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La Quinta Columna’s March 2023 Presentation in English (Part 2b of 6)

(Start at Part 1: Conference: The game is over)

Thesis development and presentation of scientific literature

Rumble (1.5hrs) – This post 9:38 – 26:19

Part 2b: Graphene Toxicity Literature – Pneumonia, Cancer, Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Spleen

We said that we were going to study the toxicity of this material in case it was similar to the so-called COVID-19 since it is not declared, and the first thing that caught our attention was this article from graphene.info:

Graphene oxide is detected in the body by specialized cells of the immune system“.

It has an immune response. Logically we introduce a foreign body into our biology and the body will respond, but let’s see how it does so.

“…Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, the University of Manchester and Chalmers University of Technology have shown that the human immune system handles graphene oxide in a manner similar to pathogens…”

And we said that’s it. They have put this in and have not declared it and it later generates so-called COVID-19, since nobody really has any real sequencing or physical isolation of the famous SARS-CoV-2 pathogen or coronavirus. It was initially earlier hypothesis despite the seriousness of there being an undeclared material but we believe this was the case.

We are going to continue with this article because we are going to see what the immune response is.

“Graphene oxide is currently being studied for use in various drug delivery methods…”

There is an obsession with introducing graphene into the biology – an obsession. Lately all scientific articles therapeutic diagnosis consist of resorting to graphene.

However, it is of critical importance to understand how these materials interact with the body. The study shows that neutrophils, the most common type of white blood cell specialized in combating infections, release so-called neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) when encountering GO. NETs are made up of a “spider-web” of DNA decorated with proteins that help neutrophils to destroy microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.


They are normalising the term infection linked to graphene. Although in reality it is an intoxication of course. “…Release so-called neutrophil extracellular traps”, a neutrophil web, “…when encountering graphene oxide”. These webs are made up of a DNA web. This is important. “Encircled with proteins…”

We started wondering whether what they have called SARS-CoV-2 was actually nanoscale graphene which is about the same size as what they call viral particles and that envelop others, and others referred to as a spike proteins “in this protein-decorated corona” but you will reach the same conclusion.

The researchers found that GO (graphene oxide) causes specific changes in the lipid composition of the cell membrane of neutrophils leading to the release of NETs.

What comes next is important.

They could also show that antioxidant treatment reversed this process. In a companion study published in Nanoscale, it was shown that GO is degraded in NETs, much like bacteria and other pathogens.

Of course radiation generates oxidation. Graphene as we will later see, is a radiation catalyst therefore antioxidants have to work.

In fact I am going to say it now from the medical point of view. They only work with what they have called COVID which is a very extensive anti-inflammatories antioxidants, which are normally also anti-inflammatories, because they neutralize the radiation that inflames and anti-coagulants or anti-aggregates.

Taken together, these studies show that GO can be trapped and degraded in NETs just like pathogens. Understanding how the immune system senses and handles GO paves the way for safer biomedical applications of GO and other graphene-based materials, for instance in the context of drug delivery”, say the researchers.


Let’s have a look at the next slide. This is one of the first articles on the toxicity of graphene. (01)

The image says it all and this is when we start to understand that what they called COVID-19 is the interaction of this underclad material in our biology.

“As of today what do we know about graphene’s potential toxicity. A review of the available empirical evidence on the toxicity of graphene has recently been published”

and many of those toxicity articles are being eliminated but we have them all.

“The figure below shows a diagram of possible cytotoxicity mechanisms. We talk about toxicity within the cell as an indivisible part of our biology.”

“It talks about the introduction of graphene via different pathways which we are going to review. Graphene can induce the generation of substances that produce oxidative stress.”

Oxidative stress, free radicals, i.e. reactive oxygen species in short, it is inflammation. Therefore if it generates oxidative stress the antioxidants work.

“These alterations can cause different types of damage. First of all physical destruction of the cell.

We’re talking about apoptosis i.e. cell death. There can be no worse damage than that.

“Damage to the plasma membrane“.

This is the membrane that covers the cell.


This is very important because actually what they call COVID-19 is inflammation. It is systemic inflammation with a biological response mechanism. The first thing it does is to become inflamed in the case of any aggression whether it is due to a physical injury, radiation, etc.

DNA alteration“.

Notice what we are talking about. DNA alteration ability to change human genetic material by introducing the material into our bodies. This is madness.

mitochondrial damage.”

i.e. where is the mitochondria? where all the cellular energetic processes take place. If we have mitochondrial damage we suffer from extreme fatigue. The asthenia, the fatigue that is so characteristic in so-called COVID-19 patients or inoculated people which is the same thing.

apoptosis or necrosis

Apoptosis that is cell death. Necrosis, necrosis is cancer, black tissue. If there is DNA alteration one of the alterations may be the cancer itself, star-metastatic or mutagenic lines.

So we add graphene or graphene oxide and the first thing is an inflammatory response, and also the inflammatory response generates a cytokine response. In fact it generates a cytokine storm.

If I taught now or in the context of 2020 about cytokine storms what comes to everybody’s mind, COVID-19 right? The cytokine storm the pro-inflammatory cytokines. An inflammation so extensive that it ends up killing the individual – that’s COVID-19 – true severe COVID-19.

What happens is, we demonstrate that it is actually acute radiation syndrome.

Let’s look at the next slide. These are the roots of exposure to materials – that is how graphene enters the human biology. There are four ways of entry but there are two that stand out in terms of toxicity.

  • The first is going to be via the blood.
    • When the graphene comes in contact with the blood, logically it will have access to all the body’s systems.

Let’s talk a little about oral administration. Look at what comes up.

“RGO sheets. RGO is reduced graphene oxide. It’s acronym in English. Small and large, labelled in such a way to assess bio-distribution”.

That is how the graphene sheets are distributed within the body. Here there is an obsession to introduce it and to try to lower its toxicity so that the deaths it causes are not so noticeable. That’s how I’m going to say it.

“Both materials were found in the blood that is taken orally, somehow it gets into the blood. After 60 days it is still there.”

The heart. Important. It’s a very affected organ seeing all that is happening around us. Strokes, heart attacks, cardio and cerebrovascular accidents.

The lungs. Important because what the elderly had was what initially they called bilateral atypical pneumonia.

Then the liver and the kidneys logically. The kidney filters the blood and the liver is a purification organ. If you introduce a foreign element into the human biology what are the liver and kidneys going to do? Well somehow they will give a warning signal right and more over cause inflammation. We are seeing many kidney related problems. This is being seen a lot. If there are doctors in the room they will be able to corroborate this and also many liver related problems. In fact it inflames the liver and causes hepatitis. The hepatitis that we are told is of an unknown origin. It certainly is not of an unknown origin. What they do not wish to admit is to the entry of this material.

“Finally, the in vivo bio-distribution after oral probing with PEGylated graphene oxide was investigated.”

PEGylated is polyethylene glycol and if I talk about polyethylene glycol, we know that it is a declared component contained within what they call COVID vaccines. What a coincidence that polyethylene glycol is going to functionalize graphene in toxicity studies, and it also appears in the Pfizer vaccine for example.

The inhalation route. This is very important because it is the means by which they are going to introduce it with Luis Enjuanes and his intranasal vaccine. If it is a key importance for human exposure. Hey, they are alerting you – this article is from 2018:

“Certain research groups studied graphene oxide to test bio-distribution after intratracheal instillation”.

The idea is to introduce it by different routes to see which one suffers most or least biodegradation because it is in their interest to have the material permanently present in our bodies. That is what they want. That is the reason for pushing never-ending boosters.

“The vast majority of graphene oxide sheets were found in the lungs”.

When you inhale it, it goes mostly to the lungs. We will see later what it does in the lungs.

“Smaller amounts were also detected in the blood. Likewise the liver and kidneys as a purification organs. The macroscopic observation of the blackness of the lungs..”

The blackness of the lungs is what appeared in the plates. Those cases of bilateral pneumonia. Here it is carried out with rats. The problem is that from rats we have moved on to using human beings, and further more – all human beings.

“It revealed that the materials were long lasting. Black regions were found up to three months.”

The three months data is important because we received a booster every three or four months i.e. when the material starts to be eliminated by the lungs, because it is eliminated by the lungs as we will see later. It is reintroduced. They tell you all because you had Covid, “Hey I’m getting really sick”. “Yes, but fortunately you had the second one, otherwise you would have died, right?”

“However there was a clear decrease in blackness from day one to day 90. From the third months they reintroduced it. Suggesting elimination is via the lungs.”

We know that graphene is eliminated via the lungs.

Let’s see the next one. (02)

You realize what we’re talking about? An element that isn’t declared and that you’re going to see is in there and provokes a cytokine response, a neutrophil web, is present in the lungs, and also causes pulmonary inflammation. We are going to see that too. Doesn’t it look quite like Covid?

“One of the most common means of administering nanomaterials for biomedical applications is intravenously

Hence the vaccination. The vaccination campaign for billions, systematically administered all over the world. Here it says that a greater accumulation of graphene oxide has been observed in the lungs and now it says PBST which is polysorbate. Polysorbate 80 is the adjuvant that is used as a detergent in the flu vaccine.

  • The Covid vaccines have therefore been functionalised with polyethylene glycol
  • The flu vaccines have been functionalised with polysorbate 80

When polysorbate 80 is present, elderly people in nursing homes come to mind, the material accumulates mainly in the lungs. That is exactly what happened to some of our elderly. Others died of starvation. What more can we tell you about the protocols applied there?

“Although these conclusions were based only on the dark colour of the organs after treatment and the observation of brown black matter which are the plots of damage that show up in the histological sessions, 14 days after the injection there was a clear macroscopic presence of materials in the lungs.”

Furthermore this has been corroborated by the testimony of people who developed pneumonia 14 days after the injection. It is very common.

“Both the liver and spleen appear to be black. The materials were still present in these organs 180 days later.”

Those of you who have had it, and have wanted to know how long it takes to be eliminated, now know that it will be there for at least 180 days. It will depend on the dose, the quantity obviously, and on certain external factors as we will see later.

“In a recent study the bio distribution of graphene oxide with polyethylene glycol was evaluated.”

This is what appears in the Pfizer vaccine. After the injection using Raman spectroscopy you see the Raman vibration is used to determine the amount of graphene that remains in the body. In the same way Dr. Campra used the Raman spectroscopy to see whether graphene was in the injectables.

“Most of the materials were found in the liver and spleen after three days according to other studies, but they gradually increased their presence in the brain too.”

That is this material also has an escape route to the brain, and beware because we have a blood brain barrier which is a membrane that separates the brain from the external environment protecting it from chemical or even biological pollution. However the material crosses the blood brain barrier. As that is the goal.

“The authors reported that the materials clustered together and formed macro structures up to 0.5 to 10 microns in the lungs, liver, kidneys and spleen. These clusters were still present after 90 days despite some minimum signs of degradation at the edge of the material.”

The material is thus practically indestructible and the body chooses to eliminate it, due to the difficulty in breaking it down. We already know that it is 200 times stronger than steel. Everything about it is wonderful but do not put it inside the human body, and certainly not through deceit, which is exactly what was done.

Assessment of the toxicity and carcinogenicity of double-walled carbon nanotubes(03)

We have seen that carbon nanotubes is graphene in tube form. The double-world multiple-world or single-world ones are the same. “In the rat lung” – think of the nursing homes. “a two-year study”

Here they will tell you that it causes cancer, and we have seen that pneumonia and permanent inflammation often develop into lung cancer. This is very common.

“DWCNT administered at a dose of 0.5 mg/rat did cause pulmonary fibrosis and lung tumor development. This was most likely due to agglomerate formation by the fibers, resulting in biopersistence of the fibers in the lung and consequent chronic pulmonary inflammation which in turn promoted pulmonary fibrosis and tumor development. These results indicate that assessment of the toxicity of thin CNTs should not be based solely on the physiochemical characteristics of single fibers. In addition, the results of this study indicate that the possibility that DWCNTs may be toxic to humans cannot be ignored.”

This is bilateral pneumonia and in addition, it is symmetrical. It is eliminated practically symmetrically through the lung tracks and gives rise to pneumonia

“DWCNT were biopersistent in the rat lung and induced marked pulmonary inflammation with a significant increase in macrophage count and levels of the chemotactic cytokines CCL2 and CCL3.” 

Leading to a cytokine storm. A foreign material is being introduced and the body responds with a pro-inflammatory cytokine that generates this long inflammation that has been called bilateral pneumonia and the development of carcinomas in the lungs. As we said, the pneumonia often gives rise to lung cancer. Now, you are given radiotherapy which further irradiates the material and later we will see that this material is charged with radiation. Unfortunately most cases end up in the cemetery. All because these people are not aware of research carried out by La Quinta Columnna.

There was a high incidence of lung tumors, adenomas, and various types of cancer which developed in the lungs of rats, which was statistically higher, logically, than the control group.

Obviously we are dealing with a delicate subject but it is essential it been known.

Our results demonstrate that the DWCNT (Double-walled Carbon Nanotubes) fibers we tested are biopersistent in the rat lung and induce chronic inflammation. Rats treated with 0.5 mg DWCNT developed pleural fibrosis and lung tumors. These findings demonstrate that the possibility that at least some types of DWCNTs are fibrogenic and tumorigenic cannot be ignored.

Chronic inflammation is COVID. For chronic cases they have coined a new expression persistent or long COVID. They will tell you that the virus is lingering, that it is the sequelae of the virus. The carbon nanotubes are composed of concentric cylinders of graphene. We have never stopped talking about the material. I suggest you read this article to understand everything. There is much more corroboration than we have time to see here.


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