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Living Document. Started this post in July 2021 but it’s stayed as “yet another draft” because this is a massive challenge, the Octopus and Conflict$ are just everywhere – CDC, WHO, FDA, TGA, NIH, NIAID, Politics, Unions, Health Authorities, Fact-Checkers, Big Pharma, Academia, Big Tech, Big Ag, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Corp, WEF, Bilderberg, UN, Gates, Fauci, Pfizer, Monsanto, AZ, Moderna, plus all the hidden families and corporations behind all that, as well as a multitude of Agendas from everywhere – you name it. Might as well post it as-is, even though it’s far from anywhere near complete and probably never will be. Plenty of other posts since this date covers some of the other things, but collecting them all on one post is a pipe-dream I’ve given up on at this stage. Last Updated: July 10, 2021. (Posted April 11, 2022)

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C-19 Vaccines

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Two-Clicks to Gates

Two Clicks to find Bill & Melinda Gates




World Health Organization (WHO)


Who Funding Reports:

Can someone please explain to me why we are ignoring this?
(Other than the funded-by-Pharma media telling us to?)

Bill Gates (2022) – $130 Billion

Download PDF from Global Health Organisation for further conflicts of interest relating to World Health Organisation and the main players. View the ever-updated list of the CONFLICTS OF INTEREST in Australian Vaccination Policies from IMOParty. And browse my Conflict$ of Interest posts. See also the Fauci posts and Gates posts.

Download Reports:


Links to The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal documentaries (Note: I don't agree with everything, my research has taken me a different direction to some of the things they trust i.e. I don't trust Trump/Q-Anon, or the various mentions of viruses among other things, but there's still ...
/ † Dr Zev Zelenko (MD), † Wayne Smith (Midazolam-Whistleblower), 5G / ELF / EMF, abortion, Africa, Anthony Fauci (villain), Apple (Wozniak, Steve Jobs), Australia, Bayer (Pfizer Monsanto), Bill Gates (philanthropath), bioweapon, Canada, CDC (villain), censorship, Chem-trails, child trafficking, climate-hysteria, Clintons, Club of Rome (NWO), communism, CONflict$, conflicts of interest, conspiracy, cov-ID-19, Covid Psychosis, CRISPR/Cas 9, DARPA (NWO), death, democide, Depopulation (NWO), Died Suddenly, doctors, Dr Judy Mikovits (Virologist & Whistleblower), Dr Peter McCullough (cardiologist), Dr Robert Gallo (villain), Dr Robert Malone (virologist - mRNA inventor), Drug - Morphine, Drug-NWO Midazolam, Drug-NWO Remdesivir (Gilead-Pfizer), eugenics, Europe, food-supply, Freemasons, French Revolution, GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO/NWO), Geoengineering, George Soros (villain), Georgia Guidestones (NWO), Glyphosate (herbicide - Monsanto - NWO), Google (NWO), HAARP, Henry Kissinger (villain), History, Hitler, Illuminati (NWO), Jeff Bezos (Amazon/villain), Jeffery Epstein (villain), Jesuits, Knights Templar, Lt Gen Michael Flynn (advocate), Matt Hancock (WEF puppet - UK Health Minister), Media (NWO), Merck (pharma), mind-control, MK Ultra (CIA project), Moderna (Murderna), Monsanto (Pfizer - NWO), mosquitoes, movies, Nanotechnology, Nazi, Neil Ferguson, Netherlands, New World Order, New World Order food (NWO), NHS, NIAID (NIH-Fauci), NIH, nurses, NWO, Paedophilia, PCR, Pfizer, radiation, Regeneron (pharma), Rockefellers (NWO), Rothschild (NWO), Russia, Social Media, Symptom - Cancer, Symptom - Flu, Symptom - HIV AIDS, Symptom - Polio, Synthetic Biology, Taboo / Divergent, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (WHO-NWO), Thomas Renz (Lawyer), Toxin - Fluoride, transgender, transhumanism, Twitter (NWO), UNICEF, United Kingdom, United Nations (NWO), US Health and Human Services (HHS), vaccinations, Vaccines, Ventilator, Video, W.H.O. World HELL Organization (NWO), war, World Bank (NWO), World Economic Forum (WEF - NWO), youtube
(Darn it, my host couldn't handle the size of the post so I split into two Parts. See also—Part I, which has the video) THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. This is a must-listen-to important speech by QLD GP Dr. Melissa McCann. UNBELIEVABLY TRAGIC & CRIMINAL. (Video + Transcript + Screenshots + REFS) ...
So I was fact-checking another post that is still in drafts (looking up conflict$ in a paper I was quoting) and found myself on the BRAIN Initiative Alliance website. They currently have 71 Open Opportunities and 228 Closed Opportunities listed and the first one I clicked on was a grant ...
The Financial Coup d'état Explained. Catherine Austin Fitts explains how the 'Great Poisoning' was inevitable after the US govt started draining and obliterated the pension funds. If you drain all the retirement funds, you have to reduce the population by radical amounts. This is such an important part to understand ...
Senator Alex Antic supporting the Senate Inquiry into the WHO Pandemic Treaty (Debate) Livestreamed 27th March 2023. WHO Pandemic Treaty Debate [Senator Alex Antic] Livestreamed yesterday 27 March 2023 Full Debate on YouTube | Rumble-Clip | Telegram-Clip Thank you. Australia, as a sovereign nation, has the right to exercise its ...


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