Chlorine Dioxide (CDS): Vax-Injuries, Covid-Flu Symptoms, Long-Covid, Cancer, & More

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Interview about Chlorine Dioxide with Dr. Manuel Apricio in Mexico who was fully brainwashed before the pandemic but has now helped over 8,000 patients with CDS. This is probably the number one thing we can do if the contamination is coming from our water. It disinfects the water first and foremost, but it’s also helping those suffering all types of things, from severe respiratory distress, to those who have been severely injured by the jabs, to bites and stings and burns – and many other illnesses.

Chlorine Dioxide (CDS/MMS) – Vax Injuries/Cancer/More | Dr. Manuel Apricio & Dr. Sam Sigoloff

April 11, 2023 Rumble-Edited (47mins) | Rumble-Full (50mins)

Interviewer: Dr. Sam Sigoloff

Today I have a very special guest. He lives in a different country – Mexico, and he has a little more freedom, surprisingly. We’re supposed to be the land of the, the free and. In medicine. It doesn’t really seem like that these days, but I have a very special guest. His name is Dr. Manuel Apricio, and so just before we started, you were telling me how your, your official training is in spinal surgery and paediatric spinal surgery at that, but over the past three years, you’ve kind of found a new path where you’re still doing the, the spinal surgery, which is incredible to find time to do anything else. If you know anything about medicine, like when you do one thing, you do that one thing and you do it all day long and more than all day long, but he’s found time to treat over 8,000 patients in the past few years. A new novel treatment, and there is one little disclaimer that I must state at the beginning is that anything we say today is not medical advice and should not be construed as medical advice. It is merely for educational purposes only.

Dr. Manuel Apricio: Very good. Sam, yes, as you said, I’m an orthopaedic surgeon. I have a special training in paediatric orthopaedics and spinal surgery, and before the pandemic I can say that I was pretty much blind about everything in medicine, everything is conducted the way they want it to be, and during the start of the pandemic, at the beginning of 2020, I started to study about the covid and any treatment available in the world, and there was nothing available that was clear to heal Covid.

So I started looking to chlorine dioxide. It was very interesting to me, and I did some research. I read some articles. I talked with Andreas Kalcker, who’s the biophysicist, who made the, the new version of chlorine dioxide, which is called CDs, and he convinced me about trying it in Covid 19 patients.

I started with a couple of patients with very mild cases, and they healed almost in 24 hours, 48 hours at the most, and so I started to use it in the more severe patients, and now as you said, I’ve treated over 8,000 patients with Covid 19. Right, right now is not the problem. You know it. Right now we are facing the Jab injury problem around the world and we are also treating it with base treatment on chlorine dioxide, and we’re very successful so far. Gratefully, Sam.

That’s wonderful, and so some people may not know, and I’ll put a link down below so that they can go check out the universal That’s, and there’s a great documentary there and I’ve been able to speak with the creator of that at one point and he explains what MMS is and he explains what CDS is, but can you explain a little bit of that to us?

Yes. Well, MMS is like the initial form of Chlorine dioxide. It’s very practical. This was made up by Jim Humble, the engineer. He was so bright and, he started using it in South America to treat malaria with great success. All the patients healed in 24 hours, and it consists in activating sodium chloride with citric acid or any acid, but you can activate it “in the moment”, and with low doses, for like many pathologies, you can use MMS without any problems, but when you want to use higher doses, it is better to use CDS, which is chlorine dioxide solution, which is a gas that is saturated into water. It’s prepared before, and the concentrated amount of chlorine dioxide, which is at 3000 parts per million, you dilute it in water and take it in different doses depending on the pathology, but for example, in the COVID-19 patients who had respiratory failure at the beginning of the treatment, we had to use very high doses to start the treatment, and that would CDS would give a very bad Herxheimer reaction because of the dose and the toxicity of the treatment, but with chlorine dioxide, you can use higher doses with very, very few adverse events. (01) (02)

You mentioned Herxheimer reaction. Can you explain what that is?

Yeah, well, it’s kinda like an adverse event, but we don’t call it adverse event because it is transient, it goes away. So when you are taking chlorine dioxide, meaning MMS or CDS, whatever you choose to take, if you have many toxins in your system, you’re gonna get detoxed. So the toxins you have, the more probability to develop a Herxheimer reaction, but it’s transient because you’re detoxifying your body. So as toxins go away, those adverse events, will go away too.

So what we do, when we have a Herxheimer reaction, we lower the dose, for example, to half the dose, and then we increase the dose gradually, like one cc or one activated drop a day until we get to the to the dose that we want to treat any pathologist, but that’s why we call it Herxheimer reaction and not an adverse event. Because for example, of any drug, I don’t know, Diclofenac. If you have an adverse event that can be a gastritis, if you keep taking Diclofenac, you’ll have more gastritis, even though you lower the dose. It doesn’t matter because it’s an adverse event in that body, but with chlorine dioxide, if you lower the dose and then reach the ideal dose, then those symptoms will disappear. That’s why it’s a Herxheimer reaction and not an adverse event.

That’s actually a perfect, great explanation of it, and I think one of the things is for the takeaway is if you’re, if you decide it’s right for you to use for yourself and your family, just because you have this unusual reaction, maybe some loose stools or, or whatever it is, that doesn’t mean don’t do it ever again. That means back off the dose, cut it in half.

And get a good product and, hopefully have someone to guide you in the treatment because as everything in medicine, Sam, you know it and, and you have to know how to use your substance to heal any disease, and if you know how to use it, how to apply it, how to start a dose, how to increase it gradually, depending on the evolution of each patient, because that’s why we are individuals. Everyone responds differently to any substance. So if you have good guidance, then you’ll have good success in your treatment, and that’s very important.

What other illnesses or disease processes have you treated with chlorine dioxide?

Oh, that’s a great question, because at the beginning, when they told me that chlorine dioxide could heal diabetics and autoimmune diseases, cancer, whatever you name it, obviously viruses, bacteria, fungi, small parasites, I couldn’t believe it.

As a scientist, I said, no, this is no way possible. There’s no substance in the world that can heal many things, but now after three years of using and learning, along with chlorine dioxide, we know that the mechanism of action of chlorine dioxide is so complex, it is based on energy and voltages in the cell, and if you imagine that chlorine dioxide can align the voltage or the energy in the cells, because as you know, every single disease represents a lack of energy, and chlorine dioxide will equalize that energy. So that’s why it helps in so many diseases.

At the beginning, we thought that chlorine dioxide was an oxidizing therapy, and right now, we know that it oxidizes some substances or some pathologies, but if you have something that is as a higher voltage than chlorine dioxide, then it can act as an ionic (??) so the other way around, so it equalizes the disease. So it’s very interesting.

We’re doing a lot of lab research about chlorine dioxide because we don’t know, we have no certainty of how does it work, for example, cancer. We have some theories, and we’re proving them in the lab, but it is very interesting, how is it that it acts in cancer patients and in the very invasive cancer patients.

So chlorine dioxide is not a simple oxidizer. It’s a very, very big substance that we can take with a lot of advantages for many pathologies, but we have to know how to use it. That is the key Sam.

And that’s interesting because I’ve had another orthopaedic spinal surgeon on quite a few times. Her name is Dr. Lee Merritt, and we were talking a little bit about chlorine dioxide, and she believes that most cancers, if not all cancers, are related to parasites, which that would make a lot of sense. If you’re killing the parasite and that’s causing the cancer, then you’re going to wipe out the cancer at the same time you take out the parasite.

That is correct, Sam. Yes. It’s a new perspective for me because if three years ago you would tell me that cancer was associated with viruses and parasites, I would say you’re crazy. You’re totally crazy. What you were saying, it doesn’t make sense!. But right now, as I have learned a lot in this pandemic, you have to unlearn to keep learning. If you don’t do that, then you won’t learn. If you don’t have the capability in your brain to take out the bad knowledge and take in new knowledge, which this pandemic has brought out a lot of things and a lot of good things, and if you don’t unlearn that you have to take care of the gut first to treat any disease, then as a doctor, you’re going to fail.

You’re going to have remedies and not real solutions for your patients, and remedies? Anyone can give to the patients. A remedy can be something to take away the headache, but if you want to go deep and see why is the headache present and you go to the origins and you take care of that, then you will really cure the patient. You would not give that patient a remedy for a real, complete solution.

That has been one of the most difficult things. Because just before the whole COVID thing started, and I’m sure the listeners have heard me say this before, but I stumbled across a different way of eating to help with one of my diagnosis with narcolepsy and a ketogenic diet or a carnivore diet. I heard that that helps, and I’m like, well, this goes against everything I’ve ever learned. It just took the whole food pyramid, flipped it upside down, and I was literally walking around in kind of a daze for a month, just trying to like figure out what was up and down just from that one little thing, just food, and it makes perfect sense. What have people have been eating for 10,000 years? They’ve been eating fatty meat. Hasn’t been causing heart attacks. So what sense does it make that all of a sudden we’re having heart attacks and strokes and all these horrible and diabetes and from the stuff we’ve always eaten? What they say is causing it is not what’s causing it.

I know, Sam. Yeah, Hippocrates said it, and he said it many times. “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Whatever you take is what your body is going to respond to.

I’m going to give you a hard example that I passed in my life. My oldest son, he has epilepsy, and I went to at least 10 paediatric neurologists to treat him, and he wasn’t responding to medication, and in all the cases, I asked the paediatric neurologist, hey, doc, what about a diet? What about if we change the diet? And without any exemptions, they all said that has nothing to do with the disease that your kid has. After, yes, I know, I can’t simply understand it. So, after searching a lot of things and looking for alternative treatments, we started a special diet like a type of ketogenic diet, specialized for the kid, and we took away gluten, we took away sugars, we took away dairy products in a very strict way, and that’s the only way that my son stopped having these epilepsy events, and I can’t believe it, really, because the medicine is not training us to heal the patients.

The medicine has trained us to prescribe medications to control the symptoms and not to really heal the patient, and that is really sad, Sam. That’s why, and now I believe it, that’s why I choose orthopaedics. There’s a lot of orthopaedic surgeons that are doing right now alternative medicine, and I know why, because I chose this orthopaedic pathway, because I didn’t like the science fiction behind the medicines, and if you have this symptom, then give this medicine. I never liked that. I always liked the objective things. You have a fracture, you have to heal it. You have to put a plate and screw, you have to put an intermetal nailing, or you have to do whatever you want, but you see it, and you execute the treatment, and then the patient gets healed after the fracture is healed.

So I was convinced that I was helping patients, and right now with the COVID pandemic, that no one was treating the patients until they were in a bad condition. That was very bad advice. We have to treat the patients from the first symptom, and they respond perfectly fine. If you go all the way into the complications, until they have a very severe pneumonia, then you’ll fail in the treatment, and that’s the way to solve the problem for the patients.

Go to the origins, solve all the things that caused the disease, and then you have a patient that was really healed, and not as a remedy, but a healing.

That’s an incredible perspective. I never thought that, because I wanted to be a surgeon when I was in med school, and I did 11 weeks general surgery rotations, and I was like, this is not the lifestyle I want to have. This is a rough lifestyle. So I applaud you for doing residency subspecialty, and then keep going, but yeah, I like that idea of something’s broken. Let’s fix it, and that’s kind of what led me into family medicine is I like to, the different side of it is I like to talk to people as well, but I still have that mindset of, well, let’s get to the root cause. Let’s not just, you know, mask it over, put a band-aid on top. Let’s get to the root of it, and this chlorine dioxide seems to get to the root of a lot of issues.

That is correct Sam. Yeah, it goes to the origins of the pathologies because of this energy, because of all the, we are energy. All our cells have energy. They move and they communicate through energy. So if you have a substance that can align that energy, then you have detoxification on your body. You have selectivity, for example, for the cancer treatment. Chlorine dioxide is very selective because cancer cells have more acidity around them. You know, they have a swollen process. They have different charges. So that’s why Chlorine dioxide acts selectively in cancer cells. That is the very valuable thing, and for those doctors that say “No, no, no, that’s impossible. You cannot treat cancer with metastasis with a substance! With Chlorine dioxide”. Well, I’m about to publish a paper about cancer and Chlorine dioxide, and I’m working right now with a very, very experienced oncology radiation doctor in Europe, and we’re working together in the lab and outside the lab to treat more patients with cancer that now is a very common thing with the JAB adverse events that we’re seeing cancer every day in every single family. There’s a case or there’s a known case of cancer, and the only common pattern is that they got vaccinated three or four times, mostly with mRNA vaccines, and we’re treating them with Chlorine dioxide and other supplements, but based on Chlorine dioxide with very good results.

So let me just pause for a moment to say, don’t get any more vaccines. Please don’t let your family get them. If you have children in your family, you have grandchildren, please don’t let your grandchildren get these things. These are a bioweapon, and so you may not agree with that stance. I know that’s a hard line stance and you may agree with it, but I encourage the listeners to go back to my episode number 33 where I show all the publicly sourced documentation where it is a bioweapon in part developed by China.

33. The Bioweapon Part I

June 26, 2022 Rumble

That is totally correct, Sam. We’ve been saying this for over now two years, and people have attacked us a lot, but when they attacked me, I say, “Okay, please let me know: What do I gain by saying that these experimental JABs are going to do a lot more harm than good. What do I gain with that? What is my benefit? Nothing. Just to get attacked, just to be insulted?”

I’m speaking out as a doctor because I’m genuinely concerned about humanity and what is coming afterwards. So if you as an adult decided by yourself to get vaccinated, well not vaccinated, inoculated with this experimental injection and gene therapy, then that would be your decision, but please, never do it in your children. Do not do it in your children because you will regret it for all your life. They’re going to have problems with their development and their reproducibility and all the things that are going to come with years that we don’t know of with this new technology applied in humans. So I would advise others to really think before inoculating the children.

Yes, and an episode that is not published at this time, but should be published before this episode goes out, and speaking with Dr. Robert Chandler, and he gives this solemn and grave warning that little boys and men who have received this JAB may be infertile forever.

75. Dr Robert Chandler and the death signal.

March 26, 2023 Rumble

That’s right. Yeah. The spike protein and the mRNA information gets stuck in the organs and the reproductive organs, also in the brain and in the heart, because it goes more where the electrical activities are higher. So this is causing a lot of damage. We are seeing it already, and we do not know Sam what is going to happen in five or 10 years. The kids are going to develop more autoimmune diseases and they’re going to have really big trouble reproducing their cells. So yes, we’re seeing the tip of the iceberg right now and all the bad things are I think are going to come within years.

But there’s hope. There’s always hope, and you know, I don’t want to be too too down on the bad things.

That’s right. Yes. We have a very strict way of seeing things at comusav, the organization that I proceed, the world health and life coalition, that for every problem, we have to give a solution. There is no problems without solutions. So for that, we developed an anti-inoculation protocol. It’s an AI protocol. (03)

We named it on purpose as an AI protocol, anti-inoculation protocol that is also for artificial intelligence protocol, and this protocol helps patients that have been jabbed to detox, before they start having adverse events.

Because once they have adverse events, you have to address individually each patient, because one might have Myocarditis, another a vascular event in the brain, and another can have an autoimmune disease or cancer and it has to be treated individually.

In a general matter, you can do this detox protocol after the jab, and you will avoid most probably the adverse events of the jab within the weeks or months.

Do you have a link for that? Can you send it to me so I can link it down below? Yeah, they can go into our webpage is and they can get into the page. We have in English, in Spanish, and we have some information in German and other languages and they can get into the AI protocol and you can download it. There’s a presentation and they explain how to take it. In Spanish and in English and if you have a question, write a message and we’ll answer whatever information you need.

That’s a wonderful service you’re doing for humanity. What other unusual disease processes have you seen and treated?

I’m going to give a quick little anecdote that I’ve seen. I’ve seen a man who his son was starting to have an anaphylactic reaction, and which I mean, for a young boy that that can be a traumatic event, right? Because you feel the throat closing up. The saliva is pooling in the mouth and what are the options? You stab him with an EpiPen and go the emergency room. Like that’s all trauma, and so this man gave his son some CDS. It was a pretty high concentration. From what I understand as he tasted it before he gave it to his son and it actually burned his mouth and was a little tingly for a while, but from the story, his son took a couple sips and then the burning of the throat went away and it was replaced with a different kind of tingling from I think from the strength of the CDS the chlorine dioxide solution, and then the reaction went away and he never had to stab his son with an EpiPen.

That’s great. Yeah, we have to have everyone should have in a rescue bag with chlorine dioxide because it can help with many things. If you get bit by a spider or a scorpion or whatever, if you take chlorine dioxide, you put it on the site of where you get the the pinch of any insect, you can save your life, and that’s for real, and we have detox protocols for specific animals – how to take it and have to apply it, and if you’re, for example, in nature, where there’s no hospital, you should carry some Chlorine dioxide to be able to take if any event goes on. (04)

It is an equalizer. It equalizes the poison of many poisonous insects. So yes, Chlorine Dioxide can save lives, and it has some pretty amazing effects on the body of many, many people. We have a lot of cases that have told their story, and they are amazed with the evolution, and we have published some of these cases in the literature, but it is amazing how Chlorine dioxide can help you solve many unsolved problems that regular medicine cannot take care of.

This is not, I mean, regular medicine can also treat an anaphylactic reaction, you know, but in a very aggressive way, as you said, an EpiPen and then an IV and Cortisone or whatever, and with Chlorine Dioxide, it is a very natural way to treat it. You use the Chlorine Dioxide and that’s it. You’ll stop the anaphylactic reaction.

So it’s a thing that we’re struggling to get authorized by all the authorities worldwide, but there should be a Chlorine Dioxide rescue bottle in every first aid kit in the world.

Now, I’m going to direct the listeners and the viewers to go check out the link below and I’m going to tell it it’s Go to, watch that documentary. They’re going to explain how you can make this in your own house. Or if you want to purchase parts of it, you can purchase it and make it yourself that way.

The Universal Antidote Documentary

Rumble-Mirror | Source:

What’s a good way? Let’s say someone watched the videos, they made some CDS at 3000 parts per million. What’s a good way to store it so they can have it with them?

Well, that’s a very good question. You have to keep it away from sunlight. The sunlight, the UV radiation deactivates Chlorine Dioxide very rapidly. So you should maintain it away from the sun and try to avoid high temperatures because it will lose power. So if you keep it in a dark place, even better, in a fridge, it keeps perfectly well-preserved for over six months. You have to close it very well because it is a gas. If the bottle is not well-closed, then it will evaporate as any gas. Like any soda. If you leave it a little bit open, you have no gas. That’s the same thing about Chlorine dioxide. That’s for CDS.

But for example, to travel, for example, to the woods, you take the MMS, you take the sodium chloride and your activator, any *safe* acid, or citric acid, and you can activate it in the moment and drink it without any temperature or sun issues because you’re activating it at the moment you need it.

If you have CDS, which is already activated, you have to keep it away from the sun and the high temperatures.

One thing that I’ve been doing, or theoretically, I’ve been doing, is I have those little eyedroppers, those little black eyedroppers that are plastic, and I’ll fill that up, and if I go out to eat, because I’ve noticed whenever I go out to eat, and I drink the water, I tend to get ill and I tend to get COVID-like symptoms, and so I just put a couple drops in the water and I haven’t been getting ill any time I go out to eat.

That’s very important, Sam. You have a good point here. If you have the CDS with one C.C. in one litre of water, you’ll take away all the viruses, bacteria, fungi, and small parasites away from the water.

If you have MMS with one activated drop per litre of water, then you’ll have the same effect, and right now we know that the water is pretty contaminated around the world, like almost everywhere.

So if we go to any place where they pour water, then we should de-contaminate it with Chlorine Dioxide.

Any cases that you’ve treated or seen or heard of, of metastatic cancer, that seem to improve?

Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of them right now. The article that I’m going to publish is about three cases with pretty bad metastatic cancer. The patients were not responding to allopathic treatment and we did the treatment with chlorine dioxide and they all healed. They have a follow-up of at least 24 months. They’re not taking any immunotherapy or chemotherapy and they’re maintaining their cells with a ketogenic diet and with chlorine dioxide with extraordinary results, and we have a bunch of cases like that.

It doesn’t work in all cases of metastatic cancer, but it works in a lot more than the conventional treatment – chemo and immunotherapy. Even though that we know that immunotherapy is a lot more better than chemotherapy. Immunotherapy has a lot of progression in the last few years and that can help a lot in the patient, but they do not respond well to metastatic cancer.

So when you have metastatic cancer, we use chlorine dioxide. It can be used orally, via enema and intravenously and they respond pretty well, but as with any disease, you have to go to the origin of the disease. So you have to take care of the gut, you have to change your intakes, your food, your diet, your supplements and you have to interactively treat the patient, and you have very good results. Yes, I’ve seen by myself as an orthopaedic surgeon patients being healed with chlorine dioxide.

Imagine if an oncologist was open to this treatment, he could save a lot of lives.

Wow, that’s like total miracles that you’re seeing. It’s just amazing, and I want to make sure that I understood you correctly. He said, the first thing you have to take care of is, you say you’re God?

Your gut. Your second brain, your intestine, yes. The intestine is your immune system, basically. So there’s more neurons in your intestine than in your brain. So if you feed them well, if you have a good response with your gut, then you’ll have a good response to the disease. If you don’t take care of the gut, and sorry about my pronunciation, my friend, yes, it’s saying like that, if you don’t take care of the gut with chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, etc., you won’t heal the patient. That is for sure.

Okay, I was hoping that was a good segue to, and I don’t know what your religious preferences are or if you have any, but how having God or whatever that is to you, to me, it’s Jesus and the God of the Bible, that’s a really important part of healing and getting your body right, and often that part is forgotten about by many doctors.

Completely, completely a core, a concur with you, Sam, and I’m a Catholic, and I always respect all type of religions. I just say whatever your beliefs are, you have to think about that energy and focus on the energy that is going to heal you in that, we have the three things, you know, the biological, the physical and the spiritual part, and if you are healed also with the spiritual part, then you have actually a better response in your diseases. So you have to take care of the three parts, and yeah, I respect everything. All the patients, all the beliefs are completely respected by myself. Yes.

Yes, and I think that’s important. You know, you’re sounding like a family medicine doc and more than a surgeon, which is great, because usually surgeons just have a completely different, and I certainly don’t mean that as an insult. I mean that as the highest compliment, but yeah, I think that’s great that you do look at all three of those parts. It is important.

Yes, and yeah, it’s important. The patient has to heal in all three fronts. If you have one of these three that is not functioning well, now you won’t be completely healed. You will be partially healed. So the patient has to take care of that energy, whatever his beliefs are. It is an energy and it is very powerful.

Okay. What other things do you want us to, would you like to tell us about some of the chlorine dioxide and like practically using like, you know, like we discussed how to store it and how to transport it? But what other practical things have you noticed?

Well, if you are, for example, around sick people, if you have in your house, anyone that has a virus or a bacteria or whatever, you should take the chlorine dioxide in a prophylactic way, and that prophylactic way is consistent 10cc or 10 activated drops in one litre of water, taking it through the day, and you can also, for example, in my case, if my wife is sick and she has the flu and I sleep with her every night, I’m not going to stop doing that because she has a flu. So I would put some chlorine dioxide right next to my bed in a little tequila shot glass here in Mexico. It’s very popular and you just pour it in there and it will evaporate through the night and will sterilize the room. So you won’t be contaminated even though your wife is right next to you. So that’s the H protocol, the room protocol. (05)

The room protocol works pretty well, and what I do as a doctor and I think that everybody should do it right now in these crazy times, I carry my sprayer with chlorine dioxide, any sprayer, any device that you have, you put one third of chlorine dioxide and two third of saline solution and you can spray it in your eyes, in your nose, in your hands, whatever. You can spray it as many times as you want and you’ll get away the virus and the bacteria of touching everyone, you know. So that’s very practical and you can carry it everywhere. You can have it in your pocket and it helps a lot.

It helped me a lot. I didn’t wear a mask when I saw the patients with COVID. I just used the sprayer of chlorine dioxide because a mask that is used in the wrong fashion, you will deteriorate during the moment system. So you should not wear masks for prolonged period. Masks are for doctors who are doing surgery or are with the contaminated patient. That’s it, and chlorine dioxide can help you to eradicate viruses, bacteria, etc. in the moment. So for the COVID-19 patients, I didn’t use face masks and I have never used it and I’m never going to use it because it doesn’t work. The size of the virus is a lot smaller than the holes that are in the masks. So it is just absurd to use it and to think that that’s going to help you prevent anything.

Yeah, even to further your point, the N95, which is the best mask that we have, it can stop particles 0.3 microns, and the the alleged size of the COVID virus, if that’s what it is, is 0.15 microns. So it’s half the size, meaning it will whiz through both directions and it’s so tiny. It will never hit the ground. It’ll never settle to the ground. It takes more than 56 hours to settle to the ground. So it essentially never touches the ground. So you’re just covering your face, causing more problems, retaining CO2 and dehumanizing yourself and everyone around you.

Exactly. That was the main goal I think, contaminating everyone, because I mean, kids, they suffered a lot and they were, I was laughing, but this is nothing to laugh about, but when my kids were in electronic sessions at their school and they made them use masks, I said, no, no, no, there’s no way. And then when they went back to the school for a few months, they had to use the face mask. I was really concerned about it, because there are studies that have proved that kids that use face masks in a prolonged fashion, they will have a learning issues afterwards, because they are not optimizing the oxygen consumption and the brain. So they will not learn in the same rhythm than the kids are not using it and having a good oxygenation. So I mean, this has been absurd all the way around. I mean, since the beginning and all the measures were completely absurd. They were never proven, and now we are seeing the problems from those measures.

Yeah, and a couple other things about the mask is, I mean, you don’t learn facial cues. So, you know, when you get that weird feeling that you’re around someone that just, just makes you feel weird, you don’t really know what it is, but you just want to leave the area. Well, kids won’t learn that and they’ll be more susceptible to predators, I fear, because they’re not seeing the face and the facial expression, and they’re going to be more apt to get dental carriers, get cavities in their mouth, because when you have a mask on, you tend to mouth breathe, which dries out your mouth and allows bacteria to take over.

That’s right, and the social expression and, all of the relationships between the kids is altered because of the expression. So it is bad from the beginning to the end, kids should never have to use any face mask. It’s just absurd.

Your spray bottle idea of having the one third / two thirds, that made me think of the nebulizer, are you using a nebulizer in treatment?

Yes. It has to be supervised by a doctor, because the Chlorine Dioxide has to be used in perfect doses to use it by inhalation, because that’s the easiest way to get intoxicated with Chlorine Dioxide. If you take it orally, you will not get intoxicated. It is almost impossible. You would have to take five litres of the concentrated Chlorine Dioxide to get intoxicated to get to the LD50, that those that kills 50% of the people, you have to take five litres. You will not be able to take half a litre, even if you wanted it, in one day.

But, the inhaled doses are a little bit more delicate. So like the IV, like the intravenous protocol that has to be done by doctors, I recommend the nebulizing protocol to be supervised by doctors or nurses.

What we do is, whenever we have a respiratory problem, for example, right now we’re seeing cancer patients with lung metastases, and we need the Chlorine Dioxide closer to the problem. So if we have lung metastases, we use the nebulizer.

So what we use is three CCS of saline solution, and three drops of Chlorine dioxide at 3,000 parts per million, and we use it once, twice, or three times a day.

In the patients with pneumonia, the COVID, we used it nebulized for many days, and it worked perfectly. The patients with pneumonia were a very bad pneumonia with CO-RADS-5, and the new classification, CO-RADS-6, they were at the end of the treatment without fibroses. The lung was completely normal. It looked like nothing had happened in there. (06)

So it works pretty well, and you have to combine it. The principles of Chlorine Dioxide is the closer the better, and the more time that you use it, the better result you’re going to get. So a lot of hours during the day, and getting closer to the problem, not big doses in a short period of time, but lower doses over a lot of hours during the day. That is the key management for Chlorine Dioxide.

Perfect, and what about eating? Because I’ve heard some people say, oh, you need to fast while you’re doing it. Other people say, that doesn’t matter as much as just little doses all day long. You know, are there certain foods that deactivated or make it less effective?

Yes, antioxidants can deactivate Chlorine Dioxide. For example, if you take vitamin C, even if you take it at night, for example, and then the next day you take Chlorine Dioxide, it will not have the same action, because vitamin C is kind of like accumulating in the body as you take it more.

So I would advise patients that are taking Chlorine Dioxide, not to take vitamin C. If you want to take vitamin C, then do it, but quit for a few days, take Chlorine Dioxide, and then start taking vitamin C again.

You can take like regular antioxidants without a problem with at least one hour separation, same as any food. One hour before and one hour after any intake, you should stop taking Chlorine Dioxide.

If you’re drinking for example coffee or tea, you have to stop half an hour before and after.

Another important thing is that if you’re doing fasting, and that’s a very, very common question, “I do fasting 18 or 20 hours a day. Can I take Chlorine Dioxide?” Yes, of course, and fasting is a great way of healing. You have to do it in a controlled manner. You cannot do fasting like “I’m not gonna eat for 36 hours, and that’s it”. No, no, no, you should do it in a controlled fashion. Start prolonging that fasting in hours, start with 14, then go 15, 16, etc. Until your body is adapting to those changes, and there are a lot of good things about fasting. Your body is going to respond well, remember again, the gut. The gut, you have to heal it, and with fasting, you make it rest. You have a better immune response, but you can take Chlorine Dioxide even if you’re fasting 20 hours, you can take chlorine dioxide in those 20 hours, and then if you’re gonna eat in those four hours, then you stop taking chlorine dioxide in those four hours and take it afterwards again. So yes, you can do it, but you have to separate one hour before and after and with medication is the same thing. One hour before and one hour after.

We are still doing some studies of specific substances to combine with chlorine dioxide. Right now, we know that just a few substances that cannot go along with chlorine dioxide. Very few. Most of them, you can administer them, and the worst case scenario would be that the chlorine dioxide would be inactivated for a few hours, and that’s it. That’s the worst case scenario. So it’s not too bad.

So have you found any contraindications of medications or disease processes, it would be an absolute contraindication to try chlorine dioxide.

Well, in a paper, favism is a contraindication for chlorine dioxide because any people that have had favism (G6PD) cannot take any oxidative therapy. (07) (08) (09)

Now that we know that chlorine dioxide is not only an oxidizer, but it’s an equalizer, I have two families with favism that took chlorine dioxide, and nothing happened. Nothing happened, and as I told you, chlorine dioxide is it acts according to where does it have to act? and what cell it has to interfere with.

So in the paper, it said, “If you have favism? Do not take chlorine dioxide”.

Another example is if you if you’re taking warfarin, the very old fashioned anticoagulant, then you have to take care, and that’s true, because you have you can have bleeding because all the warfarin and acenocoumarin patients have the INR, the index of coagulability prolonged. (10) (11)

So you have to take tests before you take chlorine dioxide and start taking chlorine dioxide and lower the dose of warfarin. So you have like an even response, but that is mainly the only thing that you should really take care, if you’re taking.

Wow. So I wonder if if your INR could normalize so much that you could maybe come off the warfarin. If there’s any, you know, if there’s any future studies of that, if it makes your blood so just in the right spot where you’re able to come off that.

I know there are a lot of cardiologists that are still prescribing Warfarin or Acenocoumarol, and there are very good quality new anticoagulants that have a reduced effect and do not alter the parameters in the blood, so maybe there would be no more indications for Warfarin or Acenocoumarol, and that’s not my area of specialty, but there are very advanced oral anticoagulants that have a great effect without prolonging the timing of the correlation. (12) (13)

So yeah, I think that there are some things in medicine that have been used for years and are not necessarily indicated nowadays with all the new substances available for medicine.

Wonderful. I want to be respectful of your time because you’re a very busy man and you’re doing wonderful things in this world. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on, but I want to thank you so much for coming on and sharing this information.

No, no, thank you, Sam. Thank you for this interview. We can talk again whenever you want and we’ll find some time for sure, as we have find some time for interviews, and I really want to thank you for this effort, and I hope to see you soon, dear Sam.

Just as everyone is “speaking in code” about mentioning any health recommendations outside of the mainstream narrative, I’ve also been cryptic with my recommendations for CDS (it’s literally scattered all throughout the site but never actually pointed out in an obvious way because it’s such a controversial topic that even people on “our side” get caught-up in the propaganda and fear that surrounds it). “Big Pharma” has had decades to counteract and fill us with fear about it, and with this one, they have actually been very very very very successful at creating millions of official-looking and unofficial-looking websites attacking it and ensuring that all the main search engines find “their” fear-porn first.

I have ran out of CDS myself, but I made heaps of batches of it over the past couple of years and used it in my bath, drinking water, and in a nebulizer when I ‘got sick’. I even used “way too much of it” at one stage to prove it was safe enough to recommend to my loved ones (and maybe had a massive detox / hex reaction or a sulphur-overload from the CDS in the process lol, and I stopped taking it on Dec 22, 2021), but definitely got some more coming and can’t wait to see if it resolves the lingering hand problem I’ve had, and it will give me confidence in the drinking water again. I will be sure to lower the doses and not try to be anyone’s hero next time.

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