Let’s help the Vaxxed in 2023 [Jason Christoff #168]

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Jason Christoff #168 (Audio-Only) Highly Recommended

A friend sent this podcast to our telegram group, and I’m so glad she did. It’s really interesting and covers a lot of what we’ve been talking about over the last few years. Mind control, fake-viruses, toxic-shots, graphene, the great reset, 15-minute cities, and the ancient psychos behind all this. We need to help our fellow citizens and kids this year.

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The Sudden Deaths

  • Thousands of athletes dying –
  • Kids dying during sports –
  • Princess of Thailand died jogging –
  • Canada’s Medical Suicide –

They are DECADES ahead of we believe is possible

  • (RIP) Bill Cooper (former Marine) Whistleblower/Insider who wrote the book Behold the Pale Horse in the 80s-90s, his commentary as others who came out as whistleblowers and saying that what they were seeing in the research labs were 40-50 years-decades scientifically ahead of what the public believed was possible. (05)
  • Cathy O’Brien, the MK Ultra Whistleblower, and her rescuer Phillips, said in the Documentary “Trance” that he was seeing the same as what Bill Cooper was talking about – the “science going on behind-the-scenes is 40, 50, 60 years ahead of what the public thinks is possible(06) (07)

Graphene and NanoTech

  • BlueTRUTH Documentary (see below for more links) (13)
    • People emanating a MAC address – a bluetooth signal.
  • Graphene Black Foam video –
  • Graphene links – lots in this detox article and the electrical charge video

Have to help people Detox

The importance of Detoxing this out of your system, Detox protocol, and not ramming it down anyone’s throat or scaring people but making it known to them what they can do. We need to make people strong again.

  • It only takes 10% of the tribe to instigate a systematic wide-spread collapse of the entire culture and society, so if you don’t help people get this stuff out of their system, if we don’t warn them about the wi-fi that may have the potential ability to set-off this payload, we have to get the information out there, on a very basic level and ask questions (don’t make statements) to try and crack the shell of those who are still too afraid to actually prove to God they want to be here.

The attack on Men & Minority groups

More Males than Females having Heart/Stroke problems (that attack on males is no accident).

  • The Documentary VaXXed by Del BigTree – They’ve been killing us for a long time – and in the documentary was the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) when it was injected into the black males, they would have something like 300-700% more brain damage. (15)
  • They call it Autism, they make up a name for some sort of destruction that they’re actually doing purposefully, even though it’s the design of these vaccines is to cause brain damage.
  • That’s just plain old Eugenics. An attack on minorities by the Ruling Class.
  • They target some toxin or chemical to attack the greater testosterone levels in this blood group, with something harder to detox from the body. (16)
  • They always want to get rid of the males. The males protect the females. This evil force wants at the children, so the first layer of defence is the males. This also ties into the Feminization of the males with certain chemicals, confusing messaging. Toxic Masculinity, etc.

The Covid Scam:

Mind-Control of Leaders:

  • The reason they do all these exercises, is because mind-control is all based on repetition. (23)
    • There’s a part of your brain that looks for repetitive content and it’s more likely to believe something that’s repetition.
      • It’s been shown you only need like 2 repetitions.
      • If someone is exposed to 1 repetition of said-idea about a virus, a covid virus, an outbreak in China, an outbreak in Wuhan, which is exactly what the tabletop exercise was in Oct 2019.
      • It’s all about getting the first repetition inside the fertile sub-conscious mind of people that don’t know how mind-control works.
      • So the first repetition lies their dormant; your subconscious “builds” belief, builds truth – manufacturers it, based on repetitive content.
      • Not based on research or fact, but based on repetitive content, so the first repetition of the table top Event 201, that inserted the first repetition of the “Covid” “idea” into the key actors or players, that are completely uninformed about their part in history (poisoning and enslaving their fellow man).
      • When this crime syndicate goes live in January of 2020, all the way to March 2020 when it went around the world, it acted as the 2nd repetition in the subconscious minds of the players which fortifies/cements the idea as truth, and builds belief inside the person’s nervous system, so they actually believe it’s true.

15-20 Min Smart Cities

This is a full communist-Nazi-fascist agenda.

  • They’re going to have to shut this down to get everybody into these 20-minute cities. (24)
  • They’re trying to make you feel ashamed, guilty, and really elicit a low vibration source so you don’t have any energy, weakens you, and they’re going to try and put you in a cage in your weakened state.
  • Expects they will shut down sports around the world.
  • 15-20 minute cities.
  • No place in the world is safe.
  • We need to push back.

New Psy-Op created in Oct 2022

  • Bill Gates again has created a new tabletop exercise called Catastrophic Contagion in October 2022. (27)
    • All about this new virus – but viruses DO NOT EXIST, and I’ve gone over this so many times, I’ll put links in the shownotes – the only thing that makes you sick is poison, and the reason they say viruses exist is so that you never figure out that your sickness is caused by them poisoning you. It’s not that complex.
    • Catastrophic Contagion predicts 75% of people in this “new” fake outbreak, will be children. And they do that because they are hacking the actors nervous system again. We all want to defend our children. Above ourselves.

  • The group who are managing this operation are real psychological experts and they know that if can get some dead children going, which they obviously are organizing, through this shot, and there’s lots of children dying in Canada here, and that will be in the show notes.
    • We have a doctor here highlighting the unbelievable results of these shots, with kids dying from strokes and heart attacks during their exercise – mostly males.
  • Don’t you want to save the kids, stay inside for the kids” but watch any of the documentaries, and you’ll see it’s the government and the media killing the kids.
    1. They never cared about the kids.
    2. If they cared about the kids, they wouldn’t be killing them with this shot.
    3. All the evidence is there but people can’t see it.
      • They’ve had 2-3 generations of the government brainwashing convincing people that the government would never attack them; and then government attacks them.

TV Coma

People in a comfort coma, addicted to pleasure

“Confused minds are easy to manipulate”

  • A confused mind is more easily put under mind-control.
    • So this is all done on purpose where the kids are going to be dying, they’re going to ask the kids to take MORE shots of different “vaccines” to keep them from dying, which is going to confuse people because it will be only kids dying are those taking the shot.
      • Then the governments going to come and ask people to take MORE shots, which confuses more people.
        • And a confused mind is the EASIEST mind to put under mind-control.
        • Confusing people is all done on purpose.
  • Mentions a doctor but I don’t recognize the name, it sounds like “Dr Deuce Maloo” (but that’s not right) hopefully he links it in his show notes once they are uploaded, because it sounds interesting. He said the doctor read up on all the mind-control government documents and did a report on what he was seeing. Particularly that the confused mind is more easily manipulatable due to the way our neurological system operates. If we’re confused, we can’t think, and your mind is blank – your thinking is shut down. If you can confuse the mind, you make it more suggestable for a hypnotic command or directive.

They confused people all the time during COVID:

  • For example, they would say go to a restaurant, walk in with a mask, and then when you sit down, you can take your mask off. You have to put it back on if you go to the bathroom.
  • So we’re kept really confused, and those who could see it were thinking “this is stupid; it makes no sense; it doesn’t follow logic“, but they don’t understand that those who went under the mind-control went through a neurological shift and had a very powerful force manipulating them, the techniques they used made them too weak to go against it…

(actually felt that force at the start of this, and only when I started researching did I get my power back, it’s a strong power they have, I actually think technology was also used -perhaps more potent/stronger in the larger cities, or near supermarkets and all the places that were not “closed” – the so-called “essential” businesses — which most of the same corporations “own”.

It also happened to my friends, and the same is true for them, only when they snapped-into research-mode did they “come out” of the weakness/fear/confusion, and the mind-control no longer had any effect them, it was like once they ‘woke up’; they had “always been awake’ – the spell/hypnotism techniques “no longer works”),

Don’t fall for the Glitter

  • You attract mice with the cheese.
    1. Rat and Ant poison is sweet – that’s why the ants like it. But it’s poison.
    2. This is how they get a lot of these “non-thinking” types to suicide-themselves.
    3. They make the pleasure pit – lights, action, Las Vegas – make people think things are harmless but they are extremely harmful.

The Need to Limit Wi-Fi

We need to limit the Wi-Fi; he thinks it will set this off.

  • Brings up the Mass-deaths of South Koreans who were crushed in a concert stampede, he doesn’t buy it, thinks it could’ve been a weapons test (maybe). But over 150 kids died. (32)
  • Newscasters, Entertainers, Singers, all using Wi-Fi equipment and everything is remote now.
  • Get Wi-Fi blocking jewellery and faraday-cage-like blocking products and clothing and paint.
  • Don’t wear those “Airbuds” (ear-buds). Even if you haven’t taken the shot. (Don’t fall for the sweet poison)

Ancient Origins of the group we’re dealing with:

  • None of this is new. We’ve been poisoned for a long time.
    • Adding fluoride to the toothpaste, putting mercury in their fillings, hacking the dental schools and graduation studies and medical colleges, telling them mercury is benign. They’ve been attacking people for a long time.
  • Been studying these ancient origins for a long time.
    • They’re black magicians, they use word-magic.
    • Experts in psychological manipulation.
    • Experts in poisoning, which helps them become more easy to mind-control.
    • They’re secret societies, and they pass down these secrets about how to rule the human cattle, inside their own family units and their own groups.

  • Understand we’re being hunted here, we don’t know why we’re being hunted, but if someone is trying to kill your family, we need to try and get these people awake and aware of what is going on in the world.

Extra Notes on his commentary about on Graham Hancock’s doco:


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