Dr Robert Malone on who controls the world

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Seems Dr Robert Malone is getting closer and closer to the truth as time goes on..

Transcription of one of Robert Malone’s newest interviews that covers a whole range of topics, including the list of players who have functional control of the world, humanity vs. transhumanism, UN/WHO/WEF, One World Government, Great Reset, Depopulation, Wuhan, EcoHealth, DTRA, CCP, Central Banks, Prince Charles, Covid-propaganda & censorship, Gates, WEF, CDC, CEPI, Mass-formation psychosis, Wikipedia, Amazon, being attacked as Controlled Opposition, Podcasting and alt media to bypass centralized information-control, his DoD clearance, Twitter is a weapon, Mainstream media dying, Pirate radio, pharmaceutical industry is predatory and knows no moral bounds, vilifying of early treatment, and more – BIS, CIA, Climate, DARPA, DTRA, Musk, Kissinger, Rogan, Flynn, Pottinger, Callahan, NSC, Baric, Rockefeller, BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard, Bank of America, CCP…

15 Nov 2022 YouTube | Rumble-low-res-mirror | Telegram | Rob.Team (Premium, Uncensored full version)

09:04 A World Global Government
17:21 The Great Reset
26:43 Bill Gates Exposed
37:11 Being Banned & Cancelled
45:38 The New World of Decentralization
58:06 Big Pharma Exposed
1:04:38 Bill Gates, a New Depression & The Biggest Cover up

List of Major Players he thinks has functional control of the World

It’s a collection of about 25 companies that are functionally in control, and on top of them are some major investment funds—of course, we’re familiar with BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard, and Bank of America, but are they really in control, or is it the Bank of International Settlements?

Big Oil.

We certainly have seen the rise of the CCP and their interests. The CCP isn’t just China—we have a collection of hyper-powerful transnational interests that seem to be seeking to dominate and control for their own interests.

World Economic Forum is a transnational organization that seems to style itself as a World Government and is functionally creating its own treaties with entities like the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

The last three years have shown us that not only is that organization not qualified, but that structure, is a relatively small number of individuals who seek power, control, and capital hedge money.

We have these discussions, such as those from Harari, that advocate the logic of another industrial revolution, in which one sees the fusion of man and machine, and this isn’t crazy talk (well, it is crazy-talk, but it’s not a conspiracy theory); this is documented. Sapiens is one book. These people seem to envision something that looks an awful lot like a dark dystopia – some cross of a Terminator and The Matrix, and Bruce Sterling with the Cyberpunk genre, that have envisioned this world of Mechs.

The German, British, and American Military Industrial Complex, in which we have implantables routinely employed and a combination of biomechanical modifications of humans and directed-evolution, or genetic modification, as one vision for the future of humanity.

It is profoundly egotistic. Particularly in the documentation from DARPA in this area of transhumanism, it seems that the logic is put forward that our opponents are already doing it, and the inference is that the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Republic of China have no ethical boundaries in performing this type of developmental work with human subjects, and therefore “we must do it.” They’re doing it, therefore we have to do it, and we get into a circular escalation of this kind of technology in which breaching well-established biomedical ethical boundaries is just considered a kind of casualty of real politics and war.

Lower / Upper / Middle replaced with Physicals / Virtuals / Overlords

The lower, upper, and middle-class structures are obsolete. We’re increasingly in a world of physicals, virtuals, and overlords. This is a logic and language that is just starting to enter the mainstream right now. Physicals working with their hands, virtuals that live in a laptop world in which it’s all information and there’s no human connection with the actual world, and then on top of that we have this very small cast of uber-wealthy that seem to be controlling everything and increasingly trying to make the Physicals obsolete through mechanization and this new industrial revolution in which it’s believed there will be massive surplus labour, these various words like “useless eaters,” that are not really needed because of the automation and the effects of machine-learning and deep-learning. I think what the laptop-virtual class doesn’t recognize is that those folks at the top, which I refer to as the overlords, are just as glad to get rid of the virtuals as well. Some of the virtuals seem to think they are protected, but they’re going to be easily disposed of when the time comes, they’re just kind of a useful tool in the interim.

WE have to think about what is the nature of the world going forward.

UN WHO / One World Government / Global Warming / Totalitarian Marxism

Another key access point is a belief system that dates back to the 1940s or earlier. The UN charter is very much grounded in it. The WHO charter is grounded in it: which is the belief that it is necessary, in order to solve the world’s problems, to migrate to a global government to solve the world’s problems. That’s a core thesis in what has been pitched as Global Warming, and increasingly the fall-back position is Climate Change because the data isn’t looking so good in terms of being able to justify there being global “warming.”

So this logic is that we need to migrate to an increasingly virtual world of robotics, minimizing labour, and centralizing authority, power, political structures, under a logic that is really quite old. Totalitarian Marxism. A small number of entities can effectively control the world through a command-economy structure.

You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy - What that means

They seem to advocate “You will be Nothing and be Happy” and no one really explains what’s behind that statement. It’s just thrown out as a catchphrase.

It’s a business model.

Resources will be more effectively globally in a densely-populated world. If only all resources were controlled by a small number of companies, and they can be allocated out appropriately for the greatest efficiency in kind of a rent-based model. So this comes as no surprise because a lot of people advocating this have roots in the Software industry. And so, just like when you get your Adobe package products, or you get your Microsoft products, you no longer buy these applications, you rent them. That’s the envision for the entire world – all resources should be managed that way. You wouldn’t own your Tesla, you would rent your Tesla.

That’s the business model that is behind this statement, “You will own nothing and be happy.” But it’s grounded in a belief that we need to have a smaller population. We cannot overcome the obstacles that we face globally in terms of resources. This is Malthusian thinking—the idea that there are limited resources and we cannot innovate our way out of our box; we have no other pathway other than to reduce the population.

Global Population Reduction

Global population reduction—which we hear so much about, and there’s all this jibber-jabber that these vaccines are intended as a depopulation weapon—is not there for me, despite having been black-pilled in so many other ways.

Vaccine intention: I have those on my SubStack for the long version. This plays into the meme that I’m a controlled-opposition and that I’m just making excuses for the global predators and the CIA, etc.

Wuhan Lab / Eco Health Alliance / DTRA

I can’t say what’s going on in Tony Fauci‘s head, or Klaus Schwab’s head (I think it’s whatever Henry Kissinger puts into his head; I think it might be an empty bag that gets filled periodically). I’m not a mind-reader.

In the book that we’re just about to publish, I walk through a lot of hypothesis, and I think we’ve absolutely got some nefarious individuals who have exploited what has occurred here, and this includes various players involved in the global financial system.

There’s a thesis by Ernst Wolffe (http://ernstwolff.com/Vortraege/) that says they are the ones behind this, that triggered this, and I have just learned so much from what he has put out that has been translated into English from the native German.

But I’m increasingly convinced that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was under-capitalized, running on fumes under-pressure (this is no excuse), didn’t have adequate safety protocols, and was messing about with things that they shouldn’t have been messing about with—the gain-of-function research. And absolutely Eco Health Alliance and those characters (Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, Charles Lieber) were busy involved in technology transfer, and there’s no question Defense Threat Reduction Agency (/wiki/Defense_Threat_Reduction_Agency | dtra.mil ), and I’ve heard this directly first person, that DTRA has been and continues to be funding the Wuhan Institute of virology. We have the documentation on NIAID that’ll come out in hearings if the election flips. But it looks like that’s the smoking gun—this is an engineered pathogen. I wouldn’t call it a bio weapon, but it could well be.

There’s the Chinese Communist Party’s history of development of bioweapons that goes back to when they assimilated part of the Japanese bioweapon program that was so successful in World War II. Of course, the other major part of that Japanese program got imported lock, stock, and barrel to Frederick, Maryland, and other nefarious places in the U.S. as a kind of launching point for the U.S. biowarfare capabilities, so I’m not in any way saying that the Chinese are the only bad actors here, but their weapons program and bioweapons program absolutely do have roots in the nefarious Japanese warfare program.

And by the way, Bobby Kennedy‘s new book delves deeply into this, where he looks at the origin of the vaccine, the Wuhan lab, and the cover-up.

So it seems to have leaked out sometime Fallish 2019—maybe a little earlier than September—probably through some breach of a containment protocol.

CCP Propaganda / Callahan / Pottinger / White House

I’m not convinced that the CCP intentionally released this into the beating heart of their industrial sector; that just doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

I am increasingly compelled to believe that once it was out, the CCP exploited it, and they actively pumped propaganda into the White House through a variety of channels that are now increasingly being revealed.

I’m increasingly of the belief that my former colleague Michael Callahan CIA agent, MD from Harvard, was in the area early in 2020, (if not late in 2019). was subjected to Chinese propaganda; they knew who he was, they knew what his background was, and I can’t imagine that the information that he encountered was not carefully crafted. Even though he wasn’t aware of that and didn’t believe that to be the case, he brought back to the United States a sense of crisis and alarmism, that played a key role in advancing a lot of the mistakes that happened here.

Then we also have Mr. Michael Pottinger (I think he meant to say Matthew Pottinger; Deputy National Security Advisor in September, 2019) who had Deep Roots in China and appears to have also had Intelligence Roots through his time with (Lt. Gen.) Michael Flynn.

The evidence is mounting that the “dying on the street” and the rapid construction of the hospital complex were all propaganda (it is still unclear who pushed it, was it the CCP or the CCP’s enemies? That’s still cloudy). So there’s that agenda.

The CCP seems to have played a role, whether it was intentional or reactionary-exploitative, in fostering a group of policies that caused the West to destroy their own economies. It was a
masterwork, if that is what they did. It is one of the great successes

Sun Tzu

Many people point to Sun Tzu the application of Sun Tzu’s logic in asymmetrical Warfare, and there’s no question that the policies, which are very much the China model, were deployed in throughout the West and caused enormous harm.

(Sun Tzu, The Art of War)

Central Banks / Federal Reserve / Privately-Owned

Then there’s also such clear evidence that the central banks of the world, including the Federal Reserve, which many people don’t appreciate, are privately owned; they are not national. They were facing a monetary crisis (akin to 2008? not sure what words he said here) in 2019, and they had a liquidity issue, and the events that transpired allowed them to inject massive amounts of capital.

We never hear the words anymore. Do you remember? It was just a few months ago that the cool hip thing was modern monetary theory (MMT), You can rack up as much debt as you want; it’s not going to have any impact. And then suddenly the bills come due, and Rishi, I guess, is now the bag holder there in the UK. We’ll see how that goes for him. But I’m afraid that it’s your colleagues and yourself that are going to really pay the price, as well as the German people and Europe in general, for these policies.

King George III (Prince Charles) brought in the Great Reset

Then we have King George III, who was the original person who announced the Great Reset—another important fact to know. It was not Klaus Schwab.

Klaus Schwab was actually playing second fiddle to what is now King George (Prince Charles) in initiating that. so that the Great Reset agenda, which has a strong financial component, seems to have been brought to bear on this “largely manufactured crisis” involving a gross overestimate of the virus’s risk.

UK Imperial College Propaganda for gross overstatement of COVID risk

And we can again thank the United Kingdom’s researchers for a lot of that gross overstatement of risk. I think Imperial College “gets the gold star” for that little bit of propaganda.

BIS / Central Bank Digital Currency / Digital IDs / Vaccine Passports

And, now we’re on the threshold of the Bank for International Settlements (bis.org) has test-fired
Central Bank Digital Currency, which they want to couple with Digital ID’s for everyone. Everyone was concerned that the vaccine passports were just a sneaky point of entry to a digital ID. Again, I don’t have any direct data; it’s just circumstantial, but it’s very convenient.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation / WEF / Power / Event 201

So you know who’s benefiting from this, what’s behind it, and what the agendas are.

A whole lot of people made a whole lot of money on this, and advanced their political and other power-based objectives. Not the least of which, is our good friend Mr Gates, who every time I turn around as I’ve run down these various rabbit holes trying to understand things, like what’s happened to journalism and advocacy journalism—there I find the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation looking at me through the glass. Mr Gates seems quite proud of his prescient investments in the vaccination means, etc. which curiously seemed to have benefited from access to information through various planning sessions that he’s helped capitalize, together with the World Economic Forum, such as Event 201.

Which, I think is capitalization of these planning scenarios is absolutely not benign. I think at a minimum, it has the appearance that he is using his capital and his status and in ‘the guise’ of his non-profit philanthropy, to develop intelligence that he then employs in his other business activities.

He has a variety of funds that invest in vaccines, and Green energy, and Farming and Meat-Alternatives, and it just kind of goes on and on and on. But it seems to circle largely around vaccines. Clearly, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has made investments relating to birth control in the interface of vaccines and birth control in India and Africa.

I’m not sure what Mr Gates’s vision is, but it seems to always result in some form of Monopoly or other
considerable profit, and a reshaping of the world in ways that a lot of us would really rather not see.


And you asked the question I still haven’t answered – what’s the alternative, what’s the way forward?

Personally, I’m increasingly a fan of decentralization. I think we’ve had enough experimentation with command economies and that never seems to turn out very well, and the logic now seems to be that well the problem with utilitarianism and command economies has been that we just didn’t have enough data and enough tools to process all that data, and now we’ve got these cool new things like machine learning and deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Now if we just had enough data from everybody in the world, we could run that into our massive ‘metaphorical spreadsheet’, and really figure out how to make the world ‘hum on rails’“, and I’m not there.

WHO / CDC / CEPI / Chronic Bungling

What we’ve seen over the last three years has just been a chronic bungling. The banishment of this affair has demonstrated a profound level of incompetence and what blows my mind is that the World Health Organization, the CDC, CEPI, etc. and a lot of these other actors that have been involved in
this, seem to think that this provides – that the record of the last three years – justifies that they should get more money and more power.

That doesn’t work in my deep learning algorithms, but maybe it does in theirs, but I believe that we should stop defining Humanity using the language of economics.

What happened to the Arts? It's all about how much money and power you have

I think we should stop defining human beings as economic entities, as numbers on a spreadsheet.

I think we are so much more than that.

Have you noticed the death of the Arts? Who cares about the Arts anymore? It’s all about how rich we are, how much money can you make, your jet, your boat, how fancy your car is, what you got in the bank, how much power you have.

What happened to the arts? What happened to community? What happened to spiritualism? What happened to our commitment to our children? To commitment to education? commitment to future generations? All this talk about Green living in the Green world, but I don’t see much evidence of that. I see a whole lot of talk and exploitation of things like nitrogen loads in Dutch Farmers as ways to justify
other agendas, and I personally think that the folks that have been advancing these agendas, have been doing so for so long and they’ve amassed such massive amounts of capital, that they are going to have their way with us to some extent.

Community / Self-Sufficiency

And the question is what can we do about it?

And I think it’s kind of time to hold up, and you know, suddenly the Preppers don’t look so crazy, and
I think that means building skills for self-sufficiency, absolutely committing to community, and working through ‘what does that mean?’.

What I’ve seen—because I’ve been traveling a fair amount, including internationally—is the rise of communities. Special-interest communities, resistance communities that are existing within the
structure of the established political and economic umbrella.

When I was in Ireland, in the UK, in Italy, in France, and now to some extent, Austria.

And then, of course, in Africa, they kind of don’t care about this Westerners’ way of life anyway. They live their own lives and they’re busy doing deals with the Silk Road business, some with China. Bless their hearts.

Only 10% value freedom

So I just think that for those of us that value freedom, and as Mattias Desmond (Desmet) teaches, it’s probably only about 10 percent of the population—the rest want to be told what to do—unfortunately for those that care about personal freedom, liberty, and sovereignty, it’s kind of time to think global but act local.

Mass-formation Psychosis and why he's Toxic on Google (Don't use Google)

Please, please, please don’t use Google—there’s so many better search engines than Google.

I’m toxic on Facebook and Google—my name alone. Why? Well, I would refer you to Silicon Valley to answer that question.

Google seems to have really gotten bent out of shape when I said these words on Joe Rogan.

You’ll recall December 31st of last year, Mass formation psychosis. (01)

Rumble | Full Episode

Minerva Paper & Covid Censorship

So that prompted people to investigate what has been done to so many of us in terms of information manipulation and thought control, as well as the role of corporate media and technology in facilitating that – in collusion with larger corporations – as well as Western governments (the Five Eyes Alliance), and I believe a case can be made.

Let me just say, there was a paper just out yesterday published in the Journal called Minerva, in which some Israeli and American (Australian) social scientists etc did a series of surveys of Physicians and Medical Scientists that have been subjected to the same processes that I have, and in some cases even more severely, and in some cases less, and they’ve all had similar experiences and it has followed a pattern that’s well established for quenching descent. (02)

It’s a pattern that is of information censorship etc that they document quite well, that has been documented in prior Academic Publications over many years, and seems to have been deployed systematically here.

Wikipedia - Instantaneously re-write someone out of history

And so I guess it might be that in part because I was out front on a lot of things, I got hit earliest and hardest. I’m not whining or complaining, and I’m not saying that it’s not fair—none of this is fair—but certainly the aggressive editing of my Wikipedia page by a pseudonym sock puppet that seems to be closely affiliated with British intelligence and has remarkable “24-hour productivity” and has edited the Wikipedia pages of many in the Medical Freedom Movement, and anybody that speaks in favour of things like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin or early treatment or alternatives, etc.—all seem to have had the benefit of the same heavy hand in either writing them out of History, and destroying their reputations in Wikipedia.

So there seems to be a strong Intelligence Community component to this, and in coordination with these large corporate entities, incorporation with entities in the U.S government, but what’s been fascinating to me as I travel, is that what I’ve observed in the United States is happening in parallel to colleagues all over the world: Latin America, Italy, the UK, France.

Didier Raoult has had his career destroyed. I met him in Marseille in his office, interesting gentleman but whatever his faults are, he didn’t deserve what was done.

So it’s those that are that are out front, often take the hits in the more obvious way.

Amazon Censorship

I mean when me and my wife wrote this book “How to prepare for the novel Coronavirus“, between the phone call we got from Callahan on January 4th of 2020 and publishing it in the first week in February – well-referenced – she’s a PhD in biotechnology and public policy, and I’m an MD and an MS in whatever I do – nucleic acids and that kind of stuff, and so it was a well-written – 100 plus pages written for our neighbors here in Central Virginia, rural Virginia – just average people. We talked about what can you do, such as things like using alcohol wipes on airplanes – stuff that’s become commonplace.

And it was censored by Amazon, taken down in March with no appeal, no explanation, other than it violated the community standards – something that was unprecedented at the time (this is March of 2020).

Attacked from Far-Right as Controlled Opposition

So, we’ve kind of been out front all the way through, and taking the hits as a consequence. Just trying to help people, which has been one of the things that has been particularly troublesome – is to be doing your best, sacrificing everything, working your can off, trying to save people’s lives, and help them understand, and then have these coordinated attacks coming at you – from both sides.

I mean from the far right I get attacked as ‘controlled opposition’ now lately, although that seems to have died down. All kinds of scurrilous claims. Two different versions of why I’m a mass murderer have been floated, so that’s no fun.

But the accommodation I have to make, is none of this is fair, none of this is right, none of this is proper. It is complete, asymmetric, unrestricted Information Warfare .

Podcasting and Alt Media - a way to bypass centralized information control

Early on, I figured out that this was the case, which is why I started podcasting. I just said “Okay, the media is going to do, what the media does, and and if I just speak my truth and speak from the heart, and talk to whoever wants to talk to me” and at first, I burned through podcasts that were a little unusual. Each podcast kind of represents a different community and there’s a lot of different communities in the world, with a lot of different points of view, and I’ve had opportunities to interact with many of them over the last three years, which I guess is a great thing. How wonderful to have that opportunity.

Podcasting is central to what I’m doing. I’m sitting in my new studio with a three camera rig. I don’t have the camera set up yet. But I do think, that alternative media is revolutionary.

This is about information control.

DoD clearance and Twitter is a Weapon

I’ve had folks like my friend Stephen Bannon, who likes to reprimand me and tell me to “stay in my lane”. I was just on with him earlier today. I think the world of him and I’ve learned so much from him about media war and so many other things.

What people don’t understand is I did what I did when I was 28 years old – but I’ve done a lot since then, and I’ve done a lot of work writing proposals and contracts – I’m quite good at it, and this includes proposals to the Federal government for companies that have been very involved at the forefront of Social Media including companies that do things that I was talking about.

I’ve been granted classification with DoD, and I have seen things and know of things that go on.

For instance, it came out the other day, one investigative group was speculating that Twitter was actually battle-tested during Arab Spring. That is a true statement, absolutely, and that may have something to do with why the Gulf money helped capitalize in a significant way, Elon Musk‘s purchase, I speculate.

But I’m quite familiar with many aspects of the capabilities of modern social media, and as I said, in that essay: Twitter is a weapon, it’s not a business.

People are very naïve about their use of social media, but alt media like this – what we’re doing right now…

Mainstream Corporate Media is Dying

I saw was it Pointer Institute, so one of these organizations that does forecasting for corporate media, I put out a report at the end of last year, that I found fascinating, and they bemoan the fact that “mainstream corporate media is dying”.

I think a case can be made that The Trusted News Initiative managed by the BBC is really kind of also a Trade Organization, that is structured to try to ‘hold the bulwarks’ for corporate media, and to resist the advance of alternative media, and the disruption of alternative media.

I think that it’s another one of these cases, where they they cover their true purpose and intention with words about ‘freedom and democracy’ and ‘apple pie and motherhood’, but in fact, they’re just another Trade Organization trying to support their their customers.

In this big analysis of what’s going on in media that came out at the end of last year, they specifically flagged the podcast, and in particular they emphasized – I guess this must have come out about February – they emphasized Joe Rogan, and mentioned that Joe Rogan had had various nefarious actors on such as myself, but that they still had to acknowledge his profound disrupting effect that was really represented a major threat to their marketspace.

I mean 11 million and Joe didn’t just get it. Didn’t like flip a switch and have 11 million followers – he built this, he built this darn thing over years and years and years of just being honest and straightforward in himself, and being genuine with people, and now he with every podcast he blows the likes of CNN right out of the water.

I mean, just to put a pin on it—in my own modest way, with our SubStack, we now routinely reach, day after day after day, between four hundred thousand and seven hundred fifty thousand people opening. That was just delivered. We have a subscriber base of about 220,000 now, of which only a small fraction is paying, because we give it out for free because it’s about the information, and people, for some reason, voluntarily are willing to pay a subscription price (in part because otherwise they can’t get into the chat underneath, and it keeps the trolls out, so there’s an upside to that). But these are numbers even in my little world where I’m equalling or surpassing ‘prime time broadcast at CNN,’ and that’s just,, you know Physicians scientists broadcasting from a horse farm in Virginia.

I don’t have any—Spotify isn’t dropping 11 million dollars on my head. Dear Spotify, give me a call. But, you know, it’s a Brave New World isn’t it?

Pirate Radio

So, let me say, this young man Cameron Wallace, who’s the producer for Steve Bannon, and trust me you don’t want that job, but Cameron in one of our first broadcasts together where I was actually in Steve’s studio in his home – which by the way looks like a scene out of Animal House most of the time – and a big step up was when they got a maid to clean the toilet, but I was hanging out with Cameron in the kitchen having a coffee before we were gonna do the hit, and he talked about Pirate Radio – and it just hit me, bang in the head like a brick – that’s kind of what we’re doing, it’s the early days of rock and roll – it’s not going to last, they’re going to find some way to control us. But in the meantime, we’re having a good time, aren’t we?

Depression and Medication

Host asks: In your professional opinion is depression real and is medication the right course of action to cure depression if it’s real?

Depression is absolutely real. It’s multifactorial. It could be organic. People experience depression after traumatic brain injuries. They experience depression from a lot of different causes, and some of those can just be innately organic. Is depression a biochemical sickness? That’s where the pharmaceutical industry wants us to go, and I think that’s very self-serving. I think the people that advance that thesis of mental health in general as a biochemical imbalance as a master kind of global model for mental illness, often have a vested interest in promoting that model.

I think that depression is too broad a category to speak about it in a global sense. Is it a thing? I believe there is a lot going on there. Sorrow and grief, which can be interpreted as depression, are normal human psychological responses to certain types of stress, and those that don’t experience those things are typically Psychopaths.

Loss and grief are fundamental parts of human bonding, and those who don’t experience them, I believe, are dangerous in various ways because they lack empathy and are disconnected from the rest of their human and animal selves—they’re disconnected from the world.

So, in terms of chemical modification, I don’t want to go so far as to say “that we should not provide – that there should not be any, pharmaceutical interventions available, or other bioelectrical modifications,” but many people experience relief from depression without resorting to chemicals, and I suspect (I don’t know the data; I haven’t seen the randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial), but a little bit of love, and the same is true with empathy, will go a long way in combating depression in our world.

Pharmaceutical Industry is Predatory & Knows No Moral Bounds

The pharmaceutical industry has shown a widespread disregard for ethics and a willingness to live within the guardrails of government laws; they constantly seek ways to manipulate. It is a fundamental aspect of the pharmaceutical industry’s culture. It is one of the most aggressive, industrial sectors on the planet, and it preys on humans. It is intrinsically built on a thesis of treating human disease, and it requires human disease to be treated, in order to make profit.

And having been in it—in the belly of the Beast, for instance—anybody in the industry worth their salt, knows that the axiom is “you never do a study unless the regulatory agency forces you to” because you might discover something that would create some obstacle to getting licensure and making profit.

The pharmaceutical industry is predatory – has been for a very long time, and a case can be made that it’s been the case since Rockefeller came in seeking some way to further monetize oil products in chemistry organic chemistry, and basically destroyed the medical system and medical education system (that existed in the West certainly, in the United States) and supplanted it with another one that was based on the use of organic, chemical based Pharmaceuticals.

This is an industry that knows no moral bounds.

Not that everybody is like that, but those that rise, are typically very, very focused on return on investment for their major stockholders, and that profit incentive seems to supersede anything else.

They can talk until the cows come home about ESG scores, but the proof of the pudding is in their behaviours, it’s in their fines, it’s in their avoidance of accountability, on the Adverse Events of marketed products, and the whole world has seen this.

If they weren’t aware of it before, we’ve now lived through three years of a demonstration of that.

Not just the vaccines, but the obfuscation obstruction of use of off patent medicines to treat patients.

The Vilifying of Early-Treatment

Physicians all over the world have demonstrated that early treatment saves lives, and yet it has been denigrated and obstructed in a systematic way. All the way through this.

We even had Merck ridiculing the safety of Ivermectin – come on guys, the database on Ivermectin is massive, and it is incredibly safe.

You can argue about whether or not it’s effective, and my personal experience, both directly and indirectly, as well as my observed experience, and that of many of my colleagues, is that it is effective in a variety of things, including in early treatment for COVID-19.

But you can’t say that it’s not safe – the data are just overwhelming.

And hydroxychloroquine is really quite safe.

All the way through Africa, everybody takes it once a week – has for years. It’s incredibly safe. It’s even safe for use in pregnancy—it’s one of the only drugs in that category that is.

The evidence of ‘pharmaceutical industry manipulation’ of this entire response landscape is overwhelming.

Quick Fire Round Questions

Is Bill Gates a net positive for Humanity?

No. He’s a monopolist. At minimum he’s a narcissist. Is he a sociopath or a psychopath, I don’t know.

Is a centralized digital currency good for Humanity?

No. ESG scores and Direct Control. It reduces the friction, in retaliation, as we saw with Justin
Trudeau and his finance minister.

Is there an economic depression coming and if so how long and how hard you think it will be?

I hear from multiple sources and have since summer that the European Union is truly heading into
“a Dark Winter” is a famous statement. I’m not an economist, but I do my best to listen to them, and what I hear is, we’ve got a major correction, followed by a series of financial boundary events. For instance, the exhaustion of the Social Security fund of the United States. And this logic of modern monetary theory that has led many European States and States all over the world including the United States to inflate their debt indebtedness, is going to result in a major correction.

This is part of the logic for why it to advance Central Bank Digital Currency is there truly has to be some sort of a Great Reset, because the debt levels are unsustainable and we seem to have – and I hate to quote Karl Marx or reference Karl Marx, but a case can be made that we are moving towards that end point of of traditional capitalism, that he had anticipated where the contradictions of capitalism catch up with it and we have to move through some series of major economic boundary events, and many people think that one of them happens pretty much now.

Does the population need controlling?

I think we can learn from China in this regard. China absolutely tried to impose population control and a depopulation agenda through controlling family size, and that caused all kinds of problems, that are reverberating through time, and they apparently are looking at an abrupt decline in population coming up in the next couple of decades or maybe a little beyond, but they’ve got another boundary event in terms of population.

The point is that I believe the population; my sense is that planners have a constant need to believe that they are smarter than biology and human behaviour, and that they must intervene otherwise everything will go to hell because we can’t control ourselves, and I tend to side with humans. We may be a little slow, but we eventually figure it out, and that the envisioned population crisis might not have even occurred if we hadn’t had the kind of do-gooder or intervention logic that developed during the 1960s and 1970s of Feed the World, etc., which resulted in unsustainable population growth in areas that didn’t have adequate food supply natively, and there’s a saying among physicians: “A tincture of time will cure many things.” And I think that with the population, a little less intervention and a little more patient watching is what this doctor orders.

What’s the biggest cover-up in your profession?

I can’t even answer that. I just know my little sector, I don’t know about cardiology. I don’t know about neuropsychiatry; I mean, what we have learned over the last few decades is that there have been just huge cover-ups of major scandals.

I think that maybe what we’re in the middle of certainly is world class, and maybe unprecedented.

The ability to deploy information control, propaganda, censorship, and a false narrative of “safe and effective” globally in the heavy-handed way that it’s been done is certainly one of the greats, and is profoundly humbling, in terms of acknowledging the power available to the modern totalitarian state.

Man and machine come together – where does that end?

We have seen so many dystopian science fiction versions of that, I feel like it’s redundant to even go there. I mentioned some of them at the outset, such as Cyberpunk, Bruce Sterling, Shapers, Mechs, Robocop, Terminator, and Roshovsky’s dark vision of the Matrix, which now appears to have been so eerily prescient. I do not think this goes well.

And Mr. Musk is currently being portrayed as a great hero of free speech, but he’s also the largest defense contractor in the United States, has Starlink and Neuralink coming up, and Twitter is a weapon.

And so I think, that I fear for the future that our children will inherit, I truly, sincerely do, and I just want to give a shout out to the great UK artist commentator Bob Moran who somehow manages to capture brilliant Insight with his little strip on a daily or weekly basis – he just seems to have a way of penetrating into the underlying truth of things, but I do think that the the idea that we can artificially… that we have sufficient knowledge of biology, to proceed with blithely modifying human evolution, genetically and mechanically, is the most profound hubris – I can’t imagine.

And why, why do it? We’re incredible organisms – we’re almost Limitless. We have not even begun to explore the the wonder of our minds and of our Collective Minds. Why do we have to move into this bizarre vision of biomechanical, neuromechanical and neurophysiologic? This is like a Silicon Valley oligarchs wet dream, but I don’t see it.

Is Elon Musk a net benefit to society?

I think the jury’s out on that one. And of course I need to acknowledge my conflict of interest: I would like to be let back on Twitter, thank you very much, It would help me build my substack (if it’s a different Twitter than has existed in the past). I think the place has become a sewer, surpassed only by Telegram, but I don’t go on TikTok, so that might be even worse.

I don’t know, but I think I’m going to withhold judgment—I’m kind of on the fence on that one. I don’t I think that he is a WEF (Young Global Leader, 2008) by the way.

As are most of the Bitcoin people; they talk the talk of being revolutionaries, but in the end most of them seem to have been co-opted, and this whole thing has brought me into that world. I’ve had the chance to hang out with the whales, which I never imagined would be part of my life, and they’re not all that way, but a lot of the thought leaders are very much aligned with the World Economic Forum and with the possibility that they might make oodles of money in converting their cyber-based, decentralized digital currency into BIS, a central bank digital currency, so I just don’t know.

Elon, and who is the other one? His PayPal buddy, Peter Thiel, runs Palantir; I’m not sure about him either. I think that folks, when they get that wealthy, live in a different mind-space than the likes of you and me, and they seem to become disconnected with a lot of the things that we take for granted as fundamental.

What do you know, that most people don’t?

Oh, not much. There aren’t very many people who can plaster an old hog barn and turn it into a recording studio. I think one of my core competencies has been understanding, in the past, how the government really works, being able to navigate it, and help to make things happen.

Mary Holland, who’s the Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Health Defense, spent time as a young person in education in the Soviet Union. When we first met, and I talked about what I used to do for my consulting business with the government, she said there used to be people like that in the Soviet Union.

As the Soviet Union was kind of coming unglued and the bureaucracy became so unwieldy, she said “there were people like you who were basically “fixers”, who knew the system well enough that they could work in between the cracks and enable things to get done that otherwise can’t get done”, because of the burden of the bureaucracy and its inefficiencies.

So I think I’m knowledgeable about that in ways that – there aren’t many people that understand this spectrum of the Discovery Science World in biotechnology, all the way through licensure, because there’s a group of separate cultures, and there aren’t many that have kind of my bonafide’s in discovery research, and then also have been able to operate successfully in advanced development – which is the first one is the Wild West, “let’s see what works,” as you can see with Ralph Baric and the Wuhan Institute of virology as just one example. Then there’s the question of “how do you take it through this highly structured regulatory process and get it licensed?” I’m one of those few that kind of gets all of that, gets the government, and gets small business startups raising capital. I’ve done biotech startups.

I’ve spent too much time talking to Sand Hill Road investors etc. so I think that’s another thing that makes me a little different.

And I’m not a bad equestrian, but there are many better ones than me, but probably not too many people that can shoe a horse one minute, and then talk high science.

What’s the best advice you ever remember receiving?

I was trying so hard to be humble when I interviewed with Bob Cardiff as an undergraduate for a position in his laboratory, which is a breast cancer tumor virus laboratory, and he looked me straight in the face and said ice cold, “I have no time for false modesty,” and that was a “you’re no longer in Kansas anymore moment,” and he still accepted me into his laboratory, but it’s hard to remember sometimes for those of us who don’t want to be seen as egotistical,

What’s the worst advice you ever remember receiving?

Get an MD. Neither of my kids have any interest in that; they’re both computer scientists. I can’t recommend any young people go into modern medicine, yeah, I’m sorry to say that, but it’s really, really dysfunctional, and the juice is not worth the squeeze.

This show is called disrupters, what does the word disruptive mean to you Robert?

So I’m biased because of all of the logic and language around investors and disruptive technology,
I’m profoundly influenced by this book of Thomas Kuhn called The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, which is the one that gave us these words like ‘paradigm shift’ and these phrases. (03)

Disruption is an absolute necessity. One of my world models is that there are a lot of forces that resist disruption, and a lot of what we could call “conservative forces” (not in the political sense), that want things to stay the same, even though systems aren’t particularly functional in solving problems, and as a result, you build up a larger and larger and larger gap between the unmet need, the opportunity, or however you want to phrase it, and the system.

Where can we follow you Robert and maybe get some of your research and where do you want us to join to be able to be in your tribe?

Tribe, that’s an interesting statement—an important one. On the subject of tribe, I’ve tried to emphasize over the last three years that nothing I say should be taken as gospel truth. What I’m trying to do is help people access information, understand things that are otherwise confusing to them, and make their own decisions and interpret the information themselves. I think that is the best way to armor ourselves against these psychological and thought manipulation tactics that have been used against us The best armor for all of us in the information war era is, to learn to think for yourself, and learn what the logical fallacies are, and by the way there’s a great website called ‘your logical fallacy is‘ – it’s not mine, but I recommend it. In terms of me, the book Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming should be coming out soon, and our SubStack – we treat it as a business, it’s how I sustain myself now, and so we respect our customers, as I always did as a consultant, and I very much value them, and we put out content daily. The daily chitter chatter – since I’m summarily ejected from Twitter and Linkedin without appeal and without warning – you can find me on GETTR, GAB, and Truth Social.

The telegram channels that purport to be me, are not me, so don’t blame me for anything that goes on there.

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