† Dr Rashid Buttar (1966-2023)

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Another “Convenient Death“. Dr Rashid Buttar called out the plandemic, the dangers of the genocidal vaccines, and had one of the first videos that went viral back in April 2020 in a mainstream interview calling out Fauci’s shenanigans with gain of function research. He was one of the “disinformation dozen” where mainstream hit pieces turned him into a “conspiracy theorist and dangerous anti-vaxxer” because he was convincing people not to take the so-called “life-saving vaccines” and calling out medical tyranny. He died at the age of 57 after claiming that he had been given a ‘poison’ containing ‘200 times of what was in the vaccine’.

Dr. Rashid Buttar was named one of the “Disinformation Dozen” – basically, a big pain in BigPharma and the Agenda’s backside – a mass targeted attack was placed on them all in 2021 when they were warning everyone about the vaccines.

  • Organized huge “Learn the truth about Covid” conferences to share the truth about the vaccines, the agenda, and natural healing (next one was just a few days away – May 27-29th) which has been cancelled so that his family can make funeral arrangements.
  • April 2020 – Called out the gain of function research carried out in Chapel Hill, called out Fauci 2015-2017 about pandemic, and the vaccines are mass-genocide – video went viral and he was named one of the “Disinformation Dozen”.
  • Known for “environmental toxicity & detoxification, reversing cancer & autism, natural healing”
  • Rashid reached out to Sayer on Feb. 18th, and explained that only a few weeks before, he was in the ICU for 6 days, with a diagnosis of both stroke and myocarditis, with symptoms and biomarkers consistent with adverse effects from the mRNA jabs (which he did not have). He believed that he had experienced the result of shedding (aka, “self-amplifying” properties) from the transgenic mRNA jabs, and that when he was in the ICU, he believes he was poisoned. (Dr. Tau Braun clip – no link to original but I have the clip which I’ll add to the compilation)
  • Died May 18th, 2023

I know there are hundreds of compilation videos by now, but I wanted to put my own clips together, and so this is my compilation of Dr Rashid Buttar:

Dr Rashid Buttar (1966-2023)

1hr 20min Rumble

Recommend watching last interview in full.

Buttar (day before his death) May 17 2023

“You know, I went through a very difficult personal health challenge a few months ago. I was in the ICU. I had been poisoned with 200 times the amount of what’s in the vaccinations, and I’ve said publicly, you know, you’d have to shoot me in the head with the lead – a bullet – because I’m never going to take the vaccine. So I was actually intentionally poisoned and part of it was I believe right after that CNN interview.”

Interview with Dr Bryan Ardis talking about being poisoned

The amount of stuff that has been introducing to my body, intentionally! In Barcelona, at the World Health Forum, where the great reset was shot, where the Big Reset movie was shot, where I was in that movie, and then again, a few months later, at the CNN interview in Dallas that I did. Both times I was intentionally poisoned, and in Barcelona, I was told that it was 200 times more than what anybody gets in a vaccine. They gave me 200 times more. Now, why am I smiling about it? Because they took their best damn shot and I’m still standing in here.


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