[1991] Planned Destruction of the Australian Constitution | Jeremy Lee

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Jeremy Lee attends a seminar in Melbourne in 1991, to explain the deliberate attempt to take the decisions out of the hands of Australians and into a Centralized One World Government, via a Trojan Horse which is the Human Rights Commission by the United Nations, and via deception from our politicians to remove the power from the people as well as destroy our Primary Producing industries, to bring in the New World Order.

Planned Destruction of the Australian Constitution | Jeremy Lee

Rumble | Youtube

Seminar: Melbourne, 1991

00:00 – 07:30
David Thompson, Chair. Introducing Jeremy Lee .

Jeremy Lee starts – talking about Mark Macclesfield’s paper, labour, war, and how it relates to the NWO

Birth Certificate of our Nation
Birth Certificate is simply a record – in a family situation – of the 4 bears and the nature of the birth of a new individual – and so it is in the case of a nation, in the time the Australian Nation was born, at the beginning of this century, this document was thrashed-out, after a tremendous amount of debate, which recorded not only the heritage of all that history which was injected into the Australia of the future, but the peculiarities of our own geography – which ended up in a unique document, the birth certificate of Australia.

And it starts with a unique proposition – that this country does not belong to any power, in the secular sense, in the world – except the Australian People.

They are the rightful heirs if you like, and owners of this country.

It starts with the words: Whereas the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, is the actual wording.

WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established:

And whereas it is expedient to provide for the admission into the Commonwealth of other Australasian Colonies and possessions of the Queen:

Be it therefore enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act

And immediately you’ll notice that Western Australia was not included on the list, because at the time of Federation, there was such reluctance about seeding any sort of power of a central government in that part of the world, which incidentally was shared by other states, for a very short while, West Australia did not join – and came in shortly afterwards.

The constitution covers West Australia, even though they’re not mentioned in the wording.

The phrase “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God,” was largely the result of the people of South Australia because the previous final draft did not include those words. The delegate of SA made the point that he was getting so much pressure and so many requests from citizens that ‘if there was to be a unique document – a definitive document – dealing with the very nature and core of this society itself, there should be some reference to the source of power, freedom, and authority who is almighty God. So when it was voted on, that’s how it got in there. That campaign was not by religious – but it was the ordinary people that felt we needed some reference to God.

It sets out, there will be 3 parts: Upper House, Lower House, and a Crown – each with its particular role.

The Crown is not a law-making body although it has the sanction over the laws that are drafted.

Traditionally – the laws could not come about without the Crown’s signature. But the laws themselves by the Crown, they’re devised through the parliamentary process through the Lower and Upper house.

Our parliament is not just a group of people that we put into the arena and give them the ability to “do whatever they want, and we hope its not too bad” – They have to obey the law.

The parliament is defined.
Then we go onto the role of the Senate, and the role of the Crown, and the role of the Crown is very interesting because it is not as it’s so often suggested today – a body whose role could simply be transferred to that of a president.

The Crown for example is the commander and chief of the armed forces. The Crown has unique powers which can sack politicians from office and convene the parliament, it may withhold laws from operating, and the strength of its role is that it is (or should be) totally separate from the wings of the political machine.

The great loss would be, if we lost that Crown that in fact a Senator is now suggesting this: we actually allow the Politicians to select who the “Head of State” is going to be- can you imagine? The politicians getting to decide who the head of state is going to be, and naturally being “hive-minded” they would never select someone who would suit their particular cause would they?

The beauty of the Crown is that it’s above and beyond that.

Then it sets out all the powers of the Crown, then it lays out, the list of powers that shall be given to this government.

Thus far and no further.

How elections may be held and how we may select candidates to stand, to represent what the people want. That is why they are called Representatives.

It concludes:

Not one word of the Constitution may be altered or changed without the considered-consent of the Australian people, they shall be asked directly in a referendum, before we alter it in any way because it belongs to them – and the Country belongs to them.

A referendum – which a majority of people shall agree, before one word of the document is changed.

This makes the Constitution incredibly significant.

Many Australians have been cut-off from one of the most important documents. This was quite deliberate.

How can we persuade Australians to give politicians more power – because the NWO wanted a Centralized Global government – world religion, etc. So they used war-time to make changes, and visited all states:

“Our brave boys are fighting overseas, would you agree, to transfer the major bulk of your powers to Canberra – for the duration of the war, that’s all we wanted – so we can support our troops overseas, then we’ll give it back at the end of the war”

Because they were imbued with the idea that they’ve got to support the troops, all the states agreed to virtually go out of business, and hand their powers to Canberra for the duration of the war with the exception of the smallest house in the smallest state – the upper house down in Tasmania, where they bluntly said no. Joe in TAS said have a referendum and if the people say yes, I will support it.

They were attacked by the media – called “Anti-Australian”, a bunch of “old fuddy-duddy reactionaries who were bogged down in their own status and conservatism” – but TAS stood firm, and finally in 1944, Dr Evett had to do what they didn’t want to do and ask the Australian people directly.

Would you agree to what was a list of 14 powers being shifted across to Canberra?

By that time, a lot of people had woken-up, including some of the opposition members, who said “No, don’t allow it to happen”.

Bob Menzies warned against it.

So when the vote was finally taken, there was a very big “no” vote. The only group of Australians who voted for was the troops serving overseas, and that’s a very interesting point – they were in the thick of battle, they couldn’t read the Sydney Morning Herald or the Melbourne Age and all these various papers in which the arguments Pro and Con were running – they only had a few minutes time to read the little newsletter put out by the Australian Army education service, and that particular article was written by a young guy called Dr Jim Cairns, who said “its a very good thing, it’s going to help the war-effort, everybody is behind it in Australia, so vote “Yes”, and the actual majority voted yes overseas.

The Constitution held firm and that was why they put a massive effort into finding ways and means by which this constitution could be emasculated, or even destroyed in order to replace it with a totally new idea about how people should live in Society.

We’re never going to get it by asking the people, we’ve got to go another way.

Dr Evatt went to the United Nations and worked on many International Treaties in a way that he saw was valuable to this cause (of transferring all power to Canberra and ultimately World Power).

It wasn’t until we had this giant of a man called Gough Whitlam, in 1972, that finally they actually be able to put into place some of the things that Dr Evatt had been talking about.

What Whitlam had to do was setup the machinery to make it possible for this to happen – it wasn’t going to happen overnight.

We had to bring in the Human Rights Commission into Australia, to be based on the United Nations charter of human rights and all the rest of it, which would be the “Trojan Horse” that was used to put “United Nations” law in place of “Common Law”.

We had to start getting judges into the High Court – Liberal enough to translate two words in the Constitution “External Affairs” in the way that Dr Evatt had wanted them interpreted.

Gough Whitlam’s first task was one of setting things in motion.

Industry had gone through a massive drought and the collapse of the wool industry.

Menzies had retired.
Holt drowned at Portsea.
Gorton was a centralized.

Gough Whitlam managed to convince Australia that he had some sort of vision which we’d lost. He painted it in terms that were convincing enough to vote him in. In 36 months, he’d turned the country upside down.

Just before he got in, Labour had promised to put our farming industries back on their feet. ‘Ample proof to show that high interest rates were imposing severe burdens on export rural industries, and young home owners, a Labour government would investigate the interest rates as they affect production with the objective to providing low and reasonable interest rates’. By making available long-term low-interest loans to pay off immediately the the high-interest short-term loans which many producers had been forced to accept. Then, to try and get farmers back on their feet, it would allow a holiday period of up to 5 years for potentially-viable farmers of the repayment of principal and interest.

This was going to be financed by the Commonwealth bank.

The Commonwealth bank which had financed Australia in the first world war. It was started by the Labour party as a People’s Bank to keep the International banks honest.

Today we have farmers paying 27% interest.

Australia turned out Whitlam and in came Malcolm Fraser which everybody thought was the reincarnation of Bob Menzies and we were going to go back to the good ol’ days and they never noticed that Malcolm Fraser had the machine rolling even faster.

Fraser was the one that pushed through the Human Rights Commission.

Fraser put all these International policies in.
Put in the World Heritage legislation.
Pushing ‘Common Fund’ – UN world control of commodities – food, fibres, and minerals. Meat, wool, copper, iron ore, coal. All primary production in Australia to be handed over to the United Nations.
Fraser who made the speeches demanding other Nations do what Australia is doing.

Lima declaration
Which had put our industries in an impossible position. We demanded that they competed with the world on the World’s terms.

Everything goes up – rates, taxes, interest rates, council rates, sales tax, petrol.

We have managed to eliminate 50% of Australia’s manufacturing industries.

We’ve destroyed the very technology, the know-how and the men and the women, who had built those industries capable of meeting the needs.

Lima declaration was the programme for disaster.

As we got sick of Whitlam, we got sick of Fraser. We turned to Bob Hawke.

Co-Operation – Soviet UNTAG book (see other post)

The Brandt Commission report is the definitive program for World Government https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/5987our-common-future.pdf

Socialism is dead-against Capitalism.

On this Commission, you’ve got a number of top bankers, all the fat capitalists of the world.

The most enthusiastic advocate of this report was Andrew Peacock.

The Co-Ordination book and this Brandt report is the same program, they are identical.

Bob Hawke continued with the program to the New World Order.

Australian labour party, 1982 platform and rules. Which laid out the program. It went against everything that Labour had ever stood for.

  • Commitment to an Australian Republic
  • Commitment to changing the Australian flag
  • Commitment to the International Democratic Socialist Movement
  • Commitment to reducing the power of the Senate
  • Commitment to reducing any independent power of action by the Governor-General (which means the Crown)
  • Commitment to the Introduction to the bill of Rights, based on the UN model
  • Commitment to Regionalisation of Australia with the amalgamation of authorities
  • Commitment to the new International Economic Order

It’s all listed in there. That’s why we have got such a mess today.

World Heritage // UN

They can lock off paddocks from farmers and send beuracrats running all over your properties.

International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are based in Moscow now, trying to devise some sort of programme to take central control of the economy in Moscow.

Moscow want to decentralize power, to make local decisions.

55:00 – 59:00
Industries destroyed. Import & Export. Worth a listen.

Tax & Third-World Funds with 7 year non-repayment, which gives them ability to take over world markets. We cripple our own industries, high-tax on our own industries, then send that tax money overseas, then go and beg those same countries to try and invest back into Australia.

So crazy, it’s a deliberate policy.

That’s why when you go into your hardware store or supermarket, all the stuff is made in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, Arabia, Latin America, Israel – stuff we used to produce ourselves in Australia.

Internationalize the economy, Internationalize Australia.
Accept decisions designed for us by the International Monetary Fund. We don’t have a say anymore, we simply do as we’re told.

The destruction of our Constitution

The World Order Program.

You can still find Australians that believe in the Queen – the great majority.

You can still find Australians who believe in the Democratic Process – who believe that the country belongs to Australians and that politicians are our servants.

Opposers present a distinct threat to all this – You’ve got to write them off as fanatics, as extremists, and as hate-mongers and war-mongers because this idea that the People should have a say, will ruin the whole idea of what is being shaped for our future.

The CIR is incredibly important. The people must have a mechanism for having a say for one thing at a time. CIR is incredibly important. We have to get a movement off the ground that says ‘no more imports of anything we produce ourselves’.

The very nature of the battle we’re in is Spiritual.

Who would you trust the run the world and give us peace on earth, good will to all men? Who’s going to be the first world president?

Don’t listen to the ABC, because you’ll get the ‘wrong slant’.
Get some books, get some tapes, talk to some of the people.

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