COVID-19 Accountability Hearing | USA | Nov 11, 2022

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Live Streamed: 11 Nov 2022: COVID-19 Truth and Accountability Roundtable with Rep. Chip Roy, Dr Scott Atlas, Dr Jay Bhattacharya, and Dr Martin Kulldorff.

Dr Jay Bhattacharya

Professor of Medicine, Stanford. Co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration.

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“Vaccine mandates were built on the false assumption (that the jab can stop transmission)…By July 2021, we knew this wasn’t going to work. It’s a colossal error in policy!”.

Dr Scott Atlas

Dr. Scott Atlas, Stanford, has served as senior advisor to presidents, and served as a special advisor to the president in 2020, and was on the Covid Taskforce.

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He recounts his experience with COVID bureaucrats’ “gross incompetence” and “stunning” lack of knowledge or preparation

I was the only one who brought in the scientific papers…Birx and Fauci…had nothing”

How Officials Manipulated Vaccine Data

Dr. Scott Atlas explains… “they chose to justify giving young children vaccines using proxy endpoints even though their data did nothing to support vaccinating them

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If you look at the data, which I did, that they submitted to the FDA, they didn’t use symptomatic infection as an endpoint because the efficacy against symptomatic infections, in their own data … after 6 weeks was 31-50%. That’s not good enough to be approved

“They didn’t use death and severe disease because there were none in the placebo group or the vaccine group. So they used, what you’re saying, which is an antibody response on a blood test to measure it.”

“Being a doctor, this is obvious, it’s not very sophisticated knowledge to have to say this. It is unconscionable, given the fact, that healthy children have a miniscule risk of a serious illness or death.”

“And frankly, not only was it wrong, to grant that, this was granted as an Emergency Use Authorization – which when you read the criteria for EUAs, it has to be preventing a death or severe disease – severe or lethal. And secondly, there is no public health emergency to grant an EUA for children to get this vaccine.”

Rep. Chip Roy

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Rep. Roy lays out all the Covid-19 TYRANNIES one-by-one

  • Remind me to transcribe this one later this week (I’m in the middle of too many posts to do it tonight, but it deserves it’s own post with the list laid out).

Dr Martin Kulldorff

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Biostatistician and epidemiologist, Harvard. Senior scholar of the Brownstone Institute, co-author of the Great Barrington declaration with nearly one million signers.

“We’ve known about natural immunity for 2,500 years and 2.5 years ago Fauci and other government officials seemed to forget about it completely.”

Rep Andrew Clyde

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Asking whether it was wise for the Military to enforce the vaccinations onto their young men & women when it’s known that myocarditis was a risk and all 3: Martin, Jay, and Scott said “No”.

Then Scott added “There is no scientific basis to have that policy“.

Full Hearing

Live Streamed: 11 Nov 2022 YouTube | NTD

Rep. Chip Roy and House Freedom Caucus Hold COVID-19 Accountability Hearing

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