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Karen Kingston Legal Bioweapon evidence [May 23, 2023]

I started going in-depth reviewing Karen Kingston’s C19=Bioweapon Patent Evidence last year, so make sure you check that out too. This new video is about 8 months after that first presentation, which includes a draft letter of demand with the legal evidence to remove the bioweapons in your area (based on Florida’s laws, you just have to customize to your own state’s laws).

Legal Analysis: Karen Kingston updated Bioweapon evidence [May 23, 2023]

May 23, 2023 Rumble | Brighteon | Rumble | Telegram

The COVID-19 mRNA injections meet the exact definition of a bioweapon

Part of the definition of a biological weapon is that it doesn’t prevent infection and it doesn’t protect against disease.

The COVID-19 mRNA injections meet the exact definition of a bioweapon
18 USC 175which is a biological agent, toxin and/or delivery device for use other than prophylactic (preventative), protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purpose.
A toxin, device or biological agent that has NO clinical benefit and is proven to cause injury, harm, disease, disabilities, and sometimes death, is a weapon.
COVID-19 injections are known toxic agents causing unwarranted disease, disabilities and death in adults and children. By promoting the COVID-19 injections as safe and effective and/or enabling access to the COVID-19 injections, members of the COUNTY BOARD are at risk for civil and criminal liability.

They are harmful toxic injections that cause disease, disabilities and death, and they need to be removed from the community.

Pfizer’s mRNA Injections Do NOT Prevent Infection, and indeed Increase the Risk of Harm/Disease

We were told that COVID-19 vaccines would reduce the risk for infection and disease, not increase the incidence of COVID-19 infection and disease.

Pfizer’s mRNA Injections Do NOT Prevent Infection
We were promised that the COVID-19 mRNA injections would reduce the risk for COVID-19 infection, yet Pfizer submitted data to the FDA stating the opposite of what was promised.
Per Pfizer’s September 2021 post-hoc analysis, Pfizer states that their mRNA injections increase the risk for COVID-19.
Risk increases with every dose
Page 23 of the 2021 FDA Briefing Document states; “An additional analysis appears to indicate that the incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post-Dose 2.”

They don’t prevent infection in Pfizer’s data, which is straight from their phase 3 data. Pfizer submitted to the FDA on September 17th of 2021 a post-hoc analysis on their phase three data, and what they did, I think most people are aware of this, but they had the group that was injected with their mRNA technology and then they had a placebo group, and around, December of 2020, they began injecting the placebo group. What they found was when they compared the two groups to one another, and these are Pfizer’s words, it says, “Our additional analysis appears to indicate that the incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post dose two”, and there’s the screenshot. It’s directly from their documents. So they’re saying, once you get two doses, you’re risk for COVID-19 increases.

Bivalent and Monovalent Injections Increase the Risk for COVID-19

So the Cleveland Clinic did an analysis of 51,000 employees. Some got zero shots. Some got one, two, and some got three or more shots, and the more doses they received the worse it became. If you had got a booster or two, that went up to a four-fold increase over a 90-day period versus not getting injected. (01)

Bivalent and Monovalent Injections Increase the Risk for COVID-19
Boosters also increase risk
A recent study of 51,011 Cleveland Clinic employees confirmed that the risk for COVID-19 infection increases over time post 2nd dose versus being unvaccinated. AND that with each additional injection (bivalent booster), the risk for COVID-19 infection further increases versus remaining unvaccinated.

So the more shots you get, the more likely you’re going to come down with disease, a disease that they’re calling COVID-19.

Pfizer’s mRNA injections fail to meet the definition of a vaccine

COMIRNATY™ (the only “approved” covid-19 “vaccine”), does not meet the definition of “vaccine” by the FDA’s own definition:

Pfizer’s mRNA injections fail to meet the definition of a vaccine
per the FDA
The promise that Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines would prevent infection and COVID-19 disease is not up for debate. Per the FDA-approved package insert for Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine Pfizer clearly states that, COMIRNATY is a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”
Package Insert
COMIRNATY is a vaccine indicated for active immunization to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in individuals 12 years of age and older. (02)

This whole concept that we can play around with the definition of a vaccine is a bunch of nonsense. Like, there’s a thing called a package insert where you get your indication. So when Pfizer got their FDA approval, they have to state what their vaccine does. So you can’t tell me this nonsense about it doesn’t prevent infection because in the package insert, it says right there that COMIRNATY™ or the mRNA vaccines by Pfizer, are to prevent COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. That’s what it’s for. It’s to prevent the disease caused by the virus. So it is to prevent infection and transmission. It’s in their definition, and that’s what they’re legally bound to, and they fail to meet that definition. This is what they’re legally bound to, which is what’s in that package insert, and it’s also in their studies. Generally speaking, people believe that a vaccine is supposed to inhibit infection and transmission. I mean, that’s what it’s supposed to do, and this does not do that. Therefore, it is not a vaccine. You know what the definition of a vaccine is. It’s here in your labeling. It’s in your clinical trials over and over again. So that’s important—they fail to meet that definition. They don’t prevent infection.

Pfizer’s mRNA Injections Increase the Risk for Severe Disease and Hospitalizations

The whole concept that, “you’re less likely to be hospitalized” is a bunch of nonsense, too, when you look at Pfizer’s actual data.

So they said within one week of their first or second dose—in their own data that they submitted in November 2020—409 people came down with COVID-19 cases that could have masked clinically significant adverse events.

These were severe cases, and they’re saying, “We’re not sure if it was our vaccine or a virus that caused it.”—it was their injection—but they’re calling it “COVID-19 that wasn’t diagnosed.”

Pfizer’s mRNA Injections Increase the Risk for Severe Disease and Hospitalizations
Severe injuries including death
Per page 41 of Pfizer’s Phase 3 data submission, Pfizer reported that within 7 days of subjects receiving the 1st or 2nd mRNA injection409 subjects in the vaccine group had suspect or unconfirmed COVID-19 which could have masked clinically significant adverse events.”
Per pages 56-57 of Pfizer’s initial new drug application (IND), severe COVID-19 and/or clinically significant ‘adverse events’, may include respiratory failure; kidney, liver and neurological dysfunction; admission to the ICU, and death.
Pfizer claims that they were ‘unsure’ if their mRNA injection caused harmful clinical outcomes in 409 persons within 7 days of being injected.

The full definition under the initial new drug application: low oxygen levels, respiratory failure, being put on a ventilator, liver failure, kidney failure, neurological dysfunction, admission to the ICU or death, and they’re saying, “We’re not sure if it was our shot or it was a virus,” even though it happened within one week.

COVID-19 Injections Cause Stroke, Heart Attacks, Autoimmune Diseases, Miscarriages, Birth Defects, Blood Clotting, Myocarditis, Convulsions, Seizures, Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children, other Diseases and Death

COVID-19 injections cause stroke, heart attack, autoimmune disease, miscarriages, birth defects, blood clotting, myocarditis, inflammatory syndrome, and other diseases, and death.

COVID-19 Injections Cause Serious Outcomes
They knew they were harmful
The FDA met with industry manufacturers (including Pfizer) to discuss more than two dozen harmful outcomes and diseases caused by the COVID-19 vaccines on October 22, 2020.
The increased risk for heart attacks, stroke, autoimmune diseases, blood clotting, myocarditis, convulsions, seizures, and other COVID-19 vaccine-induced injuries, disabilities, diseases and death, was known by Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and the FDA prior to FDA authorization and approval (see slide 16). (03)

So this slide is very powerful because this shows that they knew these were going to be the outcomes.

The FDA Authorization and FDA Approval of mRNA Injections are Acts of Criminal Human Experimentation on Civilians, NOT bona fide Research

Even under emergency use authorization, the FDA may not authorize a biological agent or device for use in civilians if the benefits do not outweigh the risks.

They knew. Pfizer, the FDA, Johnson and Johnson, and Moderna, knew that they were breaking the law in regards to FDA safety trials because this is in the FDA safety violations. What it says is that in a phase one trial, if human subjects are going to be put at an unreasonable risk, you need to stop the trial. That 21 USC is the Food and Drug Consumer Protection Act and it’s put in place so that pharmaceutical companies don’t engage in criminal experimentation on adults and children, meaning the benefits have to outweigh the risks.

FDA Authorization is Criminal Human Experimentation
All trials in violation of the FDA’s own safety laws
All of the phase 2/3 clinical trials, FDA authorizations, and FDA approvals of COVID-19 mRNA injections are in violation of the FDA’s own safety laws 21 U.S.C 312.42b1i/b2i and 21 U.S.C 355.
Per 21 U.S.C 312.42b1i/b2i, during a Phase 1 trial of 20-80 healthy people, if a ‘vaccine’ (or biological agent) places humans at unreasonable and significant risk for illness or injury, human experiments must be terminated.

People are like, well, what is a safe product? It’s very easily defined. The FDA defines it as “the benefits of the product outweigh the risks”. So if there’s going to be more harm, then that product is not safe, and Pfizer knew—all the pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies knew these injections were going to cause neurological disorders, paralysis, myocarditis, death, autoimmune disease—they knew this was going to happen at a high rate.

We saw 409 people within one week came down with some kind of severe diseases. That’s 2% of that population right there. They engaged in criminal human experimentation. To pretend that they have immunity is in violation of the 5th and 14th amendment. No one shall be deprived of your life without due process of law. It’s in violation of the Nuremberg code. It’s in violation of Geneva Convention. This is right out of Mengele. This is right out of World War II experimentation. It’s important that people understand that, because when they knew this was going to cause more harm, they immediately engaged in a criminal act.

They should arrest the individuals at Pfizer who were on the Independent Review Committee. Their names were in the data dump. So the individuals, the scientists that oversaw Pfizer’s phase one, two, and three trials. They should all be charged with a Class I felony in the state of Florida for conspiring and attempted murder, with use of a bio weapon and enabling access to a bio weapon by civilian adults and children.

Pfizer and the FDA Knowingly Placed Adults and Children at Unnecessary Risk for Injury or Death from a Harmful and Toxic Agent

The data the FDA had in their possession clearly demonstrated that the benefits of COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ did not outweigh the risks.

So there’s this other misinformation, false information out there, that the emergency use authorization laws provide immunity to the FDA and Pfizer. Straight from their guidance, and it’s also in the laws, that, based on their known evidence, they have to determine that the benefits outweigh the risks. So they have to determine that the product is safe. It’s in black and white. They knew that these products weren’t safe. So they broke their own immunity shields because they ignored the laws that regulate the biologics, vaccine and medical device industry.

FDA Knowingly Placed Unnecessary Risk for Death
Based on the October 22, 2020, meeting alone, when industry and the FDA discussed the more than two-dozen debilitating diseases and life-threatening outcomes from the COVID-19 injections, the FDA should have terminated all of the COVID-19 vaccine trials and never enabled access to these harmful mRNA injections by civilian adults and children. (04) (05) (06)
Even under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), per the FDA’s guidance, the FDA must determine that the known benefits of an EUA vaccine (biological agent) outweighs the known risks before authorizing a product for use in the United States. (07) (08)
Benefits must outweigh Risks
Per 21 U.S.C 355, the FDA must make a determination that the benefits of a product outweigh the risks before moving forward with FDA authorization or approval.

HHS declared a public health emergency in order to enable the experimental use of known harmful agents on American civilians. This is not a valid legal reason for the FDA, CDC, Pfizer, or Moderna to promote previously established harmful and toxic agents knowingly and fraudulently as ‘safe and effective vaccines’.

Pfizer and the FDA Knowingly Placed Children at Unnecessary Risk for Injury, Disease, and Death from a Harmful and Toxic Agent

The FDA & Pfizer met in June of 2021 to discuss the paediatric studies and it says right in their own document that to conduct a clinical trial with children to prove, reduced infection in the vaccinated children versus unvaccinated would be infeasible, would be impossible—because children don’t get infected—so there was no risk for the children to begin with. So they can only put them at risk by injecting them.

FDA Knowingly Placed Children at Unnecessary Risk
The FDA and Pfizer cannot claim ignorance when it comes to placing American civilians at unnecessary risk for injury, harm, and death, especially when it comes to children. The injection of children with mRNA technology was never merited. The risk of children contracting COVID-19 was insignificant per the FDA’s own documents.
On June 10, 2021, the FDA met to discuss the clinical endpoints for children’s COVID-19 vaccine studies. 
Per the FDA briefing document, the committee stated that conducting a pediatric trial where the primary endpoint is reduction in risk for COVID-19 infection in vaccinated children versus unvaccinated children would be impossible (infeasible) to conduct, because children rarely become infected.
Pfizer knowingly violated safety laws and placed children at unnecessary risk for injury, harm, and death per their November 20, 2020, FDA Phase 3 data submission.
Pfizer’s report states that there was data from 100 children aged 12 to 15 years, who experienced reactogenicity effects from the mRNA injections (i.e. myocarditis, seizures, blood clots, death, etc.). However, the Sponsor (Pfizer/BioNTech) requested that the data for these 100 children NOT be disclosed because the benefit-risk ratio was unfavorable.
Verbatim from pages 15-16 of Pfizer’s Phase-3 FDA document
“Reactogenicity data from a total of 100 adolescents 12 through 15 years of age were provided in the EUA submission. However, the Sponsor, did not request inclusion of this age group in the EUA because the data available… were insufficient to support a favorable benefit-risk determination at this time. Therefore, the reactogenicity data for participants 12 through 15 years of age are NOT presented in this document.”
The November 20, 2020, benefit-risk statement regarding the COVID-19 mRNA vaccination in children states that there was an unfavorable benefit-risk ratio and is a blatant violation of 21 USC 355.
This is evidence that both Pfizer and the FDA knowingly broke the law. The FDA’s authorization and approval of COVID-19 vaccines are both grossly unethical and criminal, as were the manufacturers’ promotions of these toxic injections as ‘safe and effective vaccines’ for children and adults.

That is the most damning point that always makes my blood boil. November 20th, 2020. A lot of people thought that was just for 16 years of age and adults and older, but there was a couple thousand children.

They looked at data from 100 children, ages 12 to 15 and they submitted that on November 20th, and it says the reactogenicity data. So that’s a severe adverse events from 100 children, ages 12 to 15.

Right there it says does not support a benefit risk determination; therefore, it’s not presented in the document. Pfizer gave the FDA pretty damning evidence on children age 12 to 15. They clearly state, the data shows that this was harmful to children, “that the benefits did not outweigh the risks,” and they told the FDA to cover up the data. It’s in black and white. They’re like, “There’s no way this can help kids from our data.” They literally scrapped those kids, and started over with a new batch of kids, and did antibody testing instead of infection.

BigPharma doesn’t want any of this to come out. If this liability shield were pierced through a class action lawsuit or a criminal prosecution of some kind, and then it turned out that these drug companies are liable for all the damage and all the deaths that have happened, this could bankrupt Pfizer and other companies. It would bankrupt synthetic biology in parts of the biotech industry because they’re using what they call mRNA technology is the lipid nanoparticle gene editing technology. So synthetic biology is a huge division within biotechnology. The DOD just gave $500 million in this first quarter funding synthetic biology. So that’s using lipid nanoparticle technology in food, water, animals, everything using LNPs to create new species.

James Clapper in 2016, former U.S. director of national intelligence said that this lipid nanoparticle technology was a weapon of mass destruction because when you’re forcing the evolution, when you’re directing the evolution, you’re gene editing of species, you’re forcing its extinction. This is like an extinction protocol targeting human children. (09)

More than 40% of Florida Residents Who Were Early Recipients of COVID-19 Injections Experienced Serious Harm or Injury and Unable to Work or Perform Other Daily Activities

More than 4 out of 10 Floridians experienced a severe or life-threatening adverse event after receiving a COVID-19 injection per the CDC V-Safe data.

More than 40% Experienced Serious Harm
The V-Safe (VaxxSafe) database is data derived from the CDC’s mobile app platform of US residents who were early recipients of COVID-19 injections. V-Safe was launched at the very beginning of the COVID-19 injection rollout. The data in this report was last updated on July 31, 2022.
According to the V-Safe database for the state of Florida 403,396 Florida residents downloaded the CDC’s V-Safe app.
Of the 403,396 injected Florida residents who used V-Safe, 41.4% (167,005) experienced a severe adverse event that prevented them from daily activities and 2.1% required a hospital or emergency room visit. (10)
Per FDA guidance and Pfizer’s Initial New Drug Application (IND), severe or life threatening adverse events were defined as adverse events that prevents daily routine activity.”

10 million people downloaded this app who got the injections early. They have 4 million active files, across all 50 states, and it was consistent across all 50 states that 4 out of 10 people either had to go to urgent care, seek medical attention or could not go to school or work or perform activities. The only state that was an anomaly was Texas for some reason it was 15%, but consistently, 4 out of 10 people.

If there was a school that was serving some kind of new organic milk, and then the next day, 4 out of 10 students and faculty didn’t go to school because they were sick or had to go to the hospital or see a doctor because they drank the new milk… they would pull the milk. The milk would be banned. You wouldn’t keep serving it.

When I was going through the baby data and by babies, I mean, six months to 23 months. There was 344 babies who were supposed to receive three microgram shots of Pfizer’s vaccine over an eight week period. Well, only three babies made it to the end of the eight weeks. We don’t know what happened to 341 babies. Reasons for withdrawal include adverse events and death.

COVID-19 Injections Do NOT Meet the Definition of a Vaccine

COVID-19 Injections Do NOT Meet the Definition of a Vaccine
The COVID-19 injections meet the exact definition of a bioweapon per 18 USC 175which is a biological agent, toxin and/or delivery device for use other than prophylactic (preventative), protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purpose (An agent that causes injury or harm when used and that has no clinical benefit is a weapon).
The COVID-19 injections do not prevent infection or transmission; they do not protect against disease; the clinical trials did not adhere to the FD&C Act safety and efficacy laws; recipients of EUA injections did not receive informed consent; and the COVID-19 biological injections are proven to cause serious illness, injury and even death, in previously healthy adults and children.
The COVID-19 injections are bioweapons that have been criminally promoted, distributed, and administered to civilians under the guise of ‘safe and effective vaccines.’

They need to be removed. It needs to be the first step in dismantling this attack on humanity. They can only cause disease, disabilities, and death. There is a DOD contract that states that the injections contain electromagnetic devices. People are being injected with nanotechnology. No one was told that because if they were told that, they would have said no. (11) (12)

mRNA Vaccines Contain Nanotechnology that is Patented For Use as a Bioweapon

The lipid nanoparticles in the COVID-19 mRNA injections are nanotechnologies.

mRNA Vaccines Contain Nanotechnology that is Patented For Use as a Bioweapon
In January of 2017, MIT, Harvard, the Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, and the Children’s Medical Center of Boston filed a patent for the lipid nanoparticle Vaccine Technology for use as a bioweapon.
The lipid nanoparticle vaccine nanotechnology is patented for use as a bioweapon because the vaccine lipid nanotechnologies (aka COVID-19 mRNA vaccines) are bioweapons.
It is important to note that there are no patents for ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for use as a bioweapon, because unlike the mRNA nanotechnology ‘vaccines’ ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine can not be and are not being used as bioweapons.

This is a patent of an NIH-sponsored vaccine nanotechnology for a bioweapon. The patent is called Vaccine Nanotechnology. I’ve had this patent since May of 2021, and on Section 9, it says, that these LNPs have payloads. Well, one of the things that can deliver is a chemical toxin, an agent of biowarfare.

mRNA technology is nanotechnology, and this was the gateway to open up the use of nanotechnology on all biological life forms and specifically in humans. So the manufacturers don’t cover up that this is nanotechnology. You can find information on their websites. It’s in the DOD contract that these are nanotechnologies. It’s in the peer review publications that these are nanotechnologies. Yet we have leaders on our side that say, “Don’t use the term nanotech because you’re going to sound like a crazy person”. Well, words influence thoughts. So people were told they can’t use the term nanotech so they can’t think about what was done to them.

These contain nanotechnology. It’s not crazy. It’s not a conspiracy theory, and if you go into the synthetic biology conference or go down to ThermoFisher or Moderna, they talk about the nanotechnology.

The scientific literature has all kinds of papers about nanotech, even like gold and silver nanoscale particles used to deliver drugs to people. It’s very common, and everyone’s pretending like it’s a crazy theory. It’s not. It’s extremely common.

And it’s toxic, and the fact that these mRNA nanotechnologies respond to outside electromagnetic frequencies is quite scary. They can get outside signals to assemble. They can get outside signals to move to different parts of the body. They can receive electromagnetic frequencies.

A Biological Weapons are Weapons of Mass Destruction and Allowing Their Use on Civilians is a First Degree Felony in the State of Florida

If you’re going to make this letter, you have to cite the law in your state. Every state has a definition for a bioweapon, and the state of Florida is Chapter 790, Section 166, and it’s under weapons and firearms, and they define biological weapons as weapons of mass destruction, and a biological agent is any biological product that may be engineered through biotechnology.

So that can be, that’s these lipid nanoparticles, that can be these spike protein payloads. That can be a biological weapon, but then it says “is known to cause”—I don’t have it in front of me—”disease, disability, and death, or harm to a human”, and then you have that it was not done under bonafide research. So that’s the bioweapon, and then you can be charged with a felony if you conspire to, or allow access to a weapon of mass destruction.

Using Weapons of Mass Destruction on Civilians is a First Degree Felony
Under Florida Law Chapter 790 Weapons and Firearms, Section 166, Weapon of Mass Destruction include, “any biological agent (a product that may be engineered through biotechnology), toxin, vector, or delivery system capable of causing death, disease, or other biological malfunction in a human.”
Florida 790.166 states, “A person who conspires to use or who makes readily accessible to others a weapon of mass destruction commits a felony of the first degree, punishable by imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life.”
By not taking immediate action to stop civilian access to the COVID-19 bioweapon injections, the COUNTY BOARD can be charged with a Class 1 Felony for being knowledgeable of and willfully complicit in the enablement of children and adults to have access to the COVID-19 injections that are by legal definition, bioweapons and weapons of mass destruction in the state of Florida.
There is no law in that United States that protects a person or organization from being criminally charged for administering. or making accessible biological weapons to civilian populations under the guise of ‘safe and effective vaccines.’

Florida law that says a person who conspires to use or who makes readily available to others, a weapon of mass destruction, commits a felony of the first degree. So in other words, every doctor, every hospital, every pharmacist that’s pushing these COVID bioweapons, jabs, is also punishable by imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life. So in other words, it could be life in prison for that. That goes to the school boards too, they set up clinics at schools.

The last conference I sat in, they said they want eggs without chicken, meat without cows, plants without sun or water. They can do it using lipid nanoparticle technology and CRISPR Cas9 that’s in the LNPs.

The LNPs; the bioweapons; the nanoparticles, they are virtually indestructible. They did testing on the meat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit because they were testing to see whether it would survive a well-done steak, and it does.

October 2022, I went through the artificial intelligence nanotechnology that the mRNA was just the software programs that this stuff is all synthetic RNA or DNA.

So it’s synthetically recreated genetic material basically, and I got a lot of phone calls to knock it off, to knock calling these bioweapons, and to not talk about the nanotech. Even from the alternative media. We find nanotech all throughout the patents, even documents from the drug companies on their own websites and in the FDA’s documents. It’s all over the place. Pfizer doesn’t even call it a vaccine on their website. They call it MRNA technology. That’s been a big part of it, to silence.

If people knew that this was nanotechnology—meaning electromagnetic devices, that can communicate with external devices—they would have never agreed to being injected with them.

It’s so important for you to understand that these injections are weapons of bio warfare. That the lipid nanoparticle technology has always been developed as a weapon of bio warfare for purposes of doing non-human genetic editing to the human genome, and delivering weapons.

I can go back to a 1996 patent with Dr. Malone’s name on it that says that the Cationic Liposome technology was used to deliver cobra venom toxin and ricin, and ricin is a weapon. (13) (14)

So, these were always developed as weapons, and the government, who are with the industrial medical complex—for decades now—has just been doing mRNA research on cancer victims and people with rare autoimmune diseases that have days, weeks, or months left to live, so that when they die after they’re injected with their weapons, they can just say it was the disease.

Humanities become so passive that they will just line up and die.

People just don’t see evil in the world. “If you refuse to see evil in the world, you’re going to be annihilated to the exact level of your naivete.”

When I spoke to victims, and showed them that October 22nd 2020 slide, where the FDA knew all of those serious diseases were going to be an outcome; the neurological dysfunctions, the myocarditis, the strokes, the blood clotting, you could see a light bulb went off, something switched in their persona. They went from… “I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else” to, “Let’s go get those evil people.” They want justice. I think a lot of people were thinking, “This was just a vaccine gone wrong”. No. It’s a bio-weapon going according to plan is what it is.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. People were injected with nanotechnology devices. They’re electromagnetic devices.

This is a global depopulation agenda and it’s ahead of schedule. I think they were surprised at how many people lined up and just took the shot. Never in a million years did I think we were going to take a product under operation warp speed and inject it into our body.

People believe people that they get information from those that they see as a leader, so there’s a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of our leaders and of our media, and the fact that they’re not telling people that these are weapons, that the manufacturers need to be criminally charged for this, because they knew this was going to cause disease, disability, and death. The fact that they’re not saying that, is enabling—literally—the manufacturers to get away with murder—it’s complicity in terrorism. This is bioweapons terrorism. Combined with psychological terrorism from the media, combined with financial terrorism.

They’re taking an active role in the psychological warfare. They are misrepresenting material facts and evidence to the people, causing the disease, disabilities, and death of innocent children and adults.

People need to speak up. I do want to give people hope, too, because it was on your show when I went through the EDTA, how it somehow it slows down this technology; dissolves it somehow.

Karen Kingston SubStack | Letter of Demand

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