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Contagion Myth & Unconventional Ways To Treat Viruses by Dr Tom Cowan

Contagion Myth & Unconventional Ways To Treat Viruses

18 Sept 2020 YouTube | Rumble-Mirror | Telegram-Mirror | Telegram-Mirror

  • 35 years of research led to the writing of the book “Contagion Myth.”
  • Dr. Cowan initially had ambitions of becoming a doctor but became disillusioned with conventional medicine.
  • While in the Peace Corps, he came across books by Weston A. Price and Rudolph Steiner, which introduced him to alternative approaches to health and medicine.
  • He pursued medical school and a family practice residency while maintaining an interest in natural healing.
  • His perspective shifted after witnessing a severe brain injury in a baby following a DPT shot and realizing that doctors were not being honest with the parents about the vaccine reaction.

“I did not go into medicine to hurt babies”, and what really disturbed me besides the fact that we had just hurt a baby and the doctors essentially lied to the parents and said there was no way this could be a vaccine reaction, even though it was very clear that the package insert which I showed them said that this could be a vaccine reaction.”

  • Tom observed a disturbing pattern of vaccine reactions being downplayed or denied by doctors, including not reporting adverse events, including the reaction to that baby.
  • He saw this over and over again, so those who were recording statistics, were not getting the real data.
  • The flawed reporting system and lack of transparency in communicating vaccine risks to patients troubled him, and he couldn’t be part of this.

Created his own family practice

  • His refusal to vaccinate children in his clinic led him to establish a practice focused on treating unvaccinated children for the past 37 years. (01)
  • Despite treating many unvaccinated children with typical childhood illnesses, he claims to have never experienced a negative outcome or lost a child to vaccine-preventable diseases like measles, chickenpox, or whooping cough.
  • Observed that patients who were unvaccinated had very few chronic diseases such as asthma, eczema, and ADD.
  • Developed effective treatment strategies based on their experience with unvaccinated children and claims to have had no negative outcomes.

Who was your inspiration?

  • Sought guidance and explored various alternative medical approaches such as homeopathy, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, and anthroposophical medicine.
  • None of these approaches worked effectively for his patients, leading him to develop his own system of medicine.
  • Focused on treating each individual patient and ensuring their well-being without causing harm.
  • Faced some issues with the medical board but considered it a normal part of practicing medicine.

Contagion Myth

Dr. Tom Cowan wrote the book “Contagion Myth” to share his findings on the history of contagion.
The concept of diseases being contagious dates back to ancient Greek observations, but the agent responsible was unknown. Traditional medical systems like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda did not consider diseases to be contagious. In the 1800s, there was a significant observation of epidemiological spread, leading to the belief in contagious diseases.


Dr. Cowan questions the common assumption that a large number of sick people or spread between locations necessarily indicates a viral cause. The scurvy example highlights the limitations of epidemiological observations in proving causation.

Scurvy highlights the limitations of epidemiological observations in proving causation because, for a long time, the observation of sailors falling ill one after another led to the belief that the disease was contagious. However, it was later discovered that scurvy was not caused by a contagious agent but rather by a deficiency of vitamin C. This example demonstrates that the mere observation of a pattern of illness and its spread does not necessarily provide conclusive evidence of contagion or the involvement of a specific infectious agent.

Non-Western Medicine doesn’t believe in Contagious Diseases

“Western medicine is not the only stream of thought going on in those two thousand years, right? There’s Chinese medicine, there’s probably traditional Iranian medicine, there’s Native American medicine, there’s Ayurvedic medicine. These are very old successful medical systems, and what you find is none of them thought diseases were contagious. None of them.”

“There is no concept in Chinese medicine that something unseen passes from one person to another, and in no other system did that exist. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean it’s true. They could have all been wrong, but when I looked into it, I thought that was sort of interesting.”

“So then we get to around the 1800s, and now we’re really talking about 1850, and there was what I called the “first Eureka moment,” right? So we’re thinking, one person is sick, another person gets sick, there must be something spread, and that observation is what’s called epidemiological observation.”

“Now, I just want to point out something here. This contagion theory was applied to the following disease: there were a bunch of sailors who got sick, and one sailor after another got sick, and their teeth fell out, and then they went into heart failure and died, and this happened in the thousands and thousands of people, and it was usually one ship after another, and for 100 years, they said, “This must be contagious.” And then somebody ate a lime, and the whole thing went away because it turns out it was scurvy, and the reason I point that out is epidemiological observations like “this person got sick and then somebody else got sick” is well accepted in medicine. That is not how we prove causation, and you hear this now all the time. “Well, a lot of people in one place got sick, so it must be a virus.”

“Well, they blew a bomb off in Hiroshima, a lot of people got sick, and nobody thinks that was a virus.”

They also say, “If it spreads from one place to another, that proves it’s a virus.”

  • Chernobyl nuclear incident: Many people died, and got sick, and it started spreading into eastern Europe, and then western Europe, and that is not evidence of a virus.
  • The idea that a lot of people in Spain or on the cruise ship or whatever got sick, those are Epidemiological observations. The purpose of which are to generates theories which can be tested for causation. i.e. we should investigate if there is an infectious cause or an unseen agent.

Louis Pasteur and anthrax

  • Sheep were getting sick and some people who were handling the sheep got sick, so there must be something.
  • The first Eureka moment in history was they could see bacteria under the microscope.
  • Anthrax Bacteria found in the sheep. End of story. That is what caused the sheep to get sick.
  • But here’s what happened:
    • Pasteur isolated anthrax bacteria, gave them to other sheep, but they didn’t get sick.

Analogy with a cow

  • Feeding a cow improper food, glyphosate, and poisons.
  • All of that stuff comes out in the milk.
  • If someone drinks the milk and gets sick, that’s contagion.
  • If Listeria bacteria is found in the milk, the bacteria is considered the possible culprit for illness.
  • If you then look in the stool of the person, and they also have Listeria bacteria, the bacteria is blamed for illness.
  • But the cause of sickness could be the toxins in the milk from the sick cow, rather than the bacteria in the milk.
    • Role of bacteria in nature:
      • Bacteria biodegrade poisons, algae eat toxins, fungi decompose dead trees.
        • So how do you know that the Listeria bacteria isn’t there to digest the poisons in the milk? Just as bacteria shows up to digest a dead squirrel in your compost pile.
    • Two very clear explanations for what might of happened:
      • It’s either the Bacteria or it’s the Posion/Toxins that could be the cause of sickness.
      • The bacteria may not be causing anything; the bacteria might be there to help you out – eat/clean up the poison/toxins (aid in detoxification), as they do in nature.
  • Pasteur Experiment: Isolating Listeria from milk and testing its effects on animals for 40 years.
    • No evidence of sickness: No animal or person gets sick from isolated Listeria.

Antoine Bechamp

  • Bechamp said it’s not the bacteria, it’s the terrain.

Robert Koch

  • Robert Koch: established Koch’s postulates, simple guidelines for proving causation of disease.
    • Koch’s postulates:
      • Take a group of 100 individuals or animals with the same disease, identify the same organism in all of them.
        • Take the organism from the sick, isolate and purify it, give it to healthy people, and if they get sick, causation is proven.
    • Lack of proof: No case in the medical literature has fulfilled Koch’s postulates.
      • Reports claim valid fulfilment, but there is no isolation of the organism, no sickness in animals, and no proper application of Koch’s postulates.

Failed to prove causation with any bacteria, and now they have diseases where they could not find bacteria causation, so they said it “must be something smaller than bacteria” to prove it was an infectious agent. i.e. Polio:


  • Polio as a case study: Couldn’t find bacteria, so they assumed it must be a smaller infectious agent that is poisoning these people, and they called it a “virus”.
  • They didn’t see a virus. They just said there “must be” an infectious agent.
  • Attempts to isolate and cause contagion failed:
    1. Brain tissue from dead polio patients was filtered and fed/injected into animals, but none got sick.
    2. Instead of looking for an alternative cause, they concluded there was no animal model for polio.
  • 1907 Contagiousness experiment:
    1. Injected half a cup of filtered spinal tissue from a child with paralyses into two monkeys’ brains.
    2. One monkey died, one got paralyzed.
    3. No control group.
    4. This was their proof that Polio was a transmissible disease.
      • No consideration as to whether 1/2 cup of any kind of crap being drilled and injected into the monkey’s brain might be the cause of death/paralysis.
      • Study based on two monkeys, questionable scientific approach.
  • The belief that polio is caused by an unseen, filterable agent continued.
  • Later they discovered lead, arsenic and DDT causes the same symptoms as Polio.

1918 Flu

  • 1918: Spanish flu outbreak, millions died. “Highly contagious disease.”
  • A study during the Spanish flu era:
    • Boston Health Department study: 100 volunteers divided into three groups.
      1. Group 1: 10 minutes of breathing hard into open mouth.
      2. Group 2: 10-15 minutes of direct coughing in their face.
      3. Group 3: Mucus extracted from nose and injected into volunteers’ noses.
    • Conclusion: None of these methods were able to transmit the flu-like symptoms. Only one out of 100 volunteers got sick (experienced a runny nose).
      • Boston Health Department suggested a need for more aggressive exposure, but it’s unclear how considering they were pretty aggressive already in trying to cause contagion.
      • This suggests that transmission of sickness or illness through these methods was not successful.

Colds, sickness, Chickenpox, Cancer

  • In everyday scenarios, it is common for family members or people in close proximity to get sick when one person falls ill. Dr. Cowan says that Epidemiological observations alone do not prove a contagious causation (as seen in cases like scurvy, Spanish flu, anthrax, and polio).
  • To establish causation, you need to prove the isolated culprit can transmit disease i.e. Koch’s postulates. Scientists have been trying to prove that viruses or bacteria cause specific diseases for 150 years, but they have not been successful in demonstrating this.
  • Observations of people getting sick after being exposed to others who are sick do not necessarily prove that a microbe is the cause.
  • Physiological responses can occur due to various factors, such as toxic exposure or resonance phenomena, without the presence of a virus or bacteria.
  • The virus theory of disease is based on observations, but it lacks scientific evidence to support it.
  • The phenomena we label as “colds” or “sickness” may have other explanations beyond viral or bacterial infections, such as detoxification.
  • Understanding the complexity of disease causation requires going back to the fundamentals and examining the evidence and scientific methods used to establish causation.
  • It is important to challenge and question the prevailing beliefs and theories in order to gain a deeper understanding of the true causes of illness.

“So essentially, what happens is this: you’re well, then you usually get a fever or some other symptom. After that, you get a runny nose, mucus, cough, or some sort of congestion. Then, you start feeling better.”

“In fact, studies have shown that when children go through stages like having chickenpox, they end up having better long-term health outcomes – they are better for life. They have lower rates of asthma, eczema, cancer, osteoarthritis, and heart disease.”

“Similar findings were observed in the treatment of cancer using Coley’s toxins in the 1920s. If someone with cancer develops a fever due to supposed infection, they tend to have better outcomes, with some even being cured.”

“So, this process of getting sick is essentially a detoxification reaction.”

“It occurs when the body needs to eliminate toxins caused by various factors such as emotional stress, poor diet, household toxins, glyphosate exposure, or electromagnetic fields. All of these things distort the gels in our cells and the body has to flush them out.”

The body detoxifies by producing fever and generating mucus, which we commonly label as infectious disease. However, it is just a detoxification reaction. When you treat sickness as a detoxification reaction, it leads to better outcomes and long-term health benefits.


Another interesting aspect is that when cells or tissues are poisoned, they release small packages of genetic material called exosomes as a detoxification method.

This is similar to how trees communicate with each other when one is under attack by beetles – they send out a signal and the other trees make a defensive response.

Similarly, a child can start the process, which sends out signals to other children, and maybe even the parents, which triggers a defensive detoxification response.

Unfortunately, we often misinterpret these reactions as sickness, including mistaking exosomes for viruses, but exosomes are not contagious or infectious; they are simply how the body communicates what’s happened, and detoxifies.

  • So doc, how do I get sick?
  • There are four mechanisms of getting sick:
    1. Injuries: Examples include breaking a leg from a fall.
    2. Starvation: Lack of essential nutrients.
      • vitamin C i.e. Scurvy)
      • vitamin B1 i.e. Beriberi
      • niacin i.e. Pellagra
      • or collagen or other nutrients where the tissues start to break down and excrete these poisons to essentially try and detoxify.
    3. Poisoning: Exposure to toxins in the environment, such as chemicals, air pollution, and electromagnetic fields, can cause sickness.
      • Just like the milk, the bacteria come and eat the poison.
        • Thinking bacteria being there is the cause of the problem is like seeing town on fire, seeing firemen, and thinking the firemen are causing the fires.
          • The firemen are there to put out the fire.
          • The bacteria are there to biodegrade dead and dying tissue.
      • Bacteria in the body are not the cause of sickness; they are present to biodegrade dead and dying tissue. Why is it dead and dying? It’s been poisoned.
    4. Emotional toxicity: Negative thought patterns and a belief that the world is against you can contribute to illness.
      • The world should be seen as a cooperative venture rather than a survival of the fittest model.
      • Developing a healthy terrain and resisting sickness involves understanding these principles and adopting a collaborative perspective.
      • “I have a healthy terrain and I’m resistant to sickness”

How current virologists “prove viruses are pathogenic” is flawed:

  • To prove viral contagion, modern virologists:
    1. take mucus from a sick individual
    2. centrifuge it (which is not purification, you have all kinds of cells and stuff in there, not a pure virus)
    3. then you take that “stuff”, and you inoculate it on tissue cells (like a monkey kidney cell or a foetal cell or an immortalized lung cancer cell) to see if it grows and kills the tissue.
  • The problem is – it doesn’t. That is the problem with virology. They figured out they had to ‘starve’ the tissue, and poison it with antibiotics and oxidizing agents, and only then would this so-called virus kill the tissue. Then they get this material from the breakdown of the tissue “See, the virus killed the tissue”.

This is the same model as how we get sick:

  • They starve and poison the tissue, just as we are starving and poisoning our own tissues.
  • We breakdown and create these particles which are unfortunately called “contagious viruses”
  • Virologists prove virus causation the same way that how humans and animals get sick – through starvation and poisoning.

Heart disease and Heart Attacks

  • In 1920 there was almost no heart disease.
    • Traditional indigenous populations show no evidence of heart disease or dying from heart attacks.
    • In the early 1900s, cookbooks promoted healthy foods like butter, lard, eggs, and cream, with no heart disease.
  • However, by the 1940s, heart disease became the leading cause of death in America, caused by:
    1. The change in the American diet away from healthy fats towards processed foods like margarine and vegetable oils.
    2. The widespread use of chemicals in agriculture and food coincided.
    3. The increasing electrification of the earth, which interferes with your bodies ability to generate and use oxygen.

Modern doctors and the average lay person think heart attacks are caused by plaque

  • The common understanding is that heart attacks occur when one or more coronary arteries become blocked with plaque, resulting in restricted blood flow to the heart.
    1. However, if there is something blocking the arteries, it is likely present in the blood.
    2. The blood in the coronary arteries is the same as the blood circulating throughout the body, including the spleen and other organs.
    3. If plaque is present in the coronary arteries, it should also be present in other arteries, such as the splenic artery.
    4. Despite this, there is no mention of people experiencing “spleen attacks” caused by plaque blockages.
  • Heart attacks are not due to blocked coronary arteries. (02) (03)
  • No one has ever heard of or know anyone who has had a spleen, liver, foot, or kidney attack.
    • He mentions a study where autopsies were performed on people who died of sudden heart attacks. (04) (05)
      • The study found that 41% of them had a blocked artery, but 50% of those blockages occurred after the heart attack, not before.
        • 80% of heart attacks have no evidence of blockage in the artery leading to the affected part of the heart.
      • The European Heart Association revised their typology of heart disease, stating that 60-80% of people with heart disease symptoms have no evidence of plaque build-up.
  • Mentions a website to download PDF’s for nerds – the website is no longer owned by the same author, but I found the page on here.
  • There is no evidence that stents and bypass interventions prolong life, prevent further heart attacks, or reduce chest pain.

Not mentioned in this interview, but I found two other interviews from Dr Tom Cowan about the heart:

  • Evidence the Heart is not a pump – Dr Tom Cowan (Rumble, 3 Oct 2022)
  • Heart May Not Be a Pump: Thomas Cowan on Cardiovascular Disease (YouTube, 6 Oct 2019)

Preventing Heart Disease

  • Heart attacks are more related to impaired energy generation in the heart rather than artery blockages.
  • When it comes to prevention, he advises the importance of avoiding foods with labels and opting for natural, whole, unprocessed foods. “If it has a label, don’t eat it”.
    • We know that people in 1920s didn’t have heart disease. Eat what they ate. They ate bacon and eggs from pasture-raised animals, freshly ground wheat baked into sourdough bread, and vegetables from their gardens.
    • Traditional Iranian diets from two generations ago, stating that they didn’t have heart disease and had long, healthy lives by following similar dietary practices.
    • Dr. Cowan recommends reading the cookbook, “Nourishing Traditions” and his heart book, “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” for more guidance on healthy eating. (09) (10) (11)

Vertigo, Dizziness and Electro sensitivities

  • Patrick: I’m sure you’ve heard of electro-sensitivity, and the BBC even did an article on this, saying, “I didn’t believe people had it, and then it happened to me.
  • This refers to individuals who experience certain symptoms, potentially linked to 5G. Fatigue, pain, headaches, dizziness, burning, twitching, nausea, and palpitations are some of the reported symptoms associated with electro-sensitivity, mostly self-diagnosed.
  • However, the World Health Organization states that electro-sensitivity is not a medical diagnosis, and both the World Health Organization and Public Health England assert that there is no scientific basis linking these symptoms to electromagnetic field exposure, including 5G.
  • Dr. Tom Cowan suggests that vertigo and dizziness can be symptoms of electromagnetic field poisoning, which has been observed for over 120 years.
    • Every time there has been an increase in the electrical activity on the Earth, millions of people get vertigo, dizziness, and light-headedness.
  • Reason = the alteration of water structure, it destructures the water, and that creates the experience of altered electrical activity in our bodies (we are electrical beings).
  • There is clear evidence of us being electrical beings due to electromagnetic field exposure, demonstrated by EEGs. Can also demonstrate that you can have abnormal electrical activity by EEG with cell phone exposure.
  • The World Health Organization’s statement is wrong (that there is no scientific basis linking these symptoms to electromagnetic field exposure).
    • There are approximately 1200 peer-reviewed studies documenting the health consequences of electromagnetic field exposure, and anyone who claims otherwise lacks awareness of the science.

Mitigating electromagnetic fields

  • The use of mitigation devices, such as biogeometry and scalar wave systems, can help alleviate abnormal electrical activity and associated symptoms.
  • Humans are naturally attuned to the electromagnetic energy of the sun, moon, earth, plants, and living things.

“To provide context, humans have evolved to experience and utilize the electromagnetic energy emitted by the sun, moon, earth, plants, rocks, minerals, water, and all living things. This chaotic pattern of diverse electromagnetic fields is the energy of life, unlike a repetitive single wavelength. For instance, when measuring the sun, no pulsations are detected; rather, it emits a continuous sheet of various electromagnetic fields.”

“So, the idea is to use a specific frequency, like a radio, focusing on 98.6 instead of multiple frequencies. By intensifying this single frequency, it becomes detectable with a receiver. However, the problem is that these functional frequencies, present in radio, radar, millimetre waves, and wireless devices, are toxic to tissues. Human beings and other living organisms have never been exposed to them, resulting in a defensive response that alters electrical activity. This alteration manifests as vertigo and dizziness since nerves function as electrical devices. Essentially, the electrical mechanism within the body is compromised, leading to the experience of vertigo.”

“There are people looking at creating interference patterns or strengthening the water. By fortifying the water, it becomes more resistant to the harmful effects.”

If the electromagnetic fields poison the water, it disrupts bacteria, leading to the excretion of viruses, and then you think you have an infection.

  • High-intensity frequencies used in technologies like radio, radar, millimetre waves, and wireless devices are toxic to tissues and can cause vertigo and dizziness.
    1. One solution is to avoid exposure to these high-intensity frequencies altogether.
    2. Another approach is to strengthen the water in the tissues, which can help resist the effects of these frequencies.
    3. Biogeometry and scalar waves are two methods that can be explored for mitigating vertigo and electro sensitivities.
    4. Researching these methods can help find suitable products or processes, but it’s important to differentiate between effective options and those that may not work.
  • Dr. Tom Cowan has researched and used these methods with his patients for several decades, and they are discussed in his book “The Contagion Myth.”

Regarding products for vertigo caused by electro sensitivities, one method is biogeometry, and another is using scalar waves. However, I won’t delve into specific product endorsements, as I’m not here to sell anything. If you research these methods, you can find information to explore and potentially use. However, it’s crucial to note that there may be variations in effectiveness among different products or approaches. Just like with any other category of goods, there are different quality levels. It’s important to distinguish between subpar and reliable products or methods.

For individuals seeking information, biogeometry and scalar waves can be easily found through research. However, I emphasize that I’m not endorsing specific products. It’s possible to encounter options that may not deliver the desired results. Differentiating between genuine and inferior products or methods requires careful consideration and research. I must highlight that I have dedicated 35 to 40 years to researching and implementing these techniques with thousands of patients to ensure efficacy. It’s crucial for me to utilize approaches that work since it’s my career. We discuss these methods in the book “The Contagion Myth.”

Stem Cells & Joint Pain / Arthritis

Patrick asks about Stem cells but Tom says he’s not an expert on stem cells and doesn’t want to comment on their effectiveness. He believes the conventional understanding of osteoarthritis is incorrect. He has a treatment approach for arthritis that doesn’t involve stem cells.

A joint is composed of structured water encasements called bursas. There’s two bursas that oppose each other, that’s what we call a joint.

Structured water is negatively charged, allowing smooth movement of the joint. If the water loses its structure and charge, the joint wears away, leading to bone-on-bone contact. The problem is the loss of structure of the gels surrounding your knees. How do we make gels in the first place? You take proteins – in this case, collagen – and you take healthy, unpolluted water:

  • Recommends rebuilding the knee joint by promoting the formation of healthy structured water through collagen proteins and unpolluted water.
    1. Emphasizes the importance of avoiding factors that destructure the water, such as electromagnetic fields.
    2. Inflammation is how you re-model the joint. If you use anti-inflammatories, like Advil, we know that it makes the joint worse. It also destructures your “jello”.
    3. By creating healthy conditions for the joint, inflammation can naturally remodel the joint, alleviating pain without the need for stem cells or knee replacements.

Testosterone Decline in Men

  • Patrick read the book “Ageless Man” which discusses how testosterone decline in men with age can lead to various issues such as increased temper, bitterness, sexual dysfunction, and joint pain, and that some people advocate for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or using steroids and growth hormones to increase testosterone levels in older men.
  • Dr. Cowan does not like that approach and explains why:
    • Views the lowered testosterone as a protective mechanism by the body due to deteriorating tissue and overall poor health.
    • Address the underlying issues, such as nutrition, avoiding toxins and Wi-Fi (stop poisoning yourself) to naturally increase testosterone levels.
    • By improving overall health, testosterone levels can rise without the need for artificial interventions.
  • He cautions against using testosterone replacement as it can lead to dependence and downregulation of natural testosterone production.
    • His way involves honouring the body’s wisdom and self-regulating mechanisms, rather than artificially manipulating hormone levels.
      • i.e. It’s not a disease, it’s a strategy, the body’s own protective response, to the fact that you’re just not taking care of yourself – you’re eating crappy food, poisoning yourself, etc. so the body lessens the testosterone to protect you from further deterioration, as a natural protective measure.

“If you deteriorate because you’re not feeding yourself properly and not living a healthy lifestyle, then your body is responding in the same way it does for young women who starve themselves. They lose their periods, not because it’s a disease, but because it’s a protective mechanism to prevent pregnancy when they lack the nourishment and health to carry a healthy baby. If you’re a sick guy because of poor nutrition and lifestyle, your hormone levels will lower. If you nourish yourself properly, your body will naturally raise testosterone levels, leading to a healthy marriage, a healthy life.”

  • Dr. Tom Cowan suggests a natural approach to increasing testosterone levels. Native Americans used a formula that included:
    1. eating healthy fats
    2. engaging in physical activity
    3. consuming organ meats, particularly buffalo testes and adrenal gland.
  • Lowered sex drive and libido may be the body’s response to poisoning and poor nutrition.
    1. Eat the way that people are supposed to eat
    2. Take care of your water
    3. Eat some organ preparations

Coronavirus & C19 Vaccines

  • Dr. Tom Cowan questions whether COVID-19 is caused by the coronavirus and presents the evidence in his book “The Contagion” that there is no possible way that COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus.
  • All of the tests and numbers related to COVID-19 are meaningless.
  • Any vaccine for a coronavirus can’t possibly be true or valid because until it’s proven that COVID-19 is caused by this virus, which it hasn’t.
  • There’s no test that shows reliably whether there is a case or not, and doesn’t expect anybody to believe that, but wants people to look at the evidence in the book which will stand for itself.


THE CONTAGION MYTHWhy Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease

SkyHorsePublishing ($14.99-$24.99) | Browse:

      • The ping-pong ball and the wall; Koch’s postulates; Rivers’ postulates; Louis Pasteur and how he cheated.
      • Early electrical experiments; global electrification and influenza; worldwide radio and the Spanish flu; the Spanish flu was not contagious; cell phones and increased death; 5G implementation and the spread of Covid-19; symptoms of electrical sensitivity; evidence of harm from millimetre wave technology.
      • Comets and the Black Death; insect poisons and environmental toxins; Dr. Charles Campbell solves the riddle of smallpox; bats against mosquitoes; Robert Koch on TB and how he cheated; Dr. Weston Price’s observations on TB; polio and DDT; vaccine-induced paralysis; Native American diseases; Stefan Lanka and the measles virus.
      • From the War on Cancer to the War on AIDS; the true causes of AIDS; AZT for AIDS patients; outbreak of Covid in Wuhan; Chinese research does not find a virus.
      • The Alice-in-Wonderland world of coronavirus testing; the story of Stefan Lanka; the failed hunt for the coronavirus; the PCR test versus the gold standard; antibody testing.
      • Louis Pasteur and the contagion theory; social Darwinism; microscopes and germs; exosomes are viruses; fear and stress produce exosomes; nature a cooperative venture.
      • Virology and the fork in the road; the nature of life; the discovery of resonance; resonance and childhood diseases; resonance and evolution.
      • The work of Gerald Pollack and Gilbert Ling; the four phases of water; water and electrical processes in the cell; the characteristics of life-giving water.
      • Vegetable oils; animal fats and cell membrane integrity; 5G and niacin depletion; the displacing foods of modern commerce; plant-based diets; raw milk; bone broth, fermented foods; salt; the microwave oven.
      • Toxins in the ancient world; modern toxins; toxins in food; modern drugs; glyphosate and biofuels; the aluminum age; toxins in vaccines.
      • The most widespread and pervasive toxin of the modern age; creating our world out of our consciousness; how fear and lies lead to illness.
  3. Part 3: CHOICES
      • The numbers—Is Covid underestimated or overestimated?; alarming symptoms; treatment; masks; social distancing; 5G and the appearance of contagion.

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