papers on studies of vaccine side effects as possible.

I began looking up data on vaccine excipients, such as the various chemical adjuvants used to manufacture it. As soon as I realized the scope of the complexity built into the vaccine, I started sharing these documents with my friends and family.

The important thing I did was provide a summary of important points to be understood in each email. People could get the primary leading particulars in a simple way. Then, at their leisure, they could read more closely the full scientific context.

Private gatherings and in-person discussions were always helpful. I attribute any success I had in red-pilling people to keeping material summarized and simple. Everyone continued to share the information with more people. I estimate that I may have caused red-pilling for up to three dozen people over the last year.

Casual calling out of the False narrative, Clinic for vaccine injuries

It took a series of casual conversations where I mentioned a fact that showed part of the official narrative was false – and the government was actually lying. I could see by the look of sheer terror on the person’s face that I hit a nerve. I didn’t press it that day but let another fact drip later. Eventually, the person started asking his own questions. A few facts that were especially effective:

– A nurse opened a vaccine clinic in a neighboring town just for covid vaccine injuries. The fact that there are enough injured people for a business showed that the official numbers are wrong.

– I know two people paralyzed, and two with heart problems due to this vaccine – but no one I know is injured by any other vaccine. The two paralyzed people got the vax due to mandate.

– Coquin de Chien showed that every official child Covid death in my state MA is actually a vaccine death that was improperly classified.

– Coquin de Chien also showed that all-cause deaths are up, and after vaccine release, they are now cardiovascular.

– A local nurse told me that her hospital was mislabeling most covid patients as unvaxed due to rushed intake. She checked the state database and found out most were vaccinated. When she tries to change procedures to get accurate counts, she was told to stop. All hospitals in MA use the same flawed self-reporting procedures.

They are beyond help...

  • 20% can never be reached. They have to learn the hard way, and even then will be in denial.
  • Recently in Portland, OR, people were lined up down the block and around the corner to get the Omicron booster. Mind you, these are people who only consume organic, vegan, gluten-free, ethically grown with no BPA! They are beyond help.
  • “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled” – Mark Twain.

I work in a lab - PCR for covid is bogus

Working in the clinical laboratory, I know that the PCR test basically tests for the common cold (coronaviruses that humans have for detoxification, as in colds!).

It is basically picking up snippets of RNA which do not mean you have the actual virus, especially if amplified a lot. So, we have been scammed into testing for the common cold (which in the elderly and/or comorbid can indeed put you over the edge) and jabbing for the common cold.

The gift that will keep on giving, as we are going to endlessly have colds as a means for our bodies to detoxify (from meds/drugs/vaccines/crap food/pollution, etc.).

Health is not through vaccines. This is what I tell and email others, as well as teaching that viruses are not contagious as we have been led to believe through the Germ Theory, another scam to keep us as guinea pigs/lab rats in the big pharma and big medical cartel$$$$ Visit to learn and no longer have fear!

Nothing that I presented made any difference

Tried and tried again, I couldn’t even talk to my younger brother about it who lives in Germany. We also had email exchanges with a cousin of ours in Hamburg, Germany; she is a physician and she is (still) pro-vaxx. Nothing that I presented made any difference.

The same with my colleagues at UNR; there was a vaccine mandate, and I lost my part-time appointment last December (I did not opt for the religious exemption, I was just too disgusted).

The colleague who I worked together with got vaccinated, as did his whole family and his children who are attending other universities.

I was also astounded by his fear of infection. Just about a month ago, I helped a student of his with a spectrometer and he came by wearing TWO masks (!). We were ‘polite’ and wore a mask too. He acknowledged that since he had a beard, there was probably some leakage. So why did he not shave his beard? That doesn’t compute. He should know that there is no way that these masks could stop a 100 nm virus.

I met another colleague, a professor in microbiology, at a grocery store. He told me that he is getting the booster. Interestingly, he made a comment: he talked to health-care workers in Reno, and he was concerned about over-vaccinating children.

Each vaccine has adjuvants, and if you give several vaccines at the same time, then all these adjuvants are adding up, something that was never tested!

The comment of the health-care worker: “Once we have them here (the children), we give them everything we got!”

It is impossible for me with a Ph.D. in physics to red-pill my colleagues at UNR. One of them makes fun of me; when he sees me, he says, “Oh, you are still alive?” Completely brain-washed. It will be a brutal awakening someday.

I think 90% of my Facebook friends are vaccinated. Just a few are red-pilled; I see that in their comments and posts.

My ex-wife, still a good friend, got vaccinated so she could join her family to go to a baseball game in California. Just for a ball game!! She was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and operated upon. Her oncologist said, “We see an increase of cancer across the country”. I wonder why. Now she is undergoing chemo, so sad. I think she knows that she made a big mistake.

My son and my wife are not vaccinated. We all got Omicron in the beginning of July. I had two days of symptoms; they had it only one day. We also supplement with D3, zinc, quercetin, etc.

Neighbours of mine struggled with it for 4 weeks. Just another one now recovering after 10 days of Omicron. A waiter in a health food restaurant, who I know for 20 years, vaccinated, had two weeks of Omicron. But of course, these are ‘just my own observations’ and are not statistically relevant, so someone commented on a Facebook post. True, but that is what I read everywhere on alternative media, including Steve’s newsletter. Of course, this is all ‘disinformation’…

Speaking at monthly Board of Education meetings

  1. My family members got 2+ shots but still get positive test results. I told them there are ways/meds to treat COVID, so the vaccine is useless.
  2. My friend got slightly brain fog and chest pain after receiving 2 shots of the China vaccine (deactivated virus). I told him everything he won’t hear on the MSM/Big Tech. Then he woke up.
  3. Most people are trapped in the mainstream narrative, and it’s difficult for them to even think that the government and health institutes can fool them. It’s bothersome for them to have this kind of talk – it’s too heavy for them.

It had nothing to do with my methods and everything to do with the one friend I have who is the least attached to any narrative. Still, he continues to get boosters because the love of his life is completely blue-pilled, and he wants to stay in a harmonious relationship with her. So essentially, I feel like I haven’t reached anyone. Everyone else thinks I’m a conspiracy theorist.

I felt it was my moral duty to begin red-pilling the people of my town. I attempted to do so by using my 5 minutes of “public comment” time at the monthly Board of Education meetings. Our Board of Education was going along with the dangerous mandates imposed on staff, and I felt that if I started to educate them, maybe their consciousness would be activated, and they’d back off – not a chance. I gave them the benefit of the doubt by giving them lots of crumbs to dig on.

We’ve since learned that school districts were receiving ESSER funds to impose the mandates. Our town received $5.4 million.

I was given 5 minutes each time, and I spoke 6 different times (4/2021, 6/2021, 9/2021, 1/4/22, 1/31/22, and 3/22). I even followed up with emails to provide the Board with sources that backed up my extreme statements.

Vaccines were being mandated on the staff, and students were being encouraged to take the vaccine (so they wouldn’t have to quarantine). Because I knew of the harm being caused by the vaccines, I felt I had a moral duty to step forward and warn people.

The topics I covered were the dangers and negative effects of the masks, the dangers of the vaccines (side effects and deaths), how the pandemic was a “plandemic,” how the adults in the town should be shielding the children and not using the children as shields, the findings of Reiner Fuellmich’s mock Grand Jury, the findings of Ron Johnson’s hearings, and The Great Reset.

Each time I spoke, I prepared very detailed and organized statements to cram as much as I could into those 5 minutes before they cut me off. After all of the info I provided, not once did a Board member follow up with a question. I was only told that I should take up my grievances with the governor’s office and they were just following orders.

All of my statements were recorded and are still out on the district’s YouTube channel. I spoke not only to hopefully break the COVID spell that had gripped the community but also to get on the record that the Board was warned about the dangers of the shots and also that they were not only violating human rights (masking children without scientific reasoning) but also denying parents their rights.

Our town used to live stream the meetings, but now they are recorded and uploaded days later. When the meetings were live-streamed, we’d have (on average) 1500 views, but now the view counts are 1/4 that.

Our friend came to visit and over dinner, he extolled the virtues of the Australian government’s efforts during the pandemic. Up until this point, there had been no opening for me to counter his belief in the vaccines and the lockdown methodology.

Today, Avi Yemeni posted a video of an Australian conference for physicians and scientists at I wrote an email to my friend with the link, saying, “When we had dinner, you offered a glowing view of how Australia handled the pandemic. I’ve been watching Australian news for the last two years, and I thought you might be interested in this video.

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