“C-19 Jabs are bioweapons” [Karen Kingston] Florida County Commissioners Presentation

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During a public hearing on February 14, 2023, Florida Collier County Commissioners and over 200 residents were presented with evidence that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are bioweapons. The hearing was to vote on a $1.4 million NIH grant that included funds used for COVID-19 ‘vaccine education’, among other CDC public ‘health’ initiatives. The commissioners voted unanimously to return 100% of the NIH funds.

Karen Kingston | Florida County Commissioners Presentation

Feb 14, 2023: Rumble | Telegram | Full Video

Transcript of the section from Dr. Joseph Ladapo (State Surgeon General):

Probably almost every American would be surprised to hear these COVID-19 mRNA vaccines specifically are associated with an increased risk of appendicitis. They’re associated with an increased risk of Bell’s Palsy. They’re associated with an increased risk of shingles, which can be severe in some cases. They’re associated with changes in sperm motility and sperm function and sperm count. And most recently, we’re finding that they are present in breast milk, even though an earlier study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that they were not in breast milk.

And by the way, the reference for the increased risk of things like appendicitis and Bell’s Palsy, etc. comes from a paper that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

So one of the things that I and other people did during the pandemic that distinguished us, we were talking about Dr. Mancharia (?) earlier, is that we tried to be honest and we call things out when they were not honest. (01)

Dr. Joseph Ladapo clip (2 Nov 2022): YouTube | Rumble-Mirror | Telegram-Mirror
Guidance for Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccines (March 8, 2022) (Ron DeSantis, Governor | Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD, State Surgeon General)

Karen’s Substacks about her presentation will be better than anything I can put here:

The Closer | mRNA Evidence Presented | The Commissioners Letter

(Bullet points below, but visit Karen’s substack above for screenshots and full text)

  • The Closer “This article is the closing paragraphs to the letter I emailed Collier County Commissioners on February 5, 2023, resulting in the opportunity to present to the Board of Commissioners on February 14th.”

  • Damning mRNA Evidence Presented During Florida Public Hearing
    1. “As part of the hearing, I shared FDA-submitted Pfizer documents and Florida state law demonstrating that the COVID-19 mRNA injections are bioweapons.”
    2. “I emphasized to the commissioners that the COVID-19 mRNA injections do not prevent infection, do not protect against disease, and were not evaluated under bona fide research. The COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ were known to cause injury, illness, and death in adults and children prior to being unleashed on US and global citizens.”
    3. “According to HHS Guidance on Withdrawal of Subjects from Research, under EUA research; reporting and record keeping of patients who withdraw from a study due to adverse events (including death), is NOT REQUIRED and up to the manufacturer (PFIZER/BioNTech).” (02)

  • The Commissioners Letter “This is the blueprint on how to articulate to local government officials and law enforcement that the COVID-19 injections are bioweapons and how they can either report a crime or be an accomplice.”
COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ do not prevent transmission or infection of SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus variants

  • COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ do not prevent transmission or infection of SARS-CoV-2 or coronavirus variants;
    1. the FDA research was fraudulently done and the claims from the trials are false; and
    2. the new COVID-19 biological injections/ ‘vaccines’ have been proven to cause disease, disabilities, and death in adults and children who were formerly healthy prior to vaccination.
    3. There is also recent data demonstrating that with each additional injection (booster) given, the risk for COVID-19 increases. This is the exact opposite effect of what a vaccine is supposed to do, clearly demonstrating that the injections are not vaccines. Florida Governor DeSantis spoke out against the bivalent boosters on January 17, 2023, citing the fact that the risk for COVID-19 increases with each booster. (03)

If the ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent infection or transmission, what are they 95% effective at?

  • When the COVID-19 biological injections first became available, we were initially told that the new mRNA vaccines were 95% effective, but then later told that the injections are not effective at preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection or transmission. If the ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent infection or transmission, what are they 95% effective at? (other than causing disease).
    • The initial answer to this question was that the new mRNA vaccines were too complicated to understand
    • We were told to simply trust the science and be confident in knowing that these new experimental biological agents went through the same rigorous FDA clinical trials in only nine (9) months that took previous vaccines more than 10 years of clinical evaluation. 
      • I believe most adults are intelligent enough to know that this was a lie and that both the near-term (within 2 years) and long-term side effects of a highly advanced biological agent cannot be known in 9 months of human testing, as we are unfortunately learning as a society today.
    • We are now aware that the COVID-19 injections are NOT safe and effective vaccines and that the claims regarding the integrity and validity of the FDA clinical trials were blatant lies.

If a vaccine can’t reduce the risk for a viral infection, how can it reduce the risk for the severe disease that is caused by that viral infection?

  • Currently the CDC, FDA, NIH, other government officials, and some healthcare professionals are promoting the false claim that the COVID-19 biological injections prevent hospitalizations and severe disease.
    • If a vaccine can’t reduce the risk for a viral infection, how can it reduce the risk for the severe disease that is caused by that viral infection? The answer is it can’t.
      • A failed ‘vaccine’ increases the risk for severe disease.
      • A vaccine that exposes the human immune system to a virus or part of a virus (the spike protein), but then does not stimulate the neutralizing antibodies required to protect against future viral infections, increases the risk for severe respiratory disease.
      • This is a well-known, harmful experimental biological response known as vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD).
      • The FDA states that VAERD is an IMPORTANT POTENTIAL RISK for both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections in the FDA approval documents. (04)

Increased risks for cardiac death from COVID-19 injections

  • The FDA approvals for both Pfizer and Moderna also list MYOCARDITIS and PERICARDITIS as IMPORTANT IDENTIFIED RISKS, further substantiating Dr. Ladapo’s expert insight that the mRNA injections increase the risk of sudden cardiac death in otherwise healthy male adults.
    • Due to the increased risks for cardiac death from COVID-19 injections, Dr. Ladapo has advised against the use of these biological agents in healthy children and adult males.

Increased Risk of Covid-19 INCREASES with each dose

  • The risk for vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD) is another reason to advise against the COVID-19 mRNA injections.
    • In simple terms, increased risk for enhanced respiratory disease means that these mRNA injections increase the risk for COVID-19 infection, severe illness, and hospitalization.
  • Pfizer states that their mRNA injections increase the risk for COVID-19 per a September 2021, post-hoc analysis. Per the FDA Briefing Document; “An additional analysis appears to indicate that incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post-Dose 2.” (05)
    • Pfizer concluded that the risk for COVID-19 infection increases in study subjects who received 2 doses of their mRNA injection. 
      • The residents of Collier County were promised that the COVID-19 mRNA injections would reduce the risk for COVID-19 infection, yet Pfizer submitted data to the FDA stating the opposite of what was promised.
      • The risk for COVID-19 infection increases with vaccination.
      • This is clearly not a vaccine.
    • A recent study of 51,011 Cleveland Clinic employees confirmed that the risk for COVID-19 disease increases over time post 2nd dose versus being unvaccinated. (06)
      • AND that with each additional injection (booster), the risk for COVID-19 infection further increases versus remaining unvaccinated.

Does NOT prevent overwhelming the hospitals or healthcare system

  • COVID-19 is (or was) considered a threat to public health and safety because of the risk of overwhelming the hospitals and healthcare system with severely ill COVID-19 patients. 
    • It is well understood that the COVID-19 mRNA injections can increase the risk for infection, severe COVID-19 disease, and hospitalizations due to VAERD. (07)
      • In other words, higher vaccination rates may lead to higher hospitalization rates.
      • Based on this fact alone, the mRNA injections themselves pose a threat to public safety and should be removed from communities to avoid the risk of overwhelming the healthcare system.
    • In Collier County, more than 70% of residence are fully-vaccinated (2 or more doses) and over 90% have received at least one dose. (08)
      • During the holiday week of December 16, 2022ICU beds at Naples Hospital were over 118% capacity, in-patient beds were at 93%, and 30% of emergency room visits were due to COVID-19 (666/2,240). The high COVID-19 vaccination rates did not reduce the burden on the Naples Community Hospital. *High COVID-19 vaccination rates likely increase the burden to hospitals and the healthcare system. (09)

FDA knew of vaccine-induced injuries on Oct 22, 2020

  • The risk for cardiac injury, respiratory failure, and other COVID-19 vaccine-induced injuries and illnesses, including death, was known by the FDA on October 22, 2020.  (10)
    • The FDA met with industry (i.e. Pfizer, Moderna) to discuss more than two dozen harmful outcomes and diseases caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.
      • The FDA and industry knew that the COVID-19 biological injections placed adults and children at unnecessary risk for injuries, illnesses, and death, but the FDA still authorized both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections as safe vaccines.

Covid, heart attack, stroke, respiratory failure, blood clotting, seizures, and death.

  • The clinically significant adverse events can include the outcomes listed in the previous slide, such as heart attack, stroke, respiratory failure, blood clotting, seizures, and death.
    • Pfizer states that they are not sure if their ‘mRNA vaccine’ caused these harmful outcomes or if it was the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
      • These 409 patients had negative PCR tests confirming they were not infected with SARS-CoV-2, but Pfizer did not count these patients as severe cases, nor did Pfizer include them as serious adverse events.
      • The 409 vaccinated suspect COVID-19 patients were part of a larger group of 1,594 vaccinated subjects who also became ill but were not counted in the final analysis as the Sponsor (Pfizer/BioNTech) believed them to potentially have COVID-19 or severe COVID-19, but they did not have a confirmed positive PCR test. (11)

Severe COVID-19, respiratory failure, kidney, liver and neurological dysfunction, admission to the ICU, and death.

  • Severe COVID-19 was a secondary outcome in Pfizer’s trial, based on symptoms and a positive PCR test.
    • Pfizer’s clinical description of severe COVID-19 is similar to the list of the COVID-19 vaccine outcomes from the October 22,2020, FDA meeting, including respiratory failure, kidney, liver and neurological dysfunction, admission to the ICU, and death.

FDA's approval has violated biological agent laws

  • Why does any of this matter? This matters because the FDA’s authorization and then approval of the COVID-19 mRNA injections is in violation of the FDA’s own safety laws 21 U.S.C 312.42b1i/b2i and 21 U.S.C 355 that are in place to protect American civilians and the resident of Collier County from being unknowingly exposed to harmful biological agents that can cause injury, illness, disability, or even death. (12)
    1. Per 21 U.S.C 312.42b1i/b2i, during a Phase 1 trial of 20-80 healthy people, if a biological agent places humans at unreasonable and significant risk for illness or injury the experiment is to be terminated.
      • Based on the October 22, 2020, meeting alone, the FDA should have terminated the COVID-19 vaccine trials. Residents of Collier County should never have had access to these COVID-19 mRNA biological injections.
      • Per the FDA’s guidance for EUA COVID-19 vaccines, the FDA must determine that the known benefits of a EUA vaccine (biological agent) outweighs the known risks before authorizing for use in the US population. (13)
    2. Per 21 U.S.C 355, the FDA must make a determination that the benefits of a product outweigh the risk before moving forward with FDA approval.
      • The data the FDA had in their possession clearly demonstrated that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines did not outweigh the risks.
      • An HHS declared public health emergency to enable the use of an experimental biological agent by Americans is not a valid legal reason for the FDA, CDC, Pfizer or Moderna to knowingly and fraudulently promote a harmful biological agent as a safe and effective vaccine. (14)
    3. There is no law in America or in the state of Florida that provides legal immunity to employees of a government agency or of a private organization who knowingly manufactured and provided access to known harmful biological agents for use on a civilian population under the guise of safe and effective vaccines. (15)
      • The FDA, Pfizer, and Moderna cannot claim ignorance when it comes to placing American civilians at unnecessary risk, especially when it comes to children.
      • The injection of children with mRNA biological agents was never merited.
      • The risk of children contracting COVID-19 was insignificant per the FDA’s documents. 

Pfizer requested FDA to not disclose harms to children because it would be 'unfavorable!!'

  • On June 10, 2021, the FDA met to discuss the clinical endpoints for children’s studies. Per the FDA briefing document, the committee states that conducting a pediatric trial where the primary endpoint is proving a reduction in risk for COVID-19 infection in vaccinated children versus unvaccinated children would be impossible (infeasible) to conduct, because children rarely become infected. (16)
    • Despite the overwhelming body of evidence that children were never at any meaningful risk for infection or from becoming ill from COVID-19, the FDA authorized Pfizer and Moderna to conduct clinical trials in minors placing children and infants at unnecessary risk for injury and illness from a biological agent known to cause injury, illness, disabilities, and death.
  • Pfizer knowingly violated safety laws and placed children at unnecessary risk for injury and death per their November 20, 2020, FDA Phase 3 data submission. (17)
    • This report states that there was data from 100 children aged 12 to 15 years of age who experienced reactogenicity effects from the mRNA injections (i.e. Myocarditis, seizures, blood clots, death).
      • However, the Sponsor (Pfizer/BioNTech) requested that the data for these 100 children NOT be disclosed because the benefit-risk ratio was unfavorable.
        • “Reactogenicity data from a total of 100 adolescents 12 through 15 years of age were provided in the EUA submission. However, the Sponsor, did not request inclusion of this age group in the EUA because the data available… were insufficient to support a favorable benefit-risk determination at this time. Therefore, the reactogenicity data for participants 12 through 15 years of age are NOT presented in this document.”
  • This November 20, 2020, benefit-risk statement regarding the COVID-19 mRNA vaccination of children is a blatant violation of 21 USC 355 and evidence that both Pfizer and the FDA knowingly broke the law.
    • The bottom line is that the FDA’s authorization and approval of the COVID-19 vaccines is both grossly unethical and criminal, as was Pfizer’s and Moderna’ manufacturing and promotion of these harmful biological injections as safe and effective vaccines.

The COVID-19 biological injections are bioweapons that have been criminally promoted, distributed, and administered

  • “What are these NEW biological agents that do NOT prevent transmission or infection, do NOT protect against diseasewere NOT done under bona fide researchand are known to cause illness, injuries, disabilities, and death?”
    1. The COVID-19 biological agents do not prevent infection or transmission;
    2. they do not protect against disease;
    3. the clinical trials did not adhere to the FD&C Act safety and efficacy laws;
    4. recipients of EUA injections did not receive informed consent;
    5. and the COVID-19 biological injections are proven to cause serious illness, injury and even death, in previously healthy adults and children. 
    6. The COVID-19 biological injections are bioweapons that have been criminally promoted, distributed, and administered to American civilians, including the residents of Collier County, under the guise of safe and effective vaccines. (18)

FDA inadvertently destroyed the immunity shields for themselves, the manufacturers, and for covered persons

  • The FDA inadvertently destroyed the immunity shields for themselves, the manufacturers, and for covered persons because the FDA conspicuously violated most of the safety laws that regulate their agency and the manufacturers under the FD&C Act (21 USC) and Public Health and Welfare Act (42 USC), including the EUA/Public Health Emergency modifications to these acts that provided blanket, iron-clad legal immunity to manufacturers and covered persons.
    • Covered persons may include healthcare workers, employers, or public officials who believe they can willfully ignore the injuries and illnesses caused by the COVID-19 bioweapon injections because they believe they have immunity.
      • Many covered persons may be under the impression that by simply receiving COVID-19 financial compensation (from HHS, CDC, or the NIH) and by following HHS guidance or rules under the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) declaration, that they have civil and criminal immunity.
    • Manufacturers and covered persons are gravely mistaken.
      • There are no laws that exist in the United States of America or in the state of Florida that provide immunity to;
      • manufacturers for manufacturing bioweapons (harmful biological injections)for use on a civilian population; 
      • covered persons for knowingly administering a bioweapon (experimental biological injection) to a civilian adult or child;
      • covered persons for knowingly making bioweapons accessible to American adults and children; or
      • covered persons or manufacturers for knowingly and fraudulently promoting bioweapon injections as safe and effective vaccines.
  • As more and more Americans and Collier County residents become aware that a crime has been committed against them and their children under the guise of ‘public safety’ not only will manufacturers be criminally charged for manufacturing and promoting bioweapons as a safe and effective vaccines, but government and public officials, as well as healthcare providers, will also be at high risk for civil and criminal liability for making the COVID-19 bioweapon injections readily available to their community and for assisting in the fraudulent promotion of these bioweapons as safe and effective vaccines, unless they quickly correct course.

All deceived and manipulated by federal healthcare agencies, manufacturers, and the coordinated media effort.

  • The unfortunate reality is that regardless of our profession, educational level, or even our ‘vaccine status’ nearly all Americans were manipulated by federal healthcare agencies, manufacturers, and the coordinated media effort.
    • We were deceived into believing that the COVID-19 biological injections were evaluated under legitimate FDA clinical trials and were determined to be safe and effective vaccines.
  • Due to the mass coordinated propaganda, censoring, and social pressure to ‘not say anything bad’ about the COVID-19 injections, at some level, we all unknowingly participated in the deception that may have caused ourselves, our loved ones, and/or community members to be injected with a biological agent that has only been proven to be effective as a bioweapon in causing injury, illness, disabilities, and death. and meets the exact criteria of a bioweapon under 18 USC 175.

Financially incentivized opinions by some passionate 'medical experts'

  • While there may be some doctors and medical experts who passionately opine that the COVID-19 biological injections are safe and effective vaccines, the overwhelming body of clinical and real-world evidence does not support their passionate, biased, and often financially incentivized opinions.
    • The bonus incentives that were offered to healthcare providers (HCPs) by insurance companies to vaccinate members were so obscene, one could describe them as bribery. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) offered HCPs up to $250 per newly vaccinated member. (19)
    • The BCBS COVID-19 vaccine bonus program was structured so that the more patient members a medical practice vaccinated, the higher the per vaccinated member rate was, pressuring all HCPs of a practice to be a ‘good sport’ and push the COVID-19 mRNA injections.

Criminally charging the manufacturing, distributing, promoting or administering a bioweapon

  • Despite the chaos and confusion regarding whether the COVID-19 injections were EUA product versus FDA-approved product, there is no law that protects any person or organization for being criminally charged for manufacturing, distributing, making accessible, promoting, or administering a bioweapon (harmful, experimental biological agent) under the guise of a safe and effective vaccine.
  • For this reason, in addition to returning the NIH grant, I recommend that the Collier County Commissioners convene a panel to work quickly to educate residents regarding the known harmful clinical outcomes of the COVID-19 bioweapon injections per the data from the manufacturers’ FDA clinical trials, peer-reviewed publications of real-world evidence, and testimonials from local victims who have been harmed or has a loved one was harmed.
  • It is important for Collier County residents to understand that the FDA trials were not in compliance with the laws that regulate the biologics industry or vaccine research, and that the safety and efficacy claims derived from these studies were false and intentionally misleading.
  • There are Collier County doctors who have successfully treated patients who were injured by the COVID-19 bioweapon injections and can assist in providing educational material to help restore the health of anyone injured by one of these injections.
  • I recommend educating residents on how to take criminal action against the manufacturers under State and Federal laws that regulate the use of bioweapons because those who have been injured have the right to pursue criminal charges.
  • As more experts and government leaders are coming forward to speak out against the harmful COVID-19 biological injections, such as Surgeon General Ladapo and Governor DeSantis, and research and analysis such as what I’ve done regarding these bioweapon injections is gaining more media coverage and public awareness, there is a brief window of opportunity for all of us to get on the right side of history.

Collier Board of County Commissioners – COVID-19 Immokalee Grant

14 Feb 2023 (3hrs) | YouTube | Collier Website

Timestamps of note…

  • Discussing whether take the grant or send it back (42:49-)
  • One of the Board members tries to prevent Karen from giving her Presentation (1:03:58-)
  • Karen Kingston’s presentation (1:05:521:24:03)
  • Carol (?Depollo/Del Carlo/Dipaolo?) (1:24:421:27:44) Medical Freedom, Naples
  • Beth Sherman (1:27:59-)

Pfizer whistleblower Karen Kingston reacts to the Collier County Florida Board returning a $1.2 million grant to NIH.


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